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ALDEN TYRELL - Times Like These (1999-2006)

"For all who can't get enough of that smooth (italo) disco electro sound..Must have for all you robots out there... !!"

Real Name:
M. Hoogendijk
A Visitor From Another Meaning, Ardathbey, Partisan Midi
In Groups:
E.O.G, Figuras Frustradas, Frustrated Figures

Apr 2006
Italo-Disco, Electro


01 Disco Lunar Module (5:06)
02 La Voix (5:36)
Vocals - Nancy Fortune
03 A Visitor From Another Meaning - Hills of Honolulu (4:48)
04 Knockers (5:29)
05 Rendez Vous at Rimini (5:26)
06 Mindless (5:44)
07 Love Explosion 05 (5:23)
Vocals - Fred Ventura
08 Phaze Me (6:02)
09 Voyagers End (5:15)
10 Odessa Theme (6:55)
11 End (1:53)

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

Bonus : some maxi Cd

Love explosion Ep (1999)
01 Love Explosion (vocal)
02 Love Explosion (instr.)

Phaze Me (2001)
01 Phaze Me (voc.)
02 Phaze Me (instr.)

Disco Lunar Module Ep (2004)
01 Disco Lunar module
02 Knockers
03 Rendezvous At Rimini

Other Worlds Robots (Disco Lunar Module Remixed) (2005)
01 Disco Lunar Module (remix)
02 Other World Robots

Knockers (2006)
01 Knockers
02 P.M. (Omdat Hij Al Twee Jaar Loopt Te Zeiken Versie)
B2 P.M. (Chris Callahan Edit)

Link to download: alden tyrell maxis

"Knockers is a genuine Italo disco monster in the best Giorgio Moroder and Bobby Orlando way and definitely sets every dance floor on fire. Massive driving basslines and euphoric synths combined with funky percussions and rolling 808 beats. The test version had a different B-side but this one has a simular monster disco track as 'Knockers' with bouncing basslines aggressive synth lines and live disco percussion. Both track are ultimate DJ tools for everyone bored with the standard color (or program) by number house and techno tracks at this moment... Alden Tyrell's productions are just timeless pieces of dance music."

Discography (maxi,Ep)
Alden Tyrell "Love Explosion" (Viewlexx)
Alden Tyrell "Krenk-Box" (Clone)
Alden Tyrell "Phaze Me" (Clone)
Alden Tyrell "Digger" (Clone)
Alden Tyrell "Knockers" (Clone)
Alden Tyrell "Phaze Me" (Viewlexx)
Alden Tyrell "Disco Lunar Module" (Clone)
Alden Tyrell "Disco Lunar Module (Mispress)"(Clone)
A Visitor From Another Planet "Hills Of Honolulu" (Viewlexx)

I-f "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" (Fuel Records)
Quick & Brite "Taking Care Of Business" (Supertracks)
The Parallax Corporation / Cocadisco "Whore Of The Floor" (Disko B)
Jolly Music "Radio Jolly" (Illustrious)
Unit 4 "Body Dub - Alden Tyrell's Edit 01" (Clone)
Unit 4 "Body Dub - Alden Tyrell's Short Edit" (Clone)
DPX "Non Format (Partisan Midi Edit)" (Clone)
Klapto "Mister Game (Alden Tyrell remix)"
Digital Emotion "Get Up Action"

"In these days where so many people speak about the return of Italo disco we think it's time to present one of the real masters of this sound. Since 1998, Alden Tyrell has been producing Italo disco tracks -- and it was in 1999 that 'Love Explosion' did find its ways into clubs. This track (and the early releases of Legowelt and I-f 's Cocadisco project) was for many people the first contact with this special sound of (Italo) disco. Alden Tyrell got very much inspired by old school disco producers like Bobby Orlando, Divine, Claudio Simonetti, The Creatures (aka Mario Flores) and many others who were producing this high energy version of Disco. On Times Like These you'll find a selection of some new unreleased tracks and some of the best tracks Alden Tyrell did in the beginning of this period from 1999 to 2006. This is the sound of dark clubs with sweat dripping off the walls... laser beams, people screaming of joy and endless hours of dancing. The sound of Italian summer clubs in Rimini. The sound of clubs and radio stations in Chicago and Detroit where DJs mixed up all sorts of disco and funk (and who inspired young kids with these robotic voices, hypnotic basslines to buy synthesizers and drum computers and make music themselves...!!) This was the sound of the future in the '80s and this is the sound of now in 2006! This might be the return for some people to back in the days with the first electronic club music, the pre-house and techno era. But for many Alden Tyrell is, together with people like Legowelt, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Putsch '79, Metro Area, I-f and a couple of others, some of the main inspirations of the nu-school disco."

more one review:

for ChickenLady
Casablanca records : cd2 a cd2 b cd 3 cd 4

for GARY:
vitamin z - burning flame



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