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BILL WYMAN - Bill Wyman (1982)

Pop Rock ,Disco

Bill Wyman -bass,lead voc.,harmonicas/Terry Tailor -guitars/ Dave Mattacks -drums/Bob Witzling add. drums on tracks 06,09/ Dave Lawson,Bill Eyman,Stephen Wyman synths/ Mel Collins,Martin Drover,Annie Whitehead -horns on track 05/


01 Ride On Baby
additional guitar Brian Setzer (Stray Cats)
02 A New Fashion
03 Nuclear Reactions
04 Visions

additional guitar Chris Rea
05 Jump Up
06 Come Back Suzanne
07 Rio De Janeiro
08 Girls
09 Seventeen
10 (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star

Link to download:

As a member of the Rolling Stones for three decades, Bill Wyman established himself among the greatest bassists in rock & roll history; in tandem with drummer Charlie Watts, he belonged to one of the most stalwart rhythm sections in popular music, perfectly complementing the theatrics of Mick Jagger and the gritty guitar leads of Keith Richards.
Born William Perks in London on October 24, 1936, Wyman was playing in a group called the Cliftons when he was asked to join the Stones in mid-1962, replacing bassist (and future Pretty Things member) Dick Taylor.
The rest, of course, is history, and before too long the Stones were widely recognized as the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band. In 1974, Wyman became the first from their ranks to record a solo LP, the all-star Monkey Grip; two years later, he repeated the trick with Stone Alone. His next major side project was the 1985 cover band Willie and the Poor Boys, which also included Watts, Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers. While rarely the recipient of the kind of media attention given his more notorious bandmates, Wyman found himself at the center of scandal in 1989 when he married model Mandy Smith, whom he'd begun dating when she was just 13 years old; they divorced a year later. Finally, in January 1993, he publicly announced his long-rumored departure from the Stones, announcing plans to publish an autobiography, Stone Alone; in 1997 Wyman formed a new band, the Rhythm Kings, which featured guitarists Peter Frampton and Albert Lee as well former Procol Harum keyboardist Gary Brooker. The group debuted with the LP Struttin' Our Stuff, followed in 1999 by Anyway the Wind Blows. (from

"After 16 years of collecting dust I finally swapt the vinyl version for the CD, and man I was in for a surprise. The album WAS actually good. While the Stones were looking into the past (Tattoo You and Still Life), Bill looked ahead and wrote music that produced thumbs down because it didn't sound like the Stones. Don't bother with the critics, buy and enjoy the sounds of the 80-s. The synthesizers, drum machines and all. Love it, Bill. Just as good as your works with the Rhythm Kings."

"Bill's third solo effort sees another stylistic change - syth pop disco! Si Si Je Suis Un Rock Star is a fun song and was an huge hit in Europe, but went nowhere in the States. Bill's voice actually lends itself well to disco! If you are a fan of synth pop and disco, you might like this one."

more bio: the official page


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