Friday, May 19, 2006

COLONY 5 - Fixed (2005)

18 Apr 2005
EBM, Synth-pop


01 Fix (3:39)
02 20th Century Plague (3:24)
03 Big Brothel (3:51)
04 Fusion (3:25)
05 A New World Arise (3:41)
06 Plastic World (3:57)
07 I Know (4:25)
08 Like Leaves (3:36)
09 Misery (4:28)
10 Fallen Star (4:00)
11 Symphony Of Hope (4:25)
12 Psycho Blonde (4:05)
13 Phosphor (3:48)

Link to download:

"Colony 5 has now been a duo for over a year and now it's time for the first real release. The first single "Plastic World" was unleashed in Feb/March, it is taken from the album FIXED which is to be released April, 2005 worldwide. It is a more diverse album than before still within the regulated formula we've worked with since the very beginning of Colony 5. It's dancefloor friendly, melodic and emotional. "

"The brand new eagerly expected third regular album from Synthpop/Electro superstars COLONY 5! Including several of their soon-to-be dancefloor hits, "Fixed" delivers the solid C5 infectious sound of uptempo dancefloor beats, ultra-melodic catchy refrains and warm synth lines. Augmented by a polished and even more professional sound, "Fixed" is sure to deliver one of the Synthpop highlights of 2005 - includes the hit single "Plastic World!"!! "

"We're almost at the end of 2005 but this will be a year we won't forget when we refer to the swedish band Colony 5. At the beginning of this year we saw the release of "Fixed", the third full album from this band, a record full of energy, good hooks and great futurepop vibe. The band has matured into a blend of the best futurepop sound on the planet with touches of synthpop, great vocals and fine programming. The songs are simply amazing and varies from the melancholic "Fallen Star" to the club friendly super-hit "Plastic World" and the anthem-like "A new world arise". This masterpiece titled "Fixed" is the best release from this band as for now, but don't be surprised if their next record will be far superior to this as this band goes better and better with time. This album is a must for real synthpop and futurepop fans."

so if you like the Depeche Mode sound ,dont hesitate!!!

more info:


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