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WHITE TOWN for Mario

United Kingdom
Electronic, Rock
House, Synth-pop, Indie Rock

Real Name:
Jyoti Mishra
Profile: British singer/producer. Born in India on July 30, 1966.

"Your Woman"


Ann Pearson - vocal
Robert Fleay - guitar
Iyoti Mishra - everything else


01 Undressed
02 Thursday At The Blue Note
03 A Week Next June
04 Your Woman
05 White Town
06 The Shape Of Love
07 Wanted
08 The Function Of The Orgasm
09 Going Nowhere Somehow
10 Theme For An Early Evening American Sitcom
11 The Death Of My Desire
12 Once I Flew

Link to download:

"White Town's WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY is an interesting collection. It's also quite a varied set of music. The single off of this album, "Your Woman", was all over the radio in the year that this was released, but don't purchase this CD expecting to hear ten other songs in the same style. The album as a whole is fairly quiet, thoughtful, and reflective, and "Your Woman" sticks out like a sore thumb (albeit a thumb that really knows how to party).It's really a pity that a lot of the song titles are more interesting than the pieces of music themselves. Don't get me wrong though, when White Town do something right, they do it very right. But when they go wrong, look out. Some of the songs on here are just painful. The lyrics are often banal and uninspired, so when the music lets them down, there's absolutely nothing of worth at all. A lot of the songs sound rushed and incomplete. I have no idea what the circumstances were behind the recording of this album, but if they did indeed hurry this release to a premature conclusion, I wouldn't be surprised.I find myself having some difficulty explaining even those songs that I do enjoy. Perhaps if I stated that I have an appreciation for them, rather than a genuine enjoyment it would better convey my exact reaction. There are a few songs that I thought sounded very good, but my response to the music was more along the lines of "Hmmm, that sounded very nice" rather than "Holy cow, that blew my head off!" It's an understated album, but one that is often too understated for its own good.While typing up this review, I had WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY playing at the same time, and I came to the conclusion that it works fairly well as background music. It's not an overwhelming album, but it does have several moments that broke through my consciousness and made me think, "Gee, that was a nice few seconds of music there." Unfortunately, these moments are fairly isolated at times. However, if that sort of thing appeals to you, then you might be quite happy with a purchase of this CD. But if you're looking for eleven songs that are all in the style of "Your Woman", then my advice is to search for that single on a compilation album."

"It's a shame this album did not enjoy very widespread success because the songs on it are truly original, innovative and emotional. The song "Your Woman" alone is enough to warrant the purchase of this album. Be forewarned, however, if you are buying this album thinking all the song will be as catchy and immediately-enjoyable as Your Woman, your in for a surprise. The rest of the songs go beyond that and are far deeper. You have to really listen to the lyrics to truly appreciate them. When you do that you will see their meaning and beauty and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I did. All in all I would like to see more albums like this to break away from the mold. This album is a great example of what music is SUPPOSED to be: art."

"The entire album "Women in Technology" from White Town is good but i gotta say something in particular about "your woman" the sound and effect this of track in my mind is appealing, fascinating one of my favorite songs all time"

"This is one of the ONLY BANDS I have ever been able to enjoy! Very electronic sounding..and very original. I do not understand how anyone could not like this music. Yeesh. :) "

"This CD is ok. Most of the songs are boring and slow. The 1997 hit"Your Woman" is the best song on the CD. The second best is "Undressed" then it goes down hill from there. If you heard the song and are dying to hear it over and over then find the single! If you want to hear their other songs I suggest not to get this CD but it's your choice. I made a mistake getting this CD but I had no idea. Save your money, and don't buy this CD."

"I don't usually write a review, but all of you who are trashing this album are missing the point. Don't just buy this album expecting it all to be like Your Woman, because its not. Most of the album is absolutely beautiful. I find it very reminicent of Nick Drake actually, especially A Week Next June and White Town. This is not radio pop for casual listeners. This album is for the people who truly appreciate music as an art form and something that stikes a cord with your soul."


Recorded on analogue 8-track. 1: "Your Woman" contains a replayed sample of "My Woman" performed by Lew Stone and The Monseigneur Band (1932). Trumpet riff performed by Nat Gonella (Uncredited).


01 Your Woman (4:18)
02 Give Me Some Pain (4:23)
03 Theme For A Mid-Afternoon Game Show (2:48)
04 Theme For A Late-Night Documentry About The Dangers Of Drug Abuse (6:08)

YOUR WOMAN (Remixes) (1997)


01 Your Woman (Fitch Brothers Up-Town Dance Mix (Radio Edit)) (3:43)
02 Your Woman (Fitch Brothers Down-Town Mix (Short Version)) (3:55)
03 Your Woman (Fights 2000 Mix (Radio Edit)) (3:59) Remix - Scissorkicks
04 Your Woman (Album Version) (4:18)

Link to download for these EPs:

White Town is a techno-pop act from the United Kingdom, and is the work of one man, Jyoti Mishra. Mishra was born in Rourkela, India, on July 30, 1966, and has lived in England since the age of three. White Town is often regarded as a one-hit wonder for its 1997 song "Your Woman".Mishra, a straight edger and ex-Marxist, often incorporates political concerns in his songs veiled in terms of personal relationships (as in his only hit). After a troubled working relationship with EMI Records, Mishra was dropped from the label in 1997. Since then, he has gone back to working with indie labels like Parasol Records. His album, 2000's Peek & Poke, received moderately enthusiastic reviews but sold poorly compared to his major label work.[citation needed]In 2005, White Town contributed the song "The Pnac Cabal" to the charity album Voyces United for UNHCR.A new 7" vinyl single, the "A New Surprise EP" was released in September 2006 by Swedish indie label Heavenly Pop Hits, and was quickly followed up by the album Don't Mention the War, which launched Mishra's own Bzangy Records label.Mishra currently lives in Derby.The Music Video for "Your Woman" was shot in Derby City Centre and features iconic buildings and sculptures around Derby such as "the urinal" fountain, the "Derby Ram" and the guild hall
About Your Woman:

Jyoti Mishra:
" I recorded Your Woman in my home studio in Derby. My girlfriend suggested I send it off somewhere. But I'm not exactly the easiest package to sell: some fat Asian bloke who does his own recordings. I could only afford to send off five copies. Mark Radcliffe and Simon Mayo played it on Radio 1. I had more requests than Oasis and was quite freaked out. It was number one in Britain and eight other countries. I knew I would be a one-hit wonder. People were very strange towards me when I had a hit. Musicians who consistently said my stuff was rubbish suddenly changed their tune. And I became a lot more attractive to women. Amazing! I couldn't leave my house because people would start whistling my song at me, which became a bit wearing. If I had the chance to have a hit single again I'd probably say no - unless they offered me 20m quid."

More info: Jyoti Mishra’s Website


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