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BOYTRONIC - Discography

Style:New Wave, Electro, Hi NRG, Synth-pop


Bryllyant Berger aka Holger Wobker
Peter Sawatzki
Charlie Schøppner (had his own band as well:"Electric Theatre")

1986 - 1987
Holger Wobker

Hayo Panarinfo
Bela Lagonda

1988 - 1993
Marc Wade
Alberto Ingo Hauss (a.k.a. Bela Lagonda)
Hayo Panarinfo
Helmut Hoinkis

1994 - 1995
Hayo Panarinfo
Bela Lagonda
Alex Christensen

2002 - Present
Holger Wobker
Hayo Panarinfo



01 Hold On (7:02)
02 Photographs (4:02)
03 Wait/Stay (4:15)
04 Obsession (Of The Heart) (3:36)
05 Broken Heart (3:17)
06 Tonight (5:19)
07 Forever (4:48)
08 A Man In A Uniform (4:19)
Producer - Bobby Orlando
09 This Cloud (3:56)
10 When The Feeling's Gone (4:28)

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"Their second album called "The Continental" was released in 1985. It was made almost in the same style as their first album, maybe a bit more melodic. Sucessful hit was "Hold On", released also as 12".



01 Promiscuity (4:13)
02 Killing Fields (4:25)
03 Love For Sale (5:25)
04 Gallileo (3:28)
05 Tears (4:03)
06 Never Ever (3:58)
07 Don't Let Me Down (4:38)
08 My World, Your World (4:10)
09 The Age Of Industry (4:01)
10 The World Wasn't Made In One Day (3:51)

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01 Red Chips (Sharp Pepper Party Mix) (5:31)
Remix - Bing Disney
02 My Baby Lost It's Way (The Ultimate Techno Mix) (5:08)
Remix - Busy B.
03 Change of Heart (Heart Groove Remix) (5:47)
Remix - Busy B. Written By - Herbert Bohme
04 You (Sexy Body Mix) (7:10)
Remix - Bing Disney Written By - Wobker
05 Hold On (Boyzclub Mix) (6:38)
Remix - Busy B.
06 Recycled (High Energy Grand Mix) (4:33)
Remix - Graham Laybourne
07 At Last (Have Some Fun Mix) (5:24)
Remix - Graham Laybourne
08 Trigger Track (Tremendous Trendy Trouble Track Mix) (6:26)
Remix - Bing Disney
09 Luna Square (Deadline Mix) (5:00)
Remix - Graham Laybourne

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01 Suzie By The Fountain (4:13)
02 Kimiko (4:54)
03 Pictures Of You (3:59)
04 American (3:41)
05 The Lovebeat (5:23)
06 My Baby Lost Her Way (4:21)
07 The Heart And The Machine (5:21)
08 Zio-Das Herz (3:42)
09 Private Party (4:55)
10 Celebrate! (4:26)
11 Giving Up On Love (3:48)
12 Your Strange Ways (6:26)

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01 Love Remains (4:24)
02 I Will Follow (4:18)
03 Living Without You (4:15)
04 Outlaw In The Valley (3:27)
05 Tune Called Emotion (4:59)
06 Pioneers (We Are Marching On) (4:06)
07 A Song For The Lonely (4:08)
08 Perfect Lover (3:32)
09 Children Of The Sun (7:19)
10 You'll Never Be The Same (4:28)
11 How Soon (5:20)
12 The Wire (6:43)
13 In Die Dunkelheit (8:14)

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originally released in 1983 ,This is a reissue with bonus tracks


01 Recycled
02 Luna Square
03 Diamonds And Loving Arms
04 Red Chips
05 You
06 I Want To Live In Harmony
07 My Baby Lost It's Way
08 You're The One Who Stays
09 At Last
10 Trigger Track
11 Late Night Satellite
12 Bryllyant
13 Hurts
14 Out Of The Darkness
15 Nothing Touches Me
16 Once There Was A Sailor
17 Goodbye

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"The Working Model" was the first, and by many considered the best, album by Holger Wobker and his gunmen. It spawned the biggest hit of Boytronic's career with "You" (they made appearances on several "mainstream" TV shows back in the day). While I too am fond of the naïve, but effective simplicity of "You", there are other standout tracks on the album, and even more on this re-release, complete with remastered sound and several bonus tracks. My all time Boytronic fave, "Luna Square", sounds better than ever and so do many of the other bits and pieces of history on my nostalgic walk down memory lane. "Diamonds & Loving Arms", "At Last", "My Baby Lost Its Way". They are all cruel reminders of the illusiveness of time, but at the same time a vibrant wake up call to today's synthpop scene. The bonus material will please even some of the most devoted fans, as the much sought-for non-album tracks "Hurts", "Trigger Track", "Goodbye", "Bryllyant" and, especially, "Late Night Satellite" are all on here. As an added favour, Strange Ways has decided to include three previously unreleased tracks from the 1983-or-so era as well, all written by Wobker (the song writing duties at the time were usually left to Peter Sawatzki). They aren't as good as the original album material, a bit too much on the cheesy side, but overall this is a synthpop mile stone. And I hear this could be the start of further re-releases of old Boytronic works. "

MAXI (2004)

CD 1

01 You
02 Diamonds And Loving Arms
03 Trigger Track
04 Man In A Uniform
05 X-Rated Phone Calls
06 Hold On
07 Late Night Satellite
08 Hurts
09 Bryllyant
10 Heroin
11 Communicate

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CD 2

01 A Better Place
02 Am Tag Als Der Regen kam
03 This Is Where I Came From
04 Ray
05 Red Chips
06 Luna Sguare
07 Trigger Track
08 You
09 Photographs
10 You
11 Hold On

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"One of the best double cd of the last 2 years is titled MAXI from the german heroes of electropop BOYTRONIC, that is because we need to put on the web the review of one of the most played release of 2005. We know that are several bands that have made of the new wave linked to the electronic their best way to show their quality since the eighties, like this Hamburg band.
a compilation of all the 12 inches with some mixes of those classics, 2CD is the format chosen by the band (after the released titled 'Autotunes' from 2002) In the first cd (black) appears the remixes of their first five years (until 1988) -all dance club- between them the top are: 'Triggertrack' (bside in 1984 and single in 1989) and 'Man In A Uniform' (beautiful track of genious variations inside, single from 1984 that appeared in THE CONTINENTAL LP).MAXI starts with the 1983 cult classic 'You' song that made me remember to their singer and keyboardist jumping in that videoclip of Formel Eins. I need to say that for me the best track of the release is the nostalgic "Diamonds & Loving Arms", with a sentimental vocal participation of ..Another great tunes from the first cd are 'Hurts' and 'Brylliant' keep the same style, both from 1986, while the last one appears as b side of the rerelease of their first single in that year too. For 'Heroin' se aprecia otra tonalidad vocal mientras que en 'Communicate' se aprecia el típico sonido europeo de fines de los ochentas, con algunos tintes de guitarras. The orange cd is opened by four tracks recorded in 2004 in Hamburg, like the feeling 'Am Tag Als Der Regen Kam' (Dalida's cover) and 'This is Where I Came From'. All the songs are into the electro pop with some synth tunes, like the next tracks, new remixes of old tracks like 'Luna Square', 'Triggertrack' and the live version of 'You' (more electro) and the versions of 'Hold On' (original song from 1985) and another of 'You', this last made by the french CELULLOIDE. That's right, this release is a must fan for all the electro lovers. !!!!!!!!!!!!!


01 Living Without You
(Jan Driver Dub Mix)
02 Living Without You
(Ural 13 Dictators Remix)
03 Living Without You
(Cranky Craniums Remix)
04 Living Without You
(Jan Driver Mix)
05 Living Without You
(Album Version)

Link to download:

more info: official page with bio fan page


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Hehe :)
I have albums Boytronic in mp.3 files - but without front and back COVER for CD - so... thank you, Salty for... covers :) - especially Continental and Love For Sale. ( First album i have on original CD)- Reverse edition


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REUPS (05.2008)


The Continental (1985)

Love For Sale (1988)

Boyzclub (1991)

The Heart And The Machine(1992)

The Working Model - Reverse (2003)

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Hey, thanks for the Boytronic! Can you reup Maxi?

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