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Real Name:
Baxter, Paul Fishman, Roland Vaughan Kerridge, Nigel Ross-Scott

Baxter - Lead Vocals, Guitar Paul Fishman - Electronic Keyboards, Vocals, Computers Roland Vaughan Kerridge - Electronic & Acoustic Drums, Percussion, Programming, Background Vocals Nigel Ross-Scott - Bass, Backing Vocals

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop



01 Praying To The Beat (3:38)
02 Hitline (3:36)
03 Hurt (5:07)
04 Couldn't Stand A Day (4:08)
05 The Politics Of Dancing (6:35)
06 Something About You (3:38)
07 Pointless (3:48)
08 Jungle (5:25)
09 Sensitive (3:26)
10 Keep In Touch (5:57)

Link to download:

"This album is marvellous 80s pop-synthesizer rock at its best. If you're not foot-tapping all the way through to these infectious tunes, you're probably dead.

I've loved this album since the 80s and it still hits my music player on a regular basis. Just can't seem to tire of these upbeat songs no matter how hard I try. It seems to me that almost every track could have been a single.

I apologize in advance because it is impossible to describe these (or any) songs in words for those who have never heard them but enthusiasm for this album has got the better of me so here goes anyway...highlights of the album for me (in no particular order):

- The Politics of Dancing

The extended version of the title track just rocks so powerfully and majestically. The single version of this track is the one Re-Flex track you may just have heard of (you might find it on 80s collections CDs) and if you like it, buy this album now - all the songs are of this quality and catchiness.

- Something About You

This song is all about lusting after your favorite lady and I love the way this builds to an incredible screaming climax with those amazing keyboard stabs in the background. One of the reasons I play keyboards to this day was the hypnotically-compulsive way they were used in this song.

- Keep in Touch

What an intro to a song. Layer upon layer of synths, drums and percussion mesh together and then burst into the catchy finale of the album.

- Hurt

All about turning the tables to get revenge. Even the chords in this one sound angry (in a pop way).

- Praying to the Beat

The starting track of the album starts with a sampled speeded-up talking clock..."Good morning, the time is 6.30am". Whenever I wake up at this time, I'm thinking of this line (boy, am I sad!). This is a clever social satire on how we are slaves to the office working day. You'll be humming this one to work for sure.

- Hitline

Incredibly cynical lyrics about commercial contrived pop songs in the form of a commercial contrived (and brilliant) pop song. Hilarious irony - done so well. These guys were so good they could mock their own artform while creating an outstanding example of it. I'm often reminded of other 80s artists like Nik Kershaw listening to this one - he similarly hid away biting lyrics in the guise of innocent catchy tunes.

I'll stop there before I bore everyone to tears."

"Well crafted songs, catchy rhythms, and intelligent lyrics combine to make this one of the great (and also unsung) albums of the eighties. Great value for money, pity they never made it big. But, then it wouldn't be something you could introduce your friends to, would it?"

"great dance music from the 80"s, the whole CD is danceable"

"Their only hit song "The Politics of Dancing" - which was a big international success - was recorded in 1982 and released in the U.S. in 1983. There, it reached #24 in the beginning of 1984 (chart run of 5 weeks in the Top 40). At the same time, the song was also a hit in the UK, reaching #28 (chart run of 9 weeks in the Top 100), in Canada where the song charted at #9 (chart run of 9 weeks in the Canadian Top 30), in what was West Germany, reaching #25 (with there a total chart run of 10 weeks in the Top 50), in Switzerland, reaching #28 (chart run of 3 weeks in the Swiss Top 40), and in South Africa where the song charted at #19 (chart run of 4 weeks in the Top 20)."The Politics of Dancing" was also used in the 1985 movie Red and the 1998 movie Edge of Seventeen.Re-Flex released only one album for EMI, The Politics of Dancing, in 1983.The album was re-released by One Way Records in 1993 on CD, offering a new generation a chance to own this cult album and older fans to get a digital copy of the eleven songs on the album. Currently the album is out of print but copies are known to circulate on E-bay and see for up to over $100 USD."

The Politics of Dancing

We got the message
I heard it on the airwaves
The politicians
Are now DJ's

The broadcast was spreading
Station to station
Like an infection
Across the nation

Well you know you can't stop it
When they start to play
You gotta get out the way

The politics of dancing
The politics of ooo feeling good
The politics of moving

Is this message understood

We're under the pressure
Yes we're counting on you
That what you say
Is what you do

It's in the papers
It's on your t.v. news
The application
It's just a point of view

Well you know you can't stop it
When they start to play
You gotta get out the way

The politics of dancing
The politics of ooo feeling good
The politics of moving
Is this message understood

The politics of dancing
The politics of ooo feeling good
The politics of moving
Is this message understood...



"Humanication" was supposed to be their second album under the EMI label in 1985 but it was never released. Promos albums may exist but to my knowledge none have surfaced. Only one single was released from this album entitled "How Much Longer".This cd was made by the original dummer Roland Kerridge in the year 2002.It was signed by the drummer and by the original keyboardist Paul Fishman.


01 Humanication (5:29)
02 Cold War (3:25)
03 Same Old Story (3:47)
04 Forever An Ever (3:34)
05 Playing For Time (6:15)
06 Sending Out A Message (4:08)
07 How Much Longer (Featuring Sting) (4:45)

Guest Vocal - Sting

08 Tell Her That You Love Her (5:02)
09 Give It Up (4:19)
10 You And I (4:42)

Link to download:

"Recorded in the fall of 1984 and planned for a release in February, 1985, Humanication was supposed to be the second officially released Re-Flex album. The follow-up to The Politics of Dancing, Humanication continued the same catchy dance sequence and guitar-laden/synthesizer-abundant style that had been used in Politic, but used improved keyboard technology and saw the group expand upon their earlier artistic and commercial success. The is most evident in the one single released for the album, "How Much Longer" (a minor hit in West Germany where it charted at #59), whose theme was very political in tackling the topic of environmentalism from a green politics perspective. The song also signaled a commercial jackpot for the group, through Sting's appearance on backing vocals for the song. This last point in particular demonstrates just how much anticipation had grown for Re-Flex's work and how much clout they had gained in the two years since their breakthrough.Unfortunately, "How Much Longer" was the only official vestige released from the album as internal band strife led to a break-up of Reflex just before the album's release. The break-up was so abrupt and unexpected that the entire Humanication album was completely recorded, produced and even given a release date in February, 1985. Demo versions of the album were leaked out and currently circulate among techno/dance and Reflex enthusiasts. No official version of the album has ever been released, although the band's keyboardist, Paul Fishman, released the album unofficially in 2002 after working on transferring it to compact disc. Even these copies are extremely hard to find and can sell for up to $200+ USD.One member of the band has stated that it was a change of management at their UK record label EMI that lead to the band being dropped without warning from the roster, after Humanication was recorded but before it could be released. There were apparently several other casualties of this cull (details yet to be confirmed).Official CD promos from Canada are now known to exist - they have simple b/w paper inserts with the RE-FLEX logo (across the top); the Parlophone / Capitol / EMI logos shown (at the bottom) of the insert, and 'copyright 1985 EMI Records' on the bottom left corner. The recordings appear to be straight from the masters and these CDs were obviously sent out to radio stations and reviewers in anticipation of a February 1985 release."



01 Whizz Kid (Riding High soundtrack)
02 Praying To The Beat (demo acoustic version)
03 Hitline (extended mix)
04 Flex It ! (extended mix)
05 Cruel World (extended mix)
06 Praying To The Beat (extended mix)
07 Cut It (extended mix)
08 What You Deserve
09 Hurt (emotional US mix)
10 Hurt (emotional UK mix)
11 Hurt (rubber dub)
12 How Much Longer (longest mix remix)
13 True Lust
14 Cruel World (7 inch version)
15 Cut it (7 inch version)

Link to download:

"This is an excellent band with 80s straight Electro Pop sound combining The Fixx, Duran Duran and Ultravox. It's a pitty that they were disbanded after releasing one album. I like it a lot. In '85, Paul Fishman left to join the tour of Thompson Twins, and they stopped the activity. The second album "Humanication" was never released. After disbanding, Paul Fishman and Roland Vaughan Kerridge joined the albums such as The Adventure's "Sea Of Love" (1988) and Sam Brown's "Stop" (1988). Roland Vaughan Kerrdge also participated in Vitamin Z's the 2nd album "Sharp Stone Rain" (1989). Nigel Ross-Scott used to be Gloria Mundi (proto-Eddi & Sunshine), and the 2nd album "Word Is Out" was produced by John Punter. He became a member with the introduction by Thomas Dolby. After disbanding, he also participated in Midge Ure's "Gift" and Nina Hagen's albms."

UPDATED (18.02.2008) sent by Jennifer few days ago:

"I've got some really great news for you: I've been in contact with John Baxter, who's told me that Paul Fishman ( is working on an "official" Re-Flex Web site. He's also said that there will be a 4-CD box set released sometime later this year, which is supposed to include "The Politics of Dancing", "Humanication", and two unreleased albums of material which they're calling "Jamming the Broadcast" and "Movement of the Action Fraction", respectively. Despite his busy schedule, Baxter's been kind enough to keep me updated on the progress as he gets the info himself, though there's no set release date as yet.

As far as the band members' whereabouts and activities: Baxter has been living and working in Los Angeles for many years as a music producer and now has his own independent label. Paul and Roland Vaughan Kerridge are in London at Paul's company, JHP Productions (, which is going to be publishing the upcoming Re-Flex material. I've not been able to locate Nigel Ross-Scott at all but, from what Baxter has said, he's probably still performing somewhere in Europe."Thanks Jennifer for the news and info!!

Saltyka added:

Nigel Ross-Scott

Nigel Ross-Scott Nigel Ross-Scott played bass for bands including Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Re-Flex, and has worked as a professional musician with a wide range of artists. He is also a professional investment consultant. ( )

photo of Baxter is from a Re-Flex concert at The Venue in London in January 1984.

Many thanks to Baxter and Jennifer for this!!

John Baxter

is a producer, songwriter, and musician. He resides in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Kent, England, Baxter was the lead vocalist/guitarist/writer in the mid-1980’s English new wave band Re-Flex, managed by Miles Copeland.

The band was signed to EMI/Capitol Recordings. Re-Flex had several top ten singles including the award winning "The Politics of Dancing" that topped the charts in the U.K., United States, and the rest of the world. This resulted in extensive worldwide tours with bands such as The Police. He also co-headlined with the Thompson Twins, and enjoyed other headlining tours throughout America and Europe.

In the early 90’s Baxter produced and wrote with Peter Bauman of Tangerine Dream for Blue Room as well as his own solo project The Colouring Room. Mr. Baxter has written music for many commercial clients such as Wendy’s, The San Francisco Chronicle and Pontiac. He has many television song placements as well as music for film, which includes Break Dance and Superman 2; also additional production on the song Windmills Of Your Mind for Sting in the film The Thomas Crown Affair, and the song Sunflower with Alice Peacock for the film Because Of Wynne–Dixie.

Baxter writes, produces and has worked with many artists, including: Sting, Mandy Moore (Sony), Pat McGee Band (Warner), Mary’s Danish (Morgan Creek), Johnny Clegg and Savuka (Capitol), Tara MacLean (Capitol), Alice Peacock (Indie/Universal), Battery Acid (Geffen), Huffamoose (Interscope), Date With Dizzy (Interscope), Oxygen (Atlantic), Post Stardom Depression (Indie), The Blue Mondays (Interscope), Amy Correia (Capitol), Steven Delopoulos (Interscope), Juana Molina (Indie), and Fisher (Interscope).

Baxter has extensive publishing with Warner Music and Jambo/BMG.(

Roland Kerridge

Ive found only two site about Roland:

More info about Re-Flex:

If you have and want to share : new info/photo/article /interview ,it will be highly appreciated!

Illian Video OUT said...


I also have this album and tons of Re-Flex memorabilia. I've been in touch with the Drummer and I havent found the keyboardist. I am really trying to find them....

But I was wondering, you seem to have better contact with them...could you find out whatever happened to the songs "Love (Or Life) Is Too Dangerous" and "Revolution Now"?

please email me:
and let me know what you have found reguarding these.

Anonymous said...

Hi there -
In regard to "Revolution Now" and "Life's too dangerous" Both of these tracks are listed in the credits of the movie "Superman IV; The Quest For Peace" One track is from a deleted scene in a nightclub (which may see the light of day in a DVD release in November) and another can be heard when Clark Kent goes to the gym. It would be great if you could locate these tracks!!!

FlexFourFan said...

Don't know if anyone's still reading these posts, but here goes anyhow....

I got the links for the downloads from Bandit at "Bandit's B-sides and Rarities". Thanks Bandit! :) I had to use a sound file editing program to splice some of the tracks together correctly, though; don't know what was up with that.

*Loving* Humanication after searching for it off and on for about 7 years and finally finding it here! I was in brief contact with (drummer) Roland Kerridge on a BBS around 1999, I think it was, and he was looking for fan support to get Humanication released. I put my name down to be contacted, but I had a lot of hectic things going on in my life right then and I lost contact with him and never found out what the outcome was -- until just recently. THANK YOU saltyka for posting these files!

Like Robert said in his post, I loved "Politics" the single in the 80s (one of my all-time favorites), and "Flex It!" on the b-side. I played both sides endlessly, listening to every nuance on headphones, even while I was utterly consumed by other "big-name" British groups like Duran Duran, Wham!, Thompson Twins, Def Leppard ... (well, you get the idea). I feel rather guilty that I didn't patronize Re-Flex more back then; their music is *so* good, and they should have lasted much longer than they did. Now, I wish that I'd at least made an effort to see them live.

Years later (OK ... *decades*), I find that "Politics" is one of those songs you get stuck in your head and just *have to* hear it again. I bought the CD when it came out in 1994 and played it to death, too. (I've since temporarily misplaced the damn thing, and am trying to find a replacement, which has proved to be a Holy Grail Quest! I've had to just rip it from vinyl in the meantime).

So, as you can probably tell, I'm on an 80s/Re-Flex kick lately, and I've decided I'm going to do a fan Web site dedicated to them. I am a professional Web Designer, so I'm hoping to something flashy that will draw some more attention to the band and their music, above and beyond their Internet cult following, which we comprise. (This will be in my spare time, of course, which is scarce at the moment.) I'm in the process of collecting their more accessible 12" singles on vinyl (nearly got them all, I think) plus the more obscure stuff that might be out there ... somewhere. I would love to get photos, videos, articles, memorabilia, you name it, for content for the site. Anyone who has any they'd like to contribute, please let me know and I'll give you full credit. I can use all the help I can get, content-wise!

I've e-mailed Paul Fishman (keyboard player), at his Jambo Music Web site, about the prospective release of Re-Flex's other two albums -- "Movement of the Action Fraction" and "Jamming the Broadcast" -- but haven't heard back yet, and don't know if I will, either. I'm guessing he has other things to do besides answer fan e-mail all day! ;)

I'm glad to chat and share with other "Flex Four" (my silly, Beatle-esque nickname for them) fans out there .

"Keep in Touch"! :) FFF

posted: 2007/08/13, 2:10 p.m. (Texas Time!)

Anonymous said...

Watch this space

Anonymous said...

Okay - So nothing new came of the Superman DVD releases. However - If you want to listen to Paul Fishman's contribution to Superman IV plus the 2 unreleased tracks go here;

You can listen to 'Life's too dangerous' online!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, if you are all such big Re-Flex fans, why not wait for the release of this stuff. It's comming!!!! Sharing files around like this ultimateley damages the band. I am in contact with the drummer who leaked one copy of the Humanication album to a fan. It is now all over the internet, he told me that he was very pissed off about it. Some sites are selling it with none of the money going back to the artists. So support the band wait for the official release and buy it!!!!!!

FlexFourFan said...

Hi, Salty:

I wanted to give you and everybody here a quick update from my corner of the Re-Flex "cheering section", as it were. ;)

I've recently renewed efforts to get my fan site ready to go live, where people will be able to ask questions of the band, and we will post the Q&A on the site. John Baxter has given me his blessing and encouragement to do this, so I'm excited and more than happy to oblige. I've been working on acquiring content such as press photos, etc., as well as trying to squeeze finishing it in between my actual work projects. But, when the site's ready to go, I'll post here again and let you all know so we can start getting get some fan input.

In the meantime, I've heard from JHP Productions that a video for the previously unreleased song "Mindless Dancing" is supposed to come out in the next couple of weeks or so. I've actually heard this song, thanks to Baxter, and I'm glad that it appears it will be included with the upcoming releases. It is one of their early, early numbers (late '70s from what Baxter has told me), and, IMO, sounds something along the lines of "Cut It" or "Whizz Kid" or the demo of "Praying to the Beat", for anyone familiar with those. It's a lot of fun and I do like it. I'm looking forward to the video, because I haven't the slightest idea of what it will look like -- though I can't help but visualise punk square-dancers whenever I listen to the song! (When you hear it, you'll understand.)

Also, according to JHP, the released materials will be as follows:

RE1 - "Movement of The Action Fraction"
RE2 - "Politics of Dancing"
RE3 - "Humanication"
RE4 - "Music Re-Action"
RE5 - "Jamming the Broadcast"
RE6 - "Re-Fuse" (box set)

Still waiting for word on any sort of a solid release date for this material, however... and waiting... and WAITING! Again, according to JHP, there is no actual date, yet.

I know that Baxter has been tied up with a number of other things, lately, as have I. So, we haven't chatted in a couple of weeks. But that's about all the Re-Flex news to be had, so far -- at least that I've been able to learn on this side of the Atlantic. I'll be sure to pass along anything further.

Until then...

"Keep in touch"! :)
Jennifer / FFF

Posted 2008.05.20 @ 6:20 p.m. (Texas Time!)

FlexFourFan said...

Hi, Salty and friends:

It's been a few months since I dropped by and I wanted to let everyone here know that there is now a Re-Flex fan MySpace page which I've recently set up with the sanction of the band.


Earlier this week, I posted some photos from a 1984 concert in London in the photo albums section which you all might like to see. I plan to be adding further content as time goes on, so keep checking back. (I'm also still working on the fan site and when I have further news about that I'll post here, again.)

I'd also like to make a request, if I may -- not in an official capacity, of course, but as a fan and a friend of the band...

I know the guys have been working *extremely* hard on the CD box set to make it something really special for all of us. This project has been a major undertaking, and they've been doing their best to get it completed and released as soon as possible. I know it's been taking longer than perhaps we all would like, and that's partly due to some unavoidable delays that occurred just over this past summer. I have been assured that they are getting closer each week, however, and there will hopefully be an official announcement in the next couple of months. (If you haven't registered through the official web site to be notified by e-mail, here is the address again: -- scroll down and click on "contact" to be taken to the contact form)

In the meantime, could I ask you all to, please, be patient just a bit longer and not upload any more of their work onto the Web or post any more links to these uploads?

Trust me, they appreciate, and are touched and honoured, that there is such an enduring and widespread demand for their songs. They've expressed this very sentiment to me several times. And, this die-hard fan following is the reason these CDs are going to be issued.

But everytime somebody posts Re-Flex's material online for others to download for free, whether they are well-intentioned or not, it's actually rather disrespectful -- not to mention illegal. And, at this point, it's really not helping the band, as another fan has already commented on this blog.

So, I'm asking you all to, please, stop and consider this before engaging in any further online file-sharing of Re-Flex's music. And wait for the box set; it's going to be worth it!

Thanks, and "Keep in Touch"....


Posted: 2008.11.02, 9:10 p.m. (Texas Time!)


Blogger FlexFourFan said...


Hi Salty and Friends:

I just posted something about Re-Flex on a different page on this blog. Go here to read it....

Jennifer / FlexFourFan

(Got this is the right place this time.)

Posted: 2009.07.08, 5:00 a.m. CDT (Texas Time!)

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