Friday, May 19, 2006

COLONY 5 - Colonisation (best of) (2004)



01. Accelerate
02. Before I'll Give In
03. Black (Single Edit)
04. Colony 5 (Single Edit)
05. Fate
06. Follow Your Heart
07. Hate (Single Edit)
08. Last Chance
09. Liquid Love
10. My World
11. Nocturnal
12. Science
13. Second Hand
14. Trackers
15. Colony 5
16. Black (Club Edit)

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

"Colony 5 is today one of Scandinavias most succesful artists on the electronic pop scene! Their technopop with beautiful refrains and electrified dancebeats today have many fans! Now you can get your hands on "Colonisation" bringing you all the singles, exclusive b-sides, remixes and some new tracks on one album. A great compilation for new and old fans. "

"I highly recommend this CD. This will please fans of all genres of electronic pop and dark wave music. If you like Covenant, De/Vision, Beborn Beton, Assemblage 23 this would work well in your collection. In fact, they will stand head and shoulders above many of the top acts. "

"Colony 5 is a synthpop/futurepop band that hales from scandanavia.Colonisation is a "Best of" cd that is chocked full of great songs.There is not a Colony 5 song I dont like.This is a must have to any collection of synthpop/futurepop.Colony 5 has certainly impressed me with their danceable melodies and profound lyrics.You wont be disappointed."


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