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MI - SEX -Computer Games / Space Race

New Zealand/Australia

Steve Gilpin (vocals) Murray Burns (keyboards) Kevin Stanton (guitar) Richard Hodgkinson (drums) Don Martin (bass) Paul Dunningham (drums) Ted 'The Head' Yanni (guitar) Colin Bailey (guitar)



01 Computer Games
02 Graffiti Crimes
03 Wot Do You Want
04 Not Such A Bad Boy
05 Stills
06 But You Don't Care
07 Loser
08 21-20
09 Camera Kazi
10 Inside You

Link to download: 192 kbs



01 Space Race (3:44)
02 Pages And Matches (2:30)
03 Living In September (2:41)
04 I Don't Know (2:27)
05 Slippin' Out (3:08)
06 It Only Hurts When I'm Laughing (4:14)
07 People (3:49)
08 Good Guys Always Win (Satire) (3:17)
09 Ghosts (3:42)
10 Burning Up (3:35)
11 Ice Cold Dead (4:16)

Link to download: 224 kbs

"With roots in the punk & art-rock movements New Zealand group Mi-Sex created their own brand of new wave. In 1979 the single 'Computer Games' topped the Australian charts & went on to become an international club hit. Two of the Mi-Sex's original Epic Records albums, both originally issued in 1980, are now available on one compact disc. Features 21 tracks including 'Graffiti Crimes,' 'Burning Up' & the hypnotic 'Computer Games', to name just a few of the featured new wave dance tunes. "

"Flash Back, 1979, Festival Hall, Melbourne, Mi-sex opened for Cheap Trick. Mi-sex outperformed Cheap Trick to the point of it being openly embarrassing for Zander to take the stage.
It is about time some Mi-sex cuts were gathered together and made available on CD. These are tasty cuts, too. The best the band had on offer. They were putting out music just as the whole, sick New Wave thing was starting to unfold and somehow managed to chart a course free of the glitter and mascara, and more towards the safe harbor of rock and roll. A great collection of tunes, well worth the asking price."

Mi-Sex were formed in New Zealand as a long-haired hippie pub band known as The Fragments Of Time. They moved to Australia in 1978 to try out the fledgling Sydney punk circuit, had their hair cut and played a mixture of keyboard-based originals and covers of material by artists like Bowie and Ultravox (from whence they took their name).
In April 1979, Mi-Sex signed a recording contract with CBS Records and one month later they recorded their debut album Graffiti Crimes at EMI's 301 Studios in Sydney. A first single, But You Don't Care, was released from the album to coincide with a national tour as support for Talking Heads. It reached the Australian Top 20.(Problem: the earlier material that fills the album sounds nothing like "Computer Games" and lacks both electronic catchiness and overall punch, making it a misleading disappointment for those hooked by the single.)
In October 1979, the band's second single, Computer Games, was released and after only seven weeks it was a national number one hit.
In January 1980, Mi-Sex re-entered the studio to record tracks for their second album, Space Race. The first single from the album, People, went Top 10 within six weeks of release. Shortly after, the (by now) hugely popular band embarked on a five week tour of America. While they were away they received TV Week/Countdown Rock Awards for Best New Talent, Best Australian Single (for Computer Games) and Most Popular Record, album or single (also for Computer Games).
In America they toured the west coast with Iggy Pop and The Ramones before headlining two shows at the Whiskey Club. On the east coast they played five shows in New York, then embarked on a 16 day headlining tour through Canada.
Returning to Australia they launched Space Race to mixed reaction.Mi-Sex disbanded at the end of 1984.

More info : The official site Site of Steve Gilpin



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