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HARUOMI HOSONO (from Yellow Magic Orchestra) posted by David





01 Rock-a-bye My Baby
02 Boku wa chotto (I'm Afraid I Won't)
03 Choo-choo gatagoto (Choo-choo Shaking)
04 Owari no kisetsu (Season of Farewell)
05 Fuyu-goe ([Going through Winter])
06 Party
07 Fuku wa uchi, oni wa soto (Welcome Happiness, No Devils)
08 Juusho futei mushoku teishunyu (No Address, No Job, Very Low Income)
09 Koi wa momoiro (Peach-sweet Love)
10 Bara to yaju (Rose and Beas)
11 Ai-ai-gasa (Umbrella for Two)

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"This is non-electronic R&B with vocals. Hosono's first solo album is probably only of historic interest to electronic fans."



01 Chatanooga choo-choo
02 Hurricane Dorothy
03 Kinu kaido (Silk Road)
04 Nettai yo (Tropical Night)
05 Pekin Duck
06 Hyouryu ki (Diary for Wandering)
07 Honey Moon
08 Sanji no komoriuta (Three O'clock Lullaby)
09 Sanji no komoriuta
10 Hyouryu ki

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"This and the following are in the tropical vein. Produced by Hosono & Tin Pan Alley. The song Honeymoon from Medicine Compilation appears in it's original version on this album. Non Electronic. "

" I thought I would review this album as I took a complete gamble on it - and was pleasantly suprised. If you've been tracking down HH work then you've probably been looking towards his electronic outings, much the same as me. The trouble is if you work your way back from Y.M.O then there's a big chunk of his catalogue missing > 'COOCHIN MOON'!! So you end up jumping from kind of full on electro to electronic exotica material (PARASIO). It seems a bit shallow but as I knew this album was non electronic I was in two minds whether to buy it. Then I thought well I like exotica material, I like Hosono's material...blah dee blah...and I ended up with a funny, entertaining, quaint Tropical Dandy. ...all aboard the cruise liner!

BON VOYAGE Co. - Taian Yoko (1976)


01 Cho-cho san
02 Hong Kong Blues
03 "Sayonara", the Japanese Farewell Song
04 Roochoo Gambo
05 Taian yoko
06 Tokyo Shyness Boy
07 Black Peanuts
08 Chow Chow Dog
09 Pom pom joki
10 Exotica Lullaby

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COCHIN MOON (with Yoko) (1978)

Electro, Experimental, Ambient


01 Hotel Malabar Ground Floor (Triangle Circuit on the sea-forest)
02 Hotel Malabar Upper Floor (Moving Triangle)
03 Hotel Malabar Roof Garden (Rebel attack)
04 Hepatitis
05 Hum ghar sajan
06 Madam Consul General of Madras

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"Superb. Way ahead of its time with trance-like synths and exotic world colors. The album is co-credited to famous pop (graphic) artist Tadanori Yokoo, who did the cover, but seemingly neither wrote nor played on it. I was able to get Yokoo-san to autograph my LP cover during a 1991 NYC speaking engagement. He laughed with slight embarrassment that anyone in the US would have a copy (and on vinyl). Ryuichi Sakamoto plays synths also and his playing style is evident. Hideki Matsutake, who would later do the sequencer work for YMO and front the synth-based band, Logic System, programs the sequencer here. A brilliant album. This is the first album that sounds like the Hosono we are used to."



01 Tokio Rush
02 Shimendoka
03 Japanese Rumba
04 Asatoya Yunta
05 Fujiyama Mama
06 Femme Fatale
07 Shambhala Signal
08 Worry Beads
09 Paraiso

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"Recorded Dec 77-Jan78 Yukihiro Takahashi and Sakamoto and HH play together onl on one track. The band name was a rather obscure takeoff on a Captain Beefheart song title as rumor has it. This is often considered the definitive pre-YMO album though Takahashi's contemporarily recorded suave French-Pop album "Saravah" has all 3 future YMO members working together far more extensively. The style here is Exotica and more like a tropical band album than a synth album so musically this isn't much connected with YMO's style apart from YMO carrying over many exotica refrencesw on the debut, so Parasio is relatively distant from YMO (Cochin Moon is actually closer to YMO due to heavy synth use). There is synth though. Interestingly, Sakamoto did his own album of roughly this kind of sound though more pop / disco on his album Summer Nerves. "

"For those who only know Hosono from YMO and his technopop and ambient music, this album will be a surprise. His last solo album pre-YMO, it features his take on "exotica", a faux-oriental style pioneered by Martin Denny. Hosono is a kind of musical alchemist, mixing Okinawan folk melodies with New Orleans funk ("Asadoya Yunta"), Balinese percussion (on a drum machine!), and even that classic of fake Japanese, "Fujiyama Mama". This album features Sakamoto & Takahashi, and that, plus the clever use of synthesizers, makes it a kind of bridge between Hosono's solo music and the technopop to come. On it's own terms it's a great album, melodic, inventive, and fun."



01 Picnic
02 Funiculi Funicura (Denza-Kiyono-Aoki)
03 Luminescent-Hotaru
04 Platonic
05 In Limbo
06 Living-Dining-Kitchen
07 Birthday Party
08 Sports Men/Philharmony
09 Air-Condition

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"After several years in YMO, HH released a slightly sparse but first-rate electronic solo album of alternating quirky songs and ambient-type instrumentals. Landmark early use of sampling. An intersting companion to YMO's album from this period Technodelic. Takahashi, Tachibana, Ueno all guest. 1982 was sort of a year off for YMO because Sakamoto was involved with acting and scoring Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and Hosono used the time to produce a lot of work for others and make this album."

"If your a fan of y.m.o you'll love this cd, it's kind of a long the same vein as 'technodelic'. Song's like LDK would have quite easily sat in the recording. Within the first few seconds of the first track PICNIC you know what your gonna get. Beautifully odd strange electronics leading straight in to a load of robots singing their song as they go on a day out. The next song FUNICULI FUNICULA seems to be a national anthem for some kind of army stuck in a video'll be huming it as well! Harry Hosono manages to make the most quirkiest music beautiful he kind of catches you off guard. One minute it's all tongue in cheek the next he puts up some straight forward(ish) electro it's a mixture of both instrumental and words all be them odd; 'my loves like a tear-jerker, like mouldy junk food' but anyway a good album if you want a bit of fun and can listen to music that doesn't take itself too seriously... I wouldn't play it to anyone though!"


Abstract, Electro


01 Xevious
02 Bosconian
03 Pac-Man
04 Phozon
05 Mappy
06 Libble Rabble
07 Pole Position
08 New Rally-X
09 Dig Dug
10 Galaga

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"A full length album of early-ish arcade game music and sound effects from Namco. This was the first full album of this kind of music, now a whole genre in Japan. Hosono arranges and produces (does not compose). Be warned-- this sounds like video games, not much like HH. This is not a Hosono solo album per se, but it is produced by him and a different 12" single came out featuring him performing. "


Abstract, Industrial, Electro, Synth-pop


01 Non Standard Mixture
02 Body Snatchers
03 Androgena
04 SFX
05 Strange Love
06 Alternative 3
07 Dark Side Of The Star
08 Medium Composition #1
09 Medium Composition #2

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"A mix of techno-pop and experimental tracks with lots of Close Encounters samples. The all but the latest CDs of this release add the tracks from The Making of Non Standard Music. (marked by "*") Guests: Kubota and Sandii, Koshi, Nishimura. Still available at a budget price. This album is usually considered Hosono solo, not an F.O.E. album. "

"This is an excellent example of Hosono's innovations in electronic music. Borrowing liberally from old-school hip-hop (especially on the first two tracks), it is only very slightly dated, and still danceable, with "technopop" tunes contrasted markedly against experimental excursions. The fourth track, SFX, is absolutely brilliant and requires attentive listening to percieve its every nuance. "Alternative 3", the sixth cut on the CD, is equally remarkable, but is even more difficult to listen to (it is more impressive than entertaining). The last four tracks are also rather experimental, and occasionally ambient. But don't expect easy listening. Both of the "Medium Compositions" are superficially bright, but mask a somber undercurrent. The last track, "3-6-9", is rather dark and ultimately degenerates into digitally sampled noise. All in all, a tremendous achievement from the god-father of Techno music as we know it today."


Abstract, Industrial, Electro, Synth-pop


01 Sex Machine feat James Brown
02 Total Eclipse
03 Wright Place ,Wrong Time
04 Opera
05 In My Jungle
06 Don't Wanna Loose My Soul
07 Sex Machine (instrumental)

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"Full length album. This is the one with guests James Brown, Maceo Parker and Anton Fier and tons of Kurzewil K250. Plenty of drums and sequences. Since the real James Brown appears (on Sex Machine), nobody insults him with anything too strange or deconstructed for beter or worse. "

NOKTO DE LA GALAKSIA FERVOJO (Night on the Galactic Railroad) (Soundtrack) (1985)



01 La Ceftitolo
02 Temo el la Mondo de la Fantazia Kvara Dimensio
03 Fantazio Kaj Realo
04 En Tago Serena
05 La Kanto de la Rondiro de la Steloj
06 Fantazio de Giovanni
07 La Stelfesto de Centauro
08 La Masto de 'Tenkirin'
09 La Gojo
10 La Norda Kruco
11 La Pliocena Marbordo
12 La Historio en Fantazio
13 La HArpo de la Paradizo
14 La Travida Malgojo de Giovanni
15 La Pleja Felico
16 Temo de la Adiauo
17 Kuro
18 45 Minutoj
19 Rekviem
20 Temo Finala

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"Score to the animated fable "Night on the Galactic Railroad". The name and linear notes are in Esparanto. There was a rumored Esparanto language version, but the version I have is in Japanese. Simple and elegant piano and synth melodies with a memorable theme a little like Satie. "


Experimental, Ambient


01 Lichtenstein's 0.31 (recorded 11 Oct 1984)
02 Pietro Germi (re-recording version) 5.30 (recorded 7 July 1983)
03 Normandia 2.36 (recorded 11 July 1984)
04 The Man of China 1.50 (recorded 24 April 1985)
05 Sayokoskatti 4.45 (recorded 8 May 1982)
06 Mazinger "H" 3.14 (recorded 10 March 1984)
07 The Plan 0.31 (recorded 20 June 1985)
08 Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo (re-recording version) 1.31 (recorded 22 Dec 1984)
09 George Don 1.01 (recorded 7 May 1984)
10 Bio Philosophy 4.40 (recorded 8 May 1984)
11 Memphis, Milano (re-recording version)10.27 (recorded 10 Aug 1982)

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"A sampler of un-released music for movies, TV, commercials and installation 1982-85. This is a good album to hear Hosono's vastly different styles of compositions, though the content is so varried it makes incoherent listening as a whole without programming your CD player. "


Experimental, Ambient


01 Sunnyside of the Water
02 Mercuric Dance
03 Formation of the Venus
04 Down to the Earth
05 Fossil of Flame - Fifty Bell-Trees
06 Prepared Quartz
07 Sea of tau
08 Windy Land
09 To the Air

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"All synth with a bit of percussion, though rather monochromatic. Recorded 1983-4. For a modern dance ensemble. A video version was once availablet."

PARADISE VIEW (soundtrack) (1985)

Experimental, Ambient


01 The Image of a Paradise
02 The Image of a View
03 Mabui Dance
04 Yuta's Pray
05 Atti
06 Wheels on Fire
07 The Truck on the Sea
08 Roochoo Jazz
09 The Paradise View

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"An album of very interesting, sampled and re-assembled Okinawan music with an emphasis on gamelan-like sounds. I got a chuckle when a Village Voice film critic commented on the wonderful, authentic Okinawan score ("authentic" Hosono and his K250 that is). In the film, Hosono plays a supporting role as a sensitive, but out of his element Japanese grade school teacher transplanted to Okinawa. The big in-joke is that one of the teenage girls in the story has a YMO shrine in her room and seems quite infatuated, yet has no apparent interest in her school teacher and his resembalance to a YMO member. This was the first Okinawan language feature film and according to the IMDB co-stars Jun Togawa though when I saw the film quite some time ago I didn't know what she looked like or had a translation of the cast list. "

THE TALE OF GENJI (soundtrack) (1987)


01 Tsukiyomi 3.03
02 Rajyoumon 4.10
03 Fujitsubo 3.03
04 Asatsuyu 3.04
05 Wakamurasaki 3.43
06 Miyasundokoro 2.59
07 Ukihashi 3.57
08 Kechigan 3.02
09 Samidare 6.46
10 Hikari 3.06
11 Kodama 5.16
12 Mai 5.45

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"A fascinating, traditional-sounding Japanese score with a large amount of lush synth work. A very rich and dream-like score for an animated film. recorded in 1987 Very nice CD cover art. U.S. video released 1995. This and the later album Naga, while not identical in style, are not unrelated either. Out of print?Footlight records and Japanese used shops still have some. 32-8H-148 was the the initial release cat# and came in a cardboard box. I've never seen what else (presumably bookletwise) is contained in the box. I believe it is considered the first novel ever. The video was available in the U.S. in the mid 90s
Genji Monogatari was written by Murasaki Shikibu in about 950. It's a fictional story of a life of a Japanese aristocratic man.The names of tunes are related to the characters of Genji Monogatari. (info from MIEKO SUZUKI)"


Downtempo, Synth-pop, Ambient


01 Esashi 1.50
02 Andadura 6.23
03 Orgone Box 6.05
04 Ohenro-San 2.44
05 Caravan 4.16
06 Retort 3.33
07 Laugh-Gas 11.26
08 Korendor 5.25
09 Pleocene 6.12

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"Songs and instrumentals with a world and even off-world :-) flavor. It includes nods to Duke Ellington and Wilhelm Reich. This is the kind of techno pop he does best."


Ambient, Synth-pop, Downtempo


01 Laughter Meditation 8.05
02 Honey Moon 5.04
03 Deira 3.23
04 Quiet Lodge Edit 5.26
05 Medicine Mix 6.32
06 Sand Storm Edit 3.39
07 Mabui Dance #2 9.46
08 Aiwoiwaiou 6.23
09 Armenian Orientation 10.36
10 Ambient Meditation 4.04

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"It concludes with a compostion by Laraaji and includes a collaborations with Yasuaki Shimizu, Akiko Yano. Nice ambient with pop touches. [recorded/mixed1991-92] It seems to compile various tracks he recorded at the time, but dispite the use of "compilation" in the album's name this is all new material unavailable elsewhere. With this is one of only 3 Hosono albums to get a U.S. release ."


Performed by "Love" (Mimori Yusa, vocals), "Peace" (Miyako Koda, vocals), "&" (Haruomi Hosono, programming, backing vocals), and "Trance" (Mishio Ogawa, vocals).


01 Ho'Ola
02 Hasu Kriya
03 Yeelen
04 Dreamtime Lovers
05 Solaris (dip in the pool)
06 Mammal Mama
07 Kokoro Da (Killing Time)
08 Dawn (d.i.p.)
09 Whispers in the Dark (Thomas Newman)
09 Hasu Kriya -single mix (Moro Fukuzawa)
10 Hush - A Mandala Ni Pàli (Moro Fukuzawa)
11 Aina (HH)

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"They are Mimori Yusa ("Love"), Miyako Koda ("Peace"), and Mishio Ogawa ("Trance"). Hosono gets to be the "&", I kid you not. Tracks 3-5 were mixed by Kim Cascone of Heavenly Music Corporation (who pointed out to me when I left his name off this page, no slight intended, good work). Kay (Something Wonderful) Nakayama does additional production on several tracks. First rate production and material. Cover art by Yokoo. If you want something hyper look elsewhere (NDE). Very relaxing but not boring. A great listen. Writers are in parenthesis. Early copies had a slipcover for the CD. The album was inspired by Shinichi Nakazawa. He is a professor at the Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University, Tokyo. He majors in the religion. He has written many books, articles, movie pamphlets (like Naked Lunch by David Cronenberg), and so on. He is quite famous in Japan. He has also written the book Kanko with Hosono. He is the only person in Japan who was completely given instruction in Dzogchen, the consummate practice of Tibetan Buddhism. (Info from KATAYAMA Katsushi, who is a student of his) "

N.D.E. (1995)

Abstract, Experimental, Ambient


01 Spinning Spirits 6.01
02 Navigations 9.28
03 Teaching of the Sphinx 6.28
04 Strange Attractor 9.48
05 Heliotherapy 4.21
06 Higher Flyer 6.01
07 Edge of the End 8.37
08 Aero 6.25

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"Stands for Near Death Experience. With G. Hotoda, B. Laswell, Y. Terada credited on the cover. Shimizu also contributes. Heavy dose of Bill Laswell on this one. Solid catchy beats with lots of tabla and Arabic instruments. Good and hyper. Well engineered. If you care to damage the cd insert, you can peel off the top sticker revealing the album credits hidden on the backing paper. Hosono said he sent some tapes to Bill Laswell in New York, and he added to and mixed them. "

"The glory of digital sound throw the listener into an amazing travel through endless electronic nuances and atmospheres while the deep and incredibly dynamic rhythm keep blending with ethnic instruments and electronic filters. This should definitely be a must-have for all the electronic music fan and for anyone who really cares about environmental soundscaping."



01 Good Sport
02 Fanfare [Miharu Koshi]
03 sacred runner
04 Fin De Siecle
05 Nostalgia
06 Troy (the videoman)
07 Torch Music
08 Newage Children
09 Bamboo Wave
10 A Collage Of Life [HH: the last part by MK]

Link to download:

"This seems to be a limited not in regular CD shops release for the Universiade 1995, Fukuoka (a sporting event). It did not go on sale in retail stores. Soundtrack-like it opens with clockwork sequencing with analog drums. Later some trad. Japanese music on synths and some impressionistic tracks. Miharu Koshi contributes a melody. I think HH's company Medium, had extra copies which found their way into a couple shops after the event was over. Out of print."

NAGA (1995)



01 Hindustan
02 Naga
03 Taj-mahal
04 Himalaya
05 Sherpa (by Miharu Koshi)
06 Jado
07 Seasons
08 Dancing-High
09 Chaitya
10 Angkor Vat (-adaptation of "Mabui Dance" this version is also featured on the French compilation Ici Tokyo)
11 Serpent Cloud

Link to download:

"A superb album of instrumentals in the styles of many Asian countries. Includes a new version of one of the Paradise View tunes. Ambient, but also rich in melody and texture. Recorded 1991-95. This is actually his most recent totally solo album. He's done many since but they all have at least one full collaborator. "

DIVINATION - Akasha (1995) with Bill Laswell


CD 1

01 escent (14:53)
02 Rain Dream (5:47)
03 Ascesis (10:04)
04 Stir (11:17)

CD 2

01 Tangier Space Draft (15:19) Scratches - DXT
02 Navigations (14:39) Featuring - Yasuaki Shimizu
03 Illuminoid Assassin (16:11) Scratches - DXT

Link to download:


Tech House, Ambient


01 Unfinished Screams (HH+BL)
02 Interpieces (HH+BL)
03 Coiled (HH+BL)
04 Jjeephead Shaman (remix of "unfinished screams" by something wonderful)
05 Wakare Mmichi (remix of "interpieces" by terre thaemlitz)
06 Y.s.tangled In Tokyo (remix of "coiled" by yoshihiro sawasaki)
07 Bush (HH)

Link to download:

"This is an Ambient album with Jungle beats. It doesn't strike me as a coherent whole. More like a compilation. Probably extra material for NDE that didn't fit. Some interesting stuff, some not too exciting. "

MIHARU KOSHI & HARRY HOSONO Jr. (Swing Slow) - Swing Slow (1996)


01 WESTERN BOLERO Music by Miharu Koshi/Lyrics by M.Koshi & So-si Suzuki
02 TIME SCAN 1 Created by Haruomi Hosono
03 I'M LEAVING IT ALL UP TO YOU Words & Music by Don Harris & Dewey Terry Jr.
04 DISAPPEARED Music by Miharu Koshi/Lyrics by M.Koshi & So-si Suzuki
05 HOTEL ETOILES Music by Miharu Koshi
06 SNOW WAVE Music by swing slow
07 YUKI-ya-konko Japanese traditional song/Addapted by swing slow
08 GOOD MORNING, MR.ECHO Words & Music by Belinda & Bill Putnam
09 CAPYBARA Music by Miharu Koshi/Lyrics by M.Koshi
10 VOO DOO SURFER Music by swing slow
11 TIME SCAN 2 Created by Haruomi Hosono
12 PARADISE, VER.2 Music by Haruomi Hosono/Additional note by Miharu Koshi

Link to download:

"This is an Ambient Lounge album. It's cute and funny. Good Morning Mr. Echo cracks me up with HH singing and Miharu providing the voice of Mr. Echo. Sometimes there is clever use of synths substituting for lounge instruments. So-si Suzuki is the man behind World Standard."

HAT (Haruomi hosono, Atom heart, Tetsu inoue) - Tokyo ¥ Frankfurt ¥ New York (1996)


01 funk coaster
02 organic mango
03 sleep run
04 2 gigabyte of joujou
05 kubrick
06 quick esc.

Link to download:

"This is the first album release from Hosono's new label Daisy World (in Japan). It's Drum and Bass. Nicely done but I can't personally get excited by the sounds of these little units since there is just too much of it around. Still theres a lot going on and the semi improvised sounding melodies are much better than the non-melodies in this sort of music. Thanks to Terry Green for album info. Rather Interesting is Atom Heart's label. Aparently out of print. "

H.A.T. - DSP Holiday (1998)


01 Arizona Analizer
02 Shinjuku
03 Plug In Mambo
04 Granular
05 Digidelic
06 Uptown

Link to download:

"The second HAT album. Perhaps more improv-y than the first. Hosono plays acoustic instruments. More different styles rather than just d&b. "

MIX FORM (2004)


01 Ryoichi Kurokawa - Everything You Can See Through A Little Hole (4:35)
02 Haruomi Hosono - Mixed Form #1 (2:15)
03 Haruomi Hosono - Mixed Form #2 (2:33)
04 Yoshihiro Hanno - Oval (3:35)
05 Static - Examples Are But Suggestions (2:12)
06/A Clickerty And Clack - Pine (2:55)
06/B Nao Tokui - Pine Ave
07 Nao Tokui - Pan Pacific (0:36)
08 Nao Tokui - Ms. Cherry (1:04)
09 Aoki Takamasa - Mry. (1:14)
10 Yoshihiro Hanno - S.E.Q (0:42)
11 Aoki Takamasa - Sorc. (6:28)
12 Aoki Takamasa - Neuger. (5:31)
13 Process - Nexus (4:50)
14 Sounguarehouse - Ah Eh Ee (3:31)
15 30506 - VVV (5:03)
16 Yoshihiro Hanno - 6 (3:20)
17 Aoki Takamasa - Pimo (4:57)

Link to download:



01 Down To The Earth
02 La Pliocena Marbordo
03 Dark Side Of The Star
04 Fossil Of Flame
05 The Truck On The Sea
06 Mazinger "H"
07 Temo De La Adiauo
08 Mabui Dance
09 Normandia
10 3.6.9
11 The Man Of China
12 To The Air

Link to download:

HOSONO BOX : 1969-2000

CD 1. (Harry Singing 1969-1978)

01 Blue Monk 1962 as Haruomi Hosono (orig. Thelonious Monk)
02 Mr. Soul 1969 as Susie Cream Cheese (orig. Buffaro Springfield)
03 Shin Shin Shin 1970 as Happy End
04 Tobenai Sora (Can't fly the sky) 1970 as Happy End
05 Arigato 1970 for Chu Kosaka
06 Kaze O Atsumete (gathering the wind) 1971 as Happy End
07 Natsu Nandesu (It's a summer) - live 1973 as Happy End
08 Furaibou (A vagabond) 1973 as Happy End Box
09 Ai Ai Gasa (In umbrella with you) 1973 as Happy End
10 Rock-A-By My Baby 1973 as Haruomi Hosono
11 Owari No Kisetsu (season of farewell) 1973 as Haruomi Hosono
12 Fuyu Goe (go through the winter) - live 1974 on solo stage
13 Nettai Yo (Tropical night) 1975 as Haruomi Hosono
14 Yellow Magic Carnival 1975 as Tin Pan Alley
15 Hurricane Drothee 1975 as Haruomi Hosono
16 Peking Duck - single version 1975 as Haruomi Hosono
17 Chow Chow Dog 1976 as Haruomi Hosono
18 Black Peanuts 1976 as Haruomi Hosono
19 Shimen Soka (Ostracized) 1978 as Haruomi Hosono
21 Paraiso 1978 as Haruomi Hosono

Link to download:

"You can hear him transform from R&B and folk into stylized Exotica. Everything here is pretty much non-electronic"

CD 2 (Harry Singing and Playing 1978-1996)

01 Simoon 1978 as YMO
02 Absolute Ego Dance 1979 as YMO
03 Gradated Grey 1981 as YMO
04 Sports Man 1982 as Haruomi Hosono
05 Yumemiru Yakusoku (Promise to dream) 1982 as Haruomi Hosono
06 Theme of "Sangoku shi" 1982 as Haruomi Hosono
07 Lotus Love 1983 as YMO
08 Chaos Panic 1983 as YMO
09 The Madmen 1983 as YMO
10 Body Snatchers (with Japanese lyrics) 1984 as Haruomi Hosono
11 Strange Love 1984 as Haruomi Hosono
13 12 Pliocine 1989 as Haruomi Hosono
14 Honey Moon 1993 as Haruomi Hosono
15 Caravan 1996 as Swing Slow
16 Good morning, Mr. Echo 1996 as Swing Slow

Link to download:

"This is the disc that most collectors of his synth music have nearly everything on. The vinyl only Swing Slow version of Caravan is the first time on CD. Yumemiru Yakusoku and Theme of "Sangoku shi" are somewhat rare tracks."

CD 3 (Harry Playing 1978-1998)

01 Cosmic Surfin' 1978 pre-YMO version
02 Hepatitis 1978 from Cochin Moon
03 Chambala tsushin (Chambala news) 1978 as Haruomi Hosono
04 Loom 1981 as YMO
05 3.6.9. 1984 as Haruomi Hosono
06 Wakare no tema (Theme of farewell) 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
07 Piettro Germi 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
08 The image of a Paradise 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
09 To the air 1985 as Haruomi Hosono
10 Ketsu-gan (prayer) 1987 as Haruomi Hosono
11 Snow Fall 1989 from a V.A. album
12 Good sport mix 1995 as Haruomi Hosono
13 Voo Doo Surfer - analog version 1996 as Swing Slow
14 Biogenic Frequency 1997 from the V.A. album "Rainbow 2000"
15 Omukae De Gonsu (Came here to pick you up) 1998 from a V.A. Tezuka Tribute album
16 Christmas was late! 1997 as VAGABOND & HARRY

Link to download:

"Some previously available only on compilation tracks here."

CD 4 (Odds and Ends 1969-2000)

01 Green Buck Dollar - Performed by Ox Drivers and Y.M.O. Remixed materials from Ox Drivers (March,1965) and Y.M.O. (April, 1980) by Hosono
02 Tegami - Unreleased track by Happy End from 1970
03 Party - 1975
04 Rokka-bai-mai-beibi - 1975
05 Pekin Duck - 1976
06 Cho Cho-San - 1976
07 Bolero - 1976
08 Hurricane Dorothy - 1976
09 Firecrackers - 1976
10 'Sayonara'The Japanese Farewell Song - 1976

Formerly unreleased live recording tracks 1976
11 Dressed Up
12 Reggae Song
13 Rum & Duck

Formerly unreleased studio session tracks
14 Pleosine - 1987
15 Main Theme for 'Hoshi-o-tsugu-mono' - 1989
16 Babylon no Kuchu Teien - 1995
17 Drag The Beat - 1999

Link to download:

"All unreleased material on the final disc, much of it is early though. Before you get too excited the YMO remixed track is like an unplugged acoustic cover version incorportating HH's available recording. Its the kind of old and new technique YMO's done on ¥en Memorial where one recording jumps to a newer somewhat more pumped up version.
Tracks 5-10 are a fine exotica-style live concert with Sakamoto on piano. Of course the non-synth cover of Martin Denny's Firecrackers is of interest to YMO fans."

"Hosono is famous as YMO's leader not only in Japan but also other countries. Although YMO is the most incredible one, he has been trying to create "much more better" music in his works during 30 years. This CD-BOX contains pre-YMO era(1), YMO era(2), reacent works(3), live takes(4). Though songs on this CDs was not choised by Hosono, we can listen to his essence of music from them. I love Disc-1 especially. His dimmed-like anbiguous singing voices go straight my heart and ears."

STRANGE FLOWERS vol. 1 (2002)


01 BICYCLE 100 -eater (Katsuki Kagawa)
02 FRAGMENT STAR -Guerrilla-chang
03 MIKO -L.I.D
04 Daisyworld Jingle #1 -Smooth Ace
05 MUSICAL BALLOON -Gutevolk (Hirono Nishiyama)
06 J.F.P. -takagi masakatsu
07 TE NA NA -World Standard
08 QUEER NOTIONS (Live Production ver.) -Tin Pan & friends
10 Daisyworld Jingle #2 -Smooth Ace
11 HINEMOSU -Micabox feat. Ayako Takatoh
12 BONNE NUIT MINOUCHE -Miharu Koshi (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
14 THE ZERO HOUR -Pacific 231 (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
15 GOKIGEN IKAGA 1-2-3 -Sketch Show (Yukihiro Takahashi + Haruomi Hosono)
16 Daisyworld Jingle #3 -Smooth Ace
17 FOREST FRIENDS -Vagabond c.p.a. (Haruomi Hosono

Link to download:

"Sort of represents the direction of his reestablished label. Has newly done old style music, remixes of some favorites, soul music styled advertising jingles for the label and some ambient pop electronica. A pleasant trip."

More info: lot of comments are from this excellent page

Thank you David!!!

We changed the links,i hope they are ok.If not,message me please!
Sorry again and thanks for your patience!


Blogger Koop said...

Hey Saltyka, what an extensive post; thanks. I hope and believe this is your first in a series of "YMO-solo projects", and no doubt the Wild & Moody album that I've been searching for for ages will pop up in the days or weeks to come. Patience is a good thing!

2:15 AM  
Blogger writerguy said...

Fantastic post. Sex Energy & Star and Naga were a couple I was looking forward to hearing, but the links not working?

It would be great to hear these!

Thanks again.

6:55 AM  
Blogger writerguy said...

A thousand and one thank yous!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Saltyka, please very sorry for my bad english!!
Many,many thanx for the beautiful music. But my question is, why doesn`t work so many links?
u.a. Hosono Box, etc. !
Time Out ?? at 25.09.2006 ??

best wishes Conteur

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

file has been deleted (T_T)

8:27 AM  
Anonymous rho said...

Yeez Saltyka, i thought, with 3 hosono solo albums, i had something, your extensive search and offering is amazing.
On the matter of rapidshare deleting-they are much sharper these days, you might consider using , they seem more easy and quicker accessable for non members.
On a side note you could add/display the compression rate.
Keep it up !

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i'm marcus

thanx for this post, but unfortunatley me too i can't download "coochin moon" and "computer game" because rapidshare says that:"due to a period of inactivity"or something.

thanx in advance for the re-uploading!

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Rho said...

Hi Saltyka ,

How about better quality and higher compression ? Take a look at this mp3..ogg test
I uploaded a little example you might like.Talking Heads - Remain in Light (ogg7~@224)

The "unseen" track escaped, which gave me an opportunity to create 3 versions, lame @320, OGG 9 same filesize and ogg 7 (70% of 320 filesize)same as the rest of the remain in light album
Talking Heads - Seen and not seen (ogg7~@224),ogg9~@320,lame@320)

Many players play ogg de-, encoders plug ins are freely available.

Here's a nifty standalone one right at the top of the page.

ps feel free to repost on your blog

4:42 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Hi Salty, Now see all Hosono records and they are so many!!!

Much links are dead, I'll try to upload with the same link names.

Best regards
+ Muchos saludos!

(I sent you a mail with new links for 3 first hosono box records)

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Saltyka, i´m so sorry, but i can´t load all these beautiful albums:
COCHIN MOON (with Yoko) (1978)
DIVINATION - Akasha (1995) with Bill Laswell
H.A.T. - DSP Holiday (1998)
HAT (Haruomi hosono, Atom heart, Tetsu inoue) - Tokyo ¥ Frankfurt ¥ New York (1996)
N.D.E. (1995)
NAGA (1995)
PARADISE VIEW (soundtrack) (1985)
Hosono Box

I hope one day the links works!
best wishes to all


9:50 AM  
Blogger writerguy said...


Just a note of encouragement -- lots of people love what you've got going here -- I hope you can get these back up! And again, many many thanks!

12:45 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...


The cover of Nokto de la galaksia fervojo that you publish is from other album, Joe Hisaishi (Score composer of Studio Ghibli, Kitano, etc. films) make another score for the same movie.
But the link is for Hosono score.

In the images that i send you is hosono album covers for Nokto de la galaksia...

This movie is anime, and was released in 'esperanto' the languaje propused by anarchists.


12:57 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...


For all people, we are reuploading the albums that have broken links.

Just wait a bit, a very little one.


12:59 PM  
Blogger writerguy said...

The Naga and Divination downloads worked perfect this time around. Thanks!

Can you please re-do the link for Sex Energy & Star? That one's still not working.

Also, I've tried Swing Slow twice and about half of the files wouldn't play.
So it might be good to repost it.

Again, this is really wonderful. Thanks so much!

8:28 AM  
Blogger writerguy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:29 AM  
Blogger writerguy said...

I also vote NO on the ogg files. I've had trouble with those. Mp3 works fine for me.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Emailx45 said...




email me please, if possible.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Saltyka & David. Thanx a lot of Hosono post.
07 Honey Moon
10 Hyouryu ki Two track are different from an original album.
Please re-uploading original tracks. Thanks so much!

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Saltyka, only two albums..the links doesn`t work.
HOSONO HOUSE + Haruomi Hosono with Friends fo Earth - Sex,Energy and Star.
But I´m so happy for all other`s albums...many many thanx for this music...Best Wishes, Conteur

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Camomillo said...

Hallo Saltyka, thanks for this Hosono encyclopaedia.
Because I was interested mainly in the pre-YMO records I started with with "Tropical dandy" ("Hosono house" I already had)and soon with "Bon voyage" finded that winrar could not extract:

01 Cho-cho san
02 Hong Kong Blues
03 "Sayonara", the Japanese Farewell Song

05 Taian yoko
06 Tokyo Shyness Boy

09 Pom pom joki

from the archive.

I downloaded the archive many times with the same result.
I will be extremely grateful if you will consider to reupload the damaged files, but in any case I have in your post so much other Hosono records I never heard of and certainly worthy of listening.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Emailx45 said...


10:08 PM  
Blogger writerguy said...


Thanks for your efforts here! Very much appreciated!

7:09 AM  
Blogger writerguy said...

And I look forward to seeing the Yukihiro Takahashi stuff -- although I have almost all of it.

Maybe Blue Moon Blue will be in there?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply incredible! I only had 4 Hosono albums before I found this today, but I've been scouring the Internet for quite some time looking for more. A lot of these are totally unavailable, and most of the ones that are available are Japanese imports that cost close to $30 per disc.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting all this wonderful stuff.

11:06 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Hi Salty!!!!!!!!

My dad buy another computer for the house, have more disk space and more ram! But I don't know... am I happier? I'll try to do not pass much time in computer, that's the way it should be.
But it's very usefull to continue aporting in your blog, and for mine, and mail communication.

Well, I return to this.

I'll check where are the original versions for the tracks of tropical dandy. Have one album more called 'Harry Up Hosono', a compilation of early works, and it's listed in 'Honey moon' from tropical dandy.
I'll try to check the other song too, but begin upload 'Harry up hosono' if I found it in cd backups.

Muchos saludos!!!!

9:55 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Here's the link for 'Harry up Hosono'

Harry Up Hosono - Best Selections
brand-new CD (Panam CRCP-175) JAPAN

1. Choo Choo Gatta Got '75
2. Yellow Magic Carnival
3. Chattanooga Choo Choo
4. Nettaiya
5. Sanji No Komoriuta
6. Honey Moon
7. Tokyo Shyness Boy
8. Hong Kong Blues
9. Chow Chow Dog
10. Exotica Lullaby

Another web for hosono discography:

5:12 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

That's the link

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Honey Moon", Thank you very very much.
I ask for "Hyoryuki(Instrumental)".
Thank You!!

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to All,
I want to say: Very Very Thanks for all the beautiful music. I hope somebody upload music from:
Y.Takahashi, Logic System and others.
I`m so lucky...Have a Nice Weekend!
You know, my English is not good..SORRY.

8:25 AM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Here's a new link for Bon Voyage Co:

12:53 AM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Paul said...

Hey Saltyka, thanks for this massive posting!!

INTERPIECES ORGANIZATIONS link is dead.. could you possibly repost????

6:27 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Two albums by Takahashi, while we prepare the future post, only publish him because it permanence in rapidshare.


Time & Place (Live)


7:46 AM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Two albums by Takahashi, while we prepare the future post, only publish him because it permanence in rapidshare.


Time & Place (Live)


7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello David,
the album from Takahashi -Time & Place (Live)..RapidShare = Datei doesn`t found! ????
Can you help me please!!
best regards

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time & Place (Live)

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka,
A number of hosono links are inactivity deleted, i just checked as i lost a number of them on account of a HD crash, luckily my last back up was early october, but i wouldnt mind downloading them again.

Keep it up ! Rho

7:23 PM  
Blogger writerguy said...

Looking forward to more from Takahashi. Blue Moon Blue!

Thanks for all the great music!

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger michel,isabelle,lion,otto... said...

hello Salty!

thank you very much for the hosono shares, i love it!
i can see you had some trouble with rapidshare, and a lot of people already asked you for re-uploads, can you do it again? i'm talking about the rapidshare links, the rest works fine...

thanks again for sharing all this!


8:08 AM  
Anonymous akubi said...

hi ( ' w ' )/ !
Many many thanx for great posts!

I hope for re-up-loading in this "HOSONO" entry.

Best regards

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-uploading the HOSONO links to ???

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm interested by the SFX album, I hope a re-uploading soon !

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i managed to get one album.
seems only megaupload links work here
and on the takahashi blog.
any chance you or anyone else could repost?
been looking for a site exactly like this forever!
but a year late!

thanks for all the info anyway!

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUPS (05.2008)





NOKTO DE LA GALAKSIA FERVOJO (Night on the Galactic Railroad) (Soundtrack) (1985)



11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um.. HI,
If it's not a problem would you like to upload the 'MIX FORM (2004)' once again ? 'Coz the link is dead and i'm dying of desire to listen to it. Besides if you do it using megaupload, it won't get dead for a v.loooong time.
thanks in advance! i'll be waiting for this amazing album!!!

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka!

Fantastic!!But please reupload to Rapidshare,please!!i shoud have founded out much more earlier..please!!


8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Somone please reup HOSONO BOX1969-2000,please!


12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok Hosono box coming later ,in the meantime one more:

HAROUMI HOSONO - Mix Form (2004)

2:25 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

I would love to hear the album "Mountain Ballad" by the group World Standard. Can anybody help me out?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Nick
i will try to fin it for you

updated (20.11.2008)
HARUOMI HOSONO - The Tale Of Genji(soundtrack) (1987)

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sorry! i just noticed you re-posted new links sometime ago (i asked today for you to repost them). sorry! i got them. excellent music! thanks!!

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, very complete blog, but how come some of the albums with lost links still havent be re-uploaded yet? I wanna request for posting again the re-upload links, i really wish to listen all hosono albums, thanks, hope to see reply soon.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for making me discoverd HH. Great! I love it. Is it possible to re-post GALAKSIA FERVOJO (Night on the Galactic Railroad) (Soundtrack) (1985) and NAGA (1995)
Thanks again

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Markus said...

Hi Saltyka,

You have a wonderful and informative blog here. Very impressive!

I feel silly asking for what is probably a repost of a repost, but I've been hungry to hear "Swing Slow" for a long time. It pops up on Ebay from time to time but usually sells for about $60.00! Ouch!

None of the "Swing Slow" links are working for me. In most cases the files have been deleted. I'd be very appreciative if you could upload them once again. Alternatively, feel free to e-mail me directly: berliorius[at]

Thanks again for your time and this great blog!

4:29 AM  
Blogger Mona said...

is there any chance that the Interpieces organizations album with laswell could be re upped saltyka?
Here is hoping...

4:51 PM  
Blogger Jack Celliers said...

Your blog is awesome, though it's a pity to see such wonderful material in such poor servers. In the end I'm thankful for the reupped ones and will stay tuned to catch any new reups. I personally vote (beg, throw myself in the arms of your mercy, whatever it takes) for the HOSONO BOX 1969-2000.

Not only is Hosono a great artist, he deserves to be more known in the West. Thanks for sharing culture!


9:41 PM  
Blogger Jack Celliers said...

Btw: Some interesting stuff might be found there...

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, great work. various searches over the last year have lead me to your site, probably on 3 separate occasions.

any chance of a re-up on Paradise View?

And do you have either of the first 2 Akiko Yano LPs (I think Hosono was on both of them, but certainly one)?

Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for all the music.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sorry but havent seen your comments until now. I have uploaded some stuff, enjoy! And thank for the kind comments!

Tropical Dandy (1975)

Bon Voyage (1976)

Cochin Moon (1978)

Paraiso (1978)

SFX (1984)

Coincidental Music (1985)

Mercuric Dance (1985)

Love, Peace & Trance (1995)

Good Sport (1995)


DIVINATION - Akasha (1995) with Bill Laswell

Interpieces Organizations (1996) with Bill Laswell

ok Miharu Koshi & Harry Hosono Jr. (Swing Slow) - Swing Slow (1996)

Hat (Haruomi hosono, Atom heart, Tetsu inoue) - Tokyo ¥ Frankfurt ¥ New York (1996)

HOSONO BOX 1969-2000.(4CD)





Yes im going to post an entry with Akio Yano next year some time.
Also will be here Paradise View, as soon as i find it in my collection.


4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

once more:

Interpieces Organizations (1996) with Bill Laswell

4:05 PM  
Blogger Jack Celliers said...

Saltika, thanks for remembering it!

6:41 PM  
Blogger Jack Celliers said...

Hummmmm.... Is it me or Hat has no link?

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jack, the missing links:

Hat (Haruomi hosono, Atom heart, Tetsu inoue) - Tokyo ¥ Frankfurt ¥ New York (1996)

Hat (Haruomi hosono, Atom heart, Tetsu inoue) - DSP Holiday (1998)



12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reup (11.2009)

Night on the Galactic Railroad (1985) by Haruomi Hosono:

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't know which release the music in this video is on do you? is it only on the Crown years DVD?

1:56 PM  
Blogger JIRO said...

Thanyou for this and all the stuff on your blog, I always seem to end up here when searching for music.

And thanks to the others for re-uploading the albums!

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Brad Fallon said...

How does the yellow wiggle do his magic with the magic book?

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Wonderful! Big thanks!
Any chance of Paradise View?
Thanx again.

8:50 AM  
Blogger ugly said...

Thank you!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous eb-5 visa said...

is the yellow line on the football field just the magic of television?

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Herman Miller Aeron said...

What music would be good for 4-5year old kids to listen to while they are skating?

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka ^^

I love music of YMO and Hosono, too. It's possible re-post Video Game Music file. The link is fallen. Thank you ^_^

11:37 AM  
Blogger Morosan Bogdan said...

hello Saltyka. Do i have any chance to find Newronian network - haruomi hosono? Thank you

4:26 AM  
Blogger Avery Campbell said...

Would it be possible to see some reups? I can't find a copy of the longer version of S-F-X anywhere else.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Thomas Parker said...

please please please can you re-up with different server. All links are dead, but there is so much i want to download.


3:04 AM  
Blogger Oyatree said...

it seems none of the links work anymore.
i would really love some of the albums listed above, such as GOOD SPORT, LOVE PEACE & TRANCE, SWING SLOW etc...
Can anyone share links?

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please redo the links!!! Dying to download some of these great albums!

3:47 PM  
Blogger Miles Myjavec said...

Would it be too much trouble to re-up these albums on zippyshare or media fire or something? These albums don't really exist anymore, you are pretty much the only person who has them. Everyone would be very appreciative

6:12 PM  

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