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Real Name:
Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran

Latin,Freestyle, Synth-Pop



01 Bach To The Future (4:40)
02 Joy O.D. (4:02)
03 Yo, Elise! (4:59)
04 A Little Night Noise (4:47)
05 Paco Bell Cannos (3:53)
06 Death Of A Rascal (3:45)
07 Arabian Knights (4:41)
08 Macho Mozart (4:45)
09 Classical Confusion (5:04)

Link to dwonload:

Macho Mozart -dub version
Macho Mozart -bonus version

Link to dwonload:

A fantastic - and beautiful- instrumental album from the mid '80s ,Bach has wrapped by synths !



01 It Must Be You (4:58)
02 I Want Out (4:35)
03 Desiree (4:28)
04 Campanero (4:20)
05 When She Goes (5:05)
06 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (4:10)
07 On The Edge (4:48)
Co-producer - Little Louie Vega
08 I Pray For Love (4:15)
Co-producer - Andy "Panda" Tripoli , Bobby Khozouri
09 Touch Me (3:47)
10 It's Been Too Long (5:27)
11 Life's too short (4:56)
12 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (12" remix)

Link to download:

It is much more different as their first instrumental album .Another sweet-sounding style with lot of vocals.Rather pop -appearing guitars -than synth-pop and no more Bach..but not bad!!

by Steve Huey
Producers/DJs Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran — collectively known as the Latin Rascals — got their start as movers and shakers on the budding early-'80s New York City club scene, hosting an influential continuous-mix show on local dance radio. The duo went on to mastermind a number of Latin freestyle dance tracks, including work for TKA and the Cover Girls, among others. In 1999, the collection Mixmasters Vol. 1 was released, featuring reworkings of various Latin Rascals mixes by an array of DJs.

They are also famous about their mixes

i have some from 1984 -1985 (Early 80's NYC radio mixes).If you interested in just message me!

-electric kingdom megamix wktu_1984
-paco supermix2
-wktu_best of megamix 1984 megamix
-wktu_best of megamix 1985 megamix
-wktu 1985 part 1.-4.
-wktu_megamix b (3-16-85)
-kiss fm_megamix december 85
-kiss fm 1985 part1.-2.

My only problem is i dont have the tracklists. Ive found a page about these mixes maybe can help if you have lot of time :

REUPLOAD for Pablo

Double -blue 1985

Double -dou3le 1987

and for everybody from OMD

all mixed up vol 1.

all mixed up vol 2.

sorry for sendspace,but i cant post them to rapidshare,because they are forbidden (ive even tried to rename and upload without any luck)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for reup from OMD


2:34 PM  
Anonymous RObert POland said...

Mmmm... hooray!

many thanks for part one and p. two All Mixed Up, Salty.

Rapidshare very fast deleted posts about OMD, i remember my post ,,Dazzle Ships" - it was only 2 days on Rapidshare and... ,,Complains Rec" or something :/


11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason they were taken down is because they both had razor maid remixes and they do police rapidshare. Anytime your going to post a
r a z o r m a i d mix, you will just need to alter the name slightly so that a search wont find it. :)

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx from me for the OMDs too !!
McCluskey + Humphreys rule !


1:38 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

God i missed the re-upload :( i have 3 and 4. Maybe someone rather than salty can make me the favor to re-up them.
Thanks in advance.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

new link (01.04.2008)!!

LATIN RASCALS - Bach To The Future


5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUPS (mixes)

paco supermix2

kiss fm 1985 part1.-2.

wktu 1985 part 1.-4.

electric kingdom megamix wktu_1984

kiss fm megamix december 85

wktu_best of 1985 megamix

latinrascals@wktu_megamix b (3-16-85).rar

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please re-upload Macho Mozart Dub1 ? I have been looking for that song for years!!!


6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can u reupload "when she goes" album have been looking for that song for years!!!


7:51 AM  
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