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Marilyn - Despite Straight Lines (1985) for DJ WAVE


Real Name:
Peter Robinson

"Calling Your Name"

Backing Vocals - Bobby Rae (2) , Carol (Sugar Lips) , Claudia Fountaine* , Eric Robinson , Sweet Pea (Python)* Mixed By - Julian Mendelsohn (tracks: B3, B4) Producer - Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B2, B5) , Don Was (tracks: A2, B1) , Eric Robinson (tracks: A5, B3, B4)

Notes: This album has been crafted and shaped by circumstance with the understanding and trust with truth of many. Credit is due: Love and thanks: The Voices - Claudia Fountaine, Eric Robinson, Sweet Pea (Python), Carol (Sugar Lips), Bobby Rae. The Brains (Producers) - Cive & Alan, Don Was, Eric. The Hearts - Marilyn, Margaret Robinson, Christine Binnie, Dencil, Diana Ross.


01 Calling Your Name
02 Mountain To The Ocean
03 Surrender To Your Love
04 Pray For That Sunshine
05 Third Eye
06 Baby U Left Me (In The Cold)
07 You Don't Love Me
08 Give It Up
09 Wear It Out
10 Cry And Be Free

Link to download:

"Despite Straight Lines is the debut album by British New Wave singer Marilyn, released in June 1985 (see 1985 in music). Despite including Marilyn's huge hit "Calling Your Name", the long-awaited album was a commercial failure in the UK, possibly due to it being released well over 18 months after "Calling Your Name" and the subsequent loss of momentum in his career. The album did also feature two other minor top 40 UK hits ("Cry And Be Free", and "You Don't Love Me").Marilyn's follow-up album in 1986 was to be recorded in the United States with Don Was as producer, however legal and financial problems stymied the project.Marilyn announced on his MySpace blog that the album will be reissued in a limited edition in the near future. It may contain bonus tracks."

"marilyns debut album was a bit of a disaster released over a year after "calling your name" hit wonder status?
the follow up "cry and be free" was amazing but slow and failed to make a mark..then "you dont love me" again failed to hit the charts!
the album was proceded with "baby you left me" which was a huge flop!
the reason.. marilyn was seen as a cross-dresser..the novelty factor gave him one hit...after this it was reports he was bitchy and nasty didnt help.
id like to think its not true!!!...and blame the press for ruining a huge singer/songwriter cos it made press inches!!!
the album is pretty shows great songwriting potential...nothing crass and cheap..also marilyn has a great voice!
all five singles...the four mentioned and "pray for that sunshine" are included...all strong, well written well produced..the three new tracks "give it up" "surrender" and "mountain to ocean" are just as strong!
not a dodgy song in sight!..hopefully this album will get a cd release....with extra tracks like "move together" "raining again" and cry and be free(streisand style)..till then if you get a chance...grab this album!
makes me wonder if will young...westlife...celine dion..anybody..put out this album it would be huge...but because it was the early 80s and marilyn was in your a nasty bombed!!! the music industry and press have a lot to answer to!!!"

"I bought this cassette when it was released in 1985 and was blown away by two things, firstly some songs were a knockout and others were really boring.Despite all this it is a good album and you should but it today(even though "Spirit in the Sky" isnt on it!!! "

"Well I thought someone should write a review on this album as no one else has bothered. For the confused Marilyn Manson fans who have no doubt stumbled upon this LP wondering why he has short hair, is better looking, and isn't biting the head off a Barbie doll then it's because this is Marilyn the 80's gender bender. Ex-friend of Boy George. He crashed onto the pop scene in the early 80's after Culture Club became successful and record labels were looking for more gender benders to take on.Marilyn - much to the annoyance of Boy George - got a record deal and released a song called Calling Your Name, which got to number 4 in the UK and was number 1 all over the world. It was only after his second single Cry and Be Free, which scraped into the top 40, and his infamous performance on Top of The Pops where he wore a sinister looking cloak then removed it to reveal a man more beautiful than any of the female audience members that his career took a dive. A shame really as Cry and Be Free is a great song. My favourite of his.
Anyway to cut a long story short he released more singles from his album, which flopped, recorded a version of Spirit In The Sky, which was only released limited edition, then he faded into nothingness and is now fat and agoraphobic.
Here is the album review song by song.
Calling Your Name 10/10. Fabulous. It took a while to grow on me but now I can't get enough of it.
Mountain To The Ocean 10/10. This is one of my fave songs. A great high energy pop song. Really catchy with great lyrics.
Surrender Your Love 10/10. At first this one seems a bit rubbish but I love the springy sound in it and it really grows on you. Also one of my faves.
Pray For That Sunshine 7/10. This was a single. Also a grower. In fact most of the songs are growers.
Third Eye 6/10. This was a b-side and made it on the album. The verses are catchy but then the chorus is just him going "third eye-ey-ey-eye"...
Baby U Left Me (In The Cold) 7/10. Also a single. This one is quite like Pray For That Sunshine. It's good though.
You Don't Love Me 6/10. Another single. This one also sounds like Baby You Left Me and Pray For That Sunshine. Perhaps that's why the singles failed?
Give It Up 8/10. I like this one. It's really catchy.
Wear It Out 9/10. Marilyn shouts "wear it out girl!" - great!
Cry And Be Free 10/10. Fabulous!! I love the lyrics. Marilyn is a really good songwriter and poet in my view. Maybe even better at lyrics than Boy George as Marilyn's at least make sense where some of Boy George's are a bit vague.
So all in all this is a great album with the best songs being Cry and Be Free, Surrender Your Love, Mountain To The Ocean, Calling Your Name, and Wear It Out.
It's really hard to get a copy of this album but you should put it on your wish list because it's worth it."

Marilyn was born in Kingston, Jamaica in/ on the year of the islands independence from colonial England. He grew up in jamaica,Nassau, the states & England as part of a musical family and was influenced by the songs of Barbra Streisand, Motown and gospel. During his teenage years he began experimenting with his sexuality and image, adopting the blonde hair, makeup and movements of his idol Marilyn Monroe, hence his stage name Marilyn. Coincidentally Monroe died the same year Maz was born. Together with Boy George and Steve Strange, Marilyn was part of the Blitz / new romantic scene of the 1980's. He teamed up with songwriter and pop entrepreneur Paul Caplin, to manage him and secured a recording deal with Phonogram Records in 1983. Marilyn released Calling Your Name in November, 1983 and it became one of the biggest selling singles of the 1980s, reaching number 4 on the UK charts, number 3 on the Australian charts, and number 1 in Japan. . A successful recording career followed with such such hits as Cry And Be Free & You Don't Love Me. His cult debute album Despite Straight Lines was released in 1985. In November, 1984, Marilyn recorded with other musicians in Band Aid, for the song and video to "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Following a number of years out of the mnusic industry Marilyn made a much long awaited comeback in 2001 performing his first gig in over 15 years at Sound On Sunday Winning him the Boyz PA award of the year. In 2002 the smash hit 80's musical Taboo set around the early 80's blitz/ new romantic era hit the West End stage. Marilyn was one of the central characters depicted in the musical . The success of the show ment it was later transfered to Broad Way in New York by Rosie O'Donnell. Marilyn still continues to work and is in demand for interviews in the media and on tv


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Saltyka! This album is a classic and needs to be re-released. The file you uploaded does not have Cry and be Free on it! How could this song not be on the album to round it off? Any chance of you uploading this?

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

remove the audio tracks from your page please.

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok sorry for it,i deleted all from Marilyn


1:04 AM  
Blogger John Sposato said...

The album will be reissued at long last in November by Cherry Red's new Cherry Pop label. It will have bonus tracks. Please support Maz!

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that Marilyn is not supporting the release as he fell out with the record company over negotiations regarding royalties. Anyway, I will still buy it.

1:48 PM  
Blogger John Sposato said...

That's a new one. Well if he won't support it, I won't either. I have all those tracks anyway. If Maz needs a new computer, I have one to spare. Where'd you read that? Is it on his blog?

8:00 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Anyone get there copy yet? Mine should be arriving any day...quite excited about it really...I feel like a giddy school gurl!!
I wonder if it will chart?

7:13 AM  
Blogger John Sposato said...

Maz said his ire is towards Universal not necessarily Cherry Red. I'd rather buy a used copy to save money.

5:35 PM  

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