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some OMD




01 Stay (The Black Rose And The Universal Wheel) (4:22)
02 (Forever) Live And Die (3:37)
03 The Pacific Age (3:58)
04 The Dead Girls (4:46)
05 Shame (4:13)
06 Southern (3:39)
07 Flame Of Hope (2:40)
08 Goddess Of Love (4:29)
09 We Love You (4:08)
10 Watch Us Fall (4:11)

Link to download:

"It is truly a shame that this Album was never re-released in the US after the CD boom. It is also amazing how difficult it is to find overall as it spawned one of OMD's biggest hits: (Forever) Live & Die. There's not a bad track to be found here, and though it is still a product of the time, the music does not feel dated a decade & a half later. Not too many other snyth-pop bands of the 80's have weathered the test of time, nor have all of OMD's other releases.
The main reason why the CD stands up is the flow from song to song. The transition from upbeat (Stay) through melodic ((Forever) Live & Die & The Pacific Age), to more emotional (The Dead Girls, Shame, Southern, and Flame of Hope), and back (Goddess of Love & We Love You), and a great closing song (Watch Us Fall), few albums flow from start to end as well. "

"Beautiful songs: strong melodies and hooks of broken hearts, angst, love lost and more l'amore! The music is mature new wave- and that's a good thing!I won't comment on the songs individually, as I would be remiss to leave out any of these great tunes. Each song stands well enough on its own, but the album is best enjoyed when you listen to it in its entirity. Pacific Age started out as being my wife's, but I have become hooked on it, playing it countless times. "

"A dismaying collection of songs that range from armonic soft tunes to magnificent pop crescendos in a complex combination of electronic and classic instrumentation, this is definitely the climax of OMD works. Geniously using synths and electronic sequencing along with an amazing blend of brass instrumentation and orchestral sounds, this might very well be the outcome of what pop, new age, and techno would evolve into if they were to merge. The three opening pieces set the tune for the versatility of the disc, from the delicate and pleading notes mixed with rampaging sounds of Stay , to the beautiful and tragic Forever with its amazing bassline and seducing orchestra, to the astonishing Pacific Age, capable to move the harshest grounds with its complexitiy and sweet lyrics. The climax is reached with the monumental Dead Girls to burst into a tech uptempo fest of innovative sounds and electronic rhythms all the way to the end, where a gloomy but no less charismatic Watch Us Fall closes a trip worth listening to from the beginning. A must for every music lover and OMD fan. This is the peak that OMD fans were pursuing after the enticing Organisation and Architecture & Morality, the point that Dazzle Ships mastered technowise along with the orchestral sounds that Crush left unexplored."

SUGAR TAX (1991)


01 Sailing On The Seven Seas (3:45)
02 Pandora's Box (It's A Long, Long Way) (4:09)
03 Then You Turn Away (4:17)
04 Speed Of Light (4:29)
05 Was It Something I Said (4:28)
06 Big Town (4:18)
07 Call My Name (4:22)
08 Apollo XI (4:09)
09 Walking On Air (4:49)
10 Walk Tall (3:55)
11 Neon Lights (4:19)
12 All That Glitters (4:09)

Link to download:

"I must leave my mark and say THIS RECORD IS A MODERN POP MASTERPIECE. I love OMD but never knew this whole recording. As another reviewer put it - the consistancy is amazing. This is a F*cking Great Record - anyone from any walk of life will enjoy the music. This is timeless. Kind of freaks me out how good it is. ADD TO CART NOW FOOL!"

"Others come close and sure I can probably agree that OMD's best song probably isn't on this album. But, in terms of consistency and quality, this album is incredible. As an avid OMD music collector, I can attest that all OMD albums have fillers or other unappealing songs, but this has by far the least. This is a melodic, poetic, romantic, shake your hips, and mood making album....a must have. You will easily find several songs appealing, I guarantee it! P.S. it's about the music, not how you naively think all artists should be stuck in their 'innovative' or 'pioneering' stage. No artist or band has ever done that, so grow up yourself! "

"I have owned this album since it came out in 1991. And I just recently re-discovered it the other day after finding it the other day under a bunch of car parts. One of the GREATEST things about this album is that it does not have a bad track. As someone else here has said, these songs will take you to another world. The faster songs will literally do so at the speed of light (no pun intended). Be careful here, as this CD certainly helped to place alot of my money in the hands of the California Highway Patrol back in the day. And even the slower songs are interesting and inspiring rather than dull and boring. Now it might be nice if I could tell you something nice and wishy-washy about emotions conveyed in these songs. But as with any CD, this is a little above the head of a typical gearhead. Even a new-wave loving gearhead such as myself (Are there any others on this planet?). All I know is that this is one GREAT CD that I was glad to find once again."



01 Stand Above Me (3:33)
02 Everyday (3:57)
03 King Of Stone (4:17)
04 Dollar Girl (4:19)
05 Dream Of Me (Based On "Loves Theme") (4:13)
06 Sunday Morning (3:23)
07 Agnus Dei (3:39)
08 Love And Hate You (3:18)
09 Heaven Is (4:30)
10 Best Years Of Our Lives (4:35)
11 Christine (5:04)
12 Only Tears (4:14)

Link to download:

"There danciest album. This album is more dancey than there others. I really like the different sound on this one."

""Liberator" by OMD might sound a little bit off for early day OMD fans, but we have to agree that some songs here are a grade A pop tunes. Songs like "Christine", "Only tears" are very addictive, well anyway try and listen to this CD two or three times and you'll see how it'll grow on you."

"I've had this album ever since it was first cranked out of Andy McClusky's talented soul and onto CD, and to be quite frank, this was my favorite of theirs, and one of their best. This album is well polished, smooth, fun, exuberant, and full of different moods, great lyrics and music that will take you on a roller coaster ride of fun. I'd have to say this album is the culmination of what Andy was trying to do all through the 80's. I "ditto" what the reviewer said in the review "GREAT ALBUM!!!, June 27, 2001". I couldn't describe the individual songs and why they are my fav's any better. Nonetheless, after reading all of the bashing this album took it amazes me... WHY!!!!???? great album and that's that, I hate bashing anyone, but if bashing needs to take place, feel at liberty to bash the folks that completely misunderstood this album, and buy it and listen through the album a few times in repeat... you won't be unpleased believe me."



01 Universal
02 Walking¨On The Milky Way
03 The Moon & The Sun
04 The Black Sea
05 Very Close To Far Away
06 The Gospel Of St Jude
07 That Was Then
08 Too Late
09 The Boy From The Chemist Is Here To See You
10 If You´re Still In Love With Me
11 New Head
12 Victory Waltz

Link to download:

"1996 album for Virgin by the '80s synthpop balladeers. 12 tracks, including the singles 'Walking On The Milky Way' & 'Universal'. Founding member Andy McCluskey wrote & producedthe entire album. Anne Dudley of Art Of Noise guests. "

"OMD didn't create any devastating waves with this final voyage home. There was no buzz about the last CD from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark when it landed here in the States. No radio attention. No tears wept by the dumbed-down MTV legions. Only the quiet whirring of a handful of CD players loosely scattered around the continent; CD players owned by a few loyal OMD followers who knew this was the last link in a fading chain.
Having been moderately unmoved, yet equally devoted to the two previous OMD albums (Liberator and Sugar Tax), I was hoping for a clean diversion from the too-commonplace pop that had seeped into Andy McCluskey's work as of late. What I heard was not the early OMD experimentalization that so many OMD disciples have traditionally called for, and that was fine by me (you can't go back to the way things were). More over, what I heard on Universal was not the poppy, simple melodies with over-instrumentalization that wore thin in recent projects, either. In fact, Universal didn't match up perfectly with any previous OMD CD at all, and that was precisely what I needed to hear.
It's easy on the ears, there's no denying that. And the sound is unmistakably OMD's (former OMD founder Paul Humphries even had co-writing credits on two of the songs here: "Very Close to Faraway" and "If You're Still in Love With Me"). But the approach was so stylistically sensitive that even now, in 2004, it makes more sense than half of the filler out there. Furthermore, it's probably the most emotionally genuine album I've ever heard from OMD, including their "roots" days back in the early 80's. "That Was Then" captures McCluskey at his most reflective and sincere ever, his voice harkening back to the vulnerability of Sugar Tax's "Was It Something I Said."
This disc is, note for note, the album I would've chosen to honorably conclude the evolution that was OMD's life."

"This is a fantastic album. Andy has done it again. Although I am sad that this was the last of OMD, it is certainly an album to remember. Andy has certainly proved to us all that he can make great music without Paul and he has proved that on many albums like "Sugar Tax", "Libarator", and "Universal". I love all those albums as much as their old ones if not more. songs like Universal, Walking On The Milky Way, The Moon & The Sun, The Black Sea, Very Close To Far Away, That Was Then, The Boy From The Chemist Is Here To See You, and If You're Still In Love With Me are all fantastic songs. I am so glad to see that Andy McCluskey still has not lost his touch."

UNIVERSAL (CD5) (1996)

Live tracks recorded at Birmingham NEC December 1993 for transmission on the BBC on the 7th December 1993


01 Universal
02 Heaven Is (Live)
03 Messages (Live)
04 Universal (Album Version)

UNIVERSAL (CD5) (1996)

Limited edition release in a gate-fold digi-pack.Live tracks 2 & 3 recorded live at Birmingham NEC December 1993, for first transmission on the 7th December 1993.


01 Universal
02 King Of Stone (Live)
03 Talking Loud & Clear (Live)
04 Universal (Album Version)

Link to download:


01 Almost (remix)
02 Based On Love's Theme (interstella mix)
03 Concrete Hands (extended)
04 Dreaming (william orbit remix)
05 Electricity (martin hannett mix)
06 Everyday (invisible man mix)
07 Genetic Engineering (dj stauby's prague remix)
08 If You Leave (the shamen mix)
09 Joan Of Arc (razormaid of orleans extended mix)
10 Locomotion (razormaid mix)
11 Maid Of Orleans (chillout mix)
12 Messages (roger erickson mix)
13 Sailing On The Seven Seas (extended version)
14 Sailing On The Seven Seas (lucky star mix)
15 Sailing On The Seven Seas (rare mix)
16 She's Leaving (extended mix)
17 Souvenir (postcards from the e dmc remix)
18 Telegraph (yogis ultra long version)
19 Tesla Girls (dance mix)
20 Tesla Girls (razormaid mix)

Link to download:


01 Call My Name (rollcall mix)
02 Call My Name (taxed to the max mix)
03 Dreaming (hot tracks mix)
04 Enola Gay (dance remix)
05 If You Leave (hot tracks)
06 Messages (razormaid mix)
07 Pandora's Box (Louise Brooks mix)
08 Pandora's Box (Roger Erickson mix)
09 Pandora's Box (tastyboys dance mix)
10 Secret (remix)
11 Sugar Tax ( Roger Erickson mix)
12 Tesla Girls (extra mix)
13 The Boy From The Chemist Is Here (Roger Erickson mix)

Link to download:


01 2nd Throught Reconsidered (mike pitt mix)
02 Almost (ex minister mix)
03 Architecture & Morality (bosse mix)
04 Dollar girl (roger erickson 2002 mix)
05 Georgia (roger kimbers 10" mix)
06 Julia's Song (koen kroeze mmc12 remix)
07 Locomotion (roger erickson mix)
08 Maid Of Orleans (razormaid mix)
09 Motion & Heart (roger kimbers amazon instr. mix)
10 Romance Of The Telescope (roger kimbers 12" mix)
11 Shame (roger erickson mix)
12 So In Love (yogi's heavy mix 2000)
13 Souvenir (postcards from the edge dmc mix)
14 Talking Loud And Clear (yogi mix 2000)
15 Telegraph (yogi's ultra long version)
16 Walk Tall (roger erickson 200 mix)

Link to download:


01 Talking Loud And Clear (ext)
02 Pandoras Box ( constant pressure mix)
03 If You Leave (ext)
04 Sailing On The 7 Seas (ext)
05 Messages (razormaid mix)
06 Shame (ext)
07 Forever Live And Die (ext)
08 Locomotion (razormaid mix)
09 Mega Mixed Manoeuvres

Link to download:


01 Dreaming (club mix)
02 So In Love (special american dance mix)
03 Every Day (invisible man mix)
04 Never Turn Away (ext)
05 Call My Name (ext. mix)
06 Julia's Song (mystery mix)
07 Secret (new 12" mix)
08 Telegraph (12" mix)
09 Tesla Girl (razormaid mix)

Link to download:


01 Forever Live And Die (potoker mix)
02 Dream Of Me (interstellar mix)
03 Then You Turn Away (infinite repeat)
04 If You Leave (hot tracks mix)
05 Dreaming (ext)
06 Pandora's Box (diesel jingers mix)
07 Souvenir (DMC mix)
08 Sailing On The 7 Seas (mix)
09 Tesla Girls (special mix)
10 Mixed Manoeuvres

Link to download:


01 Souvenir (ext)
02 Electricity (dindisc sampler version)
03 Apollo XI (mix)
04 Concrete Hands (7 mix)
05 Julia's Song (street to street mix)
06 Dreaming (william orbit mix)
07 Meant To Be (listening pool mix)
08 We Love (dub)
09 Walk Away
10 Apollo XI (master mix)
11 Pandora's Box ( prize of beauty mix)
12 One Mad Day pt1. (euromixx)

Link to download:

NAVIGATION - The OMD B-Sides (2001)


01 Almost (Alternate Version) (3:45)
02 I Betray My Friends (3:52)
03 Waiting For The Man (2:57)
04 Annex (4:30)
05 Sacred Heart (3:27)
06 The Romance Of The Telescope (3:18)
07 Navigation (3:28)
08 4-Neu (3:32)
09 66 & Fading (Edit) (2:25)
10 Her Body In My Soul (4:42)
11 The Avenue (4:12)
12 Garden City (4:06)
13 Concrete Hands (3:48)
14 Firegun (4:37)
15 This Town (3:46)
16 Gravity Never Failed (3:23)
17 Burning (4:16)
18 Sugar Tax (4:04)
19 (The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe (4:51)

Link to download:

B-sides compilation for the 80's new wave icon's includes a couple of real rarities including the original & unreleased version of 'Almost' & the original vinyl version mix of 'Romance Of The Telescope', not the one that appears on the 'Dazzle Ships' album, along with 17 more tracks including, 'I Betray My Friends', 'Waiting For The Man', 'Annex', 'Sacred Heart', 'Navigation', '4-Neu', '66 & Fading (Edit)', 'Her Body In My Soul', 'The Avenue', 'Garden City', 'Concrete Hands', 'Firegun', 'This Town', 'Gravity Never Failed', 'Burning', 'Sugar Tax' & '(The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe'. 2001 release.

"The liner notes state that this compilation was due, in part, to fans requesting a b-sides compilation and choosing what b-sides were to be selected. Excellent move! Now, if only more bands and record companies would cater to the buying public! OMD have always been on of my favorite new wave/electronic bands that should have amounted to much more than they have. Few synth bands were as original, creative and yet catchy as OMD were. This b-sides compilation showcases the band's strengths--experimentation, great melodies and beautiful synth sounds. It also shows some of their weaknesses like creating lifeless and mundane tracks such as "(The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe)" and "Sugar Tax". But these are few. Mostly, "Navigation" is littered with great thrown away tracks like "Almost", a cover of the Velvet Underground's "Waiting For The Man", "Annex", "Sacred Heart", "Her Body In My Soul", "Garden City", "This Town" and "Burning". The only comparison I can think of to "Navigation" is the Pet Shop Boys' two disc b-side compilation "Alternative". Perhaps "Navigation" could have been two discs, and a complete collection of b-sides? All of these things aside, I wish music would go back to what is on this disc. The good old days. For OMD fans, this is a nice bookend."

"The B-Sides covers their entire career but I think it gives an especially good representation of early OMD. Absolutely stunning music on this collection for fans of the period techno. It went straight into my listening rotation as soon as I got it two months ago and has been there ever since."



01 Messages
02 Tesla Girls
03 Love And Violence
04 Julia's Song
05 White Trash
06 She's Leaving
07 Joan Of Arc
08 Joan of Arc (maid of orleans)
09 Talking Loud And Clear
10 Hard Day
11 Souvenir
12 Telegraph
13 Radio Waves
14 Enola Gay
15 Locomotion

Link to download:



01 So In Love - Majestic (2)
02 Bunker Soldiers - Mahogany (2)
03 Souvenir - Brittle Stars
04 Telegraph - Autumn Teen Sound
05 Secret - Watling, Laura
06 She's Leaving - Saturday People's Front
07 Almost - Acid House Kings
08 Joan Of Arc - Simpatico
09 Second Thought - Object Oriented
10 Messages - Inbounds
11 Statues - Ideal Husbands
12 Electricity - Le Coupe
13 If You Leave - Free Loan Investments
14 Tesla Girls - Formerly Known As Oedipusaurus Rex
15 All Wrapped Up - Babies (2)
16 Forever Live And Die - Garlands
17 Promise - Sushi (2)
18 So In Love - Bart & Friends

Link to download:

"Well, as the man who bought the 'Messages' tribute album and was completely blown away by it, this was something totally different. How refreshing to hear these different takes on some classic synthpop tunes, as almost the entirity of this CD is done in a completely unique stlye to that of the formerly mentoned tribute. This is a release for die-hard fans of OMD only; well, apart from fans of indie pop, I guess. I found the journey through this album slightly disconcerting to begin with, un-used as I am to hearing OMD songs played in this way; but by the end of the listen I was captivated - if nothing else, this CD merely serves as a reminder of exactly how good Andy and Paul were at writing songs which just will not leave you alone !!! If yu love the songs of OMD and want to hear them reworked rather than just rehashed, by this now !!!"



01 Messages - Ganymede
02 Hold You - Color Theory
03 Bloc Bloc Bloc - Cosmicity
04 Secret - Intact Instinct
05 Souvenir - Electrosquad
06 We Love You - Dark Distant Spaces
07 Beginning and the End - House of Wires
08 Enola Gay
09 Joan of Arc
10 Dream of Me - Virgins
11 Electricity - Liquid Fiction
12 Radio Waves
13 Tesla Girls - Macondo
14 If You Leave
15 Messages - White Town
16 Secret - Carol Masters

Link to download:

"Well, on first listen I can guarantee that this album will recieve a mixed reaction; you will either love it or hate it! That said though, as a die-hard OMD fan of over 20 years, I was particularly pleased to hear the results of this collection - there are some truly excellent new versions of classics includine We Love You, Electricity, Secret and Messages. Not to sure about the version of Enola Gay, but an interesting take on it none the less ! Oh and special mention for White Town's excellent version of Messages. If it's synth pop you're after, this is the CD for you !"


Architecture & Morality 1981

Dazzle Ships 1983

Crash 1985


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Rho says hello, well i downloaded the OMD's 3 lost mixes archives, i wasn't too impressed by some of the mixes, didnt do OMD credit, some very inconsistant normalising aswell, but hey its free, nevertheless i decided to do some quick weeding and create a ready to burn 80 min. disklength compilation . 3,2,1, ignition. For my pleasure and yours if you're interested.

01 OMD - Almost (Remix 0
02 OMD - Based On Love's Theme (Interstella Mix)
03 OMD - Electricity (Martin Hannett Mix)
04 OMD - Everyday (Invisible Man Mix)
05 OMD - Genetic Engineering (DJ Stauby's Prague Remix)
06 OMD - She's Leaving (Extended Mix)
07 OMD - Enola Gay (Dance Remix)
08 OMD - Julia's song [MMC 12' remix)
09 OMD - Messages (Razormaid Mix)
10 OMD - Georgia (Roger Kimber's 10'')
11 OMD - So in love (Yogi's Heavy Mix 2000)
12 OMD - Souvenir (Postcards From The E Dmc Remix)
13 OMD - Talking loud and clear (Yogi Mix 2000)
14 OMD - Joan Of Arc (Razormaid Of Orleans Extended Mix)
15 OMD - Was It Something I Said (Roger Erickson Mix)

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If someone likes it, only to complete the discography:

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01 Talking Loud And Clear (Ext)
02 Pandoras Box (constant pressure mix)
03 If You Leave (ext)
04 Sailing On The 7 Seas (Ext)
05 Messages (razormaid mix)
06 Shame (ext)
07 (Forever) Live And Die (Ext)
08 Locomotion (razormaid mix)
09 Mega Mixed Manoeuvres


01 Dreaming (club mix)
02 So In Love (special american dance mix)
03 Every Day (invisible man mix)
04 Never Turn Away (Ext)
05 Call My Name (Ext. mix)
06 Julia's Song (mystery mix)
07 Secret (new 12" mix)
08 Telegraph (12" mix)
09 Tesla Girl (razormaid mix)


01 (Forever) Live And Die (potoker mix)
02 Dream Of Me (interstellar mix)
03 Then You Turn Away (infinite repeat)
04 If You Leave (hot tracks mix)
05 Dreaming (ext)
06 Pandora's Box (diesel jingers mix)
07 Souvenir (DMC mix)
08 Sailing On The 7 Seas (mix)
09 Tesla Girls (special mix)
10 Mixed Manoeuvres


01 Souvenir (Ext)
02 Electricity (dindisc sampler version)
03 Apollo XI (mix)
04 Concrete Hands (7 mix)
05 Julia's Song (street to street mix)
06 Dreaming (william orbit mix)
07 Meant To Be (listening pool mix)
08 We Love (dub)
09 Walk Away
10 Apollo XI (master mix)
11 Pandora's Box (prize of beauty mix)
12 One Mad Day pt1. (Euromixx)


01 Sailing On The 7 Seas (Lucky Star Mix)
02 Secret (Extended Mix)
03 Telegraph (UK Extended Mix)
04 Enola Gay (Sash Extended Mix)
05 Apollo XI (Hardcore Mix)
06 Genetic Engineering (Extended Mix)
07 Call My Name (Roll Call Mix)
08 Dreaming (Radio Edit)
09 Best Years Of Our Lives (Primetime Edit)
10 Dream Of Me (Extended Mix)
11 Souvenir (Moby Vocal Remix)
12 Pandora's Box (Steve Anderson 12 Mix)

8:37 PM  
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The Lost Mixes vol 1.

01 Almost (Remix)
02 Based On Love's Theme (Interstella Mix)
03 Concrete Hands (Extended)
04 Dreaming (William Orbit Remix)
05 Electricity (Martin Hannett Mix)
06 Everyday (Invisible Man Mix)
07 Genetic Engineering (DJ Stauby's Prague Remix)
08 If You Leave (The Shamen Mix)
09 Joan Of Arc (Razormaid Of Orleans Extended Mix)
10 Locomotion (Razormaid Mix)
11 Maid Of Orleans (Chillout Mix)
12 Messages (Roger Erickson Mix)
13 Sailing On The Seven Seas (Extended Version)
14 Sailing On The Seven Seas (Lucky Star Mix)
15 Sailing On The Seven Seas (Rare Mix) Rare Floating Mix
16 She's Leaving (Roger Kimber Extended Mix)
17 Souvenir (Postcards From The Edge DMC Remix)
18 Tesla Girls (Dance Mix)
19 Tesla Girls (Razormaid Mix)

The Lost Mixes vol 2.

01 Call My Name (Rollcall Mix)
02 Call My Name (Taxed To The Max Mix)
03 Dreaming (Hot Tracks Mix)
04 Enola Gay (Dance Remix)
05 If You Leave (Hot Tracks Mix)
06 Messages (Razormaid Mix)
07 Pandora's Box (Louise Brooks Mix)
08 Pandora's Box (Roger Erickson Mix)
09 Pandora's Box (Tasty Boys Dance Mix)
10 Secret (Remix)
11 Sugar Tax (Roger Erickson Mix)
12 Tesla Girls (Extra Mix)
13 The Boy From The Chemist Is Here (Roger Erickson Mix)
14 Was It Something I Said (Roger Erickson Mix)

The Lost Mixes vol 3.

01 2nd Throught Reconsidered (Mike Pitt Mix)
02 Almost (Ex Minister Mix)
03 Architecture & Morality (Bosse Mix)
04 Dollar Girl (Roger Erickson 2002 Mix)
05 Georgia (Roger Kimber's 10" Mix)
06 Julia's Song (Koen Kroeze MMC12 Remix)
07 Locomotion (Roger Erickson Mix)
08 Maid Of Orleans (Razormaid Mix)
09 Motion & Heart (Roger Kimber's Amazon Instr. Mix)
10 Romance Of The Telescope (Roger Kimber's 12" Mix)
11 Shame (Roger Erickson Mix)
12 So In Love (Yogi's Heavy Mix 2000)
13 Souvenir (Postcards From The Edge DMC Mix)
14 Talking Loud And Clear (Yogi Mix 2000)
15 Telegraph (Yogi's Ultra Long Version)
16 Walk Tall (Roger Erickson 2002 Mix)

The Lost Mixes vol 4.

01 Electricity Girly (Corky Mix)
02 Genetic Engineering (Roger Erickson ReMix)
03 Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans) (Deejay Noise)
04 Julia's Song (New Brass Version)
05 Maid Of Orleans (Roger Kimber A Different Roger! Remix)(Extended Mix)
06 Maid Of Orleans and Joan Of Arc AMMedley Mixed Demos
07 Messages (Factory Demo)
08 Navigation (Pazza's Acoustica Mix)
09 New Head (Pazza's Echo Mix)
10 She's Leaving (Exploited Mix by Bosse)
11 She's Leaving (Remix Roger Kimber-Extended Mix)
12 Souvenir (Mat McKenzie Hypnoticas Obsession Mix)
13 Telegraph (Demo)
14 The Beginning And The End (Matt Mix)
15 The Boy From The Chemist (Roger Erickson Mix)
16 Was It Something I Said (You guessed it...Roger Erickson!-Roger Erickson Mix)

The Lost Mixes vol 5.

01 Genetic Engineering (Erickson)
02 If You Leave (Discotech)
03 International (Pazza's Mellotron Mix)
04 Locomotion (Razormaid Mix)
05 Messages (Razormaid Mix)
06 Messages (Roger Erickson Mix)
07 Pandora's Box (Erickson Mix)
08 Pandora's Box (Remix)
09 Sacred Heart (Pazza's Requiem Mix)
10 She's Leaving (Exploited Dub)
11 She's Leaving (Pazza's Waldorf Mix)
12 Tesla Girls (Razormaid Mix)
13 The Avenue (Pazza's Raven Mix)

The Lost Mixes vol 6.

01 Almost (Ghost Machine)
02 Almost (Invisible College)
03 Architecture & Morality (Dance Mix In Vertical Take-Off)
04 Dreaming (Club Mix)
05 Enola Gay (Vibi)
06 Genetic Engineering (DJ Stauby Remix)
07 Maid Of Orleans (Extended Video Remix)
08 Mixed Up
09 Pandora's Box (MiStErDi RMX)
10 So In Love (US Dance Mix)
11 Souvenir (Mixed By Brothers In Rythm)
12 Speed Of Light (Roger Erickson ReMix)
13 Sugar Tax (Roger Erickson Mix)
14 Telegraph (Extended Mix)
15 The More I See You (Pazza's Chris Montez Mix)
16 The New Dark Age (Pazza's Submerged Mix)

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If You have more omd bootlegs, or the rest of the B-Side's or unreleased songs, please share with us!!!

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Anonymous Juan From Argentina said...

Hi ! I regret not having visited before your blog. I try to download The Lost Mixes but the links are dead. Please could repost ? Thanks !

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Yes...please repost OMD lost mixes & tribute stuff..TY

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nice the new track list its better!!!!!!!!

more unreleased tracks

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