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MISSING PERSONS - Destination Unknown


New Wave, Synth-pop


Arranged By, Vocals - Dale Bozzio , Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo /Bass, Bass [Electric], Synthesizer - Patrick O'Hearn/ Drums - Terry Bozzio/ Guitar - Warren Cuccurullo/ Keyboards - Chuck Wild , Terry Bozzio/ Mastered By - Bernie Grundman/ Written-By - Dale Bozzio (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11) , Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12)
Tracks 13 & 14 are bonus tracks.


01 Noticeable One
02 Windows
03 It Ain't None Of Your Business
04 Destination Unknown
05 Walking In L.A.
06 U.S. Drag
07 Tears
08 Here And Now
09 Words
10 Bad Streets
11 Rock And Roll Suspension
12 No Way Out
13 Hello, I Love You
14 Mental Hopscotch

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Product Description
1995 reissue on One Way of the new wave act's top 20 debut album, originally released on Capitol in 1982 & now with twobonus tracks added: 'Mental Hopscotch' & their memorable cover of The Doors' 'Hello, I Love You'. Also features the original cover art & a total of 14 tracks. Amongst the original 12 tracks are their first four hits: 'Destination Unknown', 'Words', 'Windows' and 'Walking In L.A.'.

"Aside from the Greatest Hits packages I think a lot of the really good Missing Persons songs can be found on this release. First it has my favorite Missing Persons ballad "Windows." Then you have "Bad Streets." The synth riff on this song is bananas and when Dale sings "I'm kicking down bad streets," trust me this is a good song. Another great song included on this set is "Tears." Heck, the best songs are really here you also get "Destination Unknown," "Walking In LA (which is a classic)", "Words" and my new favorite Missing Persons song "Here and Now." Plus the set has two bonus cuts. You absolutely can't go wrong with this Missing Persons release. Heck, it even has "Mental Hopscotch," get this today. They were the best new wave pop group of the 80s they should have been way more huge than they were and their influence still can be felt today. "

"Discussing intelligence is all relative. I don't even think that it is measurable. We all just have different experiences, but when somebody calls Graham Parker intelligent I just cringe. The guy writes a pro life song and he isn't even a women last time I checked. Men are idiots if they think they can take a stance on this issue. Only women experience abortion. Therefore only they have a right to take a stand. Not only this, but his argument is filled with cliches that speak from an elementary school education. The songs here by Missing Persons are the most intelligent pop songs ever written. They never resort to archaic, ignorant explanations of existence, like souls and gods. Parker uses them to no end, not understanding the human brain(responsible for all behavior. It changes and becomes a new entity everyday with every experience. All behavior depends on outside stimulation) or evolution(survival of the fittest means that which fits into the environment, NOT the strongest, fastest, smartest, etc...) one bit, he will never write a song as "deep" as "Destination Unknown", "Walking In LA", "Windows", "Words", etc... There is a lot of filler on this one, but "The Noticable Ones" are some of the best pop songs ever written. "

"The debut album of Missing Persons is the closest they will come to something self-titled full-length album-they had an EP that was self-titled, but isn't available. Basically, Spring Session M is an anagram of, yes, you guessed it, Missing Persons. This riff-heavy new-wave group of the 80's led by Dale Bozzio, she of the shock of platinum blonde (or pink, if you saw the video for "Destination Unknown") hair and unique and quirky hiccupping vocals, her husband, drummer Terry Bozzio, with guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, who would fill in for Andy Taylor in Duran Duran, and Patrick O'Hearn, who did some new age albums. Call them a more keyboard, poppy version of Blondie, with the same snarling guitars.
The pitfalls of celebrity life is told in "Noticeable One." After all, they are the trendsetters, have their private lives dragged out in the gutter press, but that's the price for fame.
With the trademark keyboards starting things off "Windows," the title has to do with the sole outlet of a not-so-nice world. "Outside the world's so dangerous/it's hard to find someone to trust" and "I watch what's going on/but I don't want to belong/leave me in my introspection/safely behind protection" rang some empathic bells with me. After all, "without my window, who am I?"
With a pounding bass and keys starting things off, the moral of "It Ain't None Of Your Business" is not to be too stifling or jealous in a relationship, and that trust is what counts.
Then comes Missing Persons' philosophical take on life, complete with the shimmering keyboards and steady guitar backbeat. "Destination Unknown" deals with the uncertainties of life and the questions posed here must have been dealt by anyone who lives and breathes. Diehard intellectuals might think what's a blonde pop-singer with a quirky voice doing singing deep things, but it's all right with me. "You ask yourself/when will my time come?/has it all been said and done?/I know I'll leave when it's my time to go/till then I'll carry on with what I know." Tell'em, Dale.
With a pounding guitar and loopy keyboards, "Walking In L.A." is a wry, bemusing commentary that the somebodies and cops drive in the city of angels, that only a nobody, jogger, or shopping cart pusher does the title action. And due to the crime, kids get picked up by their moms, so that also leaves them out. The sound reminds me a bit of the Cars.
"U.S. Drag" is a more slow-paced song. Dale raps the lyrics rather than sing. A racing bass and pounded keyboards starts the frantic "Tears"; the backbeat sounds like something Berlin would do in "The Metro."
"Words", with its resounding bassline, is the only other single I've heard on the radio by these guys, and sports hiccups by Dale. "What are words for/when no one listens there's no use talking at all" is something I totally agree with.
Racing keyboards start out "Bad Streets," a song extolling a selfish and individualistic mindset. One could draw comparisons to this and Gen X's "Dancing With Myself," but the difference is that the latter character is more lonely than selfish. Both songs emphasize dancing to one's own beat.
"Rock and Roll Suspension" has a mid-paced tempo and despite its power riffs, veers more towards filler. Dale sings in rapid-fire mode in the verses of "No Way Out," and makes an observation of her friends not satisfied or unsure of what they are and going into hedonism for an escape, for a way out, when in fact there's no way out.
There is an overall consistent sound, but that doesn't make up for some filler tracks. Allover tinrag for this Spring Session M DC is 4 artss."


Dale Bozzio:Vocals
Terry Bozzio:Drums, Keyboards and Vocals
Warren Cuccurullo:Guitar and Vocals
Chuck Wild:Keyboards
Patrick O'Hearn:Synth Bass and Electric Bass

Tracklist :

01 The Closer That You Get
02 Give
03 Now Is The Time(For Love)
04 Surrender Your Heart
05 Clandestine People
06 Right Now
07 All Fan Down
08 Racing Against Time
09 Waiting For A Million Years
10 If Only For The Moment
11 Fight For Love * (previously Unreleased)
12 Action Reaction * (previously Unreleased)
13 Windows (Live 1981) *
14 I Like Boys (Live 1981) *
15 Here And Now (Live 1981) *
16 Walking In L.A. (Live 1981) *

Links to download:

Product Description
Missing Persons have reformed and are back on tour with the original line up in 2001, capitalizing on the 80's revival. Originally released in 1984, this digitally remastered release has 6 bonus tracks (2 unreleased!), including a live version on Walking In L.A. New liner notes and rare photos also included in this updated release.16 tracks.

" remember listening to this album everyday on my Walkman while traveling to work on the bus to NYC for months on end when it 1st came out. I loved it from 1st listen. I think everyone can find at least 8 of the original 10 album tracks they will really find appealing. This is a sonic masterpiece of an album. It shouldn't be dismissed as just a great New Wave's a great album period. At times uptempo (The Closer That You Get...fantastic opener), other times, pensive (Waiting for a Million Years). The final track (If Only For The Moment) is OUTSTANDING. Thank goodness for this long overdue re-issue."

"What a shame this album is out of print again. While the technology inherent on any MP album may sound a little out of date now, the musicianship still shines. Lyrically, the introspective tracks like The Closer You Get and If Only For the Moment ring VERY true for anyone who grew up with big dreams only to be disappointed. A very grown up album."

"When this album came out all those years ago, it was so far ahead of its time people didn't know what to say or think. Was it Pop? New Wave? Hard Rock? Jazz? The band members were such exceptional musicians, and so original in their approach. I honestly think it was too much for most to appreciate.
Anyway, this CD is unbelievably good. I can't say enough about it. Just add it to your collection - don't even think twice."



Dale Bozzio:Lead Vocals
Terry Bozzio:Drums, Electric Percussion, Synthesizers, Vocals
Warren Cuccurullo:Guitar, Vocals
Patrick O'Hearn:Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Volcals
Robert O'Hearn: Synthesizers

Bonus Tracks:
10-11 Unreleased Studio Tracks Recorded In October 1983.
12-15 Tour Live Tracks Recorded For A 1981 Radio BroadCast.

Tracklist :

01 Color In Your Life
02 I Can't Think About Dancin'
03 No Secrets
04 Flash Of Life
05 Go Against The Flow
06 Boy I Say To You
07 Come Back For More
08 Face To Face
09 We Don't Know Love At All
10 Hot To Cold (previously Unreleased)
11 It's A Must (previously Unreleased)
12 Words (Live 1981)
13 Distination Unknown (Live 1981)
14 Mental Hopscotch (Live 1981)
15 Hallo I Love You (Live 1981)

Links to download: tracks 1-11 tracks 12-15


Artwork By [Art Direction] - Glen Wexler , Warren Cuccurullo /Bass, Synthesizer [Bass] - Patrick O'Hearn/ Drums - Terry Bozzio/ Engineer - Ken Scott/ Guitar, Executive Producer - Warren Cuccurullo/ Keyboards - Chuck Wild/ Lead Vocals - Dale Bozzio/ Mastered By - Henk Kooistra/ Mixed By - Tony Taverner (tracks: 2 to 12) , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 2 to 12)/ Producer - Missing Persons (tracks: 2 to 12) /Vocals - Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo/ Written-By - Dale Bozzio (tracks: 1, 4 to 7, 10) , Terry Bozzio (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 12) , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 1 to 7, 9, 11)
Live cd except track 1.On the front of the insert behind the title “Late Nights Early Days” it says “Her Ass Is Hot”.Tracks 2 to 12 recorded live in 1981.Track 1 recorded in 1980 and mixed at Metropolis Studios, Boston.Tracks 2 to 12 mixed at Sensible Studios, London.Mastered at 9West Mastering, Marlboro, MA.


01 Action Reaction
02 Mental Hopscotch
03 Noticeable Ones
04 Words
05 Destinatin Unknown
06 Here + Now
07 I Like Boys
08 Hello I Love You
09 No Way Out
10 Windows
11 Us Drag
12 Walkin' In LA

Link to download:


"This CD certainly captures the early 80's sound by (imo) the best of the genre (at least talent-wise) and one of the great live acts. The pure enthusiasm and energy of the circa 1981 Missing Persons can't be denied. If you are truly an MP fan, this is a must-have! I only saw them twice and this CD brought it all back.
The additional track, "Action-Reaction" also smokes ala "Mental Hop Scotch", but harder. As usual, I was totally "amped" after listening to it and couldn't put it away for a month!"

"I just have to echo the listener below--this is an outstanding live recording, and Missing Persons makes it worth our while with inspired, concise renditions of many of the band's best songs.
The previously unreleased "Action Reaction" is a gem of a studio track (also sounding great!) that finds the band at the funnest and punkiest that I've heard it. Bassist Patrick O'Hearn and drummer Terry Bozzio are the standouts here, for me at least, and both are enjoying highly (artistically) successful solo careers making music very different from each other and from this!"



01 Destination Unknown (TV Mania Remix)
02 Walking In LA (With Sen Dog Of Cypress Hill)
03 Words (Julian Beeston Remix)
04 I Like Boys (Sheep On Drugs Remix)
05 Windows (Pistel Remix)
06 Here & Now (Astralasia Remix)
07 Walking In LA (KMFDM Remix)
08 Destination Unknown (Mission UK Remix)
09 Words (Interface Remix)
10 Mental Hopscotch (Kevin Haskins Of Love & Rockets / Bauhaus Remix)
11 No Way Out (Decoding Jesus Remix)
12 Action Reaction Remix - Anthony Rasta*
13 Walking In LA (Razed In Black Vs. Transmutator)
14 Mental Hopscotch (Inertia Digital Move Remix)

Links to dwonload:


Artwork By [Art Direction] - Mariko Catherine Ishihara , Warren Cuccurullo /Artwork By [Design], Photography [Other] - Mariko Catherine Ishihara/ Bass - Wes Wehmiller (tracks: 2, 5, 8, 10) /Composed By - Dale Bozzio (tracks: 2, 4, 8 to 10, 12, 13) , Patrick O'Hearn (tracks: 8, 10, 11) , Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 14) /Drums - Terry Bozzio/ Engineer - Gary Epstein , Ken Scott , Marque Coy/ Guitar, Compilation Producer, Edited By, Compiled By - Warren Cuccurullo/ Keyboards - Chuck Wild (tracks: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11) , Ron Poster (tracks: 2, 5, 8, 10) /Mastered By - Jimmy Starr /Synthesizer [Bass] - Chuck Wild (tracks: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11)/ Vocals - Dale Bozzio

All songs are unreleased "Lost Tracks", unreleased studio versions, or unreleased live versions.Tracks 3 and 6 to 10 are live versions.Track 1 from 1999.Tracks 2, 5, 8 & 10 from 2001.Tracks 3, 6, 7 & 9 from 1981.Tracks 4, 13 & 14 from 1980.Track 11 from 1984.Track 12 from 1986.Published by Private Parts Music, Private Life Music, Life After Music, Gypsy Joker Music.


01 Mental Hopscotch (Acid Samba Remix) (6:24)
Edited By [Assistant] - Joe Travers /Remix - Anthony J. Resta
02 Dark & Dangerous Guy (4:29)
03 Bad Streets (3:40)
04 Action Reaction (2:49)
05 Throw Money (1:49)
06 Words (4:39)
07 None Of Your Business (3:29)
08 Face To Face (3:04)
09 Rock & Roll Suspension (2:45)
10 Give (5:03)
11 Hair & Kiss & Makeup (3:39)
Bass, Synthesizer [Bass] - Patrick O'Hearn
12 Dark & Dangerous Guy (4:20)
Bass, Synthesizer [Bass] - Patrick O'Hearn/Keyboards - Robert O'Hearn
13 Centerfold Girl (2:00)
14 On Vacation (3:02)

Link to download:

Product Description
Classic 80's music! One Way Records has uncovered 14 songs from as early as 1980 to as recent as their short lived reunion in 2001. This package contains never before released versions and is a must for any Missing Persons fan. Includes the enhanced video for 'On Vacation' from 1980. 2002.

More info: the official site the official site of Dale Bozzio

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THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Octopus (1995) for Beebs

Electro, Synth-pop

Artwork By [Concept] - Farrow , Human League, The/ Artwork By [Design] - Farrow /Artwork By [Image Manipulation] - Martin Lloyd /Engineer - Dave Dodd/ Engineer [Additional] - Pete Stewart/ Engineer [Assistant] - Scott Boyce/ Mixed By - Mark "Spike" Stent* (tracks: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9) /Mixed By [Assistant] - Ian Roberson (tracks: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9) /Photography - Kate Garner/ Producer - Ian Stanley/ Programmed By [Main Album] - Andy Gray , Ian Stanley , Philip Oakey/ Programmed By, Performer - Chris Hughes , Jo Callis , Neil Sutton , Paul Beckett , Russell Dennett/ Recorded By [Vocals] - Bob Kraushaar/ Written By - Ian Stanley (tracks: 2, 5, 6) , Paul Beckett (tracks: 1, 6, 9) , Philip Oakey (tracks: 1 to 9)
Recorded at The Human League from February to August 1994.Additional recording at Axis Studio, Sheffield.Mixed at Olympic, Nomis and Metropolis Studios, London in August and September 1994.


01 Tell Me When
02 These Are The Days
03 One Man In My Heart
04 Words
05 Filling Up With Heaven
06 House Full Of Nothing
07 John Cleese: Is He Funny?
08 Never Again
09 Cruel Young Lover

Link to download:

"Generally all of the Human Leaugue's albums grow and grow on you, however this in particualar stuns you even more on each listen. I was a little sceptical on my first hearing of this album concerning its lack of more 'commercial' sounding tracks after no 1 and 3. However this albums brilliance lies in the tracks that arent commercial. "These are the days" is a retro throw back to the mid 80s with very edgy ostinati and a driving beat. "Filling up with heaven" is truly genius of synth sounds. The ascending synth motif in it is surreal and the track is a testament to the human league's superiority. "Never again" ans "Cruel young lover" are both very good too, and are the 2 most growing tracks on the album. To top it all off, thus making it complete there's "tell me when" and "one man in my heart" both storming the charts in 95...ive actually got tell me when on a cassette compilation called smash hits 95! It is truly amazing. If you buy this it will grow and grow and grow, it incorporates everything the human league is about."

"The critics have been unkind to The Human League over the years since the release of the ground breaking album Dare in 1981. The music press rightly praised Dare when it was released as the European innovation that would combat the stale and pedestrian guitar driven rock from America. The subsequent album releases of the 80's failed to live up to Dare, and how could they? It wasn't until 1995 with the release of Octopus, that the critics finally began to give Phil and the girls some credit. The album opener Tell me When was a fine return to form with it's catchy analogue rifts that made it sound so fresh and unique. Thankfully, Octopus continues to dazzle the listener with one of the highlights These are The Days. A song which should have been the next single with a melody to kill for. Other highlights include the bass driven House full of Nothing and the modern techno/house epic Cruel Young Lover. The crisp production is every bit as clear as Dare, and Octopus represents the League's finest collection of songs in over 14 years. If you own a copy of Dare, you *have* to buy Octopus! It simply get's better with every listen. Secrets however, is the true follow-up to Dare but Octopus remains an impressive album."

"Octopus is indeed Human League's eighth album, following on from the much forgotten 1990 album Romantic? (no. 24 22.9.90). Crash was the last properly recognised album released in 1986 (no.7 20.9.86), produced as it was by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, at the height of Janet Jackson's Control debut. Crash however was sadly lacking in either spark or innovation, despite having two sublime tracks in Human and Love Is All That Matters.
Octopus however was a brand new start for the group marking both a new label and a new sleek and sophisticated image. First off the block was the sparkling bright pop of Tell Me When (which afforded them a welcome back to the Top Ten (no.6)) followed by the charming One Man In My Heart (no. 13) (mainly sung for a change by Susan and Joanne), both of which helped push the album to a no.6 position in the album charts.
Third single, Filling Up With Heaven failed to match the previous two singles, only reaching no.36 in the singles chart, despite being one of the albums better songs. The penultimate track, Never Again would have made a good choice for a single as it one of Octopus's little jems (track 8). A beautiful song, which could rank alongside Human, as one of the League's best love songs.
The remaining tracks, however, seemed to fail to push the album any further forward, despite the fact that they were full of trade mark harmonies, synthesisers, club bass lines and shuffling percussion/backing.
Whatever Octopus's slight deficiencies are, the album, although no masterpiece by any standard, is a must have if you are a fan of the new Human League. The overall feeling of the album being that it is a positive step in the right direction, one which will hopefully continue for some time to come.
Finally, you have to hand it to the group for dusting themselves down (every 5 years or so!) to come back out to play with the current pop tarts and trendy boy/girl bands. A truly class act."

DISCOLUX - Natural Love E.P. (Spring Edition) (2005)

Holland-based disco-house producer.

House, Disco

Tracklist :

01 Natural Love (Original Mix) (5:49)
02 Natural Love (The Tabledancers Remix) (8:05)
03 Natural Love (Workidz Motion Club Remix) (7:38)
04 Natural Love (Horny Talk) (1:24)

Link to download:

"what a beauty! Discolux from Holland is a new talented Producer who got on board with Discogalaxy in 2004. This Vocal House Monster with Remixes by The Tabledancers & Workidz + a horny talk accapella is made for all you housemusic lovers. It's soulful it's uplifting and innovative... "



happy birthday

pinky blue (2 parts)


peel session

live 17.10.1981 BBC Radio

SPLIFF -remixes (


KURT MALOO - Soul & Echo (1995) - from DOUBLE (

OMD - Peel Session (

SILICON DREAM - Time Machine (


next week:
Scritti Politti albums

ITALIAN SECRET SERVICE - Id Super (2001) rare!

Acid Jazz, Lounge, Chillout


01 Vox Media
02 I Still Don't Believe It
03 Via Beato Angelico
04 Your Island
05 Drummer Boy
06 New Room
07 Sunday Morning Samba
08 Bla Bla Bla
09 Oky Doky
10 Mambo Bacan
11 Just 4 U
12 Takin' On
13 Strange Days

Link to download:

"A cheesy name for a great band,Italian Secret Service mix equal parts of bossa nova,soul jazz and 70s funk into a soulful blend that's warm,groovy and deep.The core of the music is played by the dou of Dario Cecchini on saxes and flute and Leonari Pireri on keyboards.
Light'n'breezy,nice'n'jazzy and very solid overall."

... for lounge lovers!

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FORTIFICATION 55 posted by Svabdos

EBM,Industrial,Synth Pop

Jan Kruse & Björn Petersen


Tracklist :

01 Paradise (4:52)
02 Deadly Silence (4:06)
03 Innocent Victims (5:26)
04 Hopes And Dreams (4:54)
05 Memories (5:32)
06 Miscarriage (4:33)
07 Genetic Research (3:14)
08 Wargames (4:00)
09 Fall Out (4:39)
10 Sometimes... (2:59)

Link to download:

"The first record of the popular Electro band with pumping EBM songs. Tight tunes and gripping dancefloor. "


Tracklist :

01 Introduction (0:57)
02 Changing My Exist (7:05)
03 Casualty (5:16)
04 I Believe (4:34)
05 The Dying Soldier (5:02)
06 Left Alone (6:08)
07 Consequences (5:28)
08 T.D.F. (4:39)
09 Holy War (3:21)
10 I Don't Care (5:38)
11 Forbidden Pleasure (3:55)

Link to download:

"The duo from Hamburg proves in the sense of Ultravox, early Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Visage that melodies are not done at all in the age of tough clubmusic, but they also don't necessarily have to end in pop-stereotypes. Filigrant keyboardlines paint atmospheric pictures, and the powerful Electro rhythms keep the dancefloor moving. "



01 Atlantis I (4:05)
02 Desire (4:18)
03 Rain Down (5:40)
04 Atlantis II (2:39)
05 Atlantis III (1:56)
06 And Tomorrow Atlantis (4:54)
Vocals - Cyan
07 Heartbeat (4:50)
Backing Vocals - Cyan
08 Tears Run Rings (4:49)
Songwriter - Marc Almond/Voice [Female] - Sandra Blake
09 Changing My Exist (Tranceorgastic Mix) (7:56)
10 Holy War (Live) (3:58)
11 Tibet Gate (3:54)

Link to download:

"Via the material of the old, antique saga, "Atlantis" starts a more philosophic oriented discussion with human nature. The instrumental parts of the main motif leave room for private associations. Straight dance tracks prove the band to be on top of the German EBM section. A moody cover of Marc Almond's "Tears Run Rings" shows where the musical roots of FORTIFICATION 55 can be found. The hit of the album: "Tomorrow Atlantis", featuring Cyan as guest vocalist. "


Tracklist :

01 The Dolphin Song
02 Featherfall Into Alteration
03 Aquatic Life
04 Sundance
05 ...And The Game Is Drawn
06 Transmigration Of Souls
07 Cause I Want It
08 You Give Me
09 Organism (12" Version)
10 Moonflowers
11 Fools Dance

Link to download:

YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW - Best Of 1992-1999 (1999)

Tracklist :

01 Memories (5:32) -taken from ”The Worst Is Yet To Come” 1992
02 Paradise (4:52) - taken from ”The Worst Is Yet To Come”
03 I Don't Care (5:24) -taken from ”Anthropology” 1993
04 Left Alone (6:08) -taken from ”Anthropology”
05 I Believe (4:35) -taken from ”Anthropology”
06 Holy War (3:23) - taken from ”Anthropology”
07 And Tomorrow Atlantis (4:57) - taken from ”Atlantis” 1994
08 In Their Eyes (Celtic Circle Version) (4:56) - original on ”The Doll” 1993
09 The Dolphin Song (4:47) -taken from ”Trancemigration” 1995
10 Heartleader (7:00) -taken from ”Heartleader” 1996
11 Two Different Faces (4:41) -original on ”Anthropology” 1993
12 Destiny (4:17) -unreleased 1999
13 A Million Miles (3:48)
-unreleased 1999

Link to download:

"Yesterday And Tomorrow" compiles the highlights from the previous 7 CD productions including those which had been released on another label. The track list features their big hits "And Tomorrow Atlantis" as well as "Memories". Two songs appear in rare remixed versions. Besides the best songs from yesterday the CD also contains a prelude to tomorrow: two brand new tracks recorded in 1999." (

1992: The worst is yet to come (CD)
1993: Anthropology (CD)
1993: The doll (CDS)
1994: Atlantis (CD)
1995: Organism (CDS)
1995: Trancemigration (CD)
1996: Heartleader (CDS)
1999: Yesterday and tomorrow [Compilation] (CD)

More info: the official site some forum members speaking about Fortification 55.. Former Fortification 55 musician teams up with Combichrist

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equatronic - always the same


Dirk Gerlach -keyboards, vocals
Oliver Thom -vocals, programming



Composed By - Christian Scherer (tracks: 11) , Oliver Thom/ Lyrics By - Christian Scherer (tracks: 2 to 5, 7, 8, 11 to 13) , Oliver Thom (tracks: 1, 5, 6, 9, 10)/ Producer -Equatronic
Producer, Mixed By, Recorded By - Frank Becker (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 9 to 13) , Rolf Latz (tracks: 5, 7, 8)

Tracklist :

01 Nightmare (3:12)
02 Assistant Views (3:30)
03 Follow Your Mind (3:33)
04 Shadowland (4:18)
05 Late Night Show (3:22)
06 Silent Sea (3:34)
07 Close To You (3:25)
08 Searing Eyes (3:40)
09 Awake (3:56)
10 No Tomorrow (5:39)
11 Tango (2:55)
12 Blue (3:29)
13 Far Away (4:04)

Link to download:


Composed By - Dorothea Brandt (tracks: 2, 4 to 6, 8, 9, 11, 12) , Oliver Thom/ Lyrics By - Christian Scherer (tracks: 4, 7, 8) , Dorothea Brandt (tracks: 2, 6, 9, 11) , Oliver Thom (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 10 to 12)/ Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By - Equatronic , Frank Becker/
Vocals, Keyboards - Dorothea Brandt/ Vocals, Programmed By, Noises - Oliver Thom
Tracks 13-16 are labeled as Bonus Tracks.

Tracklist :

01 The Queen Is Dead (3:48)
02 Shy (3:53)
03 Romance For The Broken Heart (3:53)
04 Paradise Eight (3:40)
05 Stay (3:58)
06 God's Army (3:36)
07 A Girl I Loved (3:00)
08 Time (3:52)
09 Light (3:50)
10 Xenophobia (3:39)
11 Always The Same (3:15)
12 The End (3:19)
13 Searing Eyes (Remix) (3:37)
14 Shame (3:49)
15 Moonspell (3:39)
16 Human Area (3:04)

Link to download:

"... and yes, I do consider this MOST delightful. This is light, poppy synth music, every bit in the tradition of Erasure. Most enjoyable from start to end.
As an introduction, Equatronic are a two-piece synth outfit from Germany, Oliver Thom and Dorothea Brandt. Their musical influences are very strongly with 80's synthpop, with a few unique twists.
I first heard of this duo when I found some mp3's on their website. I downloaded them, and was so impressed I felt I had to get their album. So here goes ...
Now for the album's highlights ... "Paradise Eight", is very original. The vocals are ethereal, almost spooky, the lyrics taking on a religious sense almost ("Angels gone asray in heaven, in the garden of delight"). Almost reminds me of some of Erasure's stuff off of "I Say, I Say, I Say". Dorothea's backing vocals border at times almost on the operatic.
"Light" ... easily the strongest track on the album. Again with the religious-themed lyrics a bit, this one has a chorus that is instantly rewarding and that you can sing along with. This one just makes you want to move, and it burns itself into your brain with just one listen ... VERY joyful.
"Romance for the broken heart" is a bittersweet ballad about the end of a romantic relationship, a sad resignation and acceptance of the inevitable. Sad love ballads have always appealed to me for some reason, probably due to personal experience.
"The End" is atypical, Dorothea takes over the lead vocals, and she effects a vocal performance that very much recalls the Cocteau Twins. We have here, an analogueish ballad, very ambient, and for good measure Dorothea even plays a flute.
At the end of the album are four "bonus tracks", which are themselves tracks originally from the band's 1993 release "Shadowland" which was never released in the USA.The production values on these are slightly lower, but these are quality tracks.
The whole album is just wonderful. I'm a fan of Erasure style pop music, and I very much recommend you give this a listen if your tastes are similar to mine. You will not be disappointed."

More review:



01 Eisberg (3:47)
02 Where (4:02)
03 Prayer (3:12)
04 Future (3:28)
05 Heart Of Stone (4:06)
06 Kiss My Feet (4:00)
07 Seven Spaces (3:32)
08 Shake It (3:10)
09 Blind Spot (3:26)
10 Summer Song (3:14)
11 Scar (3:27)
12 Startlight (3:44)

Link to download:

"If you told me the first four tracks off Equatronic's new LP, Plas:tique, were actually session outtakes from Erasure's 1991 album Chorus, I wouldn't doubt you for a minute. From the bouncy synthesizer arpeggios, to the chord progressions, to vocalist Oliver Thom's uncannily Bell-like vibrato, the resemblance is downright spooky (and, to Equatronic's credit, the recording quality is also up to Erasure's pristine specs). In fact, the only indication that this might not be an Erasure disc comes from the occasional, operatic hook sung by Equatronic co-vocalist Dorothea Brandt ("funny… I don't remember Erasure collaborating with a female vocalist…how odd…").Thankfully, Plas:tique begins to stray further and further from Erasure's domain on the following tracks, growing progressively more interesting in the process. "Heart of Stone" (for which a video - featuring a bald-headed, bug-eyed puppet - is included as an enhanced CD track) has a similar feel to the earlier songs, up until its decidedly un-Erasure-like chorus. "Kiss My Feet" is as amusing as it sounds, while the cut "Let's Shake It Again" is a ridiculously giddy New Wave bopper with goofy lyrics that suggest this German duo may have been absent the day they taught sexual innuendo in English class ("Let's shake it again / tomorrow night we won't be lovers"). "Seven Spaces" gives Dorothea a chance to show off on lead vocals, and "Summer Song" comes off like an evil Christmas carol with its Little-Drummer-Boy snare rolls, Hungarian violin drones, and We-Three-Kings minor-key chanting.Yet, despite these intriguing digressions, I still can't get over the fact that Plas:tique makes me think more about listening to Erasure in high school than it does about listening to Equatronic in the here and now. Hopefully, Equatronic will one day bring their own, submerged identity more to the fore, so that such will not be the case on future releases."

"This is the third full length album by the German SynthPoP band Equatronic that comes with 12 brand new tracks and 1 QuickTime Video for the song "Heart of Stone". The songs on Plas:tique are 'equatronic-like' very melodic and can't conceal a little Erasure-Influence. Equatronic gave more focus to the wonderful female soprano background singer who also has her own solo-song named "Seven Spaces". Maybe some people will find the female singing too mawkish but I think it goes well with the very joyful and amusing songs. Plas:tique is a very varied album that covers all styles of music from 'lollipop-styled' songs (Eisberg) to melancholic ballades (Future, Blind Spot) to danceable songs with hard beats (Prayer, Kiss My Feet) and demanding songs accompanied with violin and kettledrum (Summer Song, Scar)."

TOO CLOSE, TOO FAR AND GONE - The Best Of Equatronic remixed (2004)

Tracklist :

01 shame (pearls of dew remix)
02 assistant views (polary remix)
03 light (poplib remix)
04 late night show (northern electric remix)
05 time (tristraum remix)
06 god's army (fearing christmas remix)
07 searing eyes (honeychurch remix)
08 always the same (sound tesselated remix)
09 close to you (wave in head remix)
10 paradise eight (liberté remix)
11 no tomorrow (dynamic masters remix)
12 far away (pleasures remain remix)

Link to download:

"After a ten years, Equatronic is able to look retrospectively on a successful musical career. Equatronic started in 1996 with their self-produced five track E.P. Shadowland which was re-released with additional tracks in 1997 by the independent label Zoth Ommog. In 1998 Equatronic were scaled back to a duo and produced their second longplayer "Motivation". In 2002 Equatronic, comprising of members Oliver Thom and Dorothea Brandt, released their so far "real" last album "plas:tique". During the last 10 years, mastermind Oliver Thom always held together Equatronic and now they are releasing the "Best of" album featuring 12 remixed versions of their best songs. The remixes are made by "Wave In Head", "Tristraum", "Liberté", "Pearls Of Dew", "Northern Electric", "Pleasures Remain" and other electro bands. "Too Close, Too Far And Gone" is features technically refreshing remixes which absolutely satisfy the requirements of modern music. In doing so the remixed versions never alter the typical Equatronic core, and therefore successfully retrain the feeling of each Equatronic song. Therefore, the songs still retain the gorgeously simple and very remarkable melodies. It is the simplicity of Equatronic's electronic compositions that is able to convey a great portion of melancholic emotions and warmth. A conspicuous characteristic of Equatronic is Oliver Thom's voice. And I am right to affirm, you either to love or hate it. Well, I have to admit that I got used to his exceptional singing and appreciate all the releases by Equatronic.
On the whole, this remixed album is delivers 12 well-done remixes of both danceable songs (e.g. Shame, Assistant Views, Light, Late Night Show) and melancholic ballads (Searing Eyes, Always The Same, No Tomorrow), which I have to recommend to people who like 'easygoing' and very melodic electronic music. "

More review:


Tarcklist :

01 Always The Same (Sound Tesselated Remix)
02 Always The Same (Dynamic Masters Remix)
03 Always The Same (Acoustic Version)
04 Somewhere

Link to download:

about the band :
As an introduction, Equatronic are a two-piece synth outfit from Germany, Oliver Thom and Dorothea Brandt. Their musical influences are very strongly with 80's synthpop, with a few unique twists.
Equatonic, a synth-pop band from Germany plays music in the vein of Erasure, Yaz, and Depeche Mode.

More info: bio,photos,downloads...

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Synth-pop, Disco


Tracklist :

01 The Rhythm Of The Jungle
02 Katy Can't
03 Young Men Drive Fast
04 One Light In A Blackout
05 To Prove My Love
06 Zulu
07 Small Blonde Box
08 Twisted
09 Sharks Are Cool, Jets Are Hot
10 Don't Take Me For Granted

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 It's An International Thing
02 This City
03 Missing You Now
04 Love In Motion
05 Where Is The Lion In You
06 Listen To Your Heart
07 Do Not Erase This Heart
08 No Day At The Beach
09 The Biggest Factor
10 All Hung Up On You

Link to download:

WAH WAH (1986)

George McFarlane-
Bass, Keyboards
Matt Barry-Vocals (Background)
Phil Thornalley-Guitar, Engineer, Producer
Colin Campsie-Vocals

Tracklist :

01 Adventures Tonight
02 Down the Wire
03 We Can Learn From This
04 Cry Baby
05 Poise
06 I Needed You, You Needed Me
07 Big Decision
08 Last Victim
09 Sharon
10 Bed of Nails

Link to download:

"The market for British synth pop duos was beginning to dry up by the time the Quick released its final album in 1986. Nevertheless, the badly christened Wah Wah (which came complete with inane back-cover art, and was later co-opted as an album title by James) showed that vocalist Col Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane had lost none of the chart smarts featured on several U.K. singles. In fact, the album contains one of their best-ever songs, the slinky, should've-been-a-hit "Last Victim," and a handful of others nearly as good. With production by ex-Cure bassist Phil Thornalley, Wah Wah adds a bit more guitar to the band's usual sleek synths, and at times "We Can Learn From This" shows an unappealing desire to win American radio success. It didn't happen, although Campsie and McFarlane would later score that elusive U.S. hit as Giant Steps, with 1988's Top 40 smash "Another Lover." However, this outing -- better, it should be noted, than the same-year efforts of more celebrated countrymen like Depeche Mode and Culture Club -- closed the duo's underappreciated career as the Quick on a reasonably high note." ~ Dan LeRoy, All Music Guide

Biography :

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Gina X Performance - No GDM - 1979

Friday, January 12, 2007

GINA X PERFORMANCE posted with Anvilscepe

Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Electro, Synth-pop
,New Wave

Gina Kikoine: Vocals, conception
Zeus B. Held: Keyboards
László Czigány: Drums
Heinz Trewer: Synthesizer programming
Martin Hömberg: Additional sequencer programming


Drums - László Czigány/ Producer - Martin Homberg/ Programming - Heinz Trewer

Remastered reissue with four bonus tracks. Written by Gina Kikoine. Produced by Zeus B. Held & Martin Hömberg. "Big Brother": additional & backing vocals. Recorded & mixed at The Sound Experience Studio am Dom, Cologne in Summer 1978 by Martin HömbergKeyboard instruments: Mini Moog, Polymoog, ARP Synthesizer 2600, ARP String Ensemble, ARP Sequencer, Fender Rhodes Piano, Grand Piano, Hammond A 100, Sennheiser Vocoder

Tracklist :

01 Nice Mover (4:34)
02 No G.D.M. (5:57)
03 Plastic Surprise Box (3:09)
04 Casablanca (5:36)
05 Be A Boy (4:00)
06 Exhibitionism (4:58)
07 Black Sheep (3:49)
08 Tropical Comic Strip (5:08)
09 No G.D.M. (Berlin 1992 Mix) (4:58)
10 Nice Mover (7" Edit) (3:45)
11 No G.D.M. (7" Edit) (4:05)
12 Homage A B.B. (5:02)

Link to download: 192 kbs

Product Description
LTM is proud to announce the first release on CD of the debut album by Gina X Performance, an acknowledged new wave/electro classic first released in 1979. Formed in Cologne, Germany, the core of Gina X Performance comprised charismatic Gina Kikoine (vocals and lyrics) and writer-producer-musician Zeus B. Held. Between 1979 and 1984 the group released four albums of cool arthouse electro-disco: Nice Mover, X-Traordinaire, Voyeur and Yinglish. Their classic 1979 single No G.D.M. was a club hit on both sides of the Atlantic and remains a cult classic thanks to electro/synthcore compilations such as Nag Nag Nag. Slinky second single Nice Mover is also an established favourite, having appeared on the Andrew Weatherall compilation Nine O’Clock Drop. As well as stand-out tracks No G.D.M., Nice Mover and Be A Boy, this new extended CD edition also features four bonus tracks: two remix versions of No G.D.M. and two rare cuts, Babylon Generation and Homage a BB. In 2005 Q Magazine’s electro-pop special rated No G.D.M. as one of the most influential songs to come out of the Continent a fact made clear by even the most cursory listen to Ladytron, Goldfrapp or Miss Kittin and the Hacker.

The classic first album, first released on Crystal in the autumn of 1979 and now digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks. Produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, the album features the cult singles No G.D.M. (Dedicated to Quentin Crisp) and Nice Mover, as well as the original version of Do It Yourself. Booklet includes full recording information and artist biography.

"Like an artier Moroder, the noirish synth-funk textures provide the iciliy futuristic backdrop for gender-bending tales. 4 stars" (Uncut magazine, 06/05); "Pioneering electro-pop - hints of Kraftwerk, Nico and Studio 54-era Grace Jones" (Mojo, 09/05); "Did you ever wonder where Grace Jones and Miss Kittin learned all their moves? Look no further than Gina X Performances's 1979 electro new wave classic. The highly influential club singles Nice Mover and No G.D.M. are ground zero for the combination of cold-wave electro, cocaine-fuelled disco sleaze, dark cabaret and gender-bending performance aesthetics that would come to dominate the Berlin and NYC scenes during the early 1980s, and then again in the late 1990s" (, 07/05); "Toying with sounds that would later dominate the Euro new wave scene for the next several years, the album is filled with electro, funk and cabaret stylings. Nice Mover is a slinky sexy cold wave creeper that brings to mind Amanda Lear hanging with Kraftwerk at Danceteria" (; "This new wave avant-electro art prancing is so similar to today's product that I actually checked the CD case to see if this was secretly made in the past year, and packaged as a reissued for authenticity. But no, it's the real deal - tarty Cologne-tinged English lyrics of fashionable discontent (society, drugs) with music that could be Air around the time of their Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Hot damn, what a gem! Unlike your clothes that won't fit in the future, this does fit - and very very well" (Exclaim!, 07/05)

"Well, I had my doubts about this one. truth is, I hadn't heard it for maybe 15 years and was just playing the memory when I decided to pick it up on CD ... wow! Gina X is not, admittedly, so much about vocals as about attitude, and she has attitude to spare. Experimenting with gender and the illusion of reality (I guess) ranks this in alongside quite a number of early electronica recordings, but with Zeus B Held in control the whole project has an aural integrity and a surprisingly rich emotional tone. Now I guess this music represents a particular moment from the past - almost like a Midney recording. The sound of countercultural NY and Berlin for sure, but I think it survives enough beyond its time to retain some meaning even now. Considering the utter dearth of truly challenging popular music (or at least music purporting to work within popular structures), this CD will certainly reward the more adventurous listener. If you liked The Flying Lizards 'Top Ten' (and why in all hell is that one not on CD yet) you will probably get into Gina X almost immediately."


Classic second album (1980) digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks: track 9 from the 7",track 10 and 11 from the "Yinglish" LP (1984),track 12 from the "Voyeur" LP (1981).

Tracklist :

01 Strip Tease (5:20)
02 Do It Yourself (5:22)
03 Opposite Numbers (4:18)
04 Cologne Intime (6:02)
05 Weekend Twist (3:02)
06 Nowhere Wolf (4:50)
07 Vendor's Box (4:48)
08 Ciao Caruso (10:05)
09 Do It Yourself (7" edit) (4:07)
10 Waiting (4:23)
11 Kanal Banal (3:16)
12 Hypnosis/Hypnose (4:17)

Link to download: 192 kbs

Second album, originally released in September 1980 and now digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks. Again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, the album features Strip Tease and the singles Opposite Numbers and Do It Yourself as well as four bonus tracks.

"The album is a beautifully sleek and feline creature that retains a clear relevance to today through acts like Goldfrapp, Ladytron and more mainstream ‘pop’ artists such as Scissor Sisters, with whom GXP share a common flirtation with provocatively sexual lyrics and gay/androgynous imagery. Musically we’re in Berlin Bowie meets Chic meets Giorgio Moroder territory and it’s a heady and provocative mix, particularly on the opening triptych of Striptease, Do It Yourself and Opposite Numbers. All three tracks sound fresh and wonderfully hedonistic with their evocative suggestion of fetishist decadence and liberated carnality in some dark underground Cologne club. X-traordinaire holds interest far beyond being merely a curio from the dawn of electronica, thanks to its rich and glossy production and the sophisticated multi-layering of electro-beats and melodic rhythms" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 06/05); "Disco for the intellect, a new medium that's rich with style and provocation. Sexual sophistication, erudition, hipness and cosmopolitan lifestyle" (NME, August 1980); "Gina Kikoine's voice is spectral, witchy and quite compelling. Beneath the disingenuous Euro-disco surface there's a lot to absorb" (Melody Maker, August 1980)"

More review:

VOYEUR (1981)

Gina Kikoine: Vocals, ConceptionRalph Morgenstern: Backing vocalsHinrich Sickenberger: Backing vocals, Kettle-drums and gongZeus B. Held: Keyboards and vocoderLászló Czigány: Drums

Tracklist :

01 I.C.Code (3:26)
02 Horror Vacui (4:40)
03 Babylon Generation (4:07)
04 Kaddish (4:16)
05 Video Draguer (4:47)
06 Hypnosi/Hypnose (4:19)
07 Pederast Dissection (4:01)
08 Hom Intern (5:55)
09 Kiruna (5:16)

Link to downlad: 192 kbs

The third GXP album, again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, originally appeared in 1981 and was quickly deleted. In fact it's probably their most consistent long player, with stand out tracks including IC Code, Babylon Generation and Hypnosis.

"Voyeur was a radical response to the more straightforward synth-pop direction of the first two GXP albums, and is an enjoyable model of innovative club music that feels even more relevant now than ever. And tacked on to the end are some cool new remixes"(Exclaim!, 12/05)"

More review:


Written by Gina Kikoine & Zeus B. Held, except track 01 written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, track 03 written by Serge Gainsbourg ,track 05 Written by Gina Kikoine, Zeus B. Held & Christian Gence/Recorded & mixed at Studio St. Nom, Parisby Christian Gence & Denis Vanzetto/Additional recording at Odyssey Studios, London by Marc Frank/The Garden, London & The Barge, Little Venice by Zeus B. Held/Fairlight Program & research by J.J. Jeczalik

Tracklist :

01 Drive My Car (6:12)
02 Die Kunst Des Liebens (The Art Of Loving) (3:38)
03 Harley Davidson (3:06)
04 Thanatos Tanzt (6:38)
05 French Lift (3:54)
06 Kanal Banal (3:17)
07 Londra (3:27)
08 Waiting (4:20)
09 En Vogue (3:34)
10 BB 50 (4:52)
11 Martyr To Music (4:52)
Vocals - James Thomas
12 Drive My Car (Dance The Car) (6:05)
13 Drive My Car (Drive On Film) (3:25)
14 Kanal Banal (Basic Move) (5:35)
15 Londra II (4:37)
16 Die Kunst Des Liebens (X-Tra Long) (4:55)
17 Waiting (V-Speed) (6:41)

Links to download: 192 kbs

The final album, from 1984, is credited simply to Gina X alone, but still produced and co-written by Zeus B. Held. Singles Harley Davidson and Drive My Car are joined by superior Gina X originals such as Waiting and Kanal Banal, as well as five bonus tracks from the remix album originally packaged with initial copies of Yinglish. 16 tracks, 76 minutes of music.

"It's a strong example of 80s left-field Europop, and if that era meant anything to you this will certainly work like a charm. Again bonus tracks are added, which only makes this an even bigger pleasure for maximum indulgence" (Exclaim!, 12/05))

"Gina X is beautiful Teutonic singer Gina Kikoine with backing by a German synths-and-drums trio (adding guitar for the second album) that plays technically impressive smooth (but dull) dance-rock. On Nice Mover and X-traordinaire, Kikoine's expressionless voice isn't exactly pleasant; her lyrics are in English (and occasionally French), but that doesn't help the lifeless songs any. Boring!
With Kikoine opting for solo billing, Yinglish continues her association with producer/keyboard player/co-writer Zeus B. Held (Dead or Alive, Fashion) and guitarist Dierk Hill; otherwise the cast is new. She sings nonsensical poseur lyrics variously in English, French and German; a cover of the Beatles' "Drive My Car" and a Serge Gainsbourg song offer some connection to the known world. The music displays an awareness of Yello and dance music developments like scratch mixing, while expanding the palette to include subtler forms. Gina'n'Zeus are reaching for a fey artiness that just isn't worth finding. Kikoine's vocal skills are improved, but sometimes misdirected; the album has its moments, but a lot of tedious patches as well."[Ira Robbins]

More :

NO G.D.M (Ep)

Tracklist :

01 original version
02 cat o'nine tales heavy guitar remix
03 psychonauts remix
04 headman remix

Link to download: 192 kbs

The Maxi No G.D.M., Gigolo Records proudly present Gina X Performance, the artificial fashion decadence band of German Electro-Wave Rock. Their 1981 classic is the first track in original version. In 2002 this song sounds fresh and modern which certainly is a result of Gina's fantastic voice and the dark bassline. Track No. 2, the 'Cat O' Nine Tale' remix of 1992 is dominated by a strong heavy guitar mix and sounds like trashy heavy metal destruction. The third song,'Nice Mover', Gina's second little hit, is an original backing track edit of the 1981 classic. The band used this version for performances in the 80s with a long 'We Are The Robots' -- like fantastic intro which sounds like an inspiration for the French band AIR. For their first LPs GINA X Performance were inspired by the vocabulary of sado-maso sex as well as by the transsexual and hardcore gay erotic scene. No G.D.M. went straight into the Austrian Top Ten and Gina X Performance had gigs in the clubs all over the world. They have always been more successful abroad while in Germany they kept their status as an Underground Wave act."

by Andy Kellman
One of the earliest proponents of chic, detached electro-pop, Gina X Performance (born Gina Kikoine) released a number of records throughout the late '70s and early '80s. A few of her songs, especially "No GDM" (a tribute to writer/actor Quentin Crisp) and "Nice Mover," have remained popular at dance clubs and within DJ circles; as proof of her lengthy shelf life, the latter was featured on Andrew Weatherall's Nine O'Clock Drop, a compilation of alternative dance tracks from the first half of the '80s, in 2000. Her android-like voice recalled obscure disco singer Amanda Lear and — most significantly — fellow German Marlene Dietrich. Most of her work featured the production skills of Zeus B. Held, who included Kikoine in his early-'80s Fashion project. She also took part in a duet with Associates' Billy Mackenzie during that group's Perhaps sessions, but odds are very slim that the unreleased song (a version of "The Best of You") will ever see the light of day.

More info:

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Latin Rascals

Bach to the future ---

When she goes---

I will repost more within few days ,you will find them here...



MIXOLOGY 1 Limited Edition 1989 - 1995 (1995)

ELEKTRODELICA (An Exhibition For A Time Capsule) (1997)


naive art (in 2 parts)
RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)