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TUXEDOMOON Discography part 1.

Future Jazz, Experimental

HALF-MUTE (1980) / SCREAM WITH A VIEW (1979) (1985)

Artwork By - Patrick Roques /Bass - Blaine L. Reininger , Peter Principle/ Composed By, Arranged By, Producer - Tuxedomoon/ Electronic Drums - Blaine L. Reininger , Peter Principle , Steven Brown /Engineer - Jim Renney/ Guitar - Blaine L. Reininger , Peter Principle/ Keyboards - Blaine L. Reininger , Steven Brown/ Saxophone - Steven Brown Synthesizer - Blaine L. Reininger , Peter Principle , Steven Brown/ Violin - Blaine L. Reininger/ Vocals - Blaine L. Reininger , Steven Brown

"Half-Mute" (tracks 1-10) was originally released in 1980."Scream With A View" (tracks 11-14) was originally released in 1979.


01 Nazca
02 59 To 1
03 Fifth Column
04 Tritone (Musica Diablo)
05 Loneliness
06 James Whale
07 What Use?
08 Volo Vivace
09 7 Years
10 KM / Seeding The Clounds
11 Nervous Guys
12 Where Interests Lie
13 Special Treatment For The Family Man
14 Midnite Stroll

Link to download:

"this cd is brilliant, brown, principle and company released and electronic-new wave record with sounds of synths, bass guitar, violins, organs..."

"Now is the time for a Tuxedomoon revival! This is just a wonderfully evocative record. It still sounds fresh (to me, at least!) 20 years after its release. The blend of synthesizers and electronics with violin, saxophone, and bass guitar is something that nobody even attempts anymore."



01 Joeyboy In Rotterdam
02 Urban Leisure
03 Wild Boys
04 Dark Companion
05 You (Chrismass mix)
06 Side Wind

Link to download:

DESIRE (1981) / NO TEARS (1978) (1987)

Tracks 1 - 7 (="Desire") originally released in 1981. Tracks 8 - 11 (="No Tears EP") originally released in 1978.


01 East / Jinx / ... / Music # 1 (14:54)
02 Victims Of The Dance (5:48)
03 Incubus (Blue Suit) (3:50)
04 Desire (7:06)
05 Again (6:20)
06 In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western Two) (6:02)
07 Holiday For Plywood (5:38)
08 New Machine (4:22)
09 Litebulb Overkill (3:12)

10 Nite And Day (Hommage A Cole Porter) (5:11)
11 No Tears (5:39)

Link to download:

"The Residents liked these guys enough to sign them to their label, which says something about how truly odd this fringe music sounds. Tuxedomoon combine bread-and-butter pop instruments with a perverse yet perfect blend of violin, saxophone, theremin, clarinet, drum machine, farfisa organ and synthesizers. The lyrics, delivered in a creepy, theatrical tenor-baritone, range from abstract and subtly humorous to downright wacky.
Overall this record has a New Wave feel to it, but there is more than enough of the unknown quotient to keep it from feeling like a nostalgia trip. Desire has fewer instrumentals and stronger melodies than Half Mute (the debut which most people claim to be Tuxedomoon's masterpiece), but no clear hit single like What Use?, which may explain why it's so unjustly underappreciated.
With a few EPs (one of which is included here) and an album behind them, Tuxedomoon confidently met their potential on this strange yet strangely endearing second full length."

DIVINE (1981)


01 Entracte (1:21)
02 Mata Hari (4:42)
03 Anna Christie (3:05)
04 Grand Hotel (3:46)
05 Entracte II (1:34)
06 Ninotchka (4:41)
07 Conquest (3:54)
08 Queen Christina (7:16)
09 Camille (5:42)
10 Freudlose Gasse (3:59)

Link to download:

"This is not the best album by Tuxedomoon. This is not the place to start with Tuxedomoon. But it is good. Seems like it is still not discovered by the world yet, and unfairly underrated. As with their residential friends Tuxedomoon, at the time, built albums around concepts. This conceptual album has many interesting pieces for piano and strings worth a close listening. The melancholic pieces give ear to the typical sound of theirs at the time. In the minus are the samplings which could have been given another makeover or two. Otherwise this set stands out as a steady Tuxedomoon product that suits well within the whole costume of such."

HOLY WARS (1984)


01 The Waltz (5:12)
02 St. John (4:34)
03 Bonjour Tristesse (5:28)
04 Hugging The Earth (4:02)
05 In A Manner Of Speaking (3:30)
06 Some Guys (4:58)
07 Holy Wars (6:44)
08 Watching The Blood Flow (5:11)
09 Soma (4:58)

Link to download:

"A good album is one that makes you feel something inside your heart. Feelings, you know... something strong you prove every time you listen to it. A good album is one that makes you laugh and cry and dance and think... Well, Holy Wars is not only a good album, it's a wonderful one. You can feel the sadness of a dark Blade Runner's future, the joy of looking in your lover's eye, the pain of one thousand goodbyes, the relaxing calm of a winter beach... Holy Wars is all that and much more."

"this is the most comercial album by tuxedomoon, it has great moments, like the instrumental the waltz, in a manner of speaking and the crazy soma, if you like real music with elements of new wave,dark,jazz,experimental. buy this... you can hear too desire and ghost sonata or any cd by steven brown"


Concert at home for your dreaming and dancing pleasure.Tracks 1-3 Experimental, Synth-popTracks 4-8 Minimal, Ambient


01 Atlantis (4:52)
02 Reeding, Righting, Rhythmatic (4:52)
03 Break The Rules (4:08)
04 A Piano Solo (2:52)
05 Lowlands Tone Poem (1:54)
06 Music For Piano + Guitar (1:49)
07 An Afternoon With N (2:26)
08 The Train (4:48)

Link to download:


Time to lose – Blind
12", Les Disques du Crépuscule (B), 1982

Suite en sous-sol
D12" (LP/CD re-release incl. Time to lose - Blind/Short Stories), Italian Rec. (I), 1982

Short stories
12", Les Disques du Crépuscule (B), 1982


01 Prelude
02 Allemande Bleue
03 Courante Marocaine
04 Sarabande en Bas de l'Escalier
05 Polonaise Mecanique
06 L' Étranger
07 Time to Lose
08 Music #2
09 Blind
10 The Cage
11 This Beast

Link to download:

YOU (1987)


01 Roman P. (3:20)
02 The Train (4:33)
03 2000 (5:13)
04 Never Ending Story (7:40)
05 Stockholm (3:23)
06 Boxman (Mr. Niles) (2:23)
07 Spirits & Ghosts (7:42)
08 Boxman (The City) (2:24)
09 You (5:38)
10 Boxman (Home) (2:29)

Link to download:

PINHEADS ON THE MOVE (1987) (compilation)

Early singles, rehearsals, live recordings and other rarities.Recorded in San Francisco, 1977 - 79 and in Europe, 1981 - 83.


01 Pinheads On The Move (2:50)
02 Joeboy The Electronic Ghost (2:55)
03 The Stranger (5:11)
04 Jingle 7 (0:11)
05 Love / No Hope (5:20)
06 In Heaven (3:21)
07 I Heard It Through The Grapevine (5:33)
08 Fifth Column (2:02)
09 Touched (2:15)
10 Waterfront Seat (4:27)
11 Une Nuit Au Fonde De La Frayère (3:10)
12 I Left My Heart In San Francisco (1:04)
13 Everything You Want (4:07)
14 Next To Nothing (2:41)
15 Egypt (4:37)
16 Over His Head (3:38)
17 Martial / This Land (6:50)
18 Straight Line Forward (3:12)
19 Jingle 9 (0:10)
20 Pinheads On The Move (Reprise) (6:43)

Link to download:

"To be honest, the reason to why I bought this album in the first place was because I saw they had made a cover of David Lynch's In Heaven.(I had heard some of their other songs too, but they weren't on this cd, and they were pretty good.) So curious as I was I decided to purchase the album to see what they had done with it. And I must say I was really impressed. It's still not as good as the original version, I don't think any of the covers can be, but it was according to me far better than Pixies version even though that's not bad either. And the fact that it's a live-version only makes it better. So what about the rest of the album then? Well, it's kind of marvelous too even though there are some songs that had to grow on me. I think that their song The Stranger must be one of the best songs I have ever heard (although it shares its place with a number of others). I also appreciate their use of the french language in some of the songs. Some people, for example a number of my familymembers, might think their music is just awful noise, but I guess that's just a matter of taste in music. I can say this much, if you enjoy Einstürzende Neubaten (which is also a very good band) you will have no problems at all enjoying this "noise". "

by Steve Huey

Tuxedomoon was an avant-garde, electronic-oriented post-punk New Wave band or collective whose music ranged from new wave pop to jazz fusion to more experimental synthesizer soundscapes (usually including saxophone and violin), which were frequently married in concert to performance-art shows. Tuxedomoon was formed in San Francisco in 1977 by two electronic music students at San Francisco City College, Blaine L. Reininger (keyboards, violin) and Steven Brown (keyboards, other instruments). Brown's local theater connections supplied equipment and occasional vocalists in Gregory Cruikshank and Victoria Lowe, plus more frequent contributions from singer and performance artist Winston Tong. Punk and new wave were opening up the San Francisco music scene at the time, and Tuxedomoon landed an opening slot for Devo in 1978 at around the same time they cut their first single, "Pinheads on the Move." Lowe quit the band before their first EP, No Tears, which featured off-and-on members Michael Belfer (guitar) and Paul Zahl (drums). Tong and Belfer departed temporarily, and Peter Principle (b. Peter Dachert) joined as a full-time member. Tuxedomoon signed to the Resident ' Ralph Records in 1979, which eventually got them overseas exposure. Feeling that their ideas were more in tune with the European electronic music scene, the band toured Europe after 1980's Half Mute, for which Tong returned with filmmaker and visual artist Bruce Geduldig. After 1981's Desire, the band relocated permanently to Rotterdam, where Reininger began to branch out as a solo artist. Tuxedomoon was also hired to score a Maurice Bejart ballet, the results of which were released in 1982 as Divine. Reininger left for a solo career in 1983 and was replaced by Frankie Lievaart and horn player Luc Van Lieshout. In between side projects and scoring, the band sought an international deal for their forthcoming LP Holy Wars; it was eventually released in 1985 and became the band's biggest commercial success. Tong left the group for good that year, leaving Brown and Principle the only remaining San Francisco members; multi-instrumentalist Ivan Georgiev was hired to replenish the group's sound for 1986's Ship of Fools album and tour. 1987's jazz-fusion-oriented You was Tuxedomoon's final studio album, although scoring work from past projects was subsequently reissued in Belgium. In addition to Reininger, Brown, Principle, and Tong have all recorded as solo artists.
On July 20, 2004 Tuxedomoon, complete again with founder Blaine Reininger, released a new studio album, Cabin in the Sky.

Discography(Studio albums and live sets)

Half Mute (1980)
Joeboy in Rotterdam (1981)
Desire (1981)
Divine (1982)
Holy Wars (1985)
Ship of Fools (1986)
You (1987)
Suite En Sous-Sol-Time to Lose (1982)
The Ghost Sonata (1991)
Joeboy in Mexico (1997)
Soundtracks - Urban Leisure (2002)
Cabin in the Sky (2004)
Bardo Hotel Soundtrack (2006)

Ten Years In One Night (live) (1988)
Live in St. Petersburg (live) (2002)

A Thousand Lives by Picture (1983)
Pinheads on the Move (1987)
Solve et Coagula (1994)
Remixes & Originals (2000)

more info: the official site Blaine L. Reininger's Tuxedomoon page unofficial page Winston Tong page

Part 2 : next time


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Well well well, what can I say? Huge post... . I want to ask something - I saw that You have "OneTwo" single, so is there a chance for The Listening Pool album "Still Life" from 1994? Listening Pool was a band formed by Paul Humphreys and the rest of OMD (Mal Holmes, Martin Cooper...) after they left band in 1988. "Still Life" is a interesting piece of pop-rock music, but much greater and more beautiful than things released in the first half of 90's. A piece hard to get, but worth a while for listening. Is there a chance that this album will be here someday?

Greetings :)


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What's up man?
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