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IPPU DO part 1

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop

Masami Tsuchiya: vocal, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, synthesizer, sitar, karimba, marimba, koto, percussion, chorus
Akira Mitake: synthesizer, sequencer, vocoder, AC.Pf, Hammond organ, violin, chorus
Shoji Fujii: drums, percussion, chorus

"Mysterious Night"

NORMAL (1980)

MASAMI TSUCHIYA-vocal,chorus,guitars,synthesizer,sequencer,vocoder,electric rhythm etc
AKIRA MITAKE-keyboards,synthesizer,vocoder,violin,marimba,vibraphone,chorus
SHOJI FUJII-drums,electric rhythm,chorus HIROFUMI AKAO-bass,chorus


01 Adventure
02 ? (japanese title)
03 ? (japanese title)
04 TV Scene
05 ? (japanese title)
06 Panic In The City
07 I Love You
08 ? (japanese title) Part II0
9 ? (japanese title)
10 Escape
11 ? (japanese title)
12 Morning Fantasy
13 ? (japanese title)
14 Dis-Communication
15 Adventure 1980.2.9
16 ? (japanese title) 1980.2.9
17 Panic In The City 1980.2.9

Link to download:

"Pop rock. Often compared to YMO, but I don't know why. First album. They use synthesizers, but nowhere near the extent as YMO. Masami Tsuchiya's later solo album, Rice Music is very electronic. They are an important new wave band but I never really took to them. "

REAL (1980)

MASAMI TSUCHIYA-vocal,chorus,guitar,percussion,manual effect
AKIRA MITAKE-keyboard,synthesizer,violin,marimba
SHOJI FUJII-drums,percussion


01 German Raod
02 Broken Dummies
03 Lonely Pilot
04 In Side/Out side
05 Out Side - In Side
06 Heidelburg Symphony
07 Funk #9 A Present For Disco People
08 Neu! Changing The History
09 Helpless Soldier
10 Lunatic Guitar

Link to download:


Sandii, Makoto Kubota, Pecker. A more electronic than Normal. Different (photo) cover in the U.K. No CD was ever released AFAIK.


01 Radio Cosmos (2:15)
02 Time Of The Season (4:14)
03 Radio Fantasy (2:44)
04 Yomotolo-Waiya (1:43)
05 China Step (2:41)
06 Radio Japan (2:45)
07 Imitation Cha Cha (2:59)
08 Morning Menu (1:47)
09 Magic Vox (4:46)
10 Mission Impossible Theme (2:24)
11 Dubling Radio (0:56)
12 Listen To Me (4:23)
13 I Need You (3:59)
14 Listen To Me English Version
15 Chinese Reggae English Version

Link to download:

""Radio Fantasy" was also released on Epic in the U.K., but there are some differences vs. the Japanese version (also released in several other countries). The Japanese cover art is illustration, but the U.K. used the picture of the three members which was used for the back side while using the illustration for the back side. The U.K. version eliminated "Imitation Chacha" in A-side, and contained the English version of "Chinese Reggae" which was originally in the album "Normal". English lyrics were done by Peter Barakan. I recall that Robin Scott highly evaluated it somewhere. "

LUNATIC MENU - Best Of (1982)


01 Morning Menu (1:47)
02 Sumire, September Love (3:48)
03 Mysterious Night (4:16)
04 I Love You (4:05)
05 Electric Doll (4:56)
06 German Road (6:02)
07 Radio Cosmos (2:15)
08 Time Of The Season (4:14)
09 Moonlight Love Call (3:13)
10 Radio Fantasy (2:44)
11 Lunatic Guitar (2:21)

Link to download:

"The 11-track compilation Lunatic Menu was released (in Japan and the U.K.) in 1982. Encapsulating Ippu-Do's first three Japanese albums — only one of which, 1981's Radio Fantasy, had been released outside of their native country — the set is a fine introduction to the Tokyo-based trio's rich and complex brand of synth pop. (Tracks from the first two albums, Normal and Real, both from 1980, are remixed and, in some cases, re-recorded.) Opening with the piano instrumental "Morning Menu," the disc quickly takes on an electronic sheen with the hit single "Sumire, September Love," which blends synths, electric violin, rubbery bass, and both acoustic and electronic percussion in a way that recalls a bouncier version of the U.K. group Japan. (Ippu-Do leader Masami Tsuchiya became a temporary member of Japan around this time, playing guitar on their live album Oil on Canvas.) Songs flirt with reggae rhythms, toss the occasional English phrase in with the predominately Japanese lyrics, and at times sound like everyone from Thomas Dolby to XTC to Laurie Anderson to Ippu-Do's compatriots the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Critics at the time mostly only heard the Yellow Magic Orchestra comparisons, unfairly lumping the two groups together mostly by virtue of their shared homeland. Ippu-Do are far poppier and more Western-oriented than YMO, however, as evidenced by the almost bubblegummy "I Love You" (the soaring chorus of which, perhaps intentionally, sounds uncannily like Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him" crossed with the Ronettes' "Be My Baby") and a weirdly Bowie-like (circa Lodger) cover of the Zombies' "Time of the Season." The only one of Ippu-Do's original albums to be reissued on CD, Lunatic Menu is a gem of early-'80s Japanese pop"


Masami TSUCHIYA - vocal, guitar, emulator
Akira MITAKE - keyboards, synth, emulator with
Steve JANSEN - Voice, Drums
Richard BARBIERI - Synthesizer solo & synth on "Moon Mirage"
Percy JONES - Bass
Kiyohiko SEMBA - Percussions
Yann TOMITA - Steel drums (!)
Joe STRINGS - Strings

Tracklist :

01 Plants Music
02 African Nights
03 Rain In My Heart
04 Water Flower
05 Lonely Sea Lion
06 Sorrow
07 Dream Of The Gypsies
08 "Sail On"
09 Moon Mirage
10 Crystal Leaves
11 Alone
12 Things To Worry About
13 Fear For The Future
14 In Time-Out Of Time
15 Nightgulls
16 Never Mind

Link to download:


Recorded live at the Nakano Sun Plaza, June 6, 1983

Masami Tsuchiya: vocal, guitar, synthesizer, pianica, producer
Akira Mitake: piano, synthesizer, violin, chorus
Percy Jones: fretless bass
Steve Jansen: drums
Richard Barbieri: synthesizer
David Van Tieghem: opening act


01 Kaimuku Listen To Me
02 Time Of The Season
03 Magic Vox 1
04 Magic Vox 2
05 Secret Party
06 Violation 1
07 Violation 2
08 African Nights
09 Rice Music
10 Sumire September Love
11 Night In The Park

Link to download:

A Japanese techno-pop trio of the early '80s led by singer/songwriter Masami Tsuchiya, Ippu-Do was the missing link between Japan's Yellow Magic Orchestra and England's Japan -- neither as purely electronic as the former nor as prettily atmospheric as the latter. (YMO's Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborated with Tsuchiya on his 1982 solo album Rice Music, and Tsuchiya played guitar with Japan on the Asian tour documented on the live album Oil on Canvas.)
Ippu-Do debuted in 1980 with the new wave-influenced Normal, on which the trio (Tsuchiya on vocals and guitar, Akira Mitake on keyboards, and Shoji Fujii on drums) sound a little like a Nipponese version of New Musik or Split Enz. The trio quickly followed this with Real, which was more of the same, but 1981's Radio Fantasy (the trio's first release outside of Japan) was almost completely electronic. The group went on hiatus after that release, with Tsuchiya beginning his solo career and his temporary membership in Japan. A best-of disc, Lunatic Menu, was released in 1982 in Japan and the U.K.
When Ippu-Do reappeared in late 1983, they were reduced to a duo of Tsuchiya and Mitake. Supported by drummer Steve Jansen and keyboardist Richard Barbieri of Japan and American bassist Percy Jones, the duo recorded the danceable Night Mirage, a supple blend of Japan's crystalline sound with some surprising R&B and funk rhythms. A two-disc live set with this lineup, Live and Zen, came out in 1984, but Tuschiya returned to his solo career at that point, bidding farewell to Ippu-Do with a well-chosen compilation in 1985. An expanded compilation, The Very Best of Ippu-Do, came out in 1998. ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide


Blogger Brunomilan said...

excuse me, can you re-upload AU PAIRS "SENSE & SENSUALITY (1982)"?

you have a great blog,


8:03 AM  
Blogger Koop said...

Hi Saltyka
just to let you know your extensive Gino Soccio post payed off: I namedropped you again on my blog. Check it out!

Oh yeah, and maybe a long shot, but I'm looking for that one Three Degrees record that was produced by Giorgio Moroder. The one with the fantastic song "The Runner" on it. You wouldn't happen to have it?

Anyway, thx and keep up the good work!

2:11 AM  
Anonymous robert poland said...

Hi, Salty.

I remember, you looking polish band Ziyo.
Is here:



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Saltyka,

Have just recently found your blog and have found a few real goodies in here. I was wondering as I'm a Mick Karn fan if you might have the following that you'd be willing to share?

The D.E.P. - Chikyu Teki Byouki

No-Man - Hit the North (Session recording 7/10/92

Thank You and keep up the good work!

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Salty,

Thanks for trying to locate the Karn stuff for me. I appreciate it and will keep an eye peeled. :-)

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ippu-Do stuff!

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Saltyka,

lemme have another say about this: you told us that the Radio Fantasy has some difference in versions (UK/Japanese).
Well, I have to tell you: the REAL Album has TOO!!!
"REAL" misses the great track "Mysterious Night" (A5) which is on the Japanese version only. 1980, Epic Records Japan 27-3H-25.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Percy Jones, Ex-Brand X is a New York based fretless bassist who was born in Wales and I believe brought up in Llandrindod Wells. He also played with the Liverpool Scene and Tunnels among others

12:58 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

I was half-joking in another comment written a few hours ago that Saltyka has actually posted every track ever released on vinyl and thats why no matter what I am looking for half the time I keep coming back it just gets spookier:
I was trying to track down albums by the "Disco Rock Machine" (a seventies Hot RS alias) when I read on Discogs one of the members did a cover of the Zombies classic "Time of the Season" which gets me to wondering who else has covered what is one of my all time favourite tracks so I do a search and find a band called "Ippu Du" did a synth version in 1981. I don't hold out much hope of finding this obscurity but I do a google blogspot search anyway and lo and behold Saltyka & friends don't just have the track they have the entire discography!

Synchronicities are all around us...

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog - I just wanted to share title information of "Normal" with you if it helps.

02 Break Out Generation (Kyo Iku Sedai in Japanese)
03 is the same as Lunatic Menu Track #9 (Buraun Kan No Koku Haku in Japanese)
04 TV Scene
05 Electric Doll - again same as Lunatic Menu (Denki Ningyo in Japanese)
08 Adolescence Part II (Shishunki Part 2 in Japanese)
09 Chinese Reggae
11 Do Not Worry (Shinpai Shinai De in Japanese)
13 More Real (Motto Real Ni in Japanese)
16 Break Out Generation (Live at Shinjuku LOFT in February 9, 1980)

9:01 AM  
Anonymous muebles madrid said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no skepticism.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a tape of Radio Fantasy recorded from LP in 1985 in Germany. It just took me 27(!) years to find out the name of the band... Many-many thanks for the great blog!!!! Greetings from Hungary.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey great blog, was just wondering if there's any chance of the albums being re-uploaded?
I would love to listen to these albums!


9:12 AM  
Anonymous Alabaze said...

Saltyka-please re-upload these!

THANK YOU (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

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