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After TALK TALK :Solo Works

members of Talk Talk:
Lee Harris
Mark Hollis
Paul Webb
Tim Friese-Greene (Unofficial member)

MARK HOLLIS - Mark Hollis (1998)

Folk Rock, Post Rock


Bass - Chris Laurence/ Bassoon - Julie Andrews, Maggie Pollock/ Clarinet - Iain Dixon , Tim Holmes /Drums, Percussion - Martin Ditcham / Engineer - Phill Brown /English Horn - Melinda Maxwell /Guitar - Dominic Miller , Robbie McIntosh /Guitar, Vocals - Mark Hollis Harmonica - Mark Feltham /Piano, Harmonium - Lawrence Pendrous /Producer - Mark Hollis /Trumpet - Henry Lowther


01 The Colour Of Spring (3:52)
02 Watershed (5:45)
03 Inside Looking Out (6:21)
04 The Gift (4:22)
05 A Life (1895-1915) (8:10)
06 Westward Bound (4:18)
07 The Daily Planet (7:19)
08 A New Jerusalem (6:49)

Link to download:

"Those who enjoyed Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock should find much to love in this solo outing. Do not expect virtuosity. Coming into Mark Hollis with such an attitude will cause you to miss the point of this album. This is about emotion, and the very frailties that make us human. If you seek machine-like precision and processed-to-death sounds, look elsewhere. Mark Hollis is a much more *intimate* album than that. Imagine sitting in a circle of musicians, tucked safely away in a back room somewhere, playing without an audience, without pressure. On occasion, a chair squeaks or someone misses a note, or someone joins in just ahead or behind where they "should"...but that's *not* what matters. Instead, it is the private communion with each other, and with the music created between them, that matters. Unconstrained, slowly flowing along from one song to the next, it's rather like a beautiful, spontaneous practice session committed to tape. In today's world of grandeur and overprocessed everything, this is a value we've forgotten. Perhaps that's why Mark Hollis so stirs the heart.
Mr. Hollis' voice and lyrics are as vulnerable as ever, and these soft, melancholy wanderings offer an intriguing contrast to the open, sometimes even refreshing, uplifting arrangements. While never building into the crescendoes of Spirit of Eden's "Inheritance" or Laughing Stock's "Ascension Day", there is certainly enough of interest to keep the ear engaged. Soft and subtle are the key words here. Listen for the murmurring choir in "A life (1895-1915)" for such beauty...I could live in that gorgeous section forever.
While, to be honest, I do not listen to most of the lyrics (they are rather depressing, but furthermore, Mr. Hollis has always focused on tone and expressiveness more than on clear enunciation anyway), I was very impressed by the lyrics of "A new Jerusalem", which seem to capture quite accurately the desolation left in the aftermath of war. This is the return of the shell-shocked soldier to a home that has been ravaged in his absence. I showed this song to a friend who has been personally affected by war, and he was quite moved. We both focused immediately, on our first listenings, on these lines:
"Heaven burn meShould I swear to fight once more."
This song is lyrically on the level of "New Grass" or "I Believe in You", and that alone is worth the price of the entire album, as well as the stunning music of "A life (1895-1915)". Of course, there is not a bad track to be found on this album. If you cannot tolerate minimalism, imperfection, or improvisation, I recommend looking elsewhere--but if you can keep an open mind, Mark Hollis is well worth obtaining. And, as with the solo works of Pink Floyd's keyboardist Rick Wright, this is an underappreciated work where too few copies were made--so be sure to get it before supplies run out."

HELIGOLAND - Heligoland (2000)

Alternative Rock
"Purple Haze" is a hidden track not mentioned in the booklet.


01 Lost And Lethal
02 Shrug
03 Bluebird
04 Relapse
05 Shock Treatment
06 Isn't It Sad
07 Loaded Gun
08 Sick Baby You
09 Kiss Off

Link to download:

some about the band :
Heligoland was the studio aegis of Tim Friese-Greene, who was best known for his keyboard and production work as a pseudo-official member of Talk Talk. Also accomplished as a producer for the likes of the Records and Lush, and later on as a near-permanent associate of Catherine Wheel, it wasn't until 1998 that he struck out on his own, quietly issuing 1,000 copies of his Creosote and Tar EP through his management at Sanctuary Music via mail order. A proper Heligoland full-length appeared at the end of 2000, sounding further removed from Talk Talk than his previous EP release. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide
Renowned for his unerring sense of atmosphere and nuance, Tim Friese-Greene was among the most innovative -- albeit underrecognized -- producers of his era. He first surfaced during the late 1970s, engineering records from acts including the Rumour and Hawkwind before going on to produce material for the Records and Thomas Dolby. Beginning with their 1984 LP It's My Life, Friese-Greene became an unofficial member of the group Talk Talk, not only producing their albums but also playing keyboards and writing songs with frontman Mark Hollis; over the course of successive Talk Talk records, Friese-Greene's input grew, and on later efforts like 1988's Spirit of Eden and 1991's Laughing Stock, the music took on distinctive, almost jazz-like textures heralding new artistic directions later followed by the so-called post-rock movement.

"Grey days staring out to sea, cold afternoons painting in your garden shed while the rain poors onto the roof, the tides rising on the Suffolk coast but "shrug off your cloak of melancholy". That is what this album is saying. It's one to listen to when you are in a introspective mood. Plenty of raw guitar and some stunning melodies with small hints towards the desolate sounds of the last few Talk Talk albums and a humourously good cover of Hendrix's Purple Haze. I got my copy a year ago and it has not left my CD player since. It's rock music for us that have heard all the other stuff before and want something that sounds unique. A must have. "


Real Name:
Graham Sutton, Colin Bradley,
Lee Harris

Ambient, Experimental, Minimal

Hex (1994)


01 The Loom (5:15)
02 A Street Scene (5:35)
03 Absent Friend (8:20)
04 Big Shot (5:20)
05 Fingerspit (8:21)
06 Eyes & Smiles (8:30)
07 Pendulum Man (9:53)

Link to download:

"This is a great album: subtle, lush, layered, hypnotic and sophistscated. Bark Psychosis reject any attempts at being commercial, and follow their vision comepletely. The results is wonderful, engaging music."

"once in a while, a CD comes along that will change the way one looks at music...the way one feels about music...and definitely, the way one appreciates musical soundcsapes. Hex by the late Bark Psychosis is without a doubt one of the most amazing collections music that will ever grace your auditory senses. weaving guitars...scattered drum beats that keep an eccentric rhythm...punctuating, yet smooth, rolling piano...and mellow dramatic, breathy vocals that gently flow throughout. i must admit, at first, i didn't know what to expect. but after the first listen, i was hooked. i'm into mellow, chilly, and trippy kickin' stuff, and Hex delivers. amazing to think this music was recorded back in the early nineties. each track could be released today, and it would still feel like something new is about to explode. what a gem of a find....simply start with cover and get lost in the astral glow in the night sky, then push play, and enjoy. if you're a fan of're in. a fan of Eno? not a problem. dig a little Talk Talk? that'll help. even if you like Sneaker Pimps, Hex by Bark Psychosis will hold permanent residence in your CD player at home, in your car, and in your computer at work. "

Independency (1994)


01 I Know (4:11)
02 Nothing Feels (3:44)
03 All Different Things (8:10)
04 By Blow (5:08)
05 Manman (5:03)
06 Bloodrush (7:14)
07 Tooled Up (7:36)
08 Scum (21:15)

Link to download:

"More consistent than Hex and miles above the decent Codename: Dustsucker, Independecy has not received its proper due. There simply isn't a bad track on this incredibly diverse album. It contains quiet tracks, like the ambient masterwork "Scum", and some sound experiments or flat out rockers like 'Man Man' that bring about a semi-creepy vibe. The lush, silently beautiful 'Blood Rush' and climactic 'All Different Things' are perhaps the best songs Bark Psychosis has ever done. I was flabbergasted to learn that 'All Different Things' was recorded in 89.. talk about an omen for all of the "post-rock" to follow (especially Mogwai). Take this album with you as you drive along a dimly lit, desolate highway at night and savor the moment. "

Game Over (1997)


01 Blue (Edit) (3:58)
02 Three Girl Rhumba (4:40)
03 I Know (4:11)
04 All Different Things (8:11)
05 Manman (5:04)
06 Bloodrush (7:14)
07 A Street Scene (5:49)
08 Murder City (8:56)
09 Scum (21:15)
10 Pendulum Man (Live) (5:38)

Link to download:

"10-track album which collects singles, album tracks, live performances, and other previously available material. Not quite as cohesive and consistent as "Hex" but a bit more varied, "Game over" is still a valuable document of the band's genre-busting approach and sound.

Codename:Dustsucker (2004)

Recorded at DustSucker Sound between 1999 and 2004.


01 From What Is Said To When It's Read
02 The Black Meat
03 Miss Abuse
04 400 Winters
05 Dr. Innocuous-Ketamoid
06 Burning The City
08 Shapeshifting
09 Rose

Link to download:

"Lush instrumentation, enhanced with electronics, with hushed male and female (alternating) vocals - often distant in the mix - make for a rich listening experience that is brooding and languid in turns. It bears similarity to some of Mogwai's recent output (Rock Action in particular), but also the Cocteau Twins, Tortoise, The Notwist, Lali Puna and later Talk Talk."

Replay (2004)


01 Clawhammer
02 By Blow
03 Nothing Feels
04 Tooled Up
05 Reserve Shotgunman
06 Murder City
07 Big Shot (Alice S Cheshire Cat Mix)
08 Hex
09 The Loom
10 Manman
11 Pendulum Man
12 Bloodrush
13 All Different Things

Link to download:

"'Replay' is their third such compilation which will be followed by a brand new album from key member Graham Sutton using the Bark Psychosis name. So is 'Replay' worth the purchase? For new collectors 'Hex' and 'Game Over' would be the best places to start and the tracks featured here may already be owned by avid collectors of the band. The main selling point is the live tracks recorded at St. John's Church in London from 1991; although the vocals are virtually inaudible in the mix, the instrumentation is in good nick with the instrumental version of 'The Loom' an undoubted highlight. Of the rest, some material can be found on previous releases but extras are Rudi Tambala's (from A.R. Kane) rather unadventurous take of 'Big Shot', noise-fest first single 'Clawhammer', plus B-sides 'Reserve Shotgunman' and 'Hex' the latter of which begins with three minutes of thunderous guitar effects but then shades of light and a moving ambience takes hold. As a whole listening experience, the early part of 'Replay' concentrates on the chaotic, freeform stage of their career but by the final three tracks they had clearly perfected their understanding of the need for space, quiet-loud dynamics and the ability to make some of the most emotionally devastating music of the 20th Century. It is for these latter qualities that they should be remembered. "(

more info: official page biography


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