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RHEINGOLD - R (1982)

Real Name:
Bodo Staiger, Lothar Manteuffel and Brigitte Kunze

28 Jan 2005
Reissue of the original release from 1982 with 7 bonus tracks


1 Fan Fan Fanatisch (3:54)
2 Das Steht Dir Gut (4:36)
3 Augenblick (4:31)
4 F.A.N. (5:20)
5 Abfahrt (4:42)
6 Überblendung (2:21)
7 Stahlherz (11:30)
8 Fan Fan Fanatic (3:55)
9 Looks Good On You (4:35)
10 A Moment's Glance (4:30)
11 Stahlherz (Single) (4:20)
12 Das Steht Dir Gut (Alternative Version) (4:35)
13 Fluss ('82 Version) (4:51)
14 Dreiklangsdimensionen ('82 Version) (6:27)

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GANYMED-takes you higher (1978) / future world (1979)

Takes you higher


It Takes Me Higher (5:00)
Robot Love (3:36)
Wonderful Girl (3:01)
jupiter (3:37)
Movin' All Stars (3:50)
Hyperspace (3:17)
Saturn (4:10)
Movin' On A Disco Planet (4:14)
Come On And Dance (4:51)
S'Punk (3:41)
Music Drives Me Crazy (4:36)

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Future world


Future World
Black Hole Five
Prelude/Captain's Wife/Interlude
We Like You (The Way You Like Us)
Stand By Your Love
Dancing In A Disco

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Friday, April 28, 2006

CERRONE - backtrack (1982)

Released: 1982
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco, Synth-pop


A1 Way In (0:50)
A2 Back Track (7:10)
Vocals - Carole Rowley
A3 Strollin On Sunday (5:35)
Vocals - Carole Rowley
A4 Trippin On The Moon (3:50)
Vocals - Kay Garner
A5 Rendez-Vous (4:30)
Featuring - Nanette Workman
B1 Anybody Can Do Anything (5:00)
Vocals - Nanette Workman
B2 Supernature (8:00)
Vocals - Nanette Workman
B3 Stop On By (5:10)
Vocals - Nanette Workman
B4 Way Out (1:30)

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CERRONE - You Are The One (1980)

Released: 1980
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco


A1 Hooked On You (5:36)
A2 My Look (5:25)
A3 Letter To My Mother (5:01)
A4 Some One To Love (4:55)
B1 You Are The One (6:48)
B2 Cherry Tree (5:13)
B3 Took Me So Long (6:45)

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KOTO - mind machine


01 Mind Machine
02 Acknowledge
03 Champions Cue
04 The Koto Mix
05 Japanese War Game
06 Dragons Megamix
07 Chinese Revenge
08 Mind Machine


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

16 BIT - inaxycvgtgb (1987)

Real Name:Michael Münzing, Luca Anzilotti & Sven Väth
Profile: These are some early steps of 3 people from Frankfurt/Germany who some years later will be considered as tremendous influence for the german Dance Scene. Luca Anzilotti & Michael Münzing will collect platinum records as the Producers behind Snap! And Sven Väth, as we all know, becomes Germany's DJ Guru, breaking all limits with the honorariums he gets for his performances. That is how it all began...
Aliases: Off
Genre: Electronic

Style: Electro, Synth-pop, New Beat

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Monday, April 24, 2006

BARRY WHITE - staying power (1999)

Barry White, the legendary R&B singer whose smooth, deep baritone set the standard for romantic crooners for years to come, died on Friday the 4th of July, 2003 after a lengthy battle with numerous health problems. He was 58.


01 staying power
02 don't play games
03 the longer we make love (with chaka khan)
04 i get off on you
05 which way is up
06 get up
07 sometimes
08 low rider
09 thank you
10 slow your roll
11 the longer we make love (with lisa stansfield)

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AXEL BREITUNG - the best projects 1985 -1988 (2004)

special edition for fans of Silent Circle


01. JOY PETERS - Don't Lose Your Heart
03. CLIFF TURNER - Your Love
04. MICHAEL BEDFORD - I'm Back To Stay
05. MICHAEL BEDFORD - Space Boys
06. JOY PETERS - One Night In Love
07. CHIKERIA - Le Freak
08. MICHAEL BEDFORD - More Than A Kiss
09. JUNE GRAND - Hot Stuff
10. JUNE GRAND - Shy Girl
11. ART AFFAIR - Workaholic(25 hours-a-day mix)
12. SILENT CIRCLE - Is It Love
13. SILENT CIRCLE - What A Shame (Masterbeat mix)
14 CLIFF TURNER - Moonlight Affair (Maxi version)
15. JOY PETERS - One Night In Love (Maxi version)
16. JOY PETERS - Don't Lose Your Heart (Maxi version)
17. MICHAEL BEDFORD - More Than A Kiss (Maxi version)

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JOACHIM WITT - siberblick (1981)

Bass -
Harald Gutowski Drums - Jaki Liebezeit Producer - Joachim Witt , René Tinner Synthesizer - Harald Grosskopf Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards - Joachim Witt

Kosmetik (Ich Bin Das Glück Dieser Erde) (6:19)
Goldener Reiter (4:41)
Der Weg In Die Ferne (Heaven) (4:16)
Written By - David Byrne
Meine Nerven (5:35)
Ich Hab' So Lust Auf Industrie (4:25)
Mein Schatten (Na, Na, Na, Du Bandit, Du) (3:59)
Ja, Ja… (3:30)
Sonne Hat Sie Gesagt (9:00)

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KANO - the maxis


another life maxi 1983
01 another life
02 dance school

another life 2000
01 another life (schellac brothers club mix)
02 another life (snapshot radio edit)
03 another life (dub mix)
04 another life (minimal edit)
05 another life (original version)

queen of the witches 1983
01 queen of the witches
02 i need love

this is the night 1985
01 this is the night
02 semblance

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Arthur Russell - The World Of Arthur Russell (2004)


01- Dinosaur L - Go Bang [Francois Kevorkian Mix]
02- Lola - Wax the Van
03- Loose Joints - Is it All Over My Face [Larry Levan Mix]
04- Arthur Russell - Keeping Up
05- Arthur Russell - In the Light of the Miracle
06- Arthur Russell - Little Lost
07- Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk
08- Arthur Russell - Let's Go Swimming [Walter Gibbons Mix]
09- Dinosaur L - In the Cornbelt [Larry Levan Mix]
10- Arthur Russell - In The Treehouse
11- Indian Ocean - Schoolbell/Treehouse [Walter Gibbons Mix]

link to download:

2004 compilation for the electronica pioneer whose fans include Philip Glass & Todd Terry. 11 tracks including 1 bonus track by Indian Ocean, 'Schoolbell/Treehouse' (Walter Gibbons Mix), along with remixes by FK, Larry Levan, & Walter Gibbons. Slipcase. Soul Jazz.
Arthur Russell holds a unique place in the history of dance music. As an artist he was admired by everyone from Philip Glass to Todd Terry. As well as his solo work he also formed the seminal groups Dinosaur L and Loose Joints in the 1980s. With tracks such as "Go Bang" and "Is It All Over My Face?", Russell redefined Dance music in the 1980s as both an intelligent and subversive form. This compilation is the first collected work of a man who has been for many years one of the most respected iconic artists in the history of dance music.

Alice Russell - My Favourite Letters (2005)


01 - All Else Can Wait
02 - What We Want!
03 - Humankind
04 - Mean To Me
05 - A Fly In The Hand
06 - To Know This
07 - I'm Just Here
08 - Munkaroo
09 - All Over Now
10 - High Up On The Hook
11 - Mirror Mirror On The Wolf - 'tell The Story Right'
12 - Remember To Forget

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Password = sonic

Alice Russell's second solo album has been highly anticipated. Having slowly but surely build up her reputation as one of the UK's finest soul singers, through her recordings with a number of artists and live appearances, she is now concentrating on her solo career. My Favourite Letters has been produced and co-written by TM Jukes who has added his magic musical touch to Alice's gifted vocals. The album could be described as a kaleidoscope of soul music history with influences from Gospel, Hip-hop, Jazz, Northern Soul, Broken Beat, Electronica and Funk. 12 tracks.

Everything But The Girl - The Platinum Collection (2006)


01. Missing
02. I Don’T Want To Talk About It
03. Apron Strings
04. Driving
05. Fascination
06. Old Friends
07. Come On Home
08. Another Bridge
09. I Always Was Your Girl
10. Meet Me In The Morning
11. We Walk The Same Line
12. Get Me
13. I Didn’T Know I Was Looking For Love
14. Careless
15. Each & Every One
16. The Only Living Boy In New York

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pass: vicious

The Velvet Underground - VU : A Collection Of Unreleased Recordings (1984)


1. I Can't Stand It Anymore
2. Stephanie Says
3. She's My Best Friend
4. Lisa Says
5. Ocean
6. Foggy Notion
7. Temptation Inside Your Heart
8. One Of These Days
9. Andy's Chest
10. I'm Sticking With You

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DARONDO - Let My People Go (2006)

Jan 2006
Funk / Soul
Soul, Funk

1. Let My People Go
2. Legs
3. Didn't I
4. I Want Your Love So Bad
5. How I Got Over
6. My Momma And My Poppa
7. Sure Know How To Love Me
8. Listen To My Song
9. True

link to download:

A mystery to most, Darondo records are high on the wants-lists of many collectors.
Take a listen to these tracks, released for the first time together on an album, and you may agree that he could have been the next Al Green or Sly Stone. But about 25 years ago Darondo disappeared.
Releasing three singles in the early 1970s (as Darondo, Darondo Pulliam, or the miss-spelled Dorando) he mixed low-rider soul with blues and r'n'b. He delivered in a variety of styles from the socially-charged “Let My People Go” to the sexually-driven funk of “Legs”. All three singles were recorded in the Bay Area, and both sides of each of the singles are fantastic productions.
“You can hear a little bit of everything,” says Darondo about his music style. “There's a little jazz and a little soul.
Growing up in Berkeley California Darondo got his first gig at the age of 16 years. He played in a band at the Lucky 13 teen club, one town over in Albany.
Hooking up with Bay Area legends Al Tanner (producer) and Eddie Foster (guitarist) took his musical career up a notch.Foster had already worked with Okampo Records boss Leroy Smith on a few releases before introducing him to Darondo to record “How I Got Over” and “I Want Your Love” for a single. Local station KSOL picked-up on the release. “They gave me my first break and every record I punched up I sold,” says Darondo.
He remembers a big string section assembled in the room to record “Didn't I” and “Let My People Go”. At that session he also recorded versions of standards like “Luscious Lady”, “I Don't Understand It”, and “Sayonara” which were never released.
But after the release of his three 45s Darondo stopped recording. “It was mostly me, just having a good time with a real good hobby,” he says.
Outside of the music business Darondo started traveling. The ABC Islands, Caracas, Venezuela, Trinidad, Grenada, St Thomas, San Juan Puerto Rico, Acapulco, and Mexico. He even went out to London and Paris for six months.
After returning to the Bay Area, Darondo went back to school. “I went to Merritt College for a little while but decided to get physical therapy training at John Muir Medical Center instead. I used to incorporate the music with the therapy,” he says. “I'm very versatile so I'd sing everything to them; pop, country and western, jazz, etc. I worked with head trauma cases, amputees and folks like that. I'd bring my guitar in and watch miracles happen."
Darondo now lives in Northern California with his wife and family and is delighted to hear his music is getting a second wind courtesy of DJs and collectors like the UK-based Gilles Peterson who recently picked “Didn't I” for his Digs America compilation.
The six tracks from the three original singles are featured here, along with three previously unreleased songs that were recently discovered on a demo reel. The demo reel was sitting in a box of VHS copies of his cable TV shows which we had requested to use for images in the CD booklet. Recorded in the early 1970s, tracks from the demo reel were taken into a San Francisco studio in the summer of 2005 for enhancement. Darondo over-dubbed missing background vocals and guitar parts alongside up and coming San Francisco soul man Bing Ji Ling. Darondo warmed up quickly, he hasn't lost his touch. After the session Darondo confessed that he was inspired to start playing there is hope for a full-blown Darondo revival!

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BISQUIT - zoo zoo (1982)



members: R. Felix, R. Sigo


01 zoo zoo 6.13
02 zoo zoo (instrumental) 3.10
03 roller boogie 3.47
04 roller boogie (instrumental) 3.57

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PAUL LEKAKIS - Tattoo It (1990)

this is the original front cover of the CD

House, Electro, Synth-pop

Paul Lekakis sings the classic hit songs "Boom Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)", and "Come Over to My House". He still performs these songs, but they have been revamped and brought up to date.Paul also acts and stared in the hit movie "Circuit" which is now available on DVD.The Spring of 2004 find Paul with a brand new record deal, with the first dance single being released in the Summer.Paul lives in West Hollywood, Ca.


01 Tattoo It On Me (4:46)

02 My House (4:33)

03 You Know You Want It (4:08

04 I Will Be There (3:58)

05 One Step Closer (4:08)

06 Lips (5:02)

07 So I Heard (3:59)

08 You Blow Me Away (4:05)

09 Are You Man Enough (Duet With Lisa Bellamy) (4:10)

10 Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) (4:11)

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Disc: 1
1. Love To Love You Baby - Donna Summer
2. Funkytown - Lipps, Inc.
3. Tear The Roof Off The Sucker - Parliament
4. Take Me Home - Cher
5. I Feel Love - Donna Summer
6. Romeo And Juliet - Alec R. Costandinos
7. Ain't Nothin' Gonna Keep Me From You - Teri Desario
8. In The Navy - Village People
9. My Baby's Baby - Liquid Gold
10. Find My Way - Cameo
11. I Found Love (Now That I Found You) - Love and kisses

Disc: 2
1. Thank God It's Friday - Love And Kisses
2. MacArthur Park Suite - Village People
3. Music, Harmony And Rhythm - Brooklyn Dreams
4. San Francisco (You've Got Me) - Village People
5. In Hollywood (Everybody Is A Star) - Village People
6. Let's Go All The Way (Down) - Brenda & The Tabulations
7. Let Them Dance - D.C. LaRue
8. Put Your Feet To The Beat - Ritchie Family
9. Pleasure Island - Paul Jabara
10. Like An Eagle - Dennis Parker

Disc: 3
1. Flashlight - Parliament
2. I Just Want To Be - Cameo
3. I Just Wanna Dance With You - Starpoint
4. Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
5. Bad Girls - Donna Summer
6. Chase - Giorgio Moroder
7. Walk The Night - Skatt Bros.
8. Don't Stop Get Off - The Sylvers
9. You Ought To Be Dancing - People's Choice
10. Medicine Song - Stephanie Mills
11. Dance, Freak And Boogie - Nitelife Unlimited
12. Macho Man - Village People
13. Pleasure Principle - parlet

Disc: 4
1. On The Radio - Donna Summer
2. When She Was My Girl - Four Tops
3. Just As Long As We're Together - Gloria Scott
4. YMCA - Village People
5. Stars Wars Theme/Cantina Band - Meco
6. Maniac - Michael Sembello
7. Touch Me Baby/Love Is The Ultimate - Ultimate
8. Do That To Me One More Time - Captain And Tennille
9. Yes, I'm Ready - Teri Desario
10. I Love America - Patrick Juvet
11. After Dark - PATTIE BROOKS
12. Flashdance... What A Feeling - Irene Cara
13. Last Dance - Donna Summer

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THP - good to me (1979) Lp

Real Name:
Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison
70's Disco outfit strongly influenced by Euro sounds, actually based in Toronto. After switching to Atlantic Rec. in 1979 with its final album "Good to Me", Guenther and Morrison dropped "Orchestra" from the band's name and were simply going by THP, what is the shortcut for "Three Hats Productions".


A1 Dancin' Is Alright
A2 Two Hearts, One Love
A3 Dancin' Forever
B1 Good To Me
B2 Who Do You Love

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DEVO - Freedom Of Choice

Electro, Synth-pop

link to download:

DEVO - New Traditionalists

released in 1981.

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop

link to download:

DEVO - Duty Now For The Future (1979)

Synth-pop, Electro

link to download:

DEVO - A : we are Devo (1978) CD

Electro, Synth-pop
Producer - Brian Eno

Real Name:
Mark Mothersbaugh, Gerald V. Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh, Bob Casale, Josh Freez
New-wave group popular throughout the late 70's and early 80's, formed by a group of art students at Kent State University, principally Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale. Their name comes from the central concept of "de-evolution" - the idea that mankind is devolving instead of evolving, as evidenced by the encroaching gullibility and herd mentality of the American people. After releasing several records on their own Booji Boy label, their work on the short film The Truth About De-Evolution in 1976 got them signed to Warner Brothers, where they had a major hit in 1980 with the single "Whip It". After 1980, their career continuously faded from the public eye until the band called it quits in the early 1990's. However, they reformed for a series of live dates in 2004. Line-up: Mark Mothersbaugh: vocals, keyboards, guitar Gerald V. Casale: vocals, bass, keyboards Bob Mothersbaugh (Bob I): lead guitar, vocals Bob Casale (Bob II): rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals Jim Mothersbaugh (1974-1976): drums Alan Myers (1976-1985): drums David Kendrick (1986-1990): drums Josh Freez (1995-current): drums

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SYNTECH - By Trial and Error (1989)

Real Name:
Edvin Van Der Laag & Huib Shippers
Edwin van der Laag, a graphic artist who is responsible for all Laserdance recordcovers became into creating music. Armed with Atari ST, Cubase and a few synthesizers he began to create his first tracks. Later, he was supported by Huib Shippers, known from Trilithon project



01 Byt & E

02 Reaction

03 Soundly Computed

04 Disconnected

05 we won't be long

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LAURA BRANIGAN-the very best of CD (1992)

Dear Fans
,It was confirmed to OneStor earlier today from Joan Di Tursi Laura's previous manager that Laura had passed away in her sleep last night Thursday August 26th 2004 of a Brain aneurysm.

Laura Branigan was born in New York on July 3, 1957 just outside New York City. Although a performance career was never something Laura wanted in her childhood, her lead role in a senior play in high school quickly changed her mind and her future. In the mid-70s, Laura attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.
Laura was a former backing vocalist with Leonard Cohen in the late 70s and toured with him throughout Europe. By 1977, Laura had determination to become a solo artist and 2 years later was signed with Atlantic Record. A change in managers resulted in a breach-of-contract lawsuit, but it didn't deter Laura from becoming one of the biggest female pop artists of the decade.
Laura's first big appearance on pop radio was with the single "Gloria" which became a huge #1 hit and the staple song of her career. The track came from Laura's debut LP, Branigan released in '82. Although "Gloria" took several weeks to become a hit, once it did, the song remained on the charts several months. Another track from the LP, "All Night With Me," was a minor hit before "Gloria" hit big. Laura received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance Female ("Gloria").
Laura released Branigan2 and had 2 more Top 10 hits with "Solitaire" (in May) and "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" (hitting the Top 40 in August). Laura could also be heard on the Flashdance soundtrack with "Imagination."
Laura released Self Control and got as high as # 2 with "Self Control." Laura also had hits with "The Lucky One" and "Ti Amo."
Hold Me was released with the Top 40 hit "Spanish Eddie" and hits "I Found Someone" and "Hold Me."
Touch was released and the first single "Shattered Glass" was a minor hit. The second single "The Power Of Love" returned Laura to the Top 20.
The release of Laura Branigan in 1990 spawned a minor hit with "Moonlight On Water" and Over My Heart was released in 1993. In 1994, Laura could be heard dueting with actor David Hasselhoff on the Baywatch soundtrack with "I Believe." In June, 1995, Laura release a greatest hits collection called Best Of which Q magazine hailed as "...a hugely appealing belter of a voice... with distinctly epic and sometimes even moving qualities..." Laura's acting credits have included guest shots on television's CHiPs and the films Mugsy's Girl (1984) and Backstage (1988). Laura also appeared on German television in An American Girl In Berlin (1981(c)) Laura returned to the public eye in 2002, earning rave reviews with her portrayal of Janis Joplin in the hit New York City musical Love, Janis. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide. (c)

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Fräuleinwunder - Phazz-A-Delic Uppercuts Vol. 1

Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Bossa Nova, Dub

if you like DE PHAZZ ,you will like this!!!!


1 Down Here (4:41) Written By - Pit Baumgartner
2 Schleier Der Nacht (3:55) Written By - Pat Appleton , Pit Baumgartner
3 Candy (4:54) Written By - Pit Baumgartner
4 Nie Monoton (3:55) Written By - Barbara Lahr , Pit Baumgartner
5 Vinyl Breeze (0:57) Written By - Adax Dörsam
6 Caracas Last Year (5:02) Written By - Joo Kraus , Pit Baumgartner
7 Estallada (3:59) Written By - Eckes Malz
8 Porch Swing (4:49) Percussion - Roy Randolph Written By - Pit Baumgartner
9 Kleine Weile (5:00) Written By - Joo Kraus , Pit Baumgartner
10 No Pasaran, Amor (2:30) Written By - Pit Baumgartner
11 Diebe (3:14) Written By - Adax Dörsam , Pat Appleton , Pit Baumgartner
12 Bikini Klub (3:25) Written By - Karl Frierson , Pit Baumgartner
13 Now That We've Quit (2:19) Written By - Pit Baumgartner
14 Warm & Tender (4:17) Written By - Joo Kraus , Pit Baumgartner
15 Bridgetown Bossa (4:28) Written By - Adax Dörsam , Pit Baumgartner
16 Half Moon Sigh Int. (0:14) Written By - Pit Baumgartner
17 Dein Will Ich Sein (3:42) Written By - Pit Baumgartner
18 Porch Swing-Out-Dub (1:22) Written By - Pit Baumgartner

links to download:
RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)