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Pop Rock

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar
Reeves Gabrels – Lead Guitar
Tony Sales – Bass Guitar
Hunt Sales – Drums



01 Heaven's In Here (6:01)
02 Tin Machine (3:34)
03 Prisoner Of Love (4:50)
04 Crack City (4:36)
05 I Can't Read (4:54)
06 Under The God (4:06)
07 Amazing (3:04)
08 Working Class Hero (4:38)
09 Bus Stop (1:41)
10 Pretty Thing (4:39)
11 Video Crime (3:52)
12 Run (3:20)
13 Sacrifice Yourself (2:08)
14 Baby Can Dance (4:57)

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"Lesson one in life: Take professional music critic's reviews with a heavy dose skepticism. They are likely failed musicians or something of that like. Second lesson in life: One man's garbage is anothers treasure. This is why you must not believe what the "critics" say about Tin Machine and their small amount of released material. This is after all The Chameleon of rock we are reviewing. Bowie has never been afraid to try new directions and to challenge his fans to follow him. Yes, some things have bombed (i.e. Tonight,Never Let Me Down) and while they may not be close to his best work (and depending on your view, even listenable), they are part of his body of work as a artist. Can you imagine if Micaelangelo, as a artist, had to endure critics opinions as he worked. They probably would have written scathing reviews of The Sistine Chapel. Anyhow, music is art and in art we all have different taste. Tin Machine is not for everyone, however if you're a loyal Bowie fan you will give it a chance. There is some GREAT stuff here and Reeves Gabrels' guitar work is inline with all the past great Bowie guitarist. This, the first of only two albums by Tin Machine, is by far the best, with blistering guitar work and social political lyrics. If you really like this album, then consider getting TM II their follow up album. While not nearly a good as this one, after a few listens you will find there are some good tracks on it as well. "

"Bowie kicks out the jams with heavy firepower. Reeves Gabrels easily knocks the tired Clapton out of the pantheon of "guitar gods." Gabrels ingenuity would return in "Black Suit White Noise" and "Earthling." This is one of my newer Bowie albums and the more I listen to it, the more I like it (I like Iggy Pop & MC5). Although the hard-edged rock of Bowie appeared to the critics as heavy metal posing, it can also be viewed, in hindsight, as an embryonic "Earthling." Each track will knock you on the floor with its raw power. "Tin Machine", "Crack City" and "Under the God" are furious tracks."

TIN MACHINE 2. (1991)


01 Baby Universal (3:18)
02 One Shot (5:11)
03 You Belong In Rock N' Roll (4:07)
04 If There Is Something (4:45)
05 Amlapura (3:46)
06 Betty Wrong (3:48)
07 You Can't Talk (3:09)
08 Stateside (5:38)
09 Shopping For Girls (3:44)
10 A Big Hurt (3:40)
11 Sorry (3:29)
12 Goodbye Mr. Ed (3:24)

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"After a successful Sound + Vision, everyone expected David Bowie to deliver the goods again...and they were disappionted by Tin Machine, which was understandable. Shortly thereafter, Tin Machine II was released, and nobody even payed attention to it; it should have-would have-been a success, if only it had gotten beyond the fans of Bowie. A solid hard-rocking album highlighted by "One Shot", "If There is Something" and "Stateside", it delivers 13 songs, most of them good-to-exceptional, with great musical variety. Either of the first two of those could have been a hit single, as Reeves Gabrels shines in "If There Is Something" with terrific soloing. This is a great addition, however anonymous, to any rock-fan's collection, and worth every cent of the 10-to-20 dollars one would pay for it."

"Tin Machine was not what Bowie fans expected and that was the point. This was Bowies saving grace where he returned to being just part of a whole and not the lead man in charge. With Tin Machine I & II Bowie excaped the "POP Star" tag and in the process rejuvinated himself to take the new millineum by storm.
Both Tin Machine albums are amazing because they are demonstrations of an artist searchng and finding associations within himself. This was a very risky thing to do in my opinion. Imagine Madonna joining Radiohead for two albums or Prince teaming up with Ministry. These things never happen. Only someone like David Bowie could have pulled Tin Machine off.
Tim Machine is and exercize in "Intellectual Chaos" or "Educated Punk". The lyrics are some of Bowies best and the songs are an intergration of Reeves Gabrels, Hunt Sales, Tony Sales and David Bowies combined talents.
The Cd starts out with "Baby Universal" a driving spacerock story about a man searching for himself (sound familar?). Next comes "One Shot" a rocking lament to lost love. "You Belong In Rock & Roll" pulls you in and makes you move( The title tells it all.) "If There Is Something" sounds like a classic from the start with lots of inuendos and hooks. "Amlapura" is a sweeping rock colored epic ballad with lyrics that paint a world with Bowies eyes. "Betty Wrong" is a nasty grinding sax touched torch song. "You Cant Talk" twists lyrics and guitar strings with a driving beat. "State Side" a bluesrock song that casts Bowie as backup singer with Hunt Sales on lead vocals. "Shopping For Girls" rolls out Bowies gift for adstraction. "A Big Hurt" thunders out mixing metal and blues riffs seamlessly( Ziggy Stardusts Ghost?.) "Sorry" haunts with an almost middeastern sounding sax and acoustic guitar( Hunt Sales On lead vocals) very passionate ballad. "Goodbye Mr. Ed" an odd driving mesh of sadness and rock acoustics. The album caps off with a secret insrtamental track from on of their jam sessions.
An Album well worth having and full of inspirations."



01 If There Is Something (Ferry) – 3:55
02 Amazing (Bowie, Gabrels) – 4:06
03 I Can't Read (Bowie, Gabrels) – 6:25
04 Stateside (Bowie, Sales) – 8:11
05 Under the God (Bowie) – 4:05
06 Goodbye Mr. Ed (Bowie, Sales, Sales) – 3:31
07 Heaven's in Here (Bowie) – 12:05
08 You Belong in Rock 'n' Roll (Bowie, Gabrels) – 6:59

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SATAN'S PERFUME - Paris, oct.29th '91 - (Live)


01 Bus Stop
02 A Big Hurt
03 Goodbye Mr. Ed
04 I Can't Read
05 If There Is Something
06 Go Wrong
07 Betty Wrong
08 Stateside
09 Amlapura
10 Baby Can Dance


01 You Belong In Rock & Roll
02 Under The God
03 Sorry
04 One Shot
05 Debaser
06 Baby Universal
07 Heaven's In Here
08 Waiting For Encore
09 You Can't Talk
10 Crack City

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Tin Machine were a rock band formed in 1988, famous mainly for being fronted by David Bowie. The group recorded two studio albums before dissolving in 1992, when Bowie returned to his solo career. The group generally received poor critical reception.
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Studio albums
Tin Machine – May 23, 1989 (UK #3)
Tin Machine II – September 2, 1991
(UK#23, US #126)

Live albums
Tin Machine Live: Oy Vey, Baby – July 27, 1992 (Did not chart)


PROGRES 2 for Roman zmena Dialog s vesmírem (1980) Mozek Třetí kniha džunglí (2 cd, 1982)

IVAN -Baila (1985) for Rayden

RONI GRIFFITH for djaay69

and the missing track from TUXEDOMOON -Ten Years in One Night(live) /07 Everything You Want for Leftfield


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