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Real Name:
Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher (passed away:August 25th, 1999)

Synth-pop, New Wave


The debut LP, Burning Bridges was released in the US and Canada as Naked Eyes

Bass, Drum Programming [Simmons], Drum Programming [Linn] - Tony Mansfield /Drums - Phil Towner /Engineer - Haydn Bendall, Jules Bowen /Horns - C.C. Smith / Keyboards - Rob Fisher / Producer - Tony Mansfield / Saxophone, Flute - Martin Dobson / Vocals - Pete Byrne


01 Always Something There To Remind Me (3:40)
02 Fortune And Fame (3:18)
03 When The Lights Go Out (3:00)
04 Voices In My Head (3:47)
05 Low Life (3:57)
06 Promises, Promises (4:36)
07 I Could Show You How (3:28)
08 Emotion In Motion (4:42)
09 Burning Bridges (3:30)
10 Could Be (2:47)
11 Pit Stop
12 Sweet Poison
13 A very Hard Act To Follow
14 In The Name Of Love (1982 version)
15 The Time Is Now
16 Always Something There To Remind Me (mansfield 1983 remix)
17 Promises Promises (extended dance mix)
18 Promises Promises (jellybean mix)

Link to download (!!!!new link 03.2009!!!):

Ive posted the Burning Bridges before that cames from vinyl,this new post contains more songs! check it:


Composed By, Written By - Pete Byrne , Rob Fisher
Backing Vocals - Audrey Wheeler , Cindy Mizelle , Tina B , Wendell Morrison/ Bass - John Read/ Drums - Frank Valardi (tracks: 01, 03) , Graham Broad (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 10)/ Engineer - Haydn Bendall (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 10) , Jay Burnett (tracks: 01, 03)/ Guitar - Ira Siegel (tracks: 01, 03) , Tony Mansfield (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 10) /Keyboards, Programmed By [Fairlight], Drum Programming [Linn] - Rob Fisher/Producer - Arthur Baker (tracks: 01, 03) , Tony Mansfield (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 07) /Vocals - Pete Byrne


01 (What) In The Name Of Love (4:25)
02 New Hearts (3:37)
03 Sacrifice (4:07)
04 Eyes Of A Child (3:35)
05 Once Is Enough (4:08)
06 No Flowers Please (4:00)
07 Answering Service (3:42)
08 Me I See In You (3:34)
09 Flying Solo (4:31)
10 Flag Of Convenience (4:13)

Link to download (!!!new link (03.2009)!!!:



01 Promises, Promises (Jellybean 7'' Mix) (3:41)
Featuring - Madonna
02 Always Something There To Remind Me (Tony Mansfield 12'' Mix) (5:45)
03 Promises, Promises (Tony Mansfield 12'' Mix) (6:21)
04 (What) In The Name Of Love (Arthur Baker 12'' Mix) (6:04)
05 Sacrifice (Arthur Baker 12'' Mix) (6:06)
06 Promises, Promises (Jellybean 12'' Mix) (6:56)
Featuring - Madonna
07 Pit Stop (3:33)
08 Sweet Poison (3:53)
09 Once Is Enough (4:11)
10 Answering Service (3:45)
11 (What) In The Name Of Love (Byrne / Fisher Mix) (3:29)
12 Making Waves (3:00)
13 Communication Without Sound (3:17)
14 Me I See In You (3:25)
15 Remote Control (2:24)

Link to download (!!!new link (03.2009)!!!:

"Everything and more is exactly what Naked Eyes fans have been screaming for! None of these tracks have ever been on CD before! Some of them have never been released (the Jellybean mixes from 1983 which have a sexy version of 'Promises, Promises' performed by his girlfriend at the time). Also included are 2 unreleased 12'' mixes by Arthur Baker, all 12'' dance mixes, the early UK B-sides, the early singles when they were known as Neon and lost album tracks! One Way. 2002. "

"Remixes and rare tracks make up this set. As a long time Naked Eyes fan it was great to hear some of these remixes, Arthur Baker really had a knack back then. The Jellybean stuff is less memorable, I can see why they got shelved. And Madonna's contribution is fleeting.The tracks from the pre-Naked Eyes days, Neon, are really great. they have that classic 81 sound."

"A pleasant surprise, since Naked Eyes only released two (fantastic) albums in the early 80's. I first heard One Way Records (part of EMI) were planning this release over a year ago from the official Naked Eyes site - it was a long wait, but WOW was it worth it. I've collected tons of 80's 12-inch singles, and of course had to recollect most of them when CD's came into town, so to have ALL of Naked Eyes' 12-inch remixes released on one CD was most certainly the work of God himself! The stunning reworkings of "Always Something There To Remind Me", "Promises, Promises" and "(What) In the Name Of Love" have never sounded better. The mastering of the entire disc in fact is top notch. I love the unreleased mixes as well! What a treat to hear a budding Madonna contribute spoken lines in 2 never-released versions of "Promises Promises". Those 2 mixes are surprisingly quite different from the released Tony Mansfield mixes, but very good nonetheless. "Sacrifice", I assume, was to be a single from "Fuel For The Fire" as it was remixed for 12-inch but never released. The remix is fantastic! Naked Eyes always had really cool B-Sides ("The Time Is Now" is absolutely essential - and EMI was smart to include it on the 1993 Best Of release) and "Pit Stop", "Sweet Poison" and the early demo-like version of "(What) In The Name Of Love" certainly exceeded my expectations. It's also nice to finally have the last 2 songs from "Fuel For The Fire" put to CD. So now BOTH COMPLETE Naked Eyes albums are available on CD - just scattered around on 3 different releases! The final 4 tracks are from two 7-inch singles that were relased as "Neon" - BEFORE they became Naked Eyes! Although a bit edgier, the melodies are still very much Naked Eyes! These 4 tracks are from the vinyl singles themselves, but care was obviously taken in getting the best possible transfer. The packaging is nice, with photos from a Naked Eyes video and entertaining bits about each track by Pete Byrne himself. Rob Climie (the keyboard player) sadly passed away not long ago. I think he'd be proud to know Pete took part in creating a First Class rarity collection like "Everything And More". Pete Byrne is also still very much active, having recently released a solo album - I loved his single "The World In Which We Love" - like Naked Eyes never went away! I am in absolute bliss - thank you to One Way, EMI, Pete and anyone else who took part in bringing this collection to fruition!!!"

The group consisted of childhood friends from Bath, England, Pete Byrne on vocals and Rob Fisher on keyboards. The two had formerly played in a band called Neon with future members of Tears for Fears and stayed together as a duo after the group broke up.
Their second and third singles, "Promises, Promises" and "When the Lights Go Out", were also hit singles. However, their second album, Fuel for the Fire and the single "(What) In the Name of Love", were not as well-received and the group broke up soon after its release. Byrne ended up doing session work (he is heard on Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover" and wrote and produced "I Am the Cute One" for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in 1992) while Fisher joined the group Climie Fisher.
Fisher died August 25, 1999 from complications following stomach surgery.
Byrne recently revived the group name and will soon be releasing Fumbling With The Covers, which consists of covers of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, along with the Naked Eyes hits; all of them acoustic. It will be released on the Oglio label. Byrne released a solo album, The Real Illusion in 2001, which featured some of the last tracks he wrote with Fisher for a proposed third Naked Eyes album.

photo of Tony Mansfield

some about Tony Mansfield the head of New Musik:
Mansfield then (after New Musik disbanded) turned exclusively to production, producing a number of successful albums and singles for various popular artists in the 1980s, most notably Naked Eyes, Captain Sensible, a-ha, Mari Wilson, The B-52s and After The Fire. In the 1990s he produced the album Puntos Cardinales for Spanish female artist Ana Torroja, amongst other production works.
His productions are distinctive and characteristically impart a rich and atmospheric sound to the artist's songs. He is known for his inventiveness in the studio. His "sound" is full yet spacious, with elements of electronics which are not overly crude or trendy, providing an often moody and pleasing sound which is carried over from his New Musik days. Notably, he usually plays keyboards and acoustic guitars on his productions, which, along with one or two other favourite studio "trademarks", are unmistakable to fans of his sound.

More info: for more info and pictures, covers the official site with detailed discography,lyrics etc.

next time : Tony Mansfield part 2 -New Musik

I've repalced the download link for "Fuel for the fire" ,check it please!!


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Naked Eyes is one of my favourite bands of 80s.
Lovely music, climate & ...voices.
I love this music...forever.

Thank You Salty for reminder this duo.

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Naked Eyes is one of my favourite bands of 80s.thanks!!!

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Naked Eyes 1982

Fuel For Fire

Everything And More


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