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PROGRES 2 - Discography posted by PIMPO

cesky rep.
Art Rock, Prog Rock,Classic Rock,Psychedelic Rock, Symphonic Rock

Members: Pavel Vane gt,kb,voc(1-2); Jan Sochor kb,voc(1); Emanuel Sideridis bg,voc(1); Zdenek Kluka dr(1-6); Pavel Pelc voc,bg,synth(2-5); Milos Moravek gt,bvoc(2-3); Karel Horky kb, string synth(2); Roman Dragoun voc,kb,perc(3); Ales Bajger gt,voc,kb(4-5); Peter Peteraj gt(4); Milan Nytra voc,kb(5-6); Pavla Dvorackova voc(6); Libor Dunovsky bg(6); Mirek Sova gt,voc(6)

1. The Progress Organisation / Barnodaj (Supraphon 1971) ***+
2. Dialog s vesmirem (LP Panton 1980, CD Bonton/Sony 1999) ***
3. Treti kniha dzungli (2LP Panton 1982, CD Bob K Prod. 1992)
4. Mozek (LP Panton 1984)
5. Zmena (LP Supraphon 1988)
6. Otrava krve (Panton 1990)
7. Dialog s Vesmirem Live (Monitor 1993)

Dialog S Vesmírem (1980)


01 v zajeti pocitacu
02 zeme 2555
03 pisen o jablku
04 odlet
05 planeta hieronyma bosche part 1.
06 planeta hieronyma bosche part 2.
07 muzeum planety zeme
08 tisice mych oci
09 hymna robotu
10 rozhovor s centralnim mozkem
11 honicka
12 vykrik proxima centauri
bonus tracks:
13 pisen o jablku (edit)
14 roentgen 19.30
15 planeta hieronyma bosche '99

Treti kniha dzungli (1982)


01 ja
02 setkani
03 kdo jsem?
04 svet dzungle
05 zákon
06 opicí národ
07 strach
08 ztraceny ráj
09 the son of stars
10 the encounter
11 who am i
12 the world of jungle
13 the law
14 the fear


01 muz,ktery se podobá odvracené strane mesíce
02 neznamé nevpoustej dál
03 v ráji století
04 reklamní suita
05 s maskou a bez másky
06 to já s vracím
07 ozveny
08 cím je svet muj
09 the lost paradise
10 a man that looks like the dark
11 ready for sale
12 the advertising suite
13 coming back
14 what is my world

Mozek (1984)


01 inzerat
02 neznamy genius
03 v utulku mudrucu
04 co je zivot part 1.
05 co je zivot part 2.
06 pod generatorem
07 radost a stesti
08 cisty stit u firmy mit
09 vzpoura otroku - pocitacu
10 x a z
11 kdo je tam
12 nech je byt
13 normalni je zavist
14 mas svuj den
15 co se deje u mateje

Změna (1988)


01 kdo to mysli vazne
02 zmena
03 nejsi jiny
04 tajemstvi her
05 nezny dotek zmoudreni
06 rty jsou schranka cekani
07 stroj na vyrobu hluku
08 na drevenem koni
09 platenky na nohach
10 uz nemluvi
11 vrat se zpatky, leto me

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, was the place where in 1968 Pavel Váně and Zdeněk Kluka founded together the rock group “Progress Organization.” The first LP of Progress Organization, called “Barnodaj,” was hailed by the critics as the “Best Album of 1971.” During the seventies when the process of “normalization” was under way in Czechoslovakia, the group used to play only “occasionally,” but was able to release another very successfull album called “Barnodaj – Mauglí,” based on the book by Rudyard Kipling. In 1978 the group went through a reorganization and under the new name “Progress 2” put together a completely new stage program “Dialogue with the Universe” with Pavel Váně as a main singing actor. On this project that went down the Czech music history as the first Czech rock opera, the group collaborated with renowned Brno’s actors and artists. The album from this experimental project became the bestseller of the eighties. The controversial topic of this project, emigration, became a source of many problems with the ruling Communist Party.
In the following years the group restructured itself several times. The third album “The Third Jungle Book“ featured a new singing talent Roman Dragoun. Later the group released other albums, as for example the “Brain” and “Change.”From the nineties the group has been performing in the almost original formation:Pavel Váně – singer, guitar Zdeněk Kluka – singer, drums/percussionsPavel Pelc – bassBorek Nedorost – keyboardFrequent guests are singer Roman Dragoun and guitarist Miloš Morávek.

We've got very nice and varied music from Pimpo.I've just downloaded it few hours ago but already have some favourite tracks.The best for me is "roentgen 19.30" a fast tempo istrumental pearl remind me for the music of early Maanam and Stereolab.I cant stop to listen!
From the first lp till the last one you can explore many styles merge with this band. The first two is still something experimental art rock with symphonic sounds such as King Crimson.
(The second lp '3 books of jungle' starts with voices of birds and nice synth)
The Lp 'Mozek' is maybe the most exciting to me,the style is between prog.rock-new wave-post punk . For example the song 'pocitatu' is a punk one ,the song 'mas svuj den' is a nice synth track.
The last Lp 'Zmena' is loaded with synth sounds and beautiful songs ('zmena', 'rty jsou schranka cekani', 'platenky na nohach' and 'vrat se zpatky, leto me') and keep the high standard music.
It's very worth to listen this music!!

more info: the official page

Million thanks Pimpo!!!!!


Blogger peixe's musical travelogue said...

Wow,that is a DOPE!!!Nice to see some czech music round here too.This nation deserves definately another look in terms of music.BTW is there any chance for Petr Kotvald's debut album Přísně soukromá sci-fi from 1988?I heard that it hasn't been reissued on cd until today,is that a fact? I would kill for it:DHope it's a kinda breakthrough in presentig Eastern and Central Europe artists,they're worthy!Velké díky Pimpo!!!

3:43 PM  
Anonymous PIMPO said...

Hello Peixe's!

Thanks for your comment.

From Petr Kotvald I have got only Greatest Hits (1991). I'll post the link the next week.


12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a big fan of this great band, although I've heard only some their songs from a jubebox in a pub... I have a big probleme to get any of treir LP, and I thought that I would jump from happyness, when I found the band's discography on Your great blog, but a "little" probleme occured... THE LINK HAS BEEN DELETED!!!

Please, can You re-upload it once more? I suppose You are my last hope.

Be blessed,
Roman (student from Czech Republic, 20 years).

P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Roman said...

Hello, that's me Roman...
My supplicatory request still remained unheard... I'm sorry, if I am annoying with it, I really don't want to be. But the albums of Progres 2 are something like treassure that I'm longing for but I can never find anywhere... :(, although I am still trying...

Please, dear Saltyka or Pimpo, or anybody who could help me, can You reupload the discography of the great band Progres 2, or recommend me any still-active links?


P.S.: It would be the best, if you reply me here in comments or on my e-mail address:

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Lou Kash said...

If you're interested in Czech music, this would be a place worth czeching out:
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