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Real Name:
Belgian DJ & producer.

Label owner and manager of Your Lips Former labelmanager of Global Cuts and co-founder of Wonka Beats.


Leftfield, Tribal
Artwork By - Marc Camille Producer, Written By - Sven Van Hees


01 Up Ya Pumpkin (5:52)
02 Shake's Piercing (7:01)
03 Technicolor (5:23)
04 Chicken Tandoori (5:23)
05 Where's Chloe? (5:32)
06 Jupiter's Quest (5:13)
07 Anta Imri (5:46)
08 Freakysthan (5:13)
09 Sin Gaz (5:47)
10 Gregorian Lust (8:05)
11 Henna (5:24)
12 Just How Massive (5:05)

Link to download:


GEMINI (1999)

Downtempo, Future Jazz
Album written and produced by Sven Van Hees aka Ramon Serrano.


01 Matrass Mambo
02 Tsunami (Inside My Soul) (4.50)
03 Ocean Jive
04 Flute Salad
05 Breakfast With Abductees
06 Tamiami Blues
07 Supafly (Hannah's Lullaby)
08 Islamorada Fishing Company
09 Seasonal Bounty (Smooth '94)
10 Serrano Anthem (Amor/Amor)

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"If you like chillout and downtempo, you will like this album"

"'Gemini' was first released in 1999. It went by largely unnoticed, even if tracks from the album later appeared on countless chillout and downtempo compilations, including Ambient Lounge Vol. 1, Brazilelectro, Science Fiction Jazz Vol. 5, Karma Lounge Vol. 2, Real Ibiza Vol. 5, Serve Chilled Vol. 2.
It is easy to grasp why individual tracks made their way to so many compilations. Sven Van Hees creates music that is fresh, relaxed, jazzy, sensual, chilled and, at least for most people, fairly anynonymous so as to fit perfectly into the company of other similar artists: Thievery Corporation, Mo' Horizons, Boozoo Bajou, Moodorama, Dzihan & Kamien.
But this actually works even better on its own. 'Gemini' is an excellent chillout album from start to finish. There are some amazing tracks here - especially the four first, which are among the best of the genre. This is electronic downtempo with occasional samples or female voices thrown in between. The tracks are atmospheric and refreshing, flowing gently by like a tropical sea breeze, an image also suggested by the lagoon in the CD cover.
Repetition or monotony is not necessarily a fault in this genre, but this is largely avoided by the frequent use of real instruments, including flute, guitar and saxophone. The weakest part is perhaps 'Tamiami Blues' and 'Supafly (Hannah's Lullaby)' but even these work fine by mellowing the mood.
For those looking for a high-quality chillout album, 'Gemini' is an excellent choice."

CALYPSO (2002)

Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Latin
All tracks written and produced by Sven Van Hees.


01 Suspension On Disbelief (4:20)
02 Black Beans & Castro Queens (5:10)
03 Humming Birds (3:33)
04 What Do You See? (4:03)
05 Born To Be Mild (4:36)
06 Movin' On (3:59)
07 Konnichi Wa-Wah (5:14)
08 Flying High On Borrowed Wings (3:30)
09 Calypso (5:19)
10 Sun Of A Beach (5:11)
11 Bypass By Birth (5:30)

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"Sven Van Hees, whoever this guy is, kicks major "blipblipblip"!!! I've heard some of his material on numerous chill out compilations, and just had to try out one of his CDs. I picked up "Calypso" and was immediately drawn into this guy's style of combining various genres of music into beautiful, dancefloor/bedroom ready arrangements. The sound Van Hees conveys is part Ibiza, part Calypso, part Jazz, part Soul and a whole lot of Funk. "Calypso" is very sexy and should not be overlooked by any means. Shouldn't the silouhette on the cover be enough for you to get the CD if you've never heard of this guy before :-)????"


Future Jazz, Downtempo
All tracks written and produced by Sven Van Hees.Tracks 01 and 05 lyrics written by Lex Empress.


01 The Sun Goes Down (5:00)
Vocals - Lex Empress
02 Sophiesticated Lady (6:05)
03 The One 4 Me (5:12)
04 Bossambique (7:20)
05 Eneas (5:50)
Vocals - Lex Empress
06 Kundalini (6:20)
07 Bonne Bay Blues (6:12)
08 Mr & Mrs Ward (5:06)
09 Amish Gangsta Rappin' (3:15)
10 How Dracula Got His Groove Back (4:45)
11 Booty Frutti (8:17)

Link to download:

"Synesthesia, the new cd by Van Hees, gives us the most intimate view inside this producer's head so far. All eleven tracks have their own "colour", painting a complete picture of a near 64 minutes in audio. This has to be his broadest album so far. It's also his first cd that includes guest performances and vocal tracks. Two tracks, the great summery housegrooves and singles "The sun goes down" and "Eneas", were written and sung by Dutch vocalist/mc Lex Empress.Having met 10 years before in Antwerp they lost sight of eachother untill early 2003 they got booked together again, and enjoyed two hours of "musical-bliss", Sven dj'ing whilst Lex was singing on top of his records. Also "Amish gansta rappin" features rhymes from a US rapper that prefers to stay anonymous, and could easily have featured on a Massive Attack album. Belgians finest musicians, Bart Van Huyck(guitar), Johan Vandendriessche (sax, flute), Paul Flush (Hammond,Fender Rhodes) and Peter Schneider (percussion) members of his former "Svengali squad", add the cherry on this delicious cake.This is Sven Van Hees most diverse and mature album yet, and a perfect soundtrack for the months to come. It's gonna be another long hot summer

Born in May 1968.Starting out at the tender age of 15 when he hosted a jazz funk radio show for a local Antwerp station, Van Hees followed up with the popular Liaisons Dangereuses radio show, which ran for ten years. On the strength of this outlet, he was invited to record for local labels like USA Import, Wonka and Atom/Elektron. When the track 'Oempa Loempa' by Aquastep (on Wonka Records) turned into one of Western-Europe's most popular club anthems of 1992, Belgian top-label R&S invited Van Hees to record for them. 'Piano Power' by Remy & Sven (a collaboration with Dutch DJ Remy Unger) kickstarted R&S subsidiary Global Custs and has achieved classic status.
Signing to Arcade/Trust Foundation in Holland in 1996, Van Hees released his debut album, "Svengali", that same year. It proved to be a multifarious affair of club grooves and lounge moods, highly original and quietly advanced. Two singles, 'Freakysthan' and 'Neighbours', both highly sought-after (but hard-to-find due to Trust folding upon the release of the latter track), attested to Van Hees' unique perception of dance culture.
Summer. Sunshine. Balmy weather. Mellow moments. Quiet beauty. Lazy afternoons. Breezy sunsets. Sultry nights. The good life - Welcome to the lounge experience as soundtracked by Sven Van Hees. Antwerp-based producer and DJ Sven Van Hees is a true original. When he released his "Gemini" album in the late Summer of 1999, the burgeoning lounge scene could very well use a central focal point to help the nascent style crossover to its potential audience. And "Gemini" did exactly that. It thrilled its many buyers worldwide and woke the media up to the simple fact that there's life after clubbing. "Gemini" put lounge music on the map, and its various tracks were licensed to an unprecedented 100+ compilations, thus helping to spread its unassuming message to an audience that was stunned to find its dreams and desires reflected in the unlikeliest of releases.
"Calypso" is third album is the work of a subdued master. It's totally true to his nature and, although the album acknowledges '70s fusion icons like Quincy Jones and Lonnie Liston Smith, it creates a world completely its own - a singular dreamscape for all of us to wallow around in. Centered around the groove, "Calypso"'s eleven tracks take up the Sven Van Hees story were "Gemini" left it, creating a much-needed private space of leisure and introspection, of inner peace and enticing pleasure. It's like God's very own calypso band has sneaked out of heaven - for five minutes at least - and turned up in Antwerp, in Sven's sampler.
Sven Van Hees currently deejays lounge (jazz, latin, soul, brazil) and house sets and plays live with 'The Svengali Squad' (Dancefusion with jazz, funk and soul - members are Sven Van Hees - beatmaster / Johan Vandendriessche multi-instrumentalist already worked with Toots Thielemans, Wim Mertens and Marc Moulin / Paul Flush - pianist, Hammondist, Fender Rhodes-ist, from Newcastle. On Marc Moulin's "Top Secret" he plays Hammond organ /Steinhardt - guitarist / Peter Schneider - percussionist.) (from djguide.nl)

more info:
http://www.svenvanhees.com/synesthesia.htm the official page


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