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PAMALA STANLEY - This is hot (1979) and some more




01 This Is Hot
02 Hey Mr. Magic
03 All I Want To Do Is Dance
04 That'll Be The Day
05 Mr. Sunshine
06 What I Like Is You
07 Only You Can Reach Me
08 I'm Never Gonna Let You Go

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Pamala's grandfather, was multitalented, playing any string instrument set before him. He turned down a Hollywood career to stay with her grandmother. Her mother, the major influence in the family, was a singer, and her sisters Sandra Young and Robin Rogers are both well known singers in the Houston, Texas area. Her brother is renowned, James Lee Stanley, recording artist in Hollywood, CA as well as a writer and producer, owning his own record company, Beachwood Records.
Pamala was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began singing with her brother (James) and sister (Sandra) by the time she was six. At age 17, Pamala became a country singer with a local band named The Rudy Wesley show. She then moved on to rock, pop and show dance bands.After high school formed with Sandra The Fifth National Band,which became the most popular local band in the area drawing thousands of fans and included tours up and down the East Coast. By the late seventies, Pamala was in New York where played piano bars and did some commercials for Schlitz Beer and Bounce.-a german producer, Karl Schmitz walked into the club “Brothers and Sisters” on West 46th Street where Pamala was performing and offered her a recording contract in Germany.She then flew to Germany and recorded the world wide dance hit, "This Is Hot," for EMI -it was an instant success -and did extensive touring in northern Europe and taped many national television shows in Germany, Holland, Ecuador and the United States, including "Dance Fever." She was a favorite on the hit Canadian show "Michele Gasmin's Talk Show."

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GO WEST - Indian Summer (1992)

Backing Vocals - Lynn Davis (tracks: 1, 3, 6) , Phillip Ingram (tracks: 1, 3, 6) Bass - Abraham Laboriel (tracks: 5, 8, 9) Drum Programming - Steve Dubin (tracks: 5, 8 to 10) Drum Programming, Keyboards - Peter Wolf (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 13) Executive Producer - Ron Fair Guitar - David Williams (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 6) , Paul Jackson Jr. (tracks: 7 to 10) Horns - Dan Higgins (tracks: 1, 5, 6, 9, 13) , Gary Grant (tracks: 1, 5, 6, 8 to 10, 13) , Jerry Hey (tracks: 1, 5, 6, 8 to 10, 13) , Larry Williams (tracks: 1, 5, 6, 8 to 10, 13) Keyboards - Ron Fair (tracks: 5, 7 to 10) Lead Vocals - Peter Cox Mixed By - Tom Lord-Alge (tracks: 1 to 10) Percussion - Steve Forman (tracks: 5, 8 to 10) Piano - Randy Kerber (tracks: 7 to 9) Producer - Peter Wolf (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 13) , Ron Fair (tracks: 5, 7 to 10) Recorded By - Michael C. Ross (tracks: 5, 7 to 10) , Paul Erickson (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 13) Saxophone - Kirk Whalum (tracks: 2, 3, 7, 9)


01 Faithful
02 Still In Love
03 Tell Me
04 That's What Love Can Do
05 What You Won't Do For Love
06 The King Of Wishful Thinking
07 The Sun And The Moon
08 Count Me Out
09 Crystal Ball
10 Forget That Girl
11 Bluebeat
12 I Want You Back
13 A Taste Of Things To Come

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"Following the lacklustre performance of Dancing On The Couch it would be five years before the release of Go West's third and probably most complete album Indian Summer. Though the album was a long time in the making, there is no doubting that it was very much worth the wait as Go West bounced back in some considerable style. Recorded in the US, the album reflects Go West's growing reputation as accomplished purveyors of blue-eyed pop/soul and the wide range of soulful ballads alongside the upbeat joyfulness of songs such as Faithful, a major hit in 1992, only served to re-establish Go West as one the UK's greatest musical exports of the 80s and beyond. The album gave rise to five singles The King Of Wishful Thinking, Faithful, What You Won't Do For Love, Still In Love and Tell Me (in the US). The best known song from the album, The King Of Wishful Thinking, originally featured on the multi-million selling soundtrack for the movie Pretty Woman and remains their biggest selling single to date in Worldwide terms. Of the other singles, Faithful remains a firm favourite amongst fans and is a stalwart in Go West's live set. To my mind this album remains Go West's most accomplished album to date and is worthy of a place in music fan's record collection."
"This 1992 comeback album from Go West is remarkable in that it isn't a step down from their mid-1980s heyday. Most bands' "comeback" albums sound like they should never have been released, but Peter Cox's superb soul voice powers this recording. With the exception of "The Sun and the Moon," side one is brilliant. The opening track, "Faithful" is a great, shout-the-chorus song, with earnest vocals, and the other hit, "King of Wishful Thinking," is an up-tempo romp. Other highlights are Kirk Whalum's sax opening on "Still in Love" and the slow cover of "What You Won't Do For Love." Unfortunately, Cox's great vocals take a holiday on the closing side one song, "The Sun and the Moon." The lyrics are sappy to the extreme, and his emotive voice overpowers this weak ballad. Side two is a little less memorable, but still very good. Highlights are the ballad "Bluebeat" and the super "I Want You Back." On the latter track, Cox rips into a backing arrangement of Richard Drummie's that sounds different than anything Go West has recorded before. With the exception of these two songs and "A Taste of Things to Come," the side two lyrics miss the mark. "Count Me Out" sounds like a million other songs, and "Forget that Girl" could have done without the incredibly silly line: "You're gonna be walking around / With a stone in your shoe / 'Til you forget that girl." A few minor quibbles aside, it's great that Go West could release such a wonderful comeback album, and it's disappointing that they broke up soon after this one was released."

YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA - Hi-Tech / No Crime (1992) -version of 15 tracks


01 Camouflage (Mark Gamble Micro-Mix) (1:40)
02 Light In Darkness (The 808 State Remix) (5:10)
03 Behind The Mask (The Orbital Remix) (5:50)
04 Multiplies (The Altern 8 Syncopated Remix) (3:49)
05 Loom (Mark Gamble Micro-Mix II) (0:47)
06 La Femme Chinoise (The LFO Remix) (4:48)
07 Tighten Up (The Robert Gordon Remix) (6:09)
08 Firecracker (Zero B Mix) (5:03)
09 Castalia (Mark Gamble Micro-Mix III) (2:26)
10 Shadows On The Ground (The Sweet Exorcist Remix) (5:57)
11 Rydeen (The Graham Masey Remix) (5:20)
12 Firecracker (Additional Production, Reconstruction And Mix By The Shamen) (5:36)
13 Tong Poo (The Orb Remix I) (9:46)
14 Tong Poo (The Other Orb Remix II) (9:40)
15 Light in Darkness (...Spark) (The 808 State Ambient Reprise) (1:30)

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THOMPSON TWINS - Sugar Daddy (1989) posted by MIDI


01 Sugar Daddy (velvet rail mix)
02 Sugar Daddy (velvet rail edit)
03 Monkey Man
04 Sugar Daddy (Sweet N' Low Mix)
05 Sugar Daddy (7 remix)

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