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Dub, Downtempo, Synth-pop

THE STONE (1994)


01 The Downward Pull Of Heaven's Force (1:38)
02 Tribe (5:49)
Vocals - Amey St. Cyr
03 You Kill Me (6:13)
04 Spirit (6:51)
05 Take Me Away (6:42)
Vocals - Amey St. Cyr
06 The Stone (3:31)
07 Beautiful (6:22)
Vocals - Q. Tee
08 Space (5:50)
09 Sunray Dub (2:23)
10 Drive (6:03)

Link to download:

"I still love this album. A friend of mine had me hear it and I was just blown away by the dramatic landscapes of the songs! Hard to believe that two former members of Thompson Twins made this album. It is funky in most places, spiritual and emotional in some others. The music is just phenomenal here, loads of rhythms, funk beds and bridges all throughout. I am very surprised that this album was overlooked in 1994, because it was just out of left field that year. "
"If you liked Ether, you should really try to snag a copy of The Stone. I love most of the tracks, but especially Tribe, Spirit and Beautiful."

STONE PLUS (compilation from 12" releases)


01 Beautiful (rollit mix)
02 Chale Jao (from CONEHEADS OST)
03 Dark Raven (In February 1998 Babble had this track included with a British magazine The Passion)
04 Take Me Away (bel mix)
05 Take Me Away (flying high mix)
06 Take Me Away (lounge lizard mix)
07 Take Me Away (toga dub)
08 Tribe (lotus mix)
09 Tribe (tibetian mix)
10 Beautiful (blue mix)
11 Beautiful (re-birth mix)

Link to download:

ETHER (1996)


01 The Circle (5:43)
02 Just Like You (5:38)
03 Sun (6:38)
04 Love Has No Name (5:40)
05 Dark (0:56)
06 Tower (6:15)
07 Come Down (5:33)
08 Hold The Sky (4:57)
09 Into Ether (6:45)
10 Dreamfield (2:00)
11 Love Has No Name (jasminder mix)
12 Love Has No Name (ars longa mix)

Link to download:

"Babble will probably have to live with the fact that every mention of their name is followed by parentheses - as in, (former members of the Thompson Twins). That's what you get for being in one of the most successful pop bands of the 80s. But Allannah Currie and Tom Bailey have gone through more than just a name change; they moved to New Zealand, and the new material is a long way from simple pop songs like "Hold Me Now".
In fact Ether is a perfectly chosen album title as there is something very ethereal about these songs. They still work with keyboards and vocals, but Babble work up influences from many directions. The music is based on ambient grounds, and features oriental sounds. Some songs also have this nice low-fi trip-hop feel that Portishead made so popular. And of course Allannah and Tom haven't completely forgotten about writing catchy pop tunes; the vocals, where both of them take turns, have some very distinct hooks. Despite this style mix, the sound is very integral and perfectly balanced.
Babble will most likely never have the commercial success of the Thompson Twins, but trying to repeat what they did 10 years ago would be doomed to failure anyhow. Instead Babble are firmly rooted in the 90s, and Ether is a very atmospheric album, light and deep at the same time, which can have nearly hypnotic effects. "

"An incredible experience of sounds perfectly blended together to provide the perfect chill out album.
This CD is played at every post club chill out I have and now most of my friends have bought their own copies.
Why oh why was this never recognised for the amazing piece of music it is!
Trust me it's worth every penny!"

"One of life's little mysteries is why this and Babble's first release 'The Stone' did not recieve the acclaim and public domination they should have. Tom and Allanah, the founding members of 80's pop/new wave act the Thompson Twins relocated to New Zealand and produced this deep, sometimes moody, sometimes uplifing album. An adventure into electronic ambient sounds, mysticism, and dubby dance beats laced with Tom's and Allanah's spaced out vocals should have made this an instant and lasting hit with the chemical generation that was spawned in the early 90's. Seek out and trip out! A beautiful recording. P.S. Tom/Allanah if you are reading this MAKE SOME MORE MUSIC!"


GROOVE ON (1991)

01 Groove On (rev.t's single mix)
02 Groove On (club edit)
03 Groove On (rev t's clib groove)
04 Groove On (techno groove mix)
05 Queer
06 Groove On (classic groove mix)
07 Groove On (ext.groove mix)
08 GRoove On (rev t's church dub groove)
09 Groove On (headbanger dub)

Link to download:


01 Come Inside (c&c club mix edit)
02 Come Inside (turn the knob mix)
03 Come Inside (feedback max chill out mix)
04 The Saint (def sonic 12 mix)
05 The Saint (red zone dub)
06 Come Inside (feedback max house mix)
07 Come Inside (turn the knob edit)
08 Come Inside (altern. 12 mix)
09 Come Inside (single edit)
10 Come Inside (feedback max dub)
11 Come Inside (rock a dub)
12 Come Inside (dub inside)

Linki to download:


01 Play With Me (dub wash mix)
02 Play With Me (single edit)
03 Play With Me (african ncp mix)
04 Play With Me (full on mix)
05 The Saint (feedback max remix edit)
06 Play With Me (sweet garage mix)
07 The Saint (feedback max remix)
08 The Saint (feedback max hard groove mix)
09 Play With Me (full on piano edit)
10 Play With Me (album version)
11 Play With Me (cool world version)

Link to download:

More info:

REPOSTED for Ryoga

Thompson Twins -Live 1983

Many thanks for my friend who sent me Stone Plus and the remixes !


Blogger cassa said...

LOVE refreshing

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Hollis said...

Thanxs a lot!
I've been waiting for this since the day you said you will post it....I love this two albums...
You're a very generous person , thank you ,thank you ,than you.
Kisses, Hollis

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for even more great music.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Ryoga said...

Thanks for the Thompson Twins Reposted :). Now I know this band better than before, and find them more interesting than I thought :).

It's good to know, that You have something from TM Network :). I am very curious how they sound in other tracks :). Let's go further and talk about Japanese bands. Few days ago I've seen videos of few new wave Japanese bands (thanks to YouTube). All I can say about them is how they sound, and their names :/. So... P-Model - classical New Wave, with characteristically sounding synths. It's hard to compare them to other better known bands, it's the same category as Ippu-Do. Hikashu/Hikasu - in my opinion this band is "Japanese version" of Devo. Humoristic lyrics (even if you don't know Japanese, you will laugh when you see them), and new wave music. Interesting band :). Plastics - again, band that in my eyes is in the same "category" as Ippu-Do. I can compare them to early The Spoons, somehow for me this bands are similar. Well, if You like Ipuu-Do, Y.M.O., You will like those bands. "Japanese sound", You can like it or not, there is no other way, and that is true to almost every band from that country :).

Now something completely different ;).
The Spoons - is there a chance that their second album "Arias and Symphonies" from 1982 will someday be here? I even don't ask about rest of their discography, it's hard to get :). But in my opinion worth it. If someone need a comparison with other bands, to realize how they sound -> Ultravox, early INXS, early Simple Minds... in other words New Wave/New Romantic.

Greetings :).

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Gary C. said...

Salty, I stopped by to say hello! As you see I always follow your fantastic work. Thanks for it friend!



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Anonymous DJ E!s (mexico) said...

i'm lookig for The Saint & Come inside mixes, can u repost them again please? i have the vinyl but i have nothig to rip it up.. thanx in advance,
and those mixes are very rare

please again.. can u reupload them


10:41 PM  
Blogger m000se said...

if you ever have reason to repost Come Inside by the Thompson Twins, I'd be forever grateful!!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BABBLE (updated 01.06.2009)

Ether (1996)

Love Has No Name (1996 cd single)

The Stone (1994)
The Stone Plus (compilation from 12" releases)

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a note because theres something trouble with the links as blogger left as they finishing.

All the links finishes with:



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

m000se said...

THOMPSON TWINS - Come Inside (mixes)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance of re uppin

GROOVE ON (1991)

01 Groove On (rev.t's single mix)
02 Groove On (club edit)
03 Groove On (rev t's clib groove)
04 Groove On (techno groove mix)
05 Queer
06 Groove On (classic groove mix)
07 Groove On (ext.groove mix)
08 GRoove On (rev t's church dub groove)
09 Groove On (headbanger dub)

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This is a wonderful site. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This website is amazing!!! i had a few of the Queer / babble cd singles, but sold them on ebay and wished I didnt now. Any chance of re-posting the babble stone mixes? You must be the only person on the net who has all this, they are so rare! I still have both babble cds and cant listen to them enough, I never tire of them. Thanks for an amazing website -You would make countless die-hard fans extremely happy if the links worked ;)

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, may you re-up Groove On mixes?
Thank you

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