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MICK JACKSON - Mick Jackson (1979)

Electronic,Funk / Soul

Backing Vocals - Patricia Shockley , Victoria Miles
Bass - Günther Gebauer
Drums, Percussion - Keith Forsey
Engineer - Mal Luker
Guitar - Mats Björklund
Harmonica - Toots Thielemans (tracks: 02, 06)
Horns - Munich All Star American Horns (tracks: 01, 07)
Keyboards - Geoff Bastow , Max Greger Jr. , Sylvester Levay
Keyboards, Backing Vocals - Patrick Gammon
Percussion [Additional] - Curt Cress
Producer - Sylvester Levay (tracks: 01 to 03, 04 to 06)
Saxophone - Benny Gebauer (tracks: 02, 03, 04 to 06) , Giuseppe Solera (tracks: 02, 03, 04 to 06)
Strings - Fritz Sonnleitner , Munich Strings, The
Synthesizer - Kristian Schultze
Trombone - Hermann Breuer (tracks: 02, 03, 04 to 06)
Trumpet - Gabor Cristof (tracks: 02, 03, 01 to 08)
Vocals - Mick Jackson
Producer - Mal Luker , Mick Jackson (track 07)


01 54th Street
02 You're A Dream
03 Passport To Paradise
04 Weekend
05 Blame It On The Boogie
06 Sammy
07 Milwaukee Walking
08 Married Man

Link to download:

"BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE" The Battle of the Boogie:
In 1978 Peter Kirsten (global Records) took Mick’s original version of ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ to the Midem Music Festival in Cannes where it was snapped up by ‘The Jackson’s’ management. 'Blame it on the Boogie' catapulted them to the top of the charts world wide but they also had to contend with Mick Jackson’s own version and so the newspapers and radio stations labelled the competition ‘The Battle of the Boogie’. The novelty of having two artists in the charts with the SAME name AND the same song was just too good an opportunity to miss for the media - this was even entered into the Guinness Book Of Records. Much fun was had by all though - cars arriving at the wrong hotels, bookings confused etc....Platinum Award status.

"WEEKEND" The Classic Disco/Club hit reached Platinum Award status in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

"Both hits were included in Mick self titled album, Mick Jackson, from 1979 along with other notable songs like "54th Street", which is about a club in Manhattan, USA where they are dancing in a Studio on 54th Street (Studio 54 was a legendary New York City disco located at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan. It opened on April 26, 1977 and closed in March 1986.)... Yep, Mick is singing about Studio 54. In the soft "Sammy" he sings about his newborn son - Sam, while "You're a dream" has got this Stevie Wonder inspired harmonica melody. Both "Milwaukee walking" and "Passport to Paradise" are something in between 'Weekend' and 'Blame it...' and the album ends with "Married men" as featured in the film the World is full of married men."

Some about the musicians:

Sylvester Levay from Silver Convention not only a musician/song and soundtrack writer but a famous producer too : Sister Sledge and Maria Vidal.(

Curt Cress from Passport is a well known jazz drummer,percussionist and producer who played on many Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz, Rock and synth pop records

Giuseppe Solera is also very famous played on many records from disco to jazz

The saxophonist Benny Gebauer appeared on albums of La Bionda,Amada Lear,Donn Summer,Xynn,Boney M.and Falco

The synthesizator guru Kristian Schultze from Cusco released some good albums in electronic,abstract,experimental style in the 80's and also played as session musician in lot of albums as Passport,Dee D. Jackson,Amanda Lear,Ronnie Jones and in other synth pop albums

The trombone player Herman Breuer most known from the albums of Donna Summer and Amanda Lear

Guitarist Mats Björklund well known from Giorgo Moroder's The Munich Machine (as Geoff Bastow and Keith Forsey)

The legendary Toots Thielemans, who is maybe the most famous jazz harmonica player.

Geoff Bastow,Curt Cress played also on the Patto Lp ,and Mal Luker produced one song here is the producer of Patto album too.
And Patrick Gammon from Patto also contributed on this album.(check the entry with Patto!

[This musicians all belong to the so-called "Munich Sound" (the empire of Giorgo Moroder!).The Munich Sound was a part of the Euro disco following the american disco trend and began in the middle of the 70's in Münich/Germany and Mailand (Milano)/Italy (later joined Ibiza,Paris (with my much-loved Cerrone) and Amsterdam).Munich Sound is dominated by violins and always repeated refrains as you can listen it for example in "Love To Love Me Baby" by Donna Summer (1975),and it had worlwide success (Silver Convention,Donna Summer etc.).]

Michael George Jackson was born in Yorkshire, England on November 2, 1947.(Two sources add two different places and datas,i dont know which ine is right???)Mick started his career in 1968 in the band 'JACKO' and left the group in 1977 to pursue a solo career.He is best known for writing the disco track BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE. It is estimated to have sold in excess of 120 million copies worldwide since it's release in 1978.

"Disco was massive and with this influence and with Stevie's soulful voice in mind they came up with a simple but effective track called ' Blame it on the Boogie'. Mick's record company knew they were onto something special and so took it to the Midem Music Festival, Cannes. Listening in the audience was a member of 'The Jacksons' entourage who was scouting for some new sounds for the group who had not had a hit for nearly 2 years - he reported back to the USA with a story about a groovy disco track by an English guy called ( can you believe it! ) MICHAEL JACKSON. The Jackson's quickly produced a version for release and the rush was on to try and get it on the shelves ... the master copy of Micks version even went missing for several days at the printing plant strangly enough before turning up again ...Both tracks were on sale within days of each other and the ' Battle Of The Boogie' then commenced. Two artists - the same track - the same name AND in the charts at the same time - the newspapers loved the story and it made good reading for the public who watched with amusement as the songs worked their way up the charts."

Then followed several solo albums but Micks real passion lay in music writing and producing and as he spent more and more time in the studio he realised this was where he felt most comfortable.Mick has worked with many artists such as David Knopfler, Eric Burdon, Lisa Stansfield, and Barry Manilow. He is currently finiishing an album of disco/dance tracks and is working with an up and coming artist Dan Rowe / No Silence as well as with Alcazar (you know they have the big succes "Crying At The Discoteque",this 80s disco revival song)


Mick Jackson (1979)
Step Inside My Rainbow (1980)
Square Deal (1983)

More info: Jackson's farm in Germany


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There is a documentary about Mick Jackson on Channel 4 in the UK on Friday 26th February 2010 at 7.30 called 'The Other Michael Jackson'. Here's a link to it...

Also - this album is now available on itunes for the first time...

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