Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ONETWO - Item (2004) for Kate

Real Name:
Claudia Brücken (ex-Propaganda) , Paul Humphreys (ex-OMD)

28 Jun 2004
Downtempo, Trip Hop, Synth-pop
Keyboards - Chuck Norman (tracks: 1, 2, 5) , Jon Russell Mixed By - Bob Kraushaar (tracks: 1, 2)


01 Sister (5:09)
02 Cloud 9 (4:47)
Featuring - Martin L. Gore
03 Element Of Truth (4:11)
04 Signals (3:59)
05 One And Only (Sister) (3:25)

Link to download:

"OK Depeche Mode/OMD/Propaganda fans, this is it... the return of great music updated for now. Includes 4 great songs, including "signals", which is my favorite. Martin Gore guests on the second track, and Paul's "Sister" is great too. Cannot wait for the album, which should be big and diverse - - the best description of the songs on this album."

"I have to say I like Paul Humphreys from his OMD days, too. Together, if this 21 minute EP is any indication, they make beautiful music.
"Sister" is a lush mid-tempo song with PH in good voice and CB aiding with sweet and perfectly formed backing vocals. The explanatory wording on the digi-pack tell us that OneTwo are giving some of the profits to Asthma Research - a very worthy cause. "Cloud 9", "Element Of Truth" and "Signals" are led by Claudia's wonderful voice, still full of sensuality, and backed by rich sounding electronics. They all add up to a sophisticated selection of tracks which will leave you feeling very good - but wanting more.
I logged onto their website and it appears that an album is on the way. Let's hope so, because on this brief showing it will be fantastic.....let's hope it gets enough airplay and attention for the whole world to hear it.
This is fantastic. "

"Claudia...Claudia...Claudia where is the album???
This CD single shows us just what we have been missing for the past ten years...and its a crime.
Your voice is sublime. The tracks on the cd featuring you are just as fabulous as with your solo album of so long ago and beyond. Island records should be ashamed for not offering you a three album deal. Shame, shame, shame!
My god, I've been missing this fabulous voice and these wonderful arrangements for so long??? Please, please, Claudia release the promised album!!!! Put me out of my misery! "

more info: official page

next time : more from Claudia (albums of ACT and ...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka, thank you for Onetwo - i like this music. And i like Claudia. I have (...i think) all albums of Propaganda, One Two, Claudia - Love and Million Other things and album with A.Poppy Another language (very different than other - coverversion). But I Haven't albums of A.C.T.

bye Pavelse

3:01 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,could you repost this album again?
All links are dead... Thanks.

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