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"Scritti Politti : Intellectual Hooliganism" (Melody Maker)




01 Asylums In Jerusalem (3:14)
02 A Slow Soul (3:17)
03 Jacques Derrida (4:59)
04 Lions After Slumber (6:10)
05 Faithless (4:15)
06 Sex (4:22)
07 Rock-A-Boy Blue (5:51)
08 Gettin' Havin' & Holdin' (5:16)
09 The Sweetest Girl (6:16)

Link to download:

"Is this anything like Cupid and Psyche and all that followed? Nope. Is this music like anything else in my collection (80's and electronica)? Nope. Is it one of the most mind blowing and fresh albums I have ever heard? Yes! Yes! Yes! Listen to this recording and you body will start to move in strange and exciting ways. Standout tracks include Lions After Slumber, Sex and the Sweetest Girl (which was later covered by Madness in the late 80's). Feel like listening to something totally different? Give this a go - it will not disappoint."

"Originally issued in 1982, it was ahead of its times. In 2002, it still is. When I listened to this record for the first time in the Spring of 1983, I felt the sounds, the aura, the freedom from musical cliches were not to be emulated for a while. Today, a couple of thousands of CDs later, the magic of this record still continues. Consider it a fresh, 2002-vintage release of excellent music, rather than a re-issue of a 1982 vinyl. It's a winner beyond styles and decades."

CUPID & PSYCHE 85 (1985)



01 The Word Girl (4:24)
02 Small Talk (3:39)
03 Absolute (4:25)
04 A Little Knowledge (5:01)
05 Don't Work That Hard (3:59)
06 Perfect Way (4:43)
07 Lover To Fall (4:12)
08 Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) (4:48)
09 Hypnotize (3:34)
10 Flesh & Blood (5:35)
11 Absolute (Version) (6:11)
12 Wood Beez (Version) (5:56)
13 Hypnotize (Version) (6:35)

Link to download:


"i just rediscovered this album after 20 years and i found that it is still brilliant and i remembered the words to every song. it is simply one of a kind. it is 80's yes, but it doesn't sound so dated. this is soul and groove, pop and synth with a little rhythm guitar that does not take over the music, the arrangemnt works so well. the verses are so catchy and the bridges and chorsus are unforgettable. the lyrics are great (comon, "each time i go to bed i pray like aretha frankin"),there is not one bad song on the album. you can't say that very often. i am so happy i found it again! and, i love the dub versions of hypnotize & wood beez, when i heard this in 85, it sounded so new to me. this is an album that pop fan should be without. get it!"

"For anyone that has not listened to this album, you are in for a treat. Green Gartside is truly a musical/lyrical genius. His usage of big words and his references to philosophy and psychology will leave you deciphering many of the lyrics, but in my opinion, he's written some of the best love songs ever made. Whether slow, or a danceable tune, this songs are the stuff love songs are made of. You have to appreciate the quality of this album. The group used the best and most sought-after session musicians of the time. As mentioned by another reviewer, the backup singers are top-notch and were the highest-paid and most-used New York session singers of that era. B.J. Nelson and Tawatha Agee who are found on this album (and Provision) can also be found on the best Albums of Duran Duran and Bryan Ferry during the 80's (B.J. Nelson and Tawatha Agee were the two backup singers on Duran Duran's Arena tour. Drummer Steve Ferrone also became the new drummer for Duran Duran some time after Roger Taylor left the band). Green's voice, his lyrics (and his beautiful blue eyes) make you fall in love with him and his songs. His songs make you reflect on the pain of love lost, they make you want to fall in love, they make you want to hold on to the love you've got, they make you want to make love. ;-) When you listen these songs, you can feel the emotion behind the words. "



Marcus Miller plays bass giutar


01 Boom! There She Was
02 Overnite (4:44)
03 First Boy In This Town (Lovesick) (4:22)
04 All That We Are (3:31)
05 Best Thing Ever (3:51)
06 Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry For Loverboy) (4:21)
Featuring - Miles Davis
07 Bam Salute (4:33)
08 Sugar And Spice (4:11)
09 Philosophy Now (4:53)
10 Oh Patti (Extended) (6:32)
Featuring - Miles Davis
11 Boom! There She Was (Dub) (7:14)

Link to download:


"This is an extremely exciting record: - heavy bass - tremendous treble - record-setting rhythms - superb songwriting - fantastic singing - outstanding lyrics = all in all one of the time-stopping records of the late 80's. On my watch, this is the record with the most intensive beat - ever. Everything's light (for the funky rhythm), and heavy at the same time (for the melody and the words make a perfect, profound houseshake). I congratulate Scritti Politti for this milestone in music: play the funk popily and get all the freax dancin' while challenging the mindset - a perfect album. It's been with me since 1988 (I even convinced my girlfriend of that time to marry me by listening to "Overnight" in one unforgettable session of lovemaking - she's with me even today...[2005]). May you have the same luck by listening to and enjoying this unique record. "

"This is one of those rare albums that pulls you out of that 'BLUE FUNK' we all feel from time to time. I keep this CD in my car for the inevitable traffic jam and the unavoidable Monday morning commute. From the powerhouse "Boom! There she was" to the airy almost dream quality of "Oh Patti" this CD delivers emotional salvation. I recommend this wholeheartedly and it can not be deteceted on a drug test either."


Electronic, Hip Hop

Bass - Me'Shell Ndegeocello /Featuring - Jimahl , Lee Majors , Me'Shell Ndegeocello , Mos Def , Red Cloud/ Guitar - Wendy Melvoin/ Producer - David Gamson


01 Umm
02 Tinseltown To The Boogiedown
03 First Goodbye
04 Die Alone
05 Mystic Handyman
06 Smith 'n' Slappy
07 Born To Be
08 The World You Understand (Is Over + Over + Over)
09 Here Come July
10 Prince Among Men
11 Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder

Link to download:

"This is really an incredible album. It has grown on me over the years. After not having heard it for about 4 years (my first copy in storage overseas) I was soothed and excited all over again. Scritti really has done something new here and even in 2005 it sounds new and fresh.I happen to like rap so this collaboration doesn't bother me, in fact I think it's very interesting. The melodies are still there and many of the songs have a flowing, strumming quality. I just wish he would come out with an album of new original material! I've been waiting forever...."


Electronic, Pop
Downtempo, Vocal


01 The Boom Boom Bap (4:18)
02 No Fine Lines (1:43)
03 Snow In Sun (3:36)
04 Cooking (2:44)
05 Throw (3:20)
06 Dr. Abernathy (6:33)
07 After Six (2:13)
08 Petrococadollar (3:24)
09 E Eleventh Nuts (2:53)
10 Window Wide Open (3:12)
11 Road To No Regret (3:28)
12 Locked (4:17)
13 Mrs. Hughes (6:01)
14 Robin Hood (3:10)

Link to download:

"Yep, me too. Green Gartside is a hero. The art, the music, the production and creativity back in the 80s was awesome. Then it all went quiet. So a new album? It's certainly very different. Keep an open mind. Things have changed. Green certainly has. It's all very black and white, bittersweet, the lyrics are a bit tortuous and smack of some form of angst or a challenge to his confidence and optimism. However Green's voice hasn't changed and neither has his creativity. The songs are minimalist in the main but really quite brilliant. And they all seem to have happy positive endings (like all great movies). Give it a couple of listens. Try it late at night. It's awesome. I have now got to the point of playing it in the car (but felt the need to close all the windows to block out the outside world). It'll get to you and you'll be humming the melodic hooks before you know it. "

"After the sheer brilliance of his 1999 album, anomie & bonhomie, comes this very different album seven years later. A collection of really lovely songs, mostly gently accompianied, which gives full prominance to his unique and wonderful voice. (yes it really is natural - I heard it live in February). From the opening track, the forthcoming single "boom boom bap", to the downright catchy and memorable "snow in sun", this album has more than any previous one a feeling of cohesion and a consistant style. Influences of the beatles, ABBA and the Beach boys amongst others are there, but always with his entirely original style of lyrics and melody. Green is a truely talented man, and perhaps never more evident than on this new album. Thoroughly recommeded."

EARLY (2005)

Electronic, Rock
Leftfield, Indie Rock


01 Skank Bloc Bologna
02 Is And Ought The Western World
03 28/8/78
04 Scritlocks Door
05 Opec - Immac
06 Messthetics
07 Hegemony
08 Bibbly-o-tek
09 Doubt Beat
10 Confidence
11 P.A.S.
12 The "Sweetest Girl"
12 Lions After Slumber

link to download for EARLY and PEEL SESSIONS:

Product Description
This notable and influential trio from Leeds splashed onto the UK pop scene around the 1979 release of their "4 A-Sides" and "Works in Progress" EPs (St. Pancras/Rough Trade) - a body of work oft-forgotten considering the more sizable success of '82's "Songs to Remember". When the three, singer/guitarist Green Gartside, Tom Morley (drums/drum machines) and Nial Jinks (bass) sailed further into the sea of UK blue-eyed soul. Most of the material that you will relish here on "Early" are pulled from the aforementioned EPs when the band lived together in a squat in Camden Town and their sound was markedly angular, somewhat minimalist and perhaps youthfully rugged and experimental - qualities they then shared with contemporaries like Wire and Gang of Four.

"Seems like it's always been hip to be politically liberal. But Green Gartside's erudition and wit set him above the knee-jerk hordes, making this Scritti Politti compilation revolutionary in every sense. Gentler than punk, sparer than new wave, quirkier than dub, and far more intelligent than campus sloganeering, when you hear this eccentric release you will forgive Scritti Politti for succumbing to the lure of commercialism. "

"This release is so long overdue. Scritti Politti, to me, encompass everything that was right and good about 'post-punk' in the UK at the time - the DIY ethic, exemplified by the hand-stamped labels on the first Peel session release, and the detailed sleeve notes regarding the 'means of production'. A fine and unique voice has Mr Gartside, and also a genius for improvised tunes, and innovative production tricks on a shoestring. I love this band like no other, and I glory in their intelligence and musical ability.
This scratchy, intense yet spare music, nodding at dub reggae, nodding at punk at such a so fragile, yet it holds together. Lyrically dense, and of course dealing with Marxist themes, related to late '70s Britain - just listen to 'Hegemony'- music, voice, words melded in a unique and intoxicating melange of sonic brilliance. This 'early' Scritti are nothing like the intelligent and uber-slick pure-and-perfect-pop of later Scritti, and all the better for that.
I own all the songs included here on the original vinyl, they are rare apparently, so it's a shame it seems to me that Rough Trade couldn't source and include the second Peel session which featured 'The Humours of Spitalfields', 'Knowledge and Interest', a different version of 'Doubt Beat' (as featured on the 4 'A' sides ep) and '5.12.78' a new version of the instrumental featured on the Skank Bloc Bologna ep. It would have completed the collection. I wonder if this second session was ever released?"

OK ! Here is also the second Peel Session for you but the third is still missing unfortunately


05/12/1978 (first)

Producer - Tony Wilson
Engineer - Mike Robinson
Studio - Maida Vale 4


The Humours Of Spitalfields
Knowledge And Interest
Doubt Beat

Green (Guitar)
Tom (Drums)
Nial (Bass)

20/06/1979 (second)

Producer - John Sparrow
Engineer - Nick Gomm
Studio - Maida Vale 4


Scritt Locks Door
The New One

Green (Guitar)
Tom (Drums)
Nial (Bass)

Link to download for EARLY and PEEL SESSIONS :

about the band:
The name Scritti Politti was chosen as a homage to the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci: The name is generally understood to refer to Gramsci's political writings (although a more correct translation of this from the Italian would have produced "Scritti Politici").
Along with Green Gartside, the band's
early line-up included Matthew Kay (keyboards, manager), Tom Morley (drums) and Nial Jinks (bass) who left in 1980. The primary line-up of the band (1983-1989) consisted of Gartside (vocals), David Gamson (co-songwriter/keyboards/programming), and Fred Maher (drums/drum programming).
Formed in 1978 in Leeds, England, Scritti Politti is primarily a musical vehicle for singer-songwriter Green Gartside (real name Paul Julian Strohmeyer) (b. 22 June 1955, Cardiff, Wales). Initially a left-wing-inspired post-punk British rock group, Scritti Politti developed into a more mainstream pop music project in the early to mid-1980s, enjoying significant success in the music charts in the U.K. and U.S. The group's most successful album, 1985's Cupid & Psyche '85, was innovative in its early use of the techniques of sampling and MIDI sequencing and produced hit singles including The Word Girl, Wood Beez and Absolute. Following this period of fame, Gartside became disillusioned with the music industry and retired to the South Wales of his childhood for nearly a decade. He returned to music-making in the late 1990s, releasing two critically-acclaimed albums in 1999 and 2006.
Gartside is known for his distinctive falsetto vocals; he was described by one critic as having "a voice that's eternally 14 years old".

"Songs To Remember" (1982) UK #12
"Cupid & Psyche '85" (1985) UK #5
"Provision" (1988) UK #8
"Anomie & Bonhomie" (1999) UK #33
"Early" (2005) (retrospective containing earliest singles)
"White Bread, Black Beer" (2006)

"I was really rude about Rough Trade. I became really angry about the indie movement, the way it became an inward looking institution, it became a style unto itself, with its own silly rules; a lot of which still persists to this day. Plus I was bored with it."

more info: the Scritti Politti source The Scritti Politti Workshop ( lyrics,photos,articles,interviews,history,links etc.) more bio Incendiary interview Green Gartside (fresh)

Scritti Politti is my personal favourite as well as Prefab Sprout,China Crisis and The Dream Academy.(and The Church,The Stranglers,and....ok my list is endless ) :)

1985 was a fantastic year !!Do you remember? Scritti Politti : Cupid & Psyche 85 ; Prefab Sprout : Steve McQueen ; The Dream Academy : The Dream Academy and China Crisis : Flaunt The Imperfection . You will find them here sooner or later!!


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REUPS (05.2008)

SCRITTI POLITTI - Provision (1988)

SCRITTI POLITTI - Songs To Remember (1982)

THOMPSON TWINS -Close to the bone


THOMPSON TWINS - Come Inside (mixes)

PRODUCT OF... PARTICIPATION (1981) with bonus

SET (1982) with bonus

IN THE NAME OF LOVE (1982) with bonus

LIVE (1983)



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REUPLOAD (oct.2008):

SCRITTI POLITTI - Anomie & Bonhomie

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