Wednesday, September 13, 2006

MICROMARS - Metro (2001)



01 I Know About It (3:55)
02 Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio (3:01)
03 Mobile (2:58)
04 Phasing Out (3:15)
05 Along Someone Else (3:15)
06 Bright Lights (3:09)
07 Spatial Localization (3:20)
08 Thermoluminescent (3:13)
09 Cargo (3:30)
10 She's Into Cha Cha Cha (2:53)
11 No Easy Way Down (6:35)
12 Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio (Ceiling Stars Mix) (3:40)
Remix - Her Space Holiday
13 Thermoluminescent (Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are) (3:48)
Remix - Astro Black Stereo , Valvola
14 Thermoluminescent (Credible Rmx) (4:18)
Remix - Safari Ari

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"I bought this because I really liked the pictures of the groovy Panton furniture on the cover. Basically, it sounds like mid-60's pop (some of the vocals remind me of certain Beach Boys tunes) with a contemporary dance/techno sound and some retro (late 70's & early 80's) sounding synths."

""Metro" is the official second studio album, and follows the debut on the american label Audio information Phenomena in 1999 with the album "International Pop Modulation". The album features as guests the norwegian band "Remington Super 60", on several tracks. This version contains three bonus tracks remixed by "Her Space Holiday", "Valvola" and "Safari Ari. "

"Space-age bachelor pad pop identity created by Christer Andre Jensen from Norway. Driven melodies from archieves NASA, Farfisa, Vocoder, distorted Stratocaster, blend into bossanova shuffles. Micromars wields futurist pop elements we know and love: floating analogue synths, lighter-than-air-vocals and percolating, samba drone, sweet electronic rhytms - all with skill and aplomp. "

Micromars began in the early spring of 98. Armed with only a Korg Micropreset.m-500sp, Farfisa fast-five, Roland cr-68 compurhythm, Fender Stratocaster, and Moog, Christer Andrè Jensen, aka Micromars, is one of the most promising technopop artist of the Nord-european scene that is capturing the attention all over the world, with artists like RØyksopp, Kings Of Convenience, Sondre Lerche, Jimi Tenor, The Ark, and more... Christer comes from Norway, he utilizes almost fifty years of sonic technology to produce futuristic music, played with what thirty years ago was progress and today is scrap...Main element of Micromars' music is the charm of his futurist pop elements, synth-driven melodies from Nasa archives, Farfisa, Vocoder, distorted Stratocaster, all blended with bossanova atmospheres and floating analogue synths, percolating vocals and lighter than the air, shoegazing melodies, samba drones and sweet electronic rhythms. The pop-synthesizers are back.

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