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U2 - Compilations , Live, and others posted by Dj Voryz

THE BEST OF 1980-1990 (1998)


01 Pride (In The Name Of Love) (3:50)
02 New Year's Day (4:18)
03 With Or Without You (4:58)
04 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (4:40)
05 Sunday Bloody Sunday (4:42)
06 Bad (5:51)
07 Where The Streets Have No Name (4:36)
08 I Will Follow (3:38)
09 The Unforgettable Fire (4:55)
10 Sweetest Thing (The Single Mix) (3:02)
11 Desire (2:59)
12 When Love Comes To Town (4:18)
13 Angel Of Harlem (3:50)
14a All I Want Is You (9:51)
14b October

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BEST OF 1990-2000 (2002)


01 Even Better Than The Real Thing (3:39)
02 Mysterious Ways (4:02)
03 Beautiful Day (4:05)
04 Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) (4:37)
05 One (4:35)
06 Miss Sarajevo (4:30)
07 Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (4:58)
08 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (4:31)
09 Gone (New Mix) (4:32)
10 Until The End Of The World (4:38)
11 The Hands That Built America (4:57)
12 Discothèque (New Mix) (4:40)
13 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (4:44)
14 Staring At The Sun (New Mix) (4:48)
15 Numb (New Mix) (4:21)
16 The First Time (3:44)

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01 Intro (pop music)
02 Gone
03 Even better than the real thing
04 Last night on earth
05 Until the end of the world
06 New years day
07 Please
08 Where the streets have no name
09 Encor Intro- Lemon Perfecto mix
10 Discotheque
11 Velvet drees
12 Even better than the real thing (Perfecto mix)
13 First nights in europe

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HASTA LA VISTA BABY - Live from Mexico city 1997 (2000)


01 Pop music
02 Mofo
03 I will follow
04 Gone
05 New year's day
06 Staring at the sun
07 Bullet the blue sky
08 Please
09 Where the streets have no name
10 Lemon (perfecto mix)
11 Discotheque
12 With or without you
13 Hold me,thrill me,kiss me,kill me
14 One

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CD 1

01 Intro (pop muzik)
02 Mofo
03 I Will Follow

04 Gone
05 Even Better Than The Real Thing
06 Last Night On Earth
07 Until The End Of The World
08 New Years Day
09 Pride (In The Name Of The Love)
10 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11 All I Want Is You
12 Desire (acoustic version)
13 Staring At The Sun (acoustic version)
14 Sunday Bloody Sunday (Edge electric)
15 Bullet The Blue Sky

CD 2

01 Please
02 Where Streets Have No Name
03 Lemon remix
04 Discotheque
05 If You Wear The Velvet Drees
06 With Or Without You
07 Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me,Kill Me
08 Mysterious ways
09 One
10 Wake Up Dead Man
11 Stand By Me
12 Miss Sarajevo (feat.Brian Eno)

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VERTIGO 2005 - Live from Chicago


01 City of Blinding Lights
02 Vertigo
03 Elevation
04 Cry/Electric Co.
05 An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart
06 Beautiful Day
07 New Year’s Day
08 Miracle Drug
09 Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
10 Love and Peace or Else
11 Sunday Bloody Sunday
12 Bullet The Blue Sky
13 Running To Standstill
14 Pride In The Name Of Love
15 Where The Streets Have No Name
16 One
17 Zoo Station
18 The Fly
19 Mysterious Ways
20 All Because Of You
21 Original Of The Species
22 Yahweh23. 40

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PASSWORD for the albums above:

4gulli or u24gulli

I also posted some albums to complete the discography -see below:



01 Levitate (5:09)
02 Love You Like Mad (4:17)
03 Smile (3:17)
04 Flower Child (4:54)
05 Beautiful Ghost / Introduction to Songs of Experience (3:52)
06 Jesus Christ (3:12)
07 Xanax and Wine (4:39)
08 All Because of You (Alternate Version) (3:35)
09 Native Son (3:08)
10 Yahweh (Alternate Version) (4:31)
11 Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own (Alternate Version) (5:30)
12 Numb (Radio Edit) (3:57)
13 Bass Trap (Edit) (3:33)
14 Night and Day (Twilight Remix) (5:20)
15 Numb (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix Edit) (5:50)
16 Salome (Zooromancer Remix Edit) (5:51)
17 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (2:19)
18 Stateless (4:05)
19 Where Did It All Go Wrong (demo version) (3:59)

Link to download:



01 One - feat. Michael Stipe from R.E.M - Washington 20.01.93
02 Satellite of Love - feat. Lour Reed - Live Zoo TV-tour 1993
03 Stay (Far away, so close) - Live Zoo TV-toir 1993
04 All I Want is You - Bono solo live
05 Lucille
06 Lost Highway - The Daltons live on US radio 1987
07 Springhill Mining Disaster - Late Late Show, Dublin 18.03.87
08 October - Radio-broadcast, Glasgow 1987
09 Angel Of Harlem
10 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - R.F.K. Stadium, Washington 16.08.92
11 Slow Dancing - World Music Amphitheatre, Chicago 18.09.92
12 Unchained Melody - Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam 11.05.93
13 Staring At The Sun
14 Sunday Bloody Sunday
15 40- - Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo 31.01.98
16 Mothers Of The Disappeared - River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires 06.02.98
17 People Get Right - feat. Maria McKee, Dublin 1989
18 Van Dieman´s Land - live version, vocals by The Edge
19 Dancing Queen - feat. Björn & Benny from Abba, Stockholm 1992
20 Dirty Old Town
21 Wild Irish Rover - vocals by Larry Mullen jr., Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam 11.05.92
22 Whiskey In The Jar - vocals by Larry Mullen jr., Canadian N.E.C., Toronto 06.09.92
23 Rain - Celtic Park, Glasgow 08.08.93
24 Blow Your House Down - Bono & The Edge, New York nov. 87

Link to download:

THE EDGE and MICHAEL BROOK- Captive (Soundtrack) (1987)

Electronic, Rock
Ambient, Classic Rock

All tracks written by The Edge apart from Djinn written by Michael Brook.Lyrics for Heroine by Sinead O'Connor.


01 Rowena's Theme
02 Heroine (Theme From 'Captive')

Drums - Larry Mullen Remix - Steve Lillywhite Vocals - Sinéad O'Connor
03 One Foot In Heaven
04 The Strange Party
05 Hiro's Theme I
06 Drift
07 The Dream Theme
08 Djinn
09 Island
10 Hiro's Theme

Link to download:

"Not surprising to find that this soundtrack by The Edge (U2's guitar genius) and Michael Brook achieves the degree of masterpiece. Combining influences that range from the two musician's own work, to Daniel Lanois, with a bit Ambient sound at times, and doubling with the beautiful vocals of Sinead O'Connor, in "Heroine," the album is beautifully crafted. Incredibly beautiful result this song, along with the opening track and "Drift" (where The Edge reminds most of Lanois, in the soundtrack of 'Sling Blade') and "Hiro's Theme" (where Brook's presence is made obvious)."

"This is the kind of disc where all the songs fit perfectly. The first song "Rowena's theme", particulary, reach with the perfection... this must be one of the beautiest soundtracks ever..ethereal noises, soft guitarrs, the beautiful voice of Sinead O'Connor in one of the songs. What else can you expect? Just buy it. This is a "must". "

PASSENGERS:Original Soundtracks 1. (Soundtrack) (1995)


01 United Colours
02 Slug
03 Your Blue Room
04 Always Forever Now
05 A Different Kind Of Blue
06 Beach Sequence
07 Miss Sarajevo
08 Ito Okashi
09 One Minute Warning
10 Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long)
11 Elvis Ate America
12 Plot 180
13 Theme From The Swan
14 Theme From Let's Go Native

Link to download:

"I've owned this album for over 8 years and I continually come back to it as my favorite U2 album. I find the individual songs and the album as a complete experience grow on me with each listening. When I first listened to it I enjoyed a few songs but now I can appreciate the entire album. I enjoy all of U2's other albums but this one really moves me more than any of the others. Its music is more cerebral and experimental than the rest. Want to hear Brian Eno singing, Bono playing the piano, Edge singing and playing the organ, and Adam Clayton narrating? Then you want this album. I can understand not issuing this album as a "U2" album. If they had released it just like an ordinary album then many U2 fans would have been angry/confused by what they heard. I like to think of U2 as an artistic band, especially as a counter balance to their popular face. I'm sure Eno had a strong influence over this album but I'm also confident that U2's members contributed a great deal of material. This album combined with the DVD "Classic Albums - U2: The Joshua Tree" gives you a very different picture of U2 than might come across while listening to their pop corpus. More than any of their B-Sides, this album is major departure from what one would expect from U2. All that said, many people that like U2 would probably dislike this album, however if you own all their other albums you should really add this one to your collection."



01 U2 - The Ground Beneath Her Feet
02 Bono & MDH Band, The - Never Let Me Go
03 U2 - Stateless
04 Milla Jovovich & MDH Band, The - Satellite Of Love
05 Bono & Daniel Lanois - Falling At Your Feet
06 MDH Band, The - Tom Tom's Dream
07 U2 - The First Time
08 MDH Band, The - Bathtub
09 Daniel Lanois & MDH Band, The - The First Time (Reprise)
10 Brad Mehldau & Bill Frisell - Tom Tom's Room
11 MDH Band, The - Funny Face
12 Bono & MDH Band, The - Dancin' Shoes
13 Jon Hassell & Gregg Arreguin & Jamie Muhoberac & Peter Freeman - Amsterdam Blue
14 MDH Band, The With Daniel Lanois & Bill Frisell & Greg Cohen - Satellite Of Love (Reprise)
15 Milla Jovovich With Jon Hassell - Satellite Of Love (Danny Saber Remix)
16 Tito Larriva & MDH Band, The - Anarchy In The USA

Link to download:

"Wim Wenders's films are inextricably linked to their companion soundtracks, with music playing as essential a role as any star actor--just see Wings of Desire, Until the End of the World, and Paris, Texas for proof. And now we have The Million Dollar Hotel. On this outing Wenders turns to U2's Bono, who not only contributes two tracks from his band but also collaborates with a host of outstanding artists, including Bill Frisell, Brian Eno, and Daniel Lanois. Even without the film, the songs resonate with a haunting glory." --Tod Nelson


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