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Real Name:
Reinhold Heil -keyboard
Herwig Mitteregger -vocal,drums
Manfred Praeker -vocal,bass
Bernhard Potschka -guiutar

Electronic, Pop
Synth-pop, Disco , Neue Deutsche Welle



01 Spliff-Jingle
02 Sweet As Radio

03 Gravy
04 Disco-Kaine
05 Stoned Airlines (Jingle)
06 Baby I´m Bored
07 Gooroo
08 Jive
09 Spliff-Jingle
10 Cheap Chicks
11 Wysocki College (Jingle)
12 Deep In The City
13 Producers
14 Keep Your Feet On The Ground (Jingle)
15 Jet Set Star
16 Rock Is A Drug

Link to download:

The "radio show" is the short version of a two-hour revue, which Spliff specify on 2 May 1980 in Berlin. They were supported by the Australian Alf "Climax" Klimek (ex-Busby Berkley Road show), the Dutchwoman Lisa Bialac (ex-Gruppo Sportivo), as well as the American radio DJ Rik Delisle.Due to their unexpected success was the first Lp released with the same name.(After the record of the album Lisa Bialac left the band) The SPLIFF RADIO SHOW was a parody on the rockbusiness : the rise and fall of the fictitious superstar "Rocko J. Fonzo".

In February 1981 the SPLIFF RADIO SHOW went on Germany tour,and later gave concerts in Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Zurich, Stockholm and Goeteborg . Also these tours ran successfully, the SPLIFF RADIO SHOW was even given the German record prize.However the 2. tour in the summer 1981 did not run particularly well and some members left the band(Alf, Rik, Josè ).

85555 (1982)


01 Deja Vu
02 Heut' Nacht
03 Notausgang
04 Carbonara
05 Computer Sind Doof
06 Kill!
07 Duett Komplett
08 Jerusalem
09 Damals

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Their next -German speaking and most succesfull- Lp with "carbonara" and "deja vu" (The title "85,555" is after the order number of the LP) The album entered in February into the charts, and they held themselves there 56 weeks!
They went on tour again together with Prima Klima, Extrabreit und Interzone. Herwig Mitteregger won the prize of the best German drummer in 1982 by a specialized music magazine.

"With "85555" Spliff carried out a serious style change: Away of the rock revue "radio show" and the use of guest vocals, toward to a kind innovative art RockPop -a special Spliff style was falsely defined as NDW."

"This CD is a CULT!Its equal with their first album.One crazy song after the other and only two of them are well known.Starting with "deja vu" that is one of the timeless song of N.D.W with the famous lyrics "the red hugo hangs dead in the rope". The second completely mad and well-known title is "CARBONARA". When I was on holiday in Italy,I always listened to it in the evenings at the spaghetti partys.In the song they sing about a portion of Spagetti with a Cola ... these noises in the background are also absolutely cult and attract me again and again to the dancefloor at night.And there's "Computer sind doof" (computers are stupid). The rhythm of this song is simply genious with this "all the same to me" sound .The final movement on the CD is "damals" (in those days) ,over 7 minutes and is more turned off from the songs before.But the sound is here just as marvelous and there is for a long time no singing here, only spherical sound..."



01 Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
02 Augen Zu!
03 Tag Für Tag
04 Das Blech
05 Wohin? Wohin?
06 Es Ist Soweit
07 Herr Kennedy
08 Die Maurer
09 S.O.S.
10 Glaspalast

link to download:

After this Lp they started touring again,and worked on a soundtrack for the "Tattort" series as well as began recording their new -and last- album..

"Spliff is of the best N.D.W band ever! 1982 was a very good year for them. They released a very succesful album and two fantastic singles "Deja Vu" and "Carbonara" as well as they produced different musicians such as Nena and wrote even sounddtracks .Its no wonder that their next album came to light only 10 months after "85555". They perfected here their "principle of unprincipledness" in concept of the combination of musical elements and styles, which are actually incompatible: On one hand excessive employment of "cold" machines (Synthesizer, Sampler, Drumcomputer, effects) stands, on the other hand hard played guitars, basses and (Simmons)Drums. Spliff could play at that time EVERYTHING - from Reggae to hard rock.The texts are about dreams of young musicians,everyday life of "man in the street"("Es Ist Soweit" means "it is so far", "Die Maurer" means "the bricklayers",politics ("Mr. Kennedy") etc. High point of the album is surely Herwig Mittereggers grandios dark song "Glasspalast", about his divorce .Two songs "Herzlichen Glückwunsch" and "Das Blech" were big hits from this album.The magazine "Fachblatt" called him in this time the best group of Germany-they are right!"



01 Sirius
02 Telefon-Terror
03 Radio
04 Bahnhofshotel
05 Labyrinth
06 Shuttle
07 Rosalie
08 Der Clan
09 F#-Kuss
10 Rand der Welt

Link to download:

"Schwarz auf weis was at that time my favourite album of Spliff: I liked the fresh sounds of keyboard! It is a pity that they havent continued.It is perfect work on the instruments,good texts and excellent vocals.It is far the best album released ever in Berlin!"

ALLUS GUTE - Best Of (1993)


01 Wellensalat
02 Herzlichen Glückwunsch

03 Carbonara
04 Das Blech
05 Deja Vu
06 Radio
07 Duett Komplett (Remix)
08 Labyrinth
09 Notausgang
10 Herr Kennedy
11 Computer Sind Doof
12 Heut' Nacht
13 Glaspalast
14 Kill!
15 Jerusalem
16 Telefon-Terror
17 Rand Der Welt

Link to download:

REMIX (1990)


01 Deja Vu/02 Carbonara/03 Heut Nacht/04 Jerusalem (fury mix)/05 SOS (darkstar mix)/06 Das Blech (j.b mix)/07 Duett Komplett (8 bit mix)/08 Glaspalast (wag loop mix)/09 Computer Sind Doof/10 Herzlichen Glückwunsch (raf mix)

Link to download:

more about the band:
Formed in April 1979, Spliff was a spinoff of the Nina Hagen Band when the male musicians claimed that Nina had become too bossy. Spliff released four albums: The Spliff Radio Show, 85555, Herzlichen Glückwunsch, and Schwarz Auf Weiß. In 1984 the band members split up to focus on their solo careers.In 1986 Herwig Mitteregger and manager Jim Rocket announced a new Lp but stayed unreleased. Reinhold, Potsch and Manfred created the group of FROON in the year 1987 ,published an LP and 2 single (Herwig Mitteregger was a guest musician of a song) and separated in 1988. In 1990 finally released a mix-album with their biggest hits.
Their music is a mixture of "wild" rock -punk -soul -reggae -synthy pop -new wave -funk,the texts are sometimes abstract and sometimes primitive.

The Spliff Radio Show (CBS/1980) LP/CD
85 555 (CBS/1982) LP/CD
85 555 - International Version (CBS/1982) LP
Herzlichen Glückwunsch (CBS/1982) LP/CD
Schwarz auf weiss (CBS/1984) LP/CD
Spliff-Remix (CBS/1990) LP/CD
Alles Gute (Columbia/1993) Best-of-CD
Spliff and Friends (Columbia/1995) Best-of-CD

more info: Maggie's Spliff homepage I've translated their bio from here


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Vielen Dank für diese Platten. Many thanks for this records. If you like those stuff you must listen to the solo works of Herwig Mitteregger and the latest records of the eastgerman band Silly. They performed a sound nearly Spliff.

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Spliff - really great !!! WHat about re-upping the 'Remix' Album ?

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