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JOBRIATH posted by Scott

"Jobriath tried to cash in on the glitter-rock trend and turned out to be one of the most costly and least successful hypes in rock history."

Real name:
Bruce Wayne Campbell (born: on Dec 14, 1946 in King of Prussia, PA/Died Aug 3,1983)

Glam Rock

JOBRIATH - Jobriath (1973)

AS PERFORMED BY:Jobriath, Billy Schwartz, Steve Love, John Syomis, Andy Muson
CO-STARRING:Ken Bichel, Peter Frampton, Carl Hall, Tasha Thomas, Rhetta Hughes, Heather Macrae, Zenobia


01 Take Me I'm Yours
02 Be Still
03 World Without End
04 Space Clown
05 Earthling
06 Movie Queen
07 I'm a Man
08 Inside
09 Morning Star Ship
10 Rock of Ages
11 Blow Away

Link to download:

Review by Dave Thompson
Grand, grandiose, obsessive, overbearing, precocious, pretentious — you could spend a lifetime browsing the thesaurus and still never put your finger on everything that makes Jobriath's debut the legend that it is. Part of the problem, of course, is reputation — after 20 years of being hammered as the hype that scuppered glam rock in the U.S., then five more of rediscovery and absolute reinvention, Jobriath is today revered as much for its maker's status as gay America's first public icon as for its actual contents. Maybe even more so. Strip away such hullabaloo, however, and you're still left with an album that merits all the applause. Of course it's rock — "World Without End" and "Earthling" are even funk rock, and so smartly shade David Bowie's "Fame" and "Stay" bookends that one cannot help but wonder — but it's so much more than that. Jobriath's voice falls somewhere between vaudeville over-elucidation and operatic emphasis; his lyrics ooze pierrots, aliens, and movie stars, and his arrangements make Queen sound like an underachieving garage band. A few years later, Meatloaf would take a similar grasp on the vastness of excess and make a million. Jobriath made a millstone, but the parallels are apparent all the same. Heartfelt ballad as medieval battering ram. The stars of the show are spotlit from the start. Eddie Kramer's production ranks among his most unrestrained ever, so that even the piano ballads are draped across the broadest of stages. Add the band to the brew, and you can hear the kitchen sinks flying in. But if Jobriath (like Bat Out of Hell) is awash in brain-charring overkill, the surfeit is by no means gratuitous — or rather, it is, but only because it needs to be. In any other surroundings, songs like "Movie Queen" and "Inside" would seem slight and trite. Here they are the shade that prefigures the light — the sun-bright blast of "Morning Starship," the Rocky Horror boogie of "Rock of Ages," the unfettered majesty of "Take Me I'm Yours." Jobriath's songs are big-screen Cinerama, the slightest motion ten feet tall, the tiniest whisper Sensurround sharp. And just when you think they can't get any bigger, "Blow Away" wraps things up with a choral concerto, a hammy hymn, an exaggeration so huge that even the lyrical lift from Three Little Piggies sounds dramatic and profound. Grand and grandiose, obsessive and overbearing, precocious, and pretentious — it's Jobriath. What else did you expect?

JOBRIATH - Creatures of the street (1974)

Jobriath Boone, Steve Love, Billy Schwartz, Jim Gregory, Greg Diamond, Hayden Wayne
Marlow B. West, David Hargrove, Charles McNeil
Andy Muson, John Syomis, Ken Bichel, Jimmy Maeulen, Gordon Edwards, Pretty Purdy, Cornell Dupree, Gerry Jemott
Carl Hall, Tasha Thomas, Heather Macrae, Zenobia, Rosetta Hightower and Friends
John Paul Jones - Courtesy of Atlantic Records, Peter Frampton - Courtesy of A&M Records, Jerry Patterson, George Ricci, Chris Peterson - Courtesy of Stormy Forest Records, The Jobriath Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Reeves


01 Heartbeat
02 Dietrich/Fondyke
03 Street Corner Love
04 Ooh la La
05 Scumbag
06 Ecubyan
07 Good Times
08 Sister Sue
09 What a Pretty
10 Liten Up
11 Gone Tomorrow
12 Ooh la La

Link to download:

Widely acclaimed today as the first ever openly (and genuinely) gay rock star, an iconic status which only seems to harden as time passes, Jobriath can also be described among the saddest casualties in modern musical history. The two albums he cut during 1973-1975 are collectors items today and deservedly so. But for at least two decades after their release, their maker's name was more likely to be evoked as an example of the dangers of hype, than anything else, with the actual quality of both his music and his performance deeply buried beneath the avalanche of scorn which knowing critics still pour on his head.
However, both Morrissey and the Pet Shop Boys have talked openly of their admiration for Jobriath, Jayne County has described him as America's premier glam rock idol and Mark Stewart is an unlikely, but equally loyal fan. So, too, are the generation of young glam rock fans who were curious enough to look beyond the record company hype (and the music industry hatred) to investigate the intriguingly packaged, deliciously delivered records which bore the singer's name. Neither has been scarred by time, neither has been overtaken by age. In 1973-1975, Jobriath records were regarded as a waste of time. Today, they are simply timeless.

more info: everything about Jobriath

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Anonymous Benito González said...

It is a shame that Rapidshare has to delete de first Jobriath album! I've been looking through this record for so long. Please let us know if you reupload it in another web service. Greetings from Mexico City and thanks for your great blog!.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Simon Rubie from Finland said...

Hi !
I have a very beaten up version of Creatures of the street, which I received from my uncle years ago. I'd like to hear a clear version of it.. is there any chance of a repost ?

3:05 AM  
Blogger Ro Ro said...

Is there any way u can reupload? i just read about him and am dying to hear these songs. thanks.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it be possible in any way to re-upload Jobriath first LP? I know you have done this before, but I am having a really difficult time locating this record. I can't seem to find it anywhere. It would be very much appreciated.

Keep up the effort with this super-fine blog.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUP (04.2008)



Creatures of the Street

12:12 AM  
Blogger Ro Ro said...

thank u to the person who reupped! you're wonderful!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If sb can reupload that albums again?? please!

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that has been taken down. From what I've heard, the site offered several rare mp3 recordings. I'm curious to know if you would have some of these, and if you'd be willing to upload them:



Totally let me know. I'd especially love to hear the demos!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Nivek Salander said...

does anyone have his performance at the bottom line?

i've been searching and have had no luck. is no longer available and it has been taken off youtube.

please contact me if you know where i can download it!

11:30 PM  

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