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VANGELIS - UNCOMMON TRACKS (1999) for mikeyten

Synth-Pop,Experimental,Minimal, Ambient


01 Ignacio (Alt. Mix)
02 To The Unknown Man (Demo)
03 Don't Be Foolish (With Peter Marsh)
04 Doesn't Matter (With Peter Marsh)
05 My Love
06 Domestic Logic One
07 Bladerunner End Title (Complete)
08 In London (With Neuronium)
09 Le Course Infinit (With Demis Roussos)
10 Song Is (With Jon Anderson)
11 Line Open (from '1492 Conquest Of Paradise')
12 Landscape (from '1492 Conquest Of Paradise')
13 Slow Piece (With Stina Nordenstam)

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ACTIVE FORCE - Active Force (1983)

Funk / Soul
Soul, Disco

Michael Stokes for Michael Stokes Productions
Additional Musicians:Piano: Robbie Buchanon and Patrice Rushen/Keyboards: Michael Stokes/Synthesizers: Michael Stokes, Robbie Buchanon and Dave Ervin/Guitars: Charles J. Fearing/Bass: Freddie Washington and Eddie Watkins/Drums: Mike Beard/Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa (DaCosta)


01 Keep on Rockin’
02 Cold Blooded Lover
03 I Never thought I’d Love Again
04 Coo Coo Kachu
05 Give me your love
06 Bottom Line
07 Rise Up
08 My Sunshine

Bonus Track:
08 Give me your love (Extended)

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"The 1981 self titled album by Active Force has been released on CD by Vinyl Masterpiece who has made a name for themselves amongst serious collectors by releasing rare and hard-to-find albums and tracks.Their newest compact disc reissue includes the original artwork, musician credits along with great sound. If you enjoy the likes of the B.B. & Q. Band or other early 80s urban, funk and soul then you'll want to order this one.Active Force is: Victor Adams, Gerald Mallory, Adrian Steele, Adriana Steele and Gerald Steele.(

"Great Soul/Funk reissue on the PTG label, Active Force’s self titled album Active Force. In 1983 released on A&M Records and still very much in demand for Soul/Funk Music lovers all over the world. Active Force’s album was produced by Michael Stokes, who had great successes with Smokey Robinson, Brass Construction, BT Express and many others. Patrice Rushen also participates on this album. In 1982 she scored a big hit with “Forget me nots”. Active Force is a typical early eighties disco/funk album with funky synth-bass lines, beautiful vocals and very well produced. Active Force had one big club hit “Give me your love”. The extended version, originally released on the 12 inch, has been included on this CD as a bonustrack!"

"A sweet 80s groover throughout -- the only album we've ever seen by this keyboard-heavy quintet, served up in a flurry of catchy catchy tunes! Keys on the set are handled by producer/arranger Michael Stokes -- who's very clearly in charge of the voices of the group -- giving them real focus on the album's mix of uptempo groovers and a few mellower cuts, sometimes even underscoring things with a groove that's verging on electro! Titles include the great midtempo stepper "Give Me Your Love", plus "Bottom Line", "Rise Up", "Keep On Rockin", "My Sunshine", "Coo Coo Kachu", and "I Never Thought I'd Love Again". CD also features a bonus extended mix of "Give Me Your Love". (

Michael Stokes is a highly talented producer and songwriter.Based in Los Angeles, Michael has worked consistently as a producer through the 70's and '80's with artists including Creative Source ('Creative Source', 1973, and 'Pass The Feeling On', 1975), Morning, Noon And Night ('Morning, Noon & Night', 1977), Shirley Caesar ('From The Heart', 1978), Keith Barrow ('Physical Attraction', 1978, including 'You Know You Want To Be Loved'), Ronn Matlock ('Love City', 1978), Nature's Divine ('In The Beginning', 1979), Booker T. Jones ('I Want You', 1981), Rose Royce ('Love Me Right Now', 1984), Gerald Mallory ('Lay It Down On Me', 1982), Active Force ('Give Me Your Love', 1983), Sherrick ('Just Call', 1987) and Smokey Robinson.
His wife is Linda Stokes, a member of the group Magic Lady for whom Michael has produced their three albums.
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Funk / Soul
Soul, Disco

Fayette Pinckney (1963-76), Shirley Poole (1963), Linda Turner (1963), Helen Scott-Leggins (1963-66, 1976-present), Janet Harmon (Jones) (1963-66), Sheila Ferguson (1966-86), Valerie Holiday (1967-present), Cynthia Garrison [Cynthia "Cindy" Beaufort] (1989-present)

"The Runner / Woman In Love" 1979



01 Dirty Ol' Man (4:33)
02 Can't You See What You're Doing To Me (2:31)
03 A Woman Needs A Good Man (4:19)
04 When Will I See You Again (2:58)
05 I Didn't Know (2:50)
06 I Like Being A Woman (3:56)
07 If And When (7:07)
08 Year Of Decision (2:42)

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01 Magic Mirror
02 Trade Winds
03 Love The One You're With
04 I Do Take You
05 Who Is She (And What Is She To You)
06 There's So Much Love All Around Me
07 Ebb Tide
08 Caught Between Two Fires
09 Maybe
10 If You Must Leave Your Life

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Arranged By - Bobby Martin (tracks:01,02,07, 08)/ John Davis (tracks 03, 06)/ Jack Faith (tracks 04,05) / Lenny Pakula (track 08, 09)Artwork By [Design] - Ed Lee Engineer - J. Mark* , Joe Tarsia Music By - MFSB Photography - Peter Lavery Producer - Gamble & Huff (tracks: 01 to 03, 06 to 10)/ Bruce Hawes (tracks 04, 05)


01 Another Heartache (4:21)
02 Take Good Care Of Yourself (3:26)
03 Get Your Love Back (3:25)
04 Lonelier Are Fools (4:05)
05 Distant Lover (4:04)
06 Together (4:35)
07 Long Lost Lover (2:58)
08 Here I Am (3:58)
09 TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (3:45)
10 Loving Cup (3:09)

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"Seminal work by Three Degrees -- stepping proudly here from their girl group roots, into a dramatic pre-disco mode that's clearly influenced by similar Philly work by First Choice. Music is by MFSB, arrangements are by Philly maestros like Bobby Martin and John Davis, and titles include "TSOP", "Loving Cup", "Get Your Love Back", "Long Lost Lover", "Take Good Care Of Yourself", "Another Heartache", and a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Distant Lover".



01 Standing Up For Love
02 What I Did For Love (From The Musical "A Chorus Line")
03 Just Leave Me Alone
04 Macaroni Man0
5 Gee Baby (I'm Sorry)
06 People With Feeling
07 In Love We Grow
08 We're All Alone
09 Standing Up For Love

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Standing Up for Love is a 1977 studio albums released by the American Philey soul group The Three Degrees. Having enjoyed a successful three year streak with Philapelphia International Records (PIR), it came as a surprise to the legions of fans, as well as the group themselves, when their manager Richard Barrett terminated their contract with PIR and signed The Three Degrees to a one album contract with Epic Records, a subsidiary of CBS Records in late 1976. The resulting album coincided with the departure of founding group member Fayette Pinkney, and the return of former member and Sheila's predecessor, Helen Scott.

NEW DIMENSIONS (1978) / 3D (1979) (For fans of Giorgo Moroder!!)

New Dimensions credits:
Arranged By - Greg Mathieson Artwork By - Bill Smith Engineer - Jürgen Koppers Photography - Gered Mankowitz Producer - Giorgio Moroder Written By - Giorgio Moroder (tracks:01 to 04, 06) , Pete Bellotte (tracks: 01 to 03, 06)

3D credits:
Giorgio Moroder - producer Harold Faltermeyer - arranger Keith Forsey - arranger Jürgen Koppers - engineer
01 Giving Up, Giving In (6:07)
02 Falling In Love Again (5:34)
03 Looking For Love (5:26)
04 The Runner (6:18)
05 Woman In Love (5:16)
06 Magic In The Air (5:45)

3D (1979)

07 Jump The Gun (6:05)
08 Red Light (5:42)
09 Set Me Free (4:33)
10 Starlight (4:42)
11 My Simple Heart (4:28)
12 Without You (4:04)
13 Bodycheck (3:33)

14 Out Of Love Again
15 The Golden Lady
16 Hot Summer Night

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New Dimensions is a studio album by vocal trio The Three Degrees released in late 1978. The album which was produced by Giorgio Moroder yielded three successful single releases, "Giving Up, Giving In", "The Runner" and "Woman In Love".

3D is a studio album by vocal trio The Three Degrees released in late 1979. The album which was produced by Giorgio Moroder yielded two successful single releases, "Jump The Gun" and "My Simple Heart".

"This was the album to where The Three Degrees returned to the top 10. Songs like "Woman In Love", "Giving Up Giving In", and "The Runner" became some of their greatest hit songs. Sheila, Helen, and Valerie maintained their style in this new Euro Disco sound they encountered with Gorgio Moroder."
"Disco soul classic produced by Giorgio Moroder, later covered by Carol Douglas."

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01 Last Christmas
02 Winter Wonderland
03 Silent Night
04 I'll Be Home For Christmas
05 When A Child Is Born
06 It Isn't Christmas (while You're Not Here)
07 Sleigh Ride
08 Lonely Christmas
09 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
10 Most Beautiful Night Of The Year
11 Silver Bells
12 Mary's Boy Child
13 Gonna Give You My Heart (This Christmas)
14 O Christmas Tree (D Tannenbaum)
15 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
16 Please Come Home For Christmas

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"A varied selection of Christmas old and New on this album. The blend of voices from Helen, Cynthia and Valerie are clear and crisp. Echo's of their Swan soulful days, and their lush Philly days are heard. some of the numbers I would have to admit lack that little something, the pace and the blending have simply just not got it right. However When a child is born, Last christmas, Lonely christmas, and Mary's boy child are truly The Three Degrees at their best. The first hearing wasn't earth shattering, but after the second and third hearing had me humming along to songs both old and new." "This is one of the best Christmas albums ever recorded! There is something here for everyone; those who want traditional Christmas carols, those who like tight harmonies, those who like a little soul, and those who just want something easy to listen to. This collection proves why the Three Degrees are still so popular overseas, as well as that Americans are missing out on something darned good! FIVE STARS! TEN STARS!!!"



01 When Will I See You Again
02 My Simple Heart
03 Givin' In
04 Year Of Decision
05 Woman In Love
06 Out Of Love Again 0
07 Take Good Care Of Yourself
08. Runner
09 Falling In Love Again
10 Red Light
11 Dirty Ol' Man
12 Without You
13 Golden Lady
14 Hot Summer Nights
15 Body Check
16 Set Me Free
17 Jump The Gun
18 TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)

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"The Three Degrees were one of the most successful groups to emerge from the Philadelphia soul scene in the seventies. Their American success was limited to their Philly sound period but they continued to have success in Europe, particularly Britain, for a few years after that. Their music is a wonderful mix of ballads and up-tempo material but may generally be described as easy-listening disco music.This collection contains most of their British and American hits, including TSOP (their only American number one hit) and When will I see you again (their only British number one hit). Both those tracks are from their Philly sound period, which is also represented here by other great songs including Dirty old man, Year of decision and Take good care of yourself, the last two of which charted high in the UK. After they switched labels to Ariola, their British hits included Golden lady, Jump the gun, Giving up giving in, Woman in love, The runner and My simple heart.A few minor hits are missing but all the essentials are here. This is not the strongest ever collection of their music released on CD, but it is as good as anything else available as I write this review."
"A classic album for any disco goer with a history. It combines soulful ballads such as 'when will i see you again' with funky disco beats as in 'red light', my personal favourite. Their effortless voices mixed with catchy rhythms and melodies make this an unforgettable blast of serious 60's music. "

The Three Degrees were one of the most successful groups to emerge from the Philadelphia soul scene in the seventies. Their American success was limited to their Philly sound period but they continued to have success in Europe, particularly Britain, for a few years after that. Their music is a wonderful mix of ballads and up-tempo material but may generally be described as easy-listening disco music.
Philly soul vocal group the Three Degrees started in 1963 in Philadelphia, PA. They were discovered by producer and songwriter Richard Barrett. Barrett was a key force for 1950s groups the Chantels, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, and his own group the Valentines. The original lineup was Fayette Pickney, Shirley Porter, and Linda Turner. Barrett recorded this lineup on their first single, "Gee Baby (I'm Sorry)." In 1963, Linda Turner and Shirley Porter left the group and were replaced by Helen Scott and Janet Jones. Around this time, Barrett began managing and producing Sheila Ferguson who was a high school friend of Scott. Barrett got deals for both the group and Ferguson with Swan Records. By 1966, Helen decided to leave the group and become a housewife. Sheila Ferguson took her place. She sang backup on all the Three Degrees' Swan recordings, as did the Three Degrees for her solo singles. In 1967, Valerie Holiday joined the group, while Janet Jones departed. Over the next four years, both the Three Degrees and Ferguson released many singles.In 1970, now signed to Roulette Records, the Three Degrees scored their first national chart hit with a remake of the Chantels' "Maybe" with Scott taking the lead vocals. It went to number four R&B in summer 1970. The follow-up, "I Do Take You," peaked at number seven R&B. Barrett got the group short-term deals with Warner Bros., Metromedia, and Gamble & Huff's Neptune Label. The group had a cameo in the classic 1971 movie The French Connection starring Gene Hackman and toured with Engelbert Humperdink. In 1973, Barrett worked a deal with Gamble & Huff's Philadelphia International Records (PIR). The Three Degrees' first PIR single was "Dirty Ol' Man," a disco hit. A short time later, Don Cornelius, producer and host of TV's Soul Train, approached Gamble & Huff about coming up with a new theme song for his hit syndicated show. The Three Degrees were asked to do vocals at the end of the show's new theme track. After some airings, public demand forced the TV show's theme to be released as a single. "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)" by MFSB featuring the Three Degrees went gold hitting number one R&B and holding the number one pop for two weeks during spring 1974. Meanwhile, a previously released Three Degrees single, "Year of Decision," stalled at number 74 R&B. Another MFSB/Three Degrees single, "Love Is the Message," peaked at number 42 R&B in the summer of that year. In the summer of 1974, PIR released another single on the group, "When Will I See You Again." The single went platinum, selling over two million copies, going to number four R&B and number two pop around September 1974. Their PIR debut album, The Three Degrees, was released at the end of 1974. The follow-up, "I Didn't Know," written and produced by Bunny Sigler, went to number 18 R&B in early 1975. The group performed the song on a guest appearance on the hit NBC show Sanford and Son. Their only other charting PIR single was "Take Good Care of Yourself" (number 64 R&B in summer 1975).Around 1976, Pickney left the group and was replaced by returning member Helen Scott. CBS released their album Standing up for Love in the U.S. in 1977. In 1978, the Three Degrees were signed to European label Ariola Records. The group recorded three LPs for the label. Longtime favorites in the U.K., the group performed at Buckingham Palace for Prince Charles' 30th birthday party and they were guests at his wedding to Princess Diana. During the first half of the '80s, the Three Degrees released U.K.-issued albums, Album of Love and Live in the UK and singles, "Liar" and "A Sonnet to Love." Stock/Aitken/Waterman produced a 1985 U.K. chart hit, "The Heaven I Need," on the group for Supreme Records. In 1986, Sheila Ferguson left the group. With Helen Scott, Valerie Holiday, and Victoria Wallace, the group recorded an album for Ichiban Records, ...And Holding! The act recorded another live CD with Billy Paul and Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes during a TSOP tour in the summer of 1989. Scott, Holiday, and new member Cynthia Garrison recorded three albums in the 1990s. ~ Ed Hogan, All Music Guide

LPs and CDs
1970: Maybe (Roulette) - US #139, R&B #16
1974: The Three Degrees (Philadelphia International) - US #28, R&B #33
1975: The Three Degrees Live (Philadelphia International) - US #199, R&B #34
1975: The Three Degrees International (Philadelphia International) - US #99, R&B #31
1975: So Much In Love (Roulette) - R&B #56
1977: Standing Up for Love (Epic)
1978: New Dimensions (Ariola) - US #169
1979: 3D (Ariola)
1983: Album of Love
1989: ...And Holding (Ichiban) - R&B #76
1996: The Best of the Three Degrees: When Will I See You Again (Epic/Legacy)
2001: The Three Degrees Christmas (BCI)
2002: All the Hits Plus More (Prestige Elite) 2002: Greatest Hits (Goldies)
2003: Sounds of Philadelphia (Fabulous)

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"They were the pinnacle of intelligent new-wave synth-pop in the eighties."

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop


Jack Hues, Darren Costin, Nick Feldman

"Dance Hall Days"


Bass, Percussion, Vocals - Nick De Spig/ Drums, Percussion, Vocals - Darwin /Engineer - Dave Bellotti , Nigel Mills , Stuart Henderson/Guitar, Lead Vocals, Piano - Jack Hues /Mastered By - Roger Bechirian /Producer - Rhett Davis (tracks: 01-05, 09 to 10) , Roger Bechirian (tracks: 06 to 08) /Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals - Hogg/Remix - Roger Bechirian (tracks 01,10)


01 Ti-Na-Na
02 Hold Back The Tears
03 I Never Want To Love You In A Half Hearted Way

04 Straight From My Heart
05 Dancing
06 Chinese Girls
07 hy Do You Laugh
08 China
09 I Can't Sleep
10 Rising In The East

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"I'm not sure how far I want to go with this, but Wang Chung's first record isn't too bad in a sub-Midge Ure Ultravox sort of way. On this release they eschew synthetic rhythms and most keyboards and replace them with tasty saxophone. (A huang chung is a type of Chinese reed or wind instrument but I'll be darned if I can hear any such thing on this record, unless the particular saxophone in question happens to be Chinese-made.) Given their moniker, and the cover (a rather dour-looking bunch with fake names- -Darwin? Hogg?- -and the requisite silly hair that unfortunately renders them hard to take very seriously), and several song titles ('China', 'Chinese Girls', 'Rising In The East') you would think this would be an exotic sort of affair; as it is, it's rather mainstream. There's a lot of fretless bass, but the most 'Oriental' thing about HUANG CHUNG (the album) is that Huang Chung (the band) probably thinks it's Japan (the other band). Besides, they sneak in a love song called 'Ti Na Na' which is really 'Tir Na Nog', the mythic Celtic land of eternal youth or something. Tracks I like: 'Ti Na Na' (a dress-rehearsal for 'Dance Hall Days'); 'Dancing' ('and then your dead'!); 'China' (great drum sound, uh, Darwin). Tracks I don't like: well. . . .you figure it out, I'm busy tracing the band's travel itinerary."

"I saw this band in 1982 on a whim, when passing a local night club in Edinburgh, Scotland and saw a small advert in the window. Never having seen or heard of them before I can honestly say this was turning point in my life at the time (musically), as they were (and probably remain) one of the best bands I have ever seen and heard - in front of what could be no more than 100 people (up close and personal). At the time they had just released their new single 'China' and it blew me away. They played nearly every song from this album and a lot more (probably unreleased material and the like). However, it took me about six months to find a shop that sold the vinyl album at the time - must have been asking the wrong questions or something - but once I got my hands on it I nearly wore the groove through and then could not buy a replacement as it had been deleted from production!!!. CD players and the like meant that it took until 2 years ago before I was able to get a CD version - thanks Amazon and the internet. Like the other reviews on this I was disappointed in the manner of the CD production - very cheap and nasty both in sound and picture quality on the jewel box sleeve. I had expected better but there you go. Notwithstanding - this album is never off my playlist and even after 20 years I never tire of it. Crank up the volume, and if you ignore the analogue recording hiss in the background you will appreciate the forerunner to even greater things when they changed their name to Wang Chung."

"I consider this album to be the best debut album ever made. This was a platter that stood out in 1982, among the keyboards and analog synths, because it has a saxophone at the base of the songs. It's not as versatile as a keyboard, but it works. Be sure to listen to "China", "Chinese Girls", and "Why Do You Laugh".

"Sporting an unlikely looking (and unheard of)line-up of Jack Hues (lead vocal), Nick De Spig (Bass), Darren Darwin (Drums) & Hogg Robinson (sax), this is an energetic yet thoughtful post-punk offering. Partially inspired by the whole punk movement, the classically trained Hues combines the rocking 'Straight from my heart' & 'Rising in the East'with the likes of 'Ti-na-na' with it's subliminal oriental-sounding opening and the contemplative 'I can't sleep'For all the raw-energy of this album, you cannot fail to feel the innovation and creativity that shines through. With the occasional dreamy sound of fretless-bass in the background, use of echo, various bell&koto type sounds, you can feel temporarily transcended to some ethereal 'nether-world' only to be brought crashing back down to Earth with the likes of the up-tempo 'China' with it's uplifting tenor-sax.Produced by Roger Bechirian & Rhett Davies (previously worked with Roxy Music), this is an unusual but ultimately rewarding album combining different styles and techniques with an unmistakable honesty transmitted through Hues' vocals.The band metamorphised from Huang Chung to Wang Chung following this album and gained considerable commercial success."

DANCE HALL DAYS (remix) (1983)


01 Dance Hall Days (Remix) (8:02)
02 There Is A Nation (3:37)

Link to download:


Artwork By [Art Direction, Design] - Barney Bubbles/ Artwork By [Hard Tinting] - Ronn Spencer/ Bass - Nick Feldman /Drums, Percussion - Darren Costin /Engineer [Assistant] - Mark McGuire /Guitar - Jack Hues , Nick Feldman /Keyboards - Darren Costin , Jack Hues , Nick Feldman /Lead Vocals - Jack Hues /Mastered By [Original] - Greg Fulginiti/ Photography [Back Cover] - Paul Cox /Photography [Front Cover] - Brian Griffin/ Producer, Recorded By - Chris Hughes , Ross Cullum /Programmed By [Mc4] - Paul Ridout /Programmed By [Rhythm, Sequence, Computer] - Chris Hughes /Saxophone - Mel Collins /Vocals - Darren Costin , Nick Feldman/ Written By - Jack Hues , Nick Feldman (tracks: 2 to 4, 6, 10),Darren Costin (tracks :2,4),Burnand (track 1)


01 Dance Hall Days (3:58)
02 Wait (4:22)
03 True Love (3:51)
04 The Waves (4:26)
05 Look At Me Now (4:36)
06 Don't Let Go (4:21)
07 Even If You Dream (4:08)
08 Don't Be My Enemy (4:24)
09 Devoted Friends (4:07)
10 Talk It Out (4:48)

Link to download:

"This album has the mega hit "Dance Hall Days," which is right up there with "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" as the most recognizable Wang Chung track, Of course, "Dance Hall" is available on countless 80s compilations, so why buy this album? Well, if you like techno dance music with some retro 80s sound, you will enjoy Points on the Curve. The first half is the most retro-sounding and contains my favorite songs on the album. "Wait" is excellent; it is jumpy yet also quiet with quick and precise keyboards. In contrast, "True Love" has a full keyboard sound at the chorus with a powerful beat. "The Wave" is a pleasing, relaxing track while "Look at Me Now" really kicks!""Don't Let Go" is a nice retro-sounding dance number. "Even If You Dream" is good, although, lyrically, it is not the best. "Don't Be My Enemy" has the most soul with plenty of saxophone. "Devoted Friends" is an interesting ballad. The versus have a different sound as one note does not follow in a predictable way which really adds to the overall sound. It is not the typical ballad and this uniqueness makes me listen to it more closely. "Talk It Out" continues with the more unique, almost spooky, sound but is more jumpy; however, it is repetitive at the end. This album is very solid so, if all you know is "Dance Hall Days," give Points on the Curve a try."

"I actually saw this tour when they opened for The Cars in 1984. For the time this came out, it's really a display of technical genius. Computer music was still "analog", sequencers were primitive - the instuments were octagonal, pastel and had LED displays - and everyone had diagonal zippers on their clothes with Kanji charachters (oh, and only one glove on). I got this CD for a trip down memory lane and was quite impressed with the songwriting, the performances and the production. Yes, it has that "hit" Dance Hall Days, which is relatively lame compared to some of the other songs on here. The vocalist is strong and solid. The drummer is so precise I often wonder if it is indeed a computer playing most of the track. Of course, it does exhibit a dated sound by today's standard - lots of analog synths and definitely a British "new wave" aura surrounding it. The songwriting and production leave it able to still stand tall even today. Unfortunately, I couldn't give a flip for anything else this band has done - I found their other albums nearly intolerable - this one really sticks out and is likely the best you'll get from these guys."

"I loved this album when I first heard it in 1983. Hearing it today brings back all those great memories. Wang Chung was on the cutting edge of the 80's techno sound. The music from "Wait" was used in the movie "To Live and Die in LA". They also wrote a song by that name as well. They are an incredibly talented group of artists. I only wish we had heard more from them."



01 Don't Let Go (3:24)
02 Ornamental Elephant (3:57)

DON'T LET GO (Special Version) (1984)


01 Don't Let Go (Special Version) (7:11)
02 Ornamental Elephant (3:57)

DON'T BE MY ENEMY / WAIT (12") (1984)


01 Don't Be My Enemy (Extended Dance Remix) (8:58)
02 Wait (Extended Dance Remix) (8:18)
Remix - Stephen Lipson

Link to download the three Ep:

WAIT (Remix) (1984)


01 Wait (Remix)
Remix - Stephen Lipson
02 Dance Hall Days (U.S. Club Edit)
03 Dance Hall Days (Part 2)

Link to download:


Artwork By [Art Direction, Design] - Steve Gerdes /Artwork By [Graphic Design] - Pablo Ferro /Executive Producer - David Massey , John Kalodner /Mastered By [Original] - Greg Fulginiti/ Producer - Wang Chung (tracks: 2, 3, 5 to 8),Chris Hughes , Ross Cullum (track 04) ,Steve Jolley & Tony Swain (track 01)/Producer [Assistant] - David Motion (track 03)/Engineer - Brad Davis (track 02)/Recorded By [Motion-rama] - David Motion /Written By, Other [Performed By] - Wang Chung

Music from the motion picture "To Live And Die In L.A.". Tracks 01-04 are vocal,the rest are instrumental


01 To Live And Die In L.A. (4:52)
02 Lullaby (4:40)
03 Wake Up, Stop Dreaming (4:36)
04 Wait (4:22)
05 City Of The Angels (9:16)
06 he Red Stare (3:10)
07 Black-Blue-White (2:20)
08 Every Big City (5:10)

Link to download:

Director William Friedkin knows a thing or two about innovative, genre-bending film scores. He commissioned edgy modern-jazz player Don Ellis for his classic The French Connection and reworked Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" into the haunting soundtrack for the blockbuster The Exorcist. But even veteran film buffs were surprised when Friedkin turned the scoring chores for his taut 1985 forgery-ring thriller To Live and Die in LA over to British pop stars Wang Chung. Though they're still best known for their perennial rock-of-the-'80s hits "Dancehall Days," "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," and "Let's Go," Friedkin's early admiration for the band's often underrated musicality paid off with a tense, rhythmic soundscape that crystallized the era and locale of the film. And, though synth-pop has gained ill repute as a cheesy 1980s cliché, this album ably proves that it could rise above its stereotype in dramatic fashion. The Jack Hues-sung title track was also a minor pop hit. --Jerry McCulley

"Director William Friedkin chose Wang Chung to score "To Live and Die in L.A." on the strength of the band's debut album "Points on the Curve". Wang Chung's techno rhythms, lush interludes, and ironic lyrics turned out to be the perfect sound for Friedkin's complex, cynical neo-noir masterpiece and one of the most evocative film soundtracks of the 1980s. This CD includes 4 vocal tracks and 4 instrumental tracks. The soundtrack kicks off with the film's title song "To Live and Die in L.A.". William Friedkin had asked Wang Chung not to use the movie's title in a song. But Jack Hues and Nick Feldman did it anyway, and the result is terrific. -And Friedkin liked it. The immediately recognizable percussive "clicking" of the second track, "Lullaby", was effective in heightening moments of relative silence in the film. "Wait"'s tentative, anxious rhythm and lyrics create palpable tension. This embodiment of the film's angst and unease may be its best vocal track. The first instrumental track, "City of Angels", is also the longest track at 9:17 minutes. "City of Angels" is an unforgettable composition for an unforgettable scene. Its energetic techno beat help make "To Live and Die in L.A."'s counterfeiting scene legendary. I mention "To Live and Die in L.A.", "Lullaby", "Wait", and "City of Angels" because they are the most evocative of the film's tone. It would have been nice if "Dance Hall Days" were included, since it is featured briefly in the film -and that's one reason I give this soundtrack 4 stars. This is good work by Wang Chung, without which one of the most memorable films of the 1980s would not have been as memorable. The soundtrack is invaluable to the film, but well worth listening to on its own."

"Music is top of the line in feeling and depth. Edgy lyrics support rolling melodies, and I would recommend this CD for anyone who enjoys 80's music."

"This soundtrack and movie together are Brilliant and well done. Wang Chung were made for doing this soundtrack. Each track on this album fits the film superbly. City of Angels and To Live and Die in LA are the best in my opinion, but all the other track fit greatly to. Even if your not a big fan of Wang Chung this cd contains songs almost everyone would enjoy."

"Like a few other people who have reviewed this CD, I am not a big fan of Wang Chung, and I am not a big fan of the movie (When I saw the movie during its original theatrical release, I was bored to tears. I cannot even remember the music as it was performed in the film). But this soundtrack is gorgeous in its own right. It is everything sythesized/electronic music can be --- in 1985 and NOW. The vocal selections, especially "Wait Up, Stop Dreaming," are excellent. The instrumentals should be declared classics. They are truly haunting. Yes, the sometimes heavy industrial tone may sound "dated" to some ears. But then again, much of what passes for electronic music today already sounds "dated." I do not know if this soundtrack was nominated for an Oscar, but the academy should be bold sometimes and ignore the overly lush junk like the music from Titanic or Pearl Harbor. The originality and depth of this soundtrack are what the Academy SHOULD look for"



01 Wake Up, Stop Dreaming (LP Version) (4:36)
02 Wake Up, Stop Dreaming (Maxi Version) (5:46)
03 Black-Blue-White (2:20)

Link to download:



01 Everybody Have Fun Tonight (12 Inches Of Fun) (6:45)
Remix - John "Jellybean" Benitez
02 Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Edit) (3:59)
03 Everybody Dub Tonight (6:02)
Remix - John "Jellybean" Benitez
04 Fun Tonight: The Early Years (4:12)

Link to download:

MOSAIC (1986)

Artwork By [Art Direction, Design] - Norman Moore /Backing Vocals - Ina Wolf , Joe Pizzulo , Julia Waters , Kevin Dorsey , Michael McDonald , Oren Waters , Phil Perry , Phillip Ingram , Siedah Garrett /Engineer - Brian Malouf , Peter Müller /Engineer [Assistant] - Marvin Wolf , Tim Alban /Guitar - Jack Hues , Nick Feldman/ Guitar [Additional] - Dann Huff (track 02)/Keyboards - Jack Hues , Nick Feldman , Peter Wolf/ Lead Vocals - Jack Hues /Voice [Woman] - Siedah Garrett (track 03)/Voice [Man] - Michael McDonald (track 07)/Mastered By - Bernie Grundman /Mixed By, Recorded By - Brian Malouf /Photography - Simon Fowler /Producer, Arranged By, Synthesizer [Synclavier], Drums, Chorus - Peter Wolf/Recorded By [Assistant] - Jim Dineen/ Saxophone [Alto, Tenor] - Harry Sokal , Otmar Klein/ Saxophone [Baritone] - Herbert Graf /Saxophone [Soprano] - Harry Sokal /Trumpet - Hannes Kottek /Vocals, Bass - Nick Feldman /Written By - Peter Wolf (tracks: 1, 4, 7) , Wang Chung (tracks: 1 to 6, 8)


01 Everybody Have Fun Tonight (4:47)
02 Hypnotize Me (4:42)
03 The Flat Horizon (4:49)
04 Betrayal (4:40)
05 Let's Go (4:30)
06 Eyes Of The Girl (4:50)
07 A Fool And His Money (4:44)
08 The World In Which We Live (7:04)

Link to download:

"Sure, Michael Jackson, Culture Club and Wham sold more! But what song is more of an indictment of the decade than "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"?"

"Let me indulge readers in an alternative perspective of Wang Chung. The other reviews here seem to rubberband between worshipfulness and thrashing. How about a more reasonable, more objective view? I remember seeing the video for "Dance Hall Days" from their 1984 album "Points On The Curve" as my first exposure to Wang Chung. I was unaware at the time that they already had a previous album. In 1985, I was aware of "To Live And Die In L.A." and saw the video for the title track (and later the film by William Friedkin--The Exorcist, The French Connection). In October 1986, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" was inescapable, and to a 13 year old kid like myself the video was unique and the song was infectious. "Let's Go" was the second single/video, and I was sold. I saw Jack and Nick at an in store signing at Sound Warehouse in Aurora, Colorado in March 1987. The third single, "Hypnotize Me" was also good, and was used in the film "Innerspace" with Dennis Quaid and Martin Short. All eight songs on Mosaic are well produced and arranged. If you didn't like the New Wave sound of the 1980s, then you probably won't like "Mosaic". I thoroughly enjoy the punk/New Wave sound, so 20 years later, I still enjoy "Mosaic". "A Fool And His Money" I think of as being the weakest track. Otherwise, "The Flat Horizon, "The World In Which We Live", "Betrayal" and "The Eyes Of The Girl" are all solid numbers. Unfortunately, "Mosaic" would prove to be the pinnacle of Wang Chung's career. In 1989, I was quick to buy their next album "The Warmer Side Of Cool", which may surpass "Mosaic" artistically. However, by 1989, many popular artists of the 1980s were being snubbed by radio and MTV/VH1, and so Wang Chung disappeared from view. I have "Strictly, Inc." with Jack Hues and Tony Banks (of Genesis) from 1995 which received no recognition. Then their Greatest Hits was released in 1997 with a new track "Space Junk" which I felt showed great promise, but there was to be no new album. In June 2005, after I thought they'd vanished into the annals of pop music history, Jack and Nick showed the world once more that they are trained experts at their craft when they performed on the television show "Hit Me Baby One More Time" covering Nelly's "Hot In Herre" with the precision of a surgeon. There was talk of a new Wang Chung album (which I'd snap up in a minute), but alas, a year has come and gone and no new album. And so those of us who appreciate Jack and Nick's vision have to deal with derision from anti-80's music snobs who are in no position to judge music they weren't old enough to experience the first time around or who were old enough, but preferred hair bands or the fledgling, underproduced rap music of the day. I give "Mosaic" four stars because I never felt Wang Chung were allowed to reach their true potential, but what they did leave behind is pure melodic New Wave/romanticism that no one seems capable of duplicating 20 years later. It was another time and another place 20 years ago, and while there is a new Neo-New Wave music crowd burgeoning, I haven't heard anything remotely similar to what Wang Chung were able to devise."

""Everybody Have Fun" and "Let's Go" are terrific pop songs, catchy and with a beat. I must've heard them (involuntarily) hundreds of times on my health club sound system over the years. They are quite good. "Hypnotize Me" and "Eyes of the Girl" are pretty good, too. The rest are dull and boring, and the last one, "World in Which We Live" is pretty awful."

"If your to buy one Wang Chung album make this your choice. Every song on this album are great to listen to from begining to end. This album contains alot of great instrumentation, and it's especially shown on the song "The Flat Horizon" which in my opinion is the greatest song off the cd. But all in all every song is great to listen to."


Jack Hues - Guitars and Lead Vocals/Nick Feldman - Bass and Back-up Vocals/Peter Wolf - Keyboards/Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums on all tracks except: Michael Baird - Drums on "What's So Bad About Feeling Good?", "Logic And Love" and "Games Of Power",Brian Hitt - Drums on "Praying To A New God"/Mikal Reid - Guitar on "Games Of Power" and "Logic And Love"/Pete McCray - Guitar on "Logic And Love"/Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion on "The Warmer Side Of Cool" and "When Love Looks Back At You"/Bill Reichenbach - Trombone on "Swing"/Joe Pizzulo, Gary Falcone, Roger Freeland, Jeff Pescetto - Backing Vocals on "Tall Trees", "Big World", "What's So Bad About Feeling Good?", "Games Of Power" and "Logic And Love"/Darren Costin, Ina Wolf - Backing Vocals on "Praying To A New God"/Bill Clift, Allan Ryder, Peter Wolf - Tribal Vocals on "The Warmer Side Of Cool"/Jeremy Smith - Vocal Percussion on "Snakedance"
Produced and Arranged by Peter Wolf/Mixed by Jeremy Smith (Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8) /Engineered by Jeremy Smith / 2nd Engineer - Gonzalo "Bino" Espinoza (Tracks 2, 6, 9, 10, and 11 )/Engineered by Gonzalo "Bino" Espinoza / 2nd Engineer - Carlos Golliher


01 Praying To A New God (3:58)
02 What's So Bad About Feeling Good? (4:12)
03 Snakedance (4:58)
04 Swing (4:29)
05 When Love Looks Back At You (4:51)
06 Games Of Power (4:53)
07 At The Speed Of Life (5:27)
08 The Warmer Side Of Cool (4:42)
09 Logic And Love (4:04)
10 Tall Trees In A Blue Sky (4:22)
11 Big World (6:12)

Link to download:

"Many groups from the primarily British 1980's New Wave Movement had their brief, albeit a little more than fifteen (15) minutes of fame before sliding off the musical radar screen.The London outfit Wang Chung were certainly no different, but they left a musical mark that has been overloked.Their 1984 album "Points On The Curve" was one of the landmark albums of any genre, any decade and certainly the band's most potent collection.After the sometimes brilliant and inconsistent group of tracks that was "Mosaic", Wang Chung released "The Warmer Side of Cool" in 1989.Their second LP since the departure of drummer Darrin Costin marks an improvement from "Mosaic" and a worthy rival to "Points" regarding the album's better creations.The presence of drummer Vinnie Colauita is the stabilizing force on the slithering "Snakedance" with it's heavy Moog bass and soaring synths and the punchy Rush like guitars employed by Jack Hues and his bass slapping sidekick Nick Feldman on the truth to be told "The Speed Of Life", highlighted by a wicked bass led tempo change,Colauita's crystal clear fills, and Hues mind altering lines "a stream of information,on a green letter screen, makes him feel in touch with the world,and sure of what it means".All of this written before the advent of the Internet which begs one to inquire as to whether Hues knew what was happening BEFORE it happened. The seamless sounding tones of Hues guitar give his rhytmic arrangements a distinctive sound on " When Love Looks Back At You" where Colauita uses the crown of his cymbals, off beat changes tempo, and drum rolls effectively, and "the title track where he adds heavy riffs in tandem with Feldman's heavy bass line and the matter of fact phrase " and to climb above the tree line is only for the fools".He also sprinkles in acoustic magic with the aformentioned ingredients on the stripped down, raw "Tall Trees In A Blue Sky" works where a sparingly used keyboards arrangement provides some fill to the basic approach."Games Of Power, Big World and Praying To A New God" are the weak links in the chain on "Warmer" compared to the offbeat charm of the big band inspired "Swing", but the well- crafted potency,lyrically and musically of the albums more sparkling moments make this an eyebrow raising effort almost worthy of four to five star status on those merits alone, but given some of the bumps in the road on this interesting musical journey, Wang Chung receive a VERY STRONG(3) star rating."

"Next to Mosaic, this would have to be Wang Chungs next best album. This album contains alot of great intrumentation from edgy guitars to carrying Keyboards and synths to an upbeat chorus. Its amazing that this album was Jack Hues and Nick Feldmans last full Wang Chung album. Love and Logic and Swing stand as my favorites off the album."

"A masterpiece of artistry, production and mixing. Peter Wolf's production and Jeremy Smith's mixes are nothing short of stunning. Extremely well crafted songs. Deep arrangements and sound textures married to burning lyrics and soaring vocals make this album one of my top 3 choices ever for power, emotion and sophistication. You can listen to it a hundred times and still find something else new in the mix. Meanwhile the guitar work and vocals go straight through your heart. Just great!! I wish this crew would do another, they are truly magic together."

"This is the cd for anyone who thought Wang Chung's musical repertoire solely consisted of songs like ,"Everybody Have Fun Tonight." A dramatic departure from their previous releases, this is truly an exceptional endeavor. Consisting of mesmerzing lyrics, commanding vocals and dynamic instrumentation, this release rivals "To Live and Die in LA" for its ingenious arrangements. Due to preconceived notions by the critics as to what Wang Chung's music should be, it faded into obscurity without much fanfare. "Warmer Side of Cool" is truly a musical gem that deserves a listen "


Mixed By - Brian Malouf (tracks: 4, 5, 12) , Jeremy Smith (2) (tracks: 6, 7,10,) /Producer - Chris Hughes (tracks: 1 to 3, 8) , Peter Wolf (tracks: 4 to 7, 10, 12) , Ross Cullum (tracks: 1 to 3, 8),Steve Jolley & Tony Swain (track 9),Rapino Brothers, The (track 14)


01 Dance Hall Days (4:00)
02 Don't Let Go (4:21)
03 Don't Be My Enemy (4:21)
04 Hypnotize Me (4:39)
05 Let's Go (4:29)
06 Praying To A New God (3:57)
07 What' s So Bad About Feeling Good? (4:10)
08 Wait (4:23)
09 To Live And Die In L.A. (4:52)
10 Big World (6:14)
11 Fun Tonight: The Early Years (4:12)
12 Everybody Have Fun Tonight (4:46)
13 Space Junk (Wang Chung '97) (4:00)
14 Dance Hall Days (Flashing Back To Hapiness 7" Mix) (3:38)

Link to download:

"I love this album. Wang Chung has a very 'typical 80s' sound and its very well summed up in this pop/rock album. The compilation is virtually complete. Its got all their classic and most memorable songs.IMHO, they should have included one song. Fire in the Twilight. Although never commercially released, this is the song they did for the Breakfast Club soundtrack. A very nice song and definitely worth looking up."

"Wang Chung is probably most known for their song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight", but they had another great dance song "Let's Go!" These two songs can really energize you, especially if you start singing and dancing to them. Both have a lot of bass, drums, fast tempo, and loud vocals, a sure-fire combination for an adrenaline rush. "Let's Go!" is a great song to start the day with, or to exercise with. "To Live and Die in L.A." is a softer song with a really nice beat. If you're looking for great party songs, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" and "Let's Go!" are two of the best. So let's go Wang Chung tonight!"

"a must for any wang chung fan. even if you've only heard the basic 'radio' play, this is a wonderful, sing along CD. don't wait - get it while you can!"



01 Dance Hall Days (extended)
02 Wait (extended)
03 Don't Be My Enemy (extended)
04 Everybody Have Fun Tonight (extended)
05 Hypnotize Me (insomnia mix)
06 Dance Hall Days (12" version)
07 Don't Let Go (remix)
08 Let's Go (shep's remix)
09 Dance Hall Days (UK remix)
10 China (Extended)
11 Hold Back the Tears (7' Mix)

Links to doanload:


01 Dance Hall Days [Flashing Back To Happiness 7'' Mix] 1997
02 Dance Hall Days [Flashing Back To Happiness 12'' Mix] 1997
03 Zero Gravity [Previously Unreleased] 1997
04 Fire In The Twilight (Single Mix)
05 Dance Hall Days-Revisited (12" Version Edit) '89
Remix - Mark Saunders
06 Dance Hall Days-Revisited (Dub Edit) '89
Remix - Mark Saunders
07 Dance Hall Days (spinbitch spy 1989 club remix mix edit no rap)
08 Dance Hall Days (Original Huang Chung Dance Mix)
09 Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Gershwin remix)

Here is one more missing song,ive just get it from Ataru- many thanks for it!

Let's Dub (6:10) Remixed by Shep Pettibone (from Let's Go! (12") 81986)

The name Huang Chung literally translates from Chinese as "yellow bell", but refers to the standardized base pitch of ancient China. Early on the band summarized the definition as "perfect pitch" and later, on American Bandstand, which they claimed was the sound a guitar made.Originally called Huang Chung the band formed in 1979. The lineup consisted of vocalist/guitarist Jack Hues, bassist Nick Feldman and drummer Darren Costin. Hues originally met Feldman after answering Feldman's ad for a musician in the classifieds section of the weekly British music magazine, Melody Maker, in 1977.Soon afterwards, Hues and Feldman formed with Bud Merrick and the late Paul Hammond in late 1977/early 1978 as 'The Intellektuals'. In less than a year, the band split up, as Hues and Feldman joined up with future Wang Chung drummer Darren Costin, along with Leigh Gorman and Glenn Gregory, to form '57 Men'. This lineup lasted for less than a year as well.Huang Chung's self-titled debut album was released by Arista Records in 1982 after several singles, including the minor post-punk hit "Isn't It About Time We Were on TV". In 1983, after being dropped by Arista and signed to Geffen Records, they changed their name to Wang Chung (at Geffen's suggestion, to make pronunciation easier for English-speakers—consistent with the claim by VH1's Pop Up Video that they changed it because people kept calling them "Hung Chung") — and subsequently they released Points on the Curve, which yielded two major hits, "Don't Let Go" (#38 US) and "Dance Hall Days" (#16 US).
Director William Friedkin specifically sought out Wang Chung to score his 1985 film To Live and Die in L.A.. The resulting soundtrack is recognizable as their work, but largely eschews conventional pop song formulae for a more atmospheric and textured approach. The band also had a song "Fire in the Twilight" written for the 1985 John Hughes film The Breakfast Club - it is heard in the scene where the kids are led by John Bender down the halls trying to escape from Mr. Vernon (the late Paul Gleason).
In 1986, Costin left the band (and released an album "Here We Are" in 1987 under the name Heroes) while Hues and Feldman continued to record. The same year, they had their biggest hits: "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" (#2 US, featuring the oft-quoted lyric "Everybody Wang Chung tonight" and rated the third worst song ever by Blender magazine) and "Let's Go" (#9 US), both from the album Mosaic. "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" also has a well-remembered music video (directed by Godley & Creme) where virtually every frame featured a jump cut.They released their final album The Warmer Side of Cool in 1989, and disbanded in 1991.
Shortly after the breakup, Feldman joined with Jon Moss of Culture Club to form Promised Land. They released their self-titled debut album, and within a year, the band broke up. Realizing that maybe his time was past, Feldman quit playing music, and became the A&R manager for Warner Music UK Limited.
During the 1990s,Hues has done various soundtracks for films including The Guardian. He had a solo album, The Anatomy Lesson in the making which didn't see any light until he teamed up with Tony Banks of Genesis to make the album Strictly Inc.The late 1990s saw the return of Hues and Feldman with a greatest hits collection entitled Everybody Wang Chung Tonight: Wang Chung's Greatest Hits. Included on this CD was a new single, "Space Junk". Feldman and Hues also enjoyed a series of tour dates around America.In 2002, the band's song "Dance Hall Days" was used in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Flash FM as well as in the pre-mission cameo when Lance Vance is waiting for Tommy on a dock before raiding a crack house on Prawn Island. In 2006, their song "Don't Let Go" was used in Vice City's prequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, again on Flash FM.
In June 2005, Hues and Feldman reunited as Wang Chung on the reality TV series Hit Me Baby One More Time, performing "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" and a cover of "Hot in Herre" by Nelly.Shortly after, in postings at as well as the band's MySpace site, there was news of a new Wang Chung album being worked on by Hues and Feldman. In an e-mail response from Hues, he said, "We are shooting for a release around the March 2006 time frame and a tour in May. We are not sure who we are touring with yet, maybe Heaven 17 or Devo". Also on the band's MySpace, you can hear new clips such as "Hot In Herre" (The Nelly Cover) and a new song "I Was Abducted by the 80's"[citation needed].
Wang Chung are on the verge of signing a new publishing deal, and in turn also working to finish the new record. Rumor has it that live dates may also be on the table for 2007!(

1982 Huang Chung (One Way)
1984 Points on the Curve (Geffen)
1985 To Live and Die in L.A. (Geffen)
1986 Mosaic (Geffen)
1989 The Warmer Side of Cool (Geffen)


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Synth-Pop, Italo-Disco

Peter Delain - Keyboards (1985-1988)
Andy Cay - Vocals
Achim Jaspert - Drums
Henry Flex - Keyboards (from 2007)


1999 (1993)


01 1999 (6:31)
02 The Right Time (Radio-Edit)(3:20)
03 I Give My Love To You (3:52)
04 Be Mine (5:35)
05 Touch Me Now (5:08)
06 Why Don't You Want Me (5:52)
07 Voices (7:13)
08 Love Me (4:11)
09 Exchnage (3:59)
10 If You Don't Stay (3:48)
11 The Right Time (Maxi-Version)(6:10)

Link to download:

1999 following in track of Alphaville and Silent Circle,is a happy,dynamic,melodic synth-pop music with a great arrangement. A must have album for all synth-pop lovers! (salty)

"The Right Time / Be Mine" and "Voices / Love Me" originally released in 1987 as maxi., and "Right Time" was hit single.

VOICES (2000)


01 Voices (houzy radio edit)
02 Voices (freestyle radio edit)
03 Voices (houzy club mix)
04 Voices (freestyle club mix)
05 Let Me Be The 1 For You

Link to download:

IN LONDON (2007)


01 Tell Me Why
02 Into The Light
03 Rainy Days In London
04 Take My Love Away
05 China Girl
06 The Right Time
07 Out Of Space
08 There Is Something
09 Now I Know
10 Time To Say Goodbye

Link to download:

"The best ones die young – rank nonsense! Only the best ones stay alive – and keep rediscovering themselves over and over again. 19 years after their first single “The Right Time”, Achim Jaspert and Andy Cay still work together in best harmony. Young keyboarder Henry Flex, who recently joined the band, supports the electropop-pioneers with innovative and modern melodies.On their new album "In London" the three musicians capture the different moods of this pulsating music metropole. In a perfect way the music describes a bustling day at the Picadilly Circus as well a walk through the Hyde Park on a rainy sunday morning. Beautiful and intense guitar riffs add to complex and melodic electro-pop arrangements."

"This synthpoppy, italo-disco band is back with a new album, complete with very melodic, catchy tunes and those simple, fun synthesizer pop songs that made them an underground favorite in the European scene."
"Welcome back Andy, Achim, and Henry aka Split Mirrors. Loved your first album and falling in love with your new album "In London". Andy still has a great voice and the music is still so melodic. This is how music should be done. Take care guys and keep releasing more cd's. This is Sean Nguyen from the US.

The band has returned with a pretty good stuff.They have practically continued what they have finished in the early 90's. With the only difference that the guitar is more dominant in some songs,and obviously the arrangement is also more modern,but fortunately their style is like in the 80's.
That's too bad that we haven't heard of them so long ! (salty)
1999 (1993)
In London (2007)



Harmlos 1982



Hot Days


RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)