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DAVID AND HIS SPACE KEYBOARD - 20 Greatest Hits / David Y Su Teclado Espacial

Real name:
David Villagrán Ruz


Electro, Synth-pop, Experimental


01 The Space Ghost Dead
02 Tropotelus Biacum
03 Noise Song For All The People In Tunez
04 Never Let Down Of The Moon
05 Pompi Travel By The Stars
06 Space Old Jeans Falling From Sky
07 The Multihexiconclatrimetro
08 Hologram
09 The Schizophrenic Student
10 The Good Pop
11 Frankenstain Body Return To Live
12 Valzzo dil Piannollo qui Falle tu Lascalla
13 The Strage Of Arbotants
14 Om-Om 2
15 Far Away
16 David and His Space Keyboard National Anthem
17 17 - Espacialcachofa 2004
18 Vili Mongüi
19 Matrix Whirls
20 The Inminence Esferic

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Genre: Electronic
Experimental, Ambient ,Minimal


01 Alhelí
02 Dante
03 Popsefone
04 Popsefone Reversion 1.
05 Variaciones sobre el tema de los marcianitos

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Run, Oh, My song, now I send you to Love
you'll go alone to find her, in courteus way you will know to watch who
is the owner of my
Moor Love in eyes of my beautiful lady, low the face and the
whole are nothing,and finally if love gives her vision to met
hat she grants the greeting to me
that she indicates the route to me to follow
from heart
Tell, Oh, My song
dies there with you
and still the affection is not the one that speaks by me
but Love that dictates to me,
the lady I belong
Gentile and constant song
the breeze will know to take to you
and will return secretly
to this servant the favor
like aurora to the dark
that the star
will crown

The firs album of David remind me some great artists from the 70s as Peter Bauman and Klaus Schulze from Tangerine Dream,Synergy,Einzelganger album from Moroder,Y.M.O,you will like this.David told :" when i record first things i was very krautrocked, listen neu! too much, begining to know electronic in 70's, i really wanted to make a 'hallo gallo', also listen noise especially my bloody valentine, but the idea was try to make space songs, in whatever style with synth sounds (all that a casio could give you like a sinth), then for second group of songs the idea not change to much, i put not only space sounds, i tryed to make a bit different things, not really knowing what, 'the schizophrenic student' is like that things, with a cassette of english lessons for school that give me a friend from university." So its an instrumental -experimental "chilly" space album that very variable and contains not only experimental works,but some songs with different style : a synth-blues song (Space Old Jeans Falling From Sky) ,the baroque like (Valzzo dil Piannollo qui Falle tu Lascalla)My favourite song is the melodious "the good pop" .Its really very catchy! The songs in the second album are much more romantics ,loaded with beautiful nostalgic musical elements in the background and wrapped your sad ,deep emotional voice .I really like it, i felt the same when ive listened at first in my life Galaxy 500 ,The Chills or maybe the best example :Durutti Column-tomorrow.As David added : "I love Durutti Column, they were a great influence to the idea for last songs, also David Sylvian.His record 'secrets of the beehive' is surely one of my most avourite records in all time ".Popsefone reversion is a very resourceful tricky synthpop (new wave?) song with good artful changing rhythms give the different noise-voices-synths appearing in unexpected places or time .I really love it! -You should record some songs with Fortunato and Lila as they barking! :) im going to try it with my cats that will be funny :) The charming last song (Variaciones sobre el tema de los marcianitos) contains some jazz elements too ,a high emotional song and floating as the sun goes down above a campfire or a beautiful landscape.
Enjoy the fantastic music of my friend!

'Alhelí' (Wallflower)

so much, I laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
so much, laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
laugh so much, Holly God
I had to cry

that laughter to be without you
that laughs to be without you

so much, laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
so much, laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
laugh so much,
had to cry

it would want to be
wallflower,that it laughs could be in you, happy

here an eye
and there an eye
neither voice has there what to say it is not necessary to hope, nor to act nor to
I know

today I failed to sing
the thorn of the day in flower
and it deceives to me
if I could see laughing the sun


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