Monday, October 09, 2006

RED FLAG - MegaBlack Box Set


Prelude To A Disc (Prelude Mixes)

01 Disarray
02 The Game
03 In My Arms Again
04 Goodbye
05 Curtains
06 I See You
07 Heaven - In Medias Res
08 Tortured Daisy
09 Flight of the Wounded Bee
10 TikTok

Link to dwonload: 192 kbs


01 Disarray
02 The Eagle And Child
03 Disarray - Reminiscent mix
04 Disarray Remix Beta
05 The Eagle And Child (LP14 mix)
06 Disarray - Scribe Machine Remix
07 Disarray Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 256 kbs

or: 256 kbs

Machines (Limited Edition)

01 Machines (LP Edit)
02 Machines (Metal Shop Edit)
03 Machines (Tony's Edit)
04 Machines (Metal Shop Extended)
05 Machines (House Of Sprockets Mix)
06 Machines (Hammer & Saw Mix)
07 Rhythmik Vibrations
08 Tekno Vibrations
09 Rescue (Razormaid)

link to download: 192 kbs

The Game

01 The Game
02 Take Care Love
03 The Game - Knight Mix
04 The Game - Remix Gamma
05 Take Care Love - Blind Mix
06 The Game - Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 192 kbs

In My Arms Again

01 In My Arms Again
02 She's My Girl
03 In My Arms Again - Martyr Mix
04 She's My Girl - Rollergirl Mix
05 In My Arms Again - Bitstream Dream Mix
06 In My Arms Again - Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 192 kbs


01 Goodbye
02 The Thought Of You
03 Dance Of The Wounded Bee
04 The Thought Of You (Sabbat Mix)
05 Goodbye (Armand's Theme)
06 The Thought Of You (3D Vengeful Mix)
07 The Thought Of You (Habitual Clone 4 Mix)
08 Goodbye (Prelude To A Mix)

Link to download: 192 kbs


01 Curtains
02 L.O.V.E.
03 King Of Everything
04 Curtians (Ovation Mix)
05 L.O.V.E. (Dislexic Mix)
06 King Of Everything (JK Mix)
07 Curtians (Prelude To A Mix)

Link to download: 192 kbs

I See You

01 I See You
02 Rejection
03 Twenty Five Hours A day
04 I See you - Invisible Mix
05 Rejection - Sarcastic Mix
06 I See You - Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 192 kbs

The Eagle And Child

01 The Eagle And Child
02 Disarray
03 Take Care Love
04 She's My Girl
05 Time
06 In My Arms Again
07 The Game
08 Synthpopalooza
09 Illumination
10 Deeper Shade Of Blue
11 Disarray (Remix Alpha)
12 The Thought Of You (Voytech J.Martin Remix)

Link to download: 192 kbs

The Crypt

01 Curtains
02 I See You
03 King Of Everything
04 The Thought Of You
05 Rejection
06 Heaven in Medias Res
07 For The Dark
08 L.O.V.E.
09 Tortured Daisy
10 Goodbye
11 Sanctum Sanctorium

Link to download: 192 kbs

"I love Red Flag! Terrific display of songs and remixes! I just can't get enough of 'em!!

"I was not a great Red Flag fan, but after hearing this box set, I have to say that This is really something, you have to find a way to listen to this."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing box set saltyka, thanks a lot. So when are you gonna posted Climie Fisher? Hopefully you'll post it on filesend too which is much easier. I always hate rapidshare and megaupload. Thanks again! You're awesome!!!

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice , thanks a lot


3:13 PM  
Blogger joaorion said...

great salty, i have this collection and it rox !!!
Why i never see cause & effect albums? Maybe its me the only one that likes them?? HEHEHE i only have one, maybe you have others?

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Salty! Great music!
Could you upload Bitter End Album?
Thanks in Advance

Cheers from Peru


8:27 AM  
Blogger RobsDM said...

Hi Salty,

Many thanks for this next installment of Red Flag, superb.

Please also can I request Bitter End and All Roads Lead to You reposts.

Many thanks for all your hard work,

2:10 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Hey salty ... so im not alone :) Thats good to hear ... Ive being trying to get Cause And Effect albums with no luck ;) So thanks in advance !!! As always your work roxs... lately im listening lot of old great music thanks to you.

11:35 PM  

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