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MUSIC FOR PLEASURE - Into The Rain (1982) for KATE

Electronic, Rock, Pop
New Wave, Synth-pop


01 Light
02 Switchback
03 Nostalgia
04 Time
05 New day
06 Lost detail
07 Winterscene
08 Aim to life
09 Warehouse
10 Underworld
bonus tracks:
11 Human Factor '80
12 Madness At The Mission '80
13 Fuel To The Fire '81
14 Debris '81
15 I Recall
16 Time (extended) '83
17 Slide (extended) '83
18 Light (extended) '82

Link to download:

Again an unforgettable but forget band from the early 80s ("As very little information - or no information at all - is to be found by this brilliant and innovative group" Last fm) with a sound somewhere around The Chameleons (not so folk-like),Killing Joke (not so wild),early Duran Duran (not so easy listening), The Church arond '84-'85 ( for example the beautiful "Winterscene") .Can you imagine the band Tenploe Tudor playing synth-pop ("Human Factor") and Michael Cretu playing as a guest musician with his '83 sound in the song "Madness At The Mission"? And so on.
"Founded in Leeds circa 1979 by Mark Copson (Vocals), David Whitaker (Keyboards), Martin King (Bass) and Christopher Oldroyd (Drums). (Obviously) influenced by the punk scene, Kraftwerk and Krautrock and sounding very "new wave-ish" they went on to release a couple of singles on the Rage label. "(from Last fm.)
Their first released 7" single was "the human factor / madness at the mission (Rage records label) in 1980 .In 1982 they contracted with Polydor (Martin King was replaced by Ivor Roberts)and released their first Lp "Into The Rain", was produced by legendary Mike Hedges (responsible for The Cure, The Banshees, Associates, The Passions, and many more).
The second Lp is from 1983 called "Blacklands".
"After a possible downslide in sales etc, Polydor dropped them in 1983. They went on to release several records on their own label called Whirlpool, before disbanding in 1985.Mark Copson and David Whitaker have been involved with The Danse Society (circa '86), and drummer Christopher Oldroyd appeared on Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's "Paint The Wagon" (circa '87)."(Last fm)
If you want something special and outstanding music between new-wave and synth-pop don't miss it!!!! You won't be disappointed!!

one more info that i found,and really don't know is this a band with the same members who made some records with another name,or the Cherryred made a mistake???(Pauline Murray formed the band Penetration maybe you know it...)

PAULINE MURRAY & THE STORM Leeds-based new wave rockers comprising Mark Copson (vocals), David Whitaker (synth), Martin King (bass) and Chris Oldroyd (drums).
CHROME HIT CORROSION (EP) (Whirlpool WH 4) (12" only) 41 2 23/6/84
MX80 SOUND 5 16 10/11/84
OUT OF THE TUNNEL (Ralph MX 8002) 14 4 10/5/80


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm... very nice album, Salty. Yes, this sounds like a Duran Duran (especially Nostalgia song), vocal - like a P. Burns from Dead Or Alive or vocal like a TheDamned ( - Phantasmagoria years)

Very good!

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Gary C. said...

Hello Saltyka and RObert as well, to be honest this band is 'new' to me since I haven't really listened to it before. I really don't like or dislike it, but I just want to say Thanx again for your blogs and for sharing art and expression with people around. And many times I request music from you and this time I would like to share something with You. I have lot of music that I am sure that you already have or have the chance to get it. But this is an 80's New Wave band from here South from the 80's: Friccion.
And this time Gary says Enjoy! and ThanX.

At yours,


1:18 PM  
Anonymous Gary C. said...

Hello Salty, I am glad that you like Friccion :)) and off course that you can take it to your blog. Let me tell you that it is a honor to me to do this small contribution to your fantastic blog.
Here is some info....
The Band: Friccion
Genre: New Wave
Country: Argentina
01-Maquina Veloz
02-Lluvia Negra
03-Instantes De Cielo
04-Heroes(D. Bowie-B. Eno)
05-Para Terminar
06-Autos Sobre Mi Cama
07-Sin Plegarias
08-Arquitectura Moderna
09-Perdiendo El Contacto
10-Gabinetes De Amor
12-A Veces Llamo
Friccion are:
Christian Basso- Bass Guitar
Fernando Samalea- Drums
Gustavo Cerati- Guitar
Richard Coleman- Guitar
Celsa Mel Gowland- Vocals
Band formed in 1985 product of informal reunions among members to played own themes as well as covers.
They belonged to differents bands as Soda Stereo, Metropoli, Twist.
Later in 1987 bassist Daniel Castro substituted Christian Basso.
Also musicians as Eddie Nogueirna and Ulises butron play occasionally as guests.
OK Salty as always Yours,;)


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Gary C. said...

The name of the guest musician is Ulises Butron with capital letters since it is the last name. I am sorry.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Saltyka.
I'm Very grateful fo this unique lp.

You're THE BEST.

Kate - Komakino

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have Cherry Red Records made a mistake?

Yes, Music For Pleasure did release Chrome Hit Corrosion.

It was a great song. :-)

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do the bonus tracks come from? Is there a CD release yet? Or plans? THe files are coming up corrupt on share site. Help!

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Nico said...

Hi there!!

Thanks for such a great vinyl!! One question, I've located all the bonus tracks, but I cannot trace 'I Recall'. Could you please tell me where it appeared? Thanx again for the great blog and best regards from Madrid!!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great site » » »

5:56 PM  
Blogger Fantod said...

Thanks for this (and so many others)! I've just posted the Chrome Hit Corrosion EP here.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous warmswarm said...

Hi Saltyka,

Any chance you could re-upload this Music for Pleasure album the link is dead.
I've been looking all over for this bands music.



7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. A cracking good LP. Its still one of my all time favourite plays, well the first 4 tracks (light,switchback nostalgia,time). I have only got a creaky old C90 tape (remember them ?) recording of this lp which is clinging on to life. Saw them in a small sweaty union hall circa 1982/3 in Huddersfield, down the road from Leeds. Great alternative style at the time. Can't see the comparison with the Chalmeleons myself. Ah there were many of their gigs as well. And the Danse Society...

2:18 PM  

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