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THE LISTENING POOL - Still life (1994) for RYOGA and OMD fans



Paul Humphreys - Vocals, Keyboards, Synths
Malcolm Holmes - Drums
Martin Cooper - Saxophone, Keyboards


01 Meant To Be
Paul Roberts (The Stranglers): backing vocals
02 Oil For The Lamps Of China
03 Follow Where You Go
04 Breathless
05 Somebody Somewhere

Paul Roberts singing lead vocals
06 Photograph Of You
07 Promised The World
08 Blue Africa
09 Still Life
10 Where Do We Go From Here
11 Wild Strawberries
12 Hand Me That Universe

Link to download:

about the band:
A founding half of pioneering electro-pop band Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Paul Humphreys left the team in 1990, taking two other band members -Mal Holmes and Martin Cooper- along with him to form the Listening Pool. They recorded one album ('Still Life') which sank without trace, and the project hasn't been heard from since (disbanded around 1996).
Humphreys later formed the project OneTwo.

"If anything, this album from the "other 3" members of OMD proves that the vital aspects of OMD, being the melody, the solid songwriting, and stellar musicianship does NOT belong exclusively to OMD singer, Andrew McCluskey. In fact, this album gives Mal, Martin, & ESPECIALLY Paul their moment to shine. And they do so brilliantly. Paul's voice is phenomenal & has only gotten better with time. Much more melodic & soulful than any of his OMD efforts. This album is what OMD's last album SHOULD have sounded like. Very mature, yet classy. The two stand-out tracks on this album are MEANT TO BE and the title track, STILL LIFE. Irrepressible hooks that keep you humming the damn melody for days after you've listened to it. While this album isn't as synth-laden as a "traditional" OMD album, it showcases a different side of the classic OMD sound.......true soul & solid, mature songs. Paul Humphries was undoubtedly the vital element in OMD's success. Truly one of the great & under-appreciated keyboardists of the last 25 years. And Martin Cooper's Bass playing is more solid & punchy than ANYHTHING on an OMD record. Mal Holmes rounds it all out with a tight in-the-pocket groove on the drumkit. As a long-time fan, I can only dream of how great OMD would be if these guys could get their differences put aside & get on with the music. Go out & Buy this album. You'll wonder WHY you waited so long. To sum it all up in one sentence......STILL LIFE is the long-lost OMD album. The type of record that Andy McCluskey & his hired guns SHOULD have made. A definite 5 out of 5 for me ! :-)"

"As for this album, it's great--everything you'd expect from the former members of OMD. It actually sounds pretty much like a lost OMD album---it is very hard to come by, and you'll be happy that you're able to add this to your collection!"

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Anonymous Ryoga said...

Thanks!! I wasn't expecting it, because it is not easy to find :). Thanks again :).

Greetings! :)

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Gary C. said...

Hello Salty, how are you doing? I uploaded two Soda Stereo albums. o Stereo.rar.html n Delator.rar.html
Check them out and let me know if you want to post, so I send the lyrics as well as some comments.
Talking about T what about some Thompson Twins and Tin Machine, I mean can you post some of it?
Hope you enjoy the music.
Already thankful,


7:45 PM  
Anonymous Gary C. said...

Salty, here it goes...
Band:Soda Stereo
Album:Corazon Delator
Tracks:01-Nada Personal 02-¿Por Que
No Puedo Ser Del Jet-Set? 03-Hombre
Al Agua 04-Dietetico 05-Tratame
Suavemente 06-Signos 07-No Existes
08-Mundo De Quimeras 09-Un Misil En
Mi Placard 10-Primavera 0 11-Luna

Album:Sueno Stereo
Tracks:01-Ella Uso Mi Cabeza Como Un Revolver 02-Disco Eterno 03-Zoom
04-Ojo De La Tormenta 05-Efecto
Doppler 06-Paseando Por Roma
07-Pasos 08-Angel Electrico
09-Crema De Estrellas 10-Planta
11-X-Playo 12-Moire

Salty in reality the name of the album 'Sueno Stereo' in Spanish would be 'Sueño Stereo' which means 'Stereo Dream' but the 'ñ' is a Spanish letter that is a character that you won't find in English keyboards.
That was a Spanish Lesson with no
charge :))

You'll find info about the band in

Well Salty as always a pleasure to be in touch with you.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous ataru said...

many thanks... i missed this cd... i love too much... i have the cd singles for Oil For The Lamps Of China and Meant To Be, but i didn't found this cd...

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, can anyone please repost this...the link is dead.


10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUP (05.2008)


11:51 PM  

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