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ROCKETS - Galactic Hits

this is one of my favourite space photo "Helix-Nebula" or "The eye of God"
I think it's beautiful!!

and another beauty one,the "home" of Rockets . . .

Electronic, Rock
Space Rock, Disco

Christian Lebartz - voc., "Little" Gerard L1Her - bass/voc., Alain Maratrat - guitar/keyb./voc.,
Alain Groetzinger - drums/perc., Fabrice Quagliotti - keyb.


01 Galactica
02 Astral World
03 If You Drive
04 Radio Station
05 Electric Delight
06 Future game
07 Radiate
08 Atomic
09 Imagine E.S.P
10 One More Mission
11 Cosmic Feeling
12 Legion Of Aliens
13 Anastasis
14 Atlantis Town
15 Run To The Stars
16 Back To Your Planet

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

Their story is back to 1972 when they started to play under the name of Crystal.On stage, they appeared as human beings, not space aliens, (with normal clothes on, and long hair). It is still unknown whether or not they'd recorded anything in this incarnation.
1974, they changed their name to ROCKET MEN (or ROCKETTERS) and, thus, five aliens, bald, with grey eyes (contact lenses), silver skin and space suits make their first apparition in Europe, recording the single 'Rocket Man' (both instrumental and sung version) produced by Claude Lemoine, who would become their producer 'til 1983.
In 1975, they finally changed their name in ROCKETS and recorded (1976) their first LP entitled, 'Rockets'. The group launched a series of phantasmagoric live shows which involved vocoder, lasers, coloured lights, smoke and a bazooka fighting flames three meters long, gaining immediate success in France and later abroad.
The next Lps : 'On the road again' (1978) , 'Plasteroď, in 1979, helped ROCKETS strengthen their success and reputation in Spain and Germany.In Italy they reached the 'gold disc' status.
According to many critics, and also to ROCKETS themselves, the following album 'Galaxy' (1980), is their best album ever, and in Italy, for example, it was tremendously successful; this was the album that helped the band reach the absolute peak of their fame.The album sold a lot of copies and ROCKETS gained the 'platinum disc' (1,000,000 copies) and was followed by a gigantic 200-date tour.
With '¶ 3,14', in 1981, which featured an active collaboration with a few members of VISITORS, they changed their public appearance; not only 'space men' were in the act now, but also wizards, doctors, cowboys, motorcyclists and so on.This album featured female vocals, Chantal Ricci singing on. 1982: album, 'Atomic', was released - the last album recorded by the real ROCKETS (the 'Silver Men' suits and the all-original lineup); although the album still retained a 'Rockets' style, both the press and people started to ignore them and their popularity suddenly plummeted.
The first really traumatic change (for all fans) took place in 1984, when producer Claude Lemoine, the "6th Rocket", and their companion since the beginning, abandoned the band, Christian Le Bartz left the stage, becoming the group's 'road manager' instead, and Alain Groetzinger left the ROCKETS altogether.SAL SOLO, ex-leader of CLASSIX NOUVEAUX, joined ROCKETS (in France, Spain and Germany called ROK-ETZ for contractual reasons), and this lineup recorded the new album, 'Imperception' (1984).The changes in the band led also to a change in their appearance, still bald, yet no longer silver, simple humans (not aliens) wearing futuristic costumes.
In 1986, the group recorded 'One way' and changed their name to ROKETZ.The name change marked a definitive change also in their music style (even more British than before) and look (the hair and more fashionable suits).
After a seven years' silence, their next album, called 'Another future', was finally released .The style is a mixture of dance and rap, but there are also a few tracks done in the traditional 'Rockets' style!Unfortunately this piece of work wasn't advertised, hence it didn't reach the hit charts.
In October 1999 was released in France, Belgium and Canada a mix record titled 'Future love' by a group called Brahama.The song had an immediate success ,so next month released a new mix cd under the name 'ROCKETS/BRAHAMA'. Record had a good success and a lot of playing in radio stations and discos.
In 2000 the ROCKETS are back with a new lineup! Fabrice Quagliotti and Alain Maratrat, members of the band from the beginning, together with L.B.M and other musicians are working for a new project: the ROCKETS N.D.P. Alain Groetzinger and 'Little' Gerard L'Her will support the project too. 2003 is published a single, on vinyl support and CD, that includes a few versions of 'On the road again'. The sale was an immediate success.The new and long waited album has been released in 2003 'Don't stop'. Their new single is 'Back to Woad' released in 2006.

"This is really the best example of the ROCKETS."

"If u like electro/space/music just get this CD"

"Great sound, interesting music, names like Kraftwerk, Devo came to my mind.Take a listen to this record!!!"

more info: unofficial site some links to other sites about the band UNIVERSAL BAND - a Rockets tribute project

next time i will post :
Rockets (1978)/On The Road Again (1978)/Plasteroid (1979)/Galaxy (1980)/Pi 3,14 (1981)/Atomic (1982)


Anonymous boris said...

Thank you so much for this! I'd never heard of them before, but I LOVE it!

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Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

the link for the part 01 is broken, could you upload again?

I will like to hear it!


4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a great blog.
Please, please...pretty please. Could you repost this album. It's extremely difficult to find anything by this group on the net.

thanking you in anticipation


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Anonymous Hip-Hop said...

Cool Post

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


the pictures you posted here are NOT of the original Rockets, but an italian cover band called "Universal Band".

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


the pictures you posted here are NOT of the original Rockets, but an italian cover-band called Universal Band.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Maryanne Vella said...

Hi Very Nice Blog. Im a Fan Of The Rockets. Very Informative Story About The Rockets.

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