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Electro, Disco

Real Name:
George Stefen Kranz

"Din Daa Daa"

MY RHYTHM (1984)


01 Your Touch (4:06)
02 ie Trommeln (3:16)
03 Is It Jazz? (:36)
04 Din Daa Daa (US Mix) (6:19)
05 Waikoma (3:45)
06 My Rhythm (4:11)
07 Wild Vocals (2:49)
08 No - It's Funk! (4:31)
09 Mojn Buddha (4:22)
10 Zoom (4:06)

Link to download:



01 Din daa daa (Franky Boissy remix)
02 Din daa daa (trommeltanz) (extended mix)
03 Din daa daa (acapella)
04 Din Daa Daa (Razormaid Mix)
05 Din Daa Daa (trommeltanz) (Dub Version)
06 Din Daa Daa (trommeltanz) (12'' Master Version)
07 Din Daa Daa (Disconet Remix)

Link to download:

George Kranz (15. Dezember 1956) is a German actor,dance music singer and percussionist.He played with the legendary German new wave band Zeitgeist and with Ulla Meinecke in the early 80s. He is best known for his song "Trommeltanz", otherwise known as "Din Daa Daa". The song hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1984 and then returned to the chart in a new version in 1991, peaking at #8. "Din Daa Daa" (sometimes spelled "Din Da Da") is considered a classic dance music track and has been remixed, sampled and bootlegged many times, most recently on The Ying Yang Twins song "Shake" featuring Pitbull and in an Xbox 360 television commercial.He got name in Germany as the somgwriter and producer for the musical "Linie1".Later he wrote songs for other bands and wrote the music/screenplay of the film Magic Sticks (1987) where he was playing too .He is living in Berlin and playing in the Grips-Theater since 1981.

My Rhythm (1983)
Your Touch (1984)
Magic Sticks (O.S.T.) (1986)
Move It (1989)
Sticky Druisin` (1995)
Very Best Of (2001)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From time to time my wish is triggered again and again to find this Magic Stick movie.

Is there anyone who is mercy of having this bliss in his collection? Surely someone must
have recorded from early 90’s when it was occasionally on TV in EU and US.

If someone has any finer data where or from who I can find this movie and soundtrack, please let me know (mail me at :

Thank you

11:30 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

My gods, it must be at least two days since I last visited lol. This time I went looking for the Hot Tracks remix of Rhetta Hughes' 1983 classic "Angel Man", find it as part of an obscure 80's compilation on a Polish message board and discover another great track, the "US Mix" of George Kranz's Din Daa Daa and go looking for some more remixes and here I am again! I have this strange feeling you have actually posted every track in the world already and thats why I keep returning!
Thanks so much for posting the whole album along with the plethora of George Kranz remixes.

PS> I had no idea Christoph Franke of Tangerine Dream fame was involved with this record, its a cool link between "krautrock" and the later "disco" vibe, an intersection I always love exploring.

6:36 AM  

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