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Dexy's Midnight Runners posted with Svabdos

Rock, Electronic
Folk Rock, Pop Rock ,New Wave ,Synth-pop ,Soul

KEVIN ROWLAND/BILLY ADAMS(1980-)/JIMMY PATTERSON(1978-84)/SAB SHELTON(1980-84)/HELEN O'HARA (1982-)/STEVEN BRENNAN (1982-84)/GIORGIO KILKENNY (1980-84)/MICKY BILLINGHAM (1980-84)/BRIAN MAURICE (1980-84)/PAUL SPEARE (1980-84)/GROWCOTT ANDY (1978-80)/AL ARCHER (1978-80)/MICK TALBOT (1978-80) later appeared in The Style Council /BLYTHE JEFF (1978-80)/PETER SAUNDERS(1978-80)/STEVE SPOONER(1978-80)/PETE WILLIAMS(1978-80)


Tracklist :

01 Burn It Down
02 Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
03 The Teams That Meet In Caffs
04 I'm Just Looking
05 Geno
06 Seven Days Too Long
07 I Couldn't Help If I Tried
08 Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply
09 Keep It
10 Love Part One
11 There, There, My Dear

Link to download : 192 kbs

"Dexy's, in their earlier days, were quite the sonic performers. This album does not contain any of that "Come On Irene" stuff we all saw on MTV back in the early 80s. Nope. This effort shows the true, working-class, blue beat aficianados who could put out a wall of sound and rock the local football supporters into a frenzy with pulsing, frenetic songs. This is the good stuff, for sure. Truly, you won't believe that this band is the same one that donned those queer, matching railroad coveralls and bandanas, and skipped around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots on the telly, chanting "Too Rye Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee." If you can forgive them that transgression (and I know it'll be difficult), it's well worth your time to check out "Searching ... ." Solid goodness."

"'Searching for the young soul rebels' begins with someone fiddling with a radio finding only mindless fuzz (including, cheekily, 'Anarchy in the UK'), before Kevin Rowland switches it off, bluntly ordering 'For God's sake, burn it down', answered by a gang's call to arms, and the pounding opening song. It is a frightening moment, demanding a leap of faith and unswerving devotion from the listener, a demand that our heart and soul is purified from all the numbing cultrual rubbish that surrounds us, made new and true, worthy to look on the New Soul Vision, evangelised by a uniformed gang of street toughs.
It's such a brilliant idea - melding the sound and emotional depth of Stax and Northern Soul to the aggression and rigour of punk - you wonder why no-one else had thought of it, and why few have done it since.
'Rebels' is one of the great proletarian albums, one that records and celebrates working class life, its cameraderie and energy, and polemicises that its soul need not be the diminished concrete-dimmed bleakness Mike Leigh and Ken Loach would have us believe, but bursts of brass exploding from rigid confines (of course, behind the scenes, the reality was less romantic!). Pulp have done something similar with disco, and the origin of Jarvis' obsessive monologues, where the tawdry everyday is elevated to the intensely dramatic can be found in songs like 'Seven days too long', 'Keep it' and 'Love part one'. Chris Roberts said Dexy's made the greatest album in the world twice. Here's the first."

TOO-RYE-AY (1982)

Accordion, Piano, Organ - Micky Billingham /Artwork By [Cover Design] - Peter Barrett Artwork By [Painting] - Andrew Ratcliffe/ Banjo, Guitar - Billy Adams/Bass - Giorgio Kilkenny/ Drums - Seb Shelton/ Flute, Whistle [Tin], Saxophone - Brian Maurice/ Mastered By - Arun*/ Photography - Kim Knott/ Producer [Directed By] - Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley , Kevin Rowland/ Trombone - Big Jimmy Patterson/ Violin [Fiddle] - Emerald Express, The , Helen O'Hara , Steve Brennan/ Vocals [Extra Singing] - Carol Kenyon , Katie Kissoon , Samantha Brown , Sisters Of Scarlet, The/ Vocals [Singing] - Kevin Rowland

Tracklist :

01 The Celtic Soul Brothers (3:08)
02 Let's Make This Precious (4:03)

03 All In All (4:07)
04 Jackie Wilson Said (3:05)
05 Old (5:35)
06 Plan B (5:04)
07 I'll Show You (2:41)
08 Liars A To E (4:11)
09 Until I Believe In My Soul (6:59)
10 Come On Eileen (4:32)
11 The Celtic Soul Brothers (US Mix) (3:05)
12 Jackie Wilson Said (Live) (2:48)
13 Come On Eileen (Live) (7:16)
14 Marguerita Time (4:50)
15 Respect (Live) (7:45)
16 Dubious (2:38)
17 Love Part 2 (1:43)
18 T.S.O.P. (3:45)

Link to download :

Digitally remastered 1996 reissue on Mercury of their 1983 album for the label featuring the #1 smash 'Come On Eileen' and eight bonus tracks: 'The Celtic Souls Brothers' (US Mix), 'Marguerita Time', 'Dubious', 'T.S.O.P.', 'Love Part 2' and live versions of 'Come On Eileen', 'Jackie Wilson Said' & 'Respect'. 18 tracks total. Total playing time of 77:15.

"There is something haunting about Dexy's Midnight Runners beyond "Come on Eileen" which is perhaps one of the greatest pop songs of all time (in my top ten for sure), but the youthfulness and confidence of a brash and innocent sound stirs something inside of me and perhaps you too? Kevin Rowland has one of the best voices I have ever heard a true talent. Ska, soul, pop it is all here and I am so glad I finally got this CD. I very much recomend it. It is a shame they did not do more, they were really good"

"While most people don't even remember the name Dexy's Midnight Runners past the song Come On Eileen, anyone brave enough to listen to the whole album will be shocked and amazed. In a a good way. The songs on the album flow into one another, and create an amazing soundscape straddling everything from rock to soul, to ska. In fact, this is probably the earliest example of what was to become ska I have heard, since I think this album pre-dates or at least laps most of Madness's releases. British Ska maybe? UK soul with flavors of old time rhythm and blues? All of the above. Be impressed, MR & DMR is where it's at."

"This remastered Dexy's Midnight Runners is a must own. The new version is a much more clearer and enhanced sound than the original. Still the same good, fun lyrics by Kevin Rowlands the headman of British Alternative group. They made the 80s so much fun. It was the time of the British invasion with all those long and forgotten, like- the Police, Madness, Chris DeBurgh making a sweep of memorable hits that kept the airwaves jumping. If only they could turn back the time when music meant something before the downslide. Oh, dream on, dream on.
If you can only remember Dexy's Midnight Runner for only 'Come on Eileen' then you're missing the real talent of this group. This is better than their original because it has added tracks with some of their best songs. So if you're deciding on which one this is it. I believe there had been a bit of confusion because of the name is the same on both. The original is the IMPORT version with only 10 tracks. Just look for ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED for the best listening enjoyment. The group is a little Brit soul with some rhythm and blues mixed in. The lyrics are fun and whimsical like that of Madness. Something of British Ska. It's reflected in 'The Celtic Soul Brothers.' Do I sense a bit of Commodore-mania there in 'Jackie Wilson Said.' The lyrics in 'Let's Make This Precious' and 'Until I Believe in My Soul' are romantically beautiful. I do believe the music industry has been missing something here. If you can still get this album while you still can. Getting good songs could be the thing of the past. Dexy's Midnight Runners is just one fo those groups that deserve billing like the Beatles or the Commodores. Their music you won't be disappointed"


Artwork By [Cover] - Peter Barrett/ Bass - John Edwards /Drums - Tim Dancy/ Guitar [Lead, Rhythm], Backing Vocals - Billy Adams/ Guitar [Steel] - Tommy Evans /Mandolin - Julian Littman /Mastered By - Arun Chakraverty/Mixed By - Pete Schwier/Organ, Synthesizer - Robert Noble/Photography - Kim Knott/Piano - Vincent Crane/Producer - Kevin Rowland/ Recorded By - Alan Winstanley/Saxophone, Backing Vocals - Nicky Gatfield/Trombone - Jimmy Paterson/Violin, Backing Vocals - Helen O'Hara/Vocals - Kevin Rowland

Traccklist :

01 The Occasional Flicker (5:49)
02 This Is What She's Like (12:25)
03 Knowledge Of Beauty (7:03)
Bass - Randy Taylor
04 One Of These Things (6:00)
05 Reminisce Part Two (3:31)

06 Listen To This (3:20)
Drums - Crusher Green
07 The Waltz (8:33)
Drums - Mick Woodmansey/Piano - Mick Boulton
08 This Is What She's Like (Instrumental) (10:12)

Links to download : track 01

"Kevin Rowland ruined his career twice through poor sartorial choices. (This one is the first, see "My Beauty," his solo record for the second) Doffing the rags and overalls, Dexy's this time opts for Brooks Brothers. This was not a completely arbitrary choice, as the music itself is more sophisticated on this record. Rowland is still a soul revivalist first and foremost, but this time he can actually afford to recreate the sounds in his head. Many people who's opinions I respect think this is one of the greatest records ever made. I doubt that you will get that impression on the first spin, but there is definitely something to this record, and it's revival is well-earned since it was criminally overlooked on first release. Kevin Rowland thinks it's the greatest record he made."

"Kevin Rowland ruined his career twice through poor sartorial choices. (This one is the first, see "My Beauty," his solo record for the second) Doffing the rags and overalls, Dexy's this time opts for Brooks Brothers. This was not a completely arbitrary choice, as the music itself is more sophisticated on this record. Rowland is still a soul revivalist first and foremost, but this time he can actually afford to recreate the sounds in his head. Many people who's opinions I respect think this is one of the greatest records ever made. I doubt that you will get that impression on the first spin, but there is definitely something to this record, and it's revival is well-earned since it was criminally overlooked on first release. Kevin Rowland thinks it's the greatest record he made."

LIVE - 12.Rockpalast Rocknacht 17.-18.April 1983

Kevin Rowland - Voc/Guit/Helen O'Hara - Fiddle/Steve Brennan - Fiddle/Simon Walker - Fiddle/Andy Hamilton - Sax/Nick Gatfield - Sax/Spike Edney - Voc/Tromb/Billy Adams - Voc/Guit/banjo/John Edwards - Voc/Bass/Seb Shelton - drums/Bob Noble - Voc/Keyb

Tracklist :

01 Geno (4'00'')
02 The Celtic Soul Brothers (2'54'')
03 Let's Get This Straight From The Heart (4'13'')
04 Plan B (4'30'')
05 Let's Make This Precious (4'36'')
06 There There My Dear (7'10'')
07 Come On Eileen (5'22'')
08 All In All (6'00'')
09 Jackie Wilson Said (2'45'')
10 Tell Me When My Light Turns Green (4'58'')
11 Until I Believe In My Soul (12'10'')
12 Respect (10'15'')
13 Kevin Rowland's 13th Crime (3'25'')
14 Keep It Pt 2 (4'26'')

Links to download :


Biography :

Kevin Rowland (vocals, guitar) and Kevin "Al" Archer (vocals, guitar) founded the band in 1978 in Birmingham, England, naming the band after Dexedrine, a brand of dextroamphetamine popularly used as a recreational drug amongst Northern Soul fans at the time. The midnight runners referred to the energy the Dexedrine gave, enabling one to run into the midnight hours.Their second song "Geno" – about Geno Washington, was a British Number One in 1980.

The band members were disappointed with their share of the profits, and soon stole the master tapes of Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, their debut LP, in order to renegotiate the deal. The album was released later in 1980 and became a massive success. After the next single "There There My Dear" was a hit, Rowland insisted on choosing the uncommercial "Keep It, Part Two" for the following single. It was a failure, and most of the band members quit, angered over continual personality problems with Rowland. Archer eventually formed The Blue Ox Babes, while Blythe, Spooner, Williams, Stoker and Mick Talbot (ex-Merton Parkas, who had recently joined on keyboards) left to form The Bureau. Paterson stayed with Rowland, who added Billy Adams (guitar/banjo), Seb Shelton (drums, formerly of Secret Affair), Micky Billingham (keyboard), Brian Maurice (alto saxophone), Paul Speare (tenor saxophone) and Steve Wynne (bass), releasing "Plan B", "Show Me" (this line-up's only Top 40 hit) and "Liars A to E" in 1981 without much success.

Too-Rye-Ay (1982)
Rowland then recruited fiddle players Helen O'Hara (from Archer's new group, the Blue Ox Babes), Steve Brennan and Roger
MacDuff, known collectively as "The Emerald Express". With the addition of new bass player, Giorgio Kilkenny, this line-up recorded Too-Rye-Ay in 1982, a Celtic folk and soul hybrid. The first single, "The Celtic Soul Brothers", was mildly successful but "Come on Eileen" soon followed, and became a Number One hit in both the UK and the United States. Feeling that their role in the group had diminished following the arrival of the fiddles, the brass section of Paterson, Speare and Maurice left to form The TKO Horns and recorded an album in 1985 with Howard Jones, while Kilkenny was replaced by Johnny Edwards on bass and Billingham left to join General Public. With the singles "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)" (a Van Morrison cover) and "Let's Get This Straight (From The Start)" maintaining their popularity, the group continued to tour until 1983 with a nucleus of Rowland, Adams, O'Hara and Shelton augmented by other musicians.
After a two-year break, Dexys returned in 1985 with the critically panned album, Don't Stand Me Down, featuring Rowland, Adams, O'Hara and Nicky Gatfield together with various seasoned performers including Vincent Crane (ex-Atomic Rooster), Julian Littman and Tim Dancy (who had been Al Green's drummer). Rowland at first refused to issue any singles from the defiantly uncommercial album, and by the time "This Is What She's Like" was released, it was too late to save the album from commercial failure. The group disbanded the following year after a brief return to the charts with the single "Because Of You" (which was used as the theme tune to a British sitcom, Brush Strokes), and Rowland became a solo artist with the release of 1988's poorly-received album, The Wanderer. Despite spending much of the 1990s suffering from financial problems and drug addiction, Rowland made plans to reform Dexys together with Big Jim Paterson, although these resulted in no more than a solitary TV performance in 1993. Returning once more as a solo performer, Rowland signed to Creation Records, releasing an album of cover versions called My Beauty in 1999, which sold poorly; some sources quote a figure of fewer than 500 copies sold. This was followed by a disastrous appearance at the Reading festival where Rowland was bottled off by a hostile crowd after introducing 2 strippers to accompany him. The demise of Creation meant that the planned follow-up album which would, once again, have featured Dexys Midnight Runners was never made.
However, in April 2003 the group announced that they would be reforming for a tour. A new greatest hits album Let's Make This Precious: The Best of was released in September 2003, and a successful tour took place in October and November 2003. Two newly recorded songs, "Manhood" and "My Life in England", appeared on the album and were touted as new singles. However, despite airplay on national radio, neither was released as a commercial single. In June 2005 Kevin Rowland announced during an interview on BBC Radio 2 that Dexys were "back in the studio" and seeking a record deal for a new album.


More info : Unofficial site

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DANCE FLOOR VIRUS - The Ballroom (1995) by REQ

Euro House

Tracklist :

01 Message In A Bottle (4:38)
02 Dedododo Dedadada (4:09)
03 The Bed's Too Big Without You (4:00)
04 When The World Is Running Down (3:49)
05 Walking On The Moon (4:27)
06 Synchronicity (4:27)
07 Every Breath You Take (4:07)
08 Spirits In A Material World (3:37)
09 Don't Stand So Close To Me (4:46)
10 Dedododo Dedadada (Police Woman Mix) (4:32)
11 Walking On The Moon (Floatation Mix) (4:26)
12 Message In A Bottle (Castaway Mix) (4:59)

Link to download : 192 kbs

I wasnt able to get info about them :(

PARIS CASABLANCA - Dancing In Cairo (1979)

Funk / Soul

Produced and arranged by Philippe Renaux & Rachid Bahri

Tracklist :

01 Dancing In Cairo (5:29)
Lead Vocals - Joe Scott
02 Mamy Blue (6:03)
Lead Vocals - Claudia Polley
03 I Should Be Lovin' (5:30)
Lead Vocals - Ann Calvert
04 Keep On Running (6:41)
Lead Vocals - Joe Scott
05 A Love At First Sight (6:11)
Lead Vocals - Claudia Polley
06 I Wanna Go Home (Skiped By Two) (5:40)
Lead Vocals - Ann Calvert

Link to download : 192 kbs

"Superbly bizarre and little-known French disco production, well worth tracking down.The title track is the most appealing to these ears. The lyrics start "Dancing in Cairo, Everywhere you go, Heavy perfume flows, In Cairo...". After 2 minutes the disco tune blends into a syncopated flute-driven middle-eastern sound, and then back out into a gorgeous alto-sax solo, before returning to the main tune.Disco cover versions of Mamy Blue, and the Spencer-Davis Group's "Keep on running" also appear on the LP.The mid-tempo track "A love at first sight" seems familiar but I can't quite work out why! Very good though.The final track "I wanna go home" has a spelling mistake in its title as it should be "skipped by two", which is based around some kind of playground chant.Just to complete the package, the LP has a quintessentially 70s front and back cover - they just don't make 'em like that anymore!"


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Simple Minds - Themes Volume 1.


CD 1: I travel.
(1980 virgin theme 1)
released by arista september 1980;
reissued by virgin january 1982 as vs57812

1. Travel
2. Celebrate
3. Film Theme

CD 2: The american.
(1981 virgin theme 2)
released may 1981 as vs41012

1. The American
2. League Of Nations
3. Sound in 70 Cities

CD 3: Love song.
(1981 virgin theme 3)
released august 1981 as vs43412

1. Love Song
2. This Earth That You Walk Upon
3. Life In A Day

CD 4: Sweat in bullet.
(1981 virgin theme 4)
released november 1981 as vs45112
3+4: hammersmith odeon 25.09.1981

1. Sweat In Bullet
2. 20th Century Promised Land
3. League Of Nations
4. In Trance As Mission

CD 5: Promised you a miracle club.
(1982 virgin theme 5)
released april 1982 as vs48812

1. Promised You A Miracle
2. Theme For Great Cities
3. Seeing Out The Angel

Download link
File Name: Simple_minds_-_themes_1_to_5_volume_1.Rar
123 mb aprox.

Greetings for all!.

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THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Original mixes & rarities (2005) für Kiki

Synth-pop, Disco

Tracklist :

01 Being Boiled (Album Version) (4:16)
02 The Sound Of The Crowd (12" Version) (Complete) (6:30)
03 Hard Times (4:55) (Love Action B Side)
04 Non-Stop (4:18) (Open Your Heart B Side)
05 Don't You Want Me (Special Extended Dance Mix) (7:29)
06 Mirror Man (Extended Version) (4:22)
07 You Remind Me Of Gold (3:38) (Mirror Man B Side)
08 (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation) (6:10)
09 Total Panic (3:29) (Fascination B Side)
10 The Lebanon (12" Extended) (5:53)
11 Life On Your Own (Extended) (5:47)
12 Giorgio Moroder With Philip Oakey - Together In Electric Dreams (Extended) (6:23)
13 Human (Extended Version) (5:05)
14 Heart Like A Wheel (Extended Mix) (6:49)

Link to download : (1-7) 320 kbs (8-14)

"This year, I have mainly been listening to...The Human League! Being an old Eighties New Romantic, the League are a band that have always been high in my consciousness, but until this summer I had seen them as being very much in the past. On summer holiday in North Wales, I came across their 2003 double album release of 'The Very Best of the Human League' in a chuck-out box, and it has been a constant on my car stereo ever since. This new collection of 'Original Remixes and Rarities' takes this retro feel a step deeper. It was great to hear again such classic b-sides as 'Hard Times', 'Non-Stop' and 'You Remind Me Of Gold' in particular, and to also have extended versions of some of their greatest singles on disc for the first time.
With the possible exception of the opening track, 'Being Boiled', a classic but a bit out of place to include here, this is a great compilation. There's always a long wait for new Human League albums, but this release will keep the many die-hard fans ticking over in the meantime."

"Personally, I've always wanted an extended version of Human, as the regular single is under 4 minutes. The version of the song on this collection is 5:05. I do like it. I just wish it was 10 minutes longer. Guess I'll have to get software and figure how to extend it (or just loop it with RealPlayer V.10!). The rest of the mixes on this CD are also good. Could it have been better? Sure. But as I paid under $8US for the disk, I have absolutely no complaints and feel that I got my money's worth! Four stars!"

"Many people waited years and years for this thing to come out. If only for The Sound Of The Crowd (12" Version) it is worth to buy. I must say that the track-listing isn't quite right here. I saw it on several other sites. Track 3 isn't Love Action (Instrumental Mix) but it's Hard Times (Instrumental Mix). Track 4 is Non-Stop (B-side of Open Your Heart), track 5 is Don't You Want Me (Special Extended Dance Mix), track 6 is Mirror Man (Extended Mix), track 7 is You Remind Me Of Gold (Mirror Man B-side), track 8 is (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation), track 9 is Total Panic (Fascination B-side), track 10 is The Lebanon (Extended), track 11 is Life On Your Own (Extended), track 12 is Together In Electric Dreams (Extended), track 13 is Human (Extended) and finally track 14 is Heart Like a Wheel (Extended). So, as you can see, there is no Love Action (Instrumental Mix), Open Your Heart (12"Version) or Love Is All That Matters (Jam & Lewis Mix). Instead of them, you'll get some really cool B-sides and remixes. "


Electronic, Rock
Synth-pop ,New Wave


Credits :
Ray Beavis - brass/Alan Chaney - organ /Alex Cooper - synthesizer, percussion, drums, background vocals /Vince de la Cruz - bass, guitar, rhythm guitar, background vocals /
John Earle - brass /Nick Glennie-Smith - organ /Dick Hanson - brass /Katrina Leskanich - guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals /Wendy Nicholl - background vocals /Kimberley Rew - organ, guitar, background vocals /Eamon Fitzpatrick - brass arrangement "Walking on Sunshine"

Tracklist :

01 Red Wine And Whiskey (3:43)
02 Do You Want Crying (3:35)
03 Que Te Quiero (3:20)
04 Machine Gun Smith (3:03)
05 Cry For Me (4:58)
06 Walking On Sunshine (4:00)
07 Going Down To Liverpool (4:30)
08 Mexico (3:17)
09 The Sun Won't Shine (3:38)
10 Game Of Love (3:18)

Link to download :

"Walking on Sunshine" was the hit and the rest went nowhere, but that perfect summer single wasn't the alpha and omega of the cheerful belter Katrina Leskanich's band with songwriter (and former Soft Boys guitarist) Kimberley Rew. This self-titled album (the group's third, but first in the U.S.) has a handful of other terrific songs on it--notably the exquisitely wistful "Going Down to Liverpool," a minor hit for the Bangles, and the spirited downer counterpart to "Sunshine," "Do You Want Crying" (written by bassist Vince De La Cruz). The disc's also got some not-so-hot filler, but it's way more fun than the band's one-hit-wonder status would suggest." --Douglas Wolk

"Great flippin' mid-eighties album here. 6 classics and 3 other strong to very strong songs. From the handful of Chuck Berry-inspired rockers to the sweet, sweet twin ballads, this CD packs a super punch. K&tW were never close to this consistant or catchy again, but for one moment they were...walking on sunshine. "Sunshine" has been played to death in movies and on radio stations, but is a fine cut. From the opening harmonies of "Red Wine & Whiskey", to the Bangles-covered "Goin Down to Liverpool", to the Stone-sy licks on "Game of Love" that closes this rockfest, this recording should be part of your collection. Amazingly solid. Perfect for driving down the highway on a summer day. "

"One of the great injustices of the music world was the failure of this terrific band to sustain the popularity brought to them by the glorious top ten single "Walking On Sunshine."
Although incorrectly dismissed as a "one hit wonder" (the band had four other hits crack the U.S. charts) this album alone has a slew of cuts to make future music historians wonder just what was wrong with the musical priorities on the mid 1980's. "Do You Want Crying," "Que Te Quiero," Going Down To Liverpool," "The Game of Love" and the blistering "Mexico" are just a few of the highlights of this magnificent example of power pop song craft.
I guess we just did not deserve Katrina and the Waves!"

"Only a handful of Katrina and the Waves' songs reached my ears, primarily from this album and one single from their Waves album. From listening to their eponymous 1985 album, they seem to be a combination of the Bangles, Pretenders, with some clever pop hooks thrown in. And Katrina Leskanich's voice seems a smoother, poppier rendition of Chrissie Hynde and Vicki Peterson of the Bangles rolled in one. While displaying the hallmarks of 80's new wave, there are some nods to 50's and 60's sounds with a fiery guitar in spots."O

ORIGINAL RECORDINGS 1983 - 1984 (2003)

Tracklist :

01 Dancing Street
02 Spiderman
03 Going Down To Liverpool
04 Machine Gun Smith
05 Walking On Sunshine
06 Brown Eyed Son
07 Que Te Quiero
08 Don't Take Her Out Of My World
09 I Really Taught Me To Watusi
10 Ain't No Money (Buy You Love)
11 Do You Want Crying?
12 Maniac House
13 She Loves To Groove
14 Cry For Me
15 Red Wine And Whiskey
16 Mexico
17 One Woman
18 The Sun Won't Shine
19 He's A Charmer
20 The Game Of Love
21 That's Just The Woman In Me
22 River Deep Mountain High
23 Hearbeat
24 Walking On Sunshine

Links to download : (1-14) (15-24)

"Purveyors of one of the ultimate summer singles, "Walking on Sunshine", Katrina And The Waves have been sadly marginalized, because that one song of is ubiquitous to this day. In some respects, the song was definitive, as it came from the classic KATW template -- meld Motown and power pop, get the band hopping and let Katrina Leskanich unleash her spectacular blue eyed soul vocals. While it's true that very few guitar pop bands ever have a massive hit, and thus, KATW already got more than similar bands ever dreamed of, it's equally true that they deserved so much more. Then again, the band came of age when many of the best power poppers could barely get the attention of the major labels -- The dB's first two albums only came out in England, for example. This context explains why the first two Katrina And The Waves albums, featured here on CD for the first time, only came out on Attic Records in Canada. They weren't even reissued after the band's success on major. That it took so long for them to come out again is a shame, as both albums are littered with fantastic songs, mostly from the pen of Kimberly Rew, who already knew undeserved obscurity from his tenure in The Soft Boys. Rew was (and still is) also an ace guitarist, as shown by the bubbling fretboard work that is evident throughout. So delight to the original versions of songs that appeared on the band's major label debut like "Sunshine", "Going Down to Liverpool", "Mexico", "Do You Want Crying", "Que Te Quiero" and "The Game of Love", which may be Rew's golden R & B songwriting moment, as it sure sounds like a Stax classic. Whether you prefer the original versions is up to you -- there's no incorrect preference. And if you only know the big hit album, well, there's plenty more tracks of that quality on here. "Spiderman" is a superb power pop song that grabs immediately, "She Loves to Groove" would have been a perfect song for Nick Lowe and Rockpile to cover, and "I Really Taught Me to Watusi" is rhumba-dumb fun. There are also some fine bonus tracks, including a live "Sunshine" and a smoking cover of "River Deep Mountain High", which, along with the Waves original "Cry for Me", serve as proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Leskanich was a top rank soul shouter"

"i'm probably biased (been on a major katrina kick lately, for some reason) but this cd is just fantastic. it's an interesting contrast to the first u.s. katw cd in that even though many of the songs are the same the guitar parts aren't as pronounced and the production isn't as slick. but the tunes are still fantastic, upbeat masterpieces and katrina's voice is in fine form.
the bonus dvd is the real keeper though - simply the band ripping through about a dozen numbers in front of a studio audience. if you missed them when they were hot back in the day, seeing them here is a worthy consolation prize."

Biography :
Katrina and the Waves were a pop rock band of the 1980s, best known for their smash hit "Walking on Sunshine" and their 1997 Eurovision Song Contest victory.
Formed in 1981 in Cambridge, England, the Waves were fronted by American-born singer Katrina Leskanich until she left the group in 1999. Their lead guitarist is Kimberley Rew, formerly of the Soft Boys.
In 1985 the group had a worldwide hit with the song "Walking on Sunshine", a Top 10 UK success, still popular today as a feel-good summer track, used in numerous feature films and advertisements
. A Grammy award nominee for "Best New Artist" followed, and several seasons of touring were followed by moderate sales of new releases. "Sun Street" was a UK Top 30 hit in 1986, though subsequent releases, including the infectious "Rock'n'Roll Girl" in 1988, failed to chart.
By the late nineties, the band had all but disappeared, but briefly surged back into the limelight by winning the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom on 3 May 1997 with the song "Love Shine A Light". Reacting to the win, Katrina said it was the second landslide victory in a week; the song won by a record points margin, and Tony Blair had won the 1997 British general election two days previously.
Six years after the original band split up, Katrina formed a new group in an attempt to repeat the Waves' Eurovision triumph, this time in Sweden. At the 2005 Melodifestivalen, the competition to select Sweden's entry, the group failed to qualify directly from the fourth semi-final of the competition, and were eventually eliminated in a 'second-chance semi'. Having planned to call themselves "Katrina and the New Wave", they dubbed themselves "Katrina and the Nameless" after legal objections from the original Waves.
In 2005, the storm surge of a storm named Hurricane Katrina devastated much of the Gulf Coast, including the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The MSNBC news program Countdown with Keith Olbermann dubbed its coverage of the hurricane "Katrina and the Waves", referring to the storm itself and its storm surge, and that name also appeared in numerous headlines and blog posts. As the Waves lead singer Katrina Leskanich now shares her name with the devastation, she was quoted in the New York Times as saying the following:
"The first time I opened the paper and saw 'Katrina kills 9,' it was a bit of a shock. It's a very sad situation, but I'm sure the strength and good will of the survivors will turn it around. I hope that the true spirit of 'Walking on Sunshine' will prevail. I would hate for the title to be tinged with sadness, and I will have to do my own part to help turn that around."


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SIMPLE MINDS Part 1. posted with Anvilscepe

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Electro, Synth-pop

EARLY YEARS - Demo Collection 1977 - 1978. (1998)

Credits :
Charlie Burchill : Guitar/Derek Forbes : Basses (Track 08-13) / Tony Donald : Basses (Track 01-07)/Brian McGee : Drums, Percussion /Michael MacNeil : Keyboards (Track 08-13)/Duncan Barnwell : Guitar (Track 08-13) /Alan MacNeil : Guitar (Track 01-07)/Jim Kerr : Vocals /John Milarkey : Guitar (Lead Vocals on Pablo Picasso)

Notes :
Tracks 1 - 7 Produced By Simple Minds & Brian Young. Recorded at Cava Studios, Glasgow, 09.11.77.
Tracks 8 - 13 Produced By Lex McEwan & Simple Minds.Recorded at Cava Studios, Glasgow, 11-12.05.78.

Tracklist :

01 18-18
02 Tonight
03 Little Bitch
04 Pablo Picasso
05 Subway Sex
06 Lies
07 Wasteland
08 Act Of Love
09 European Son
10 Cocteau Twins
11 Chelsea Girl
12 Did You Ever?
13 Pleasantly Disturbed

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LIFE IN A DAY (1979)

Credits :
Charles Burchill: guitars, violin & vocals
Derek Forbes: bass & vocals
Brian McGee: drums, percussion & vocals
Michael McNeil: keyboards & vocals
Jim Kerr: voice

Tracklist :

01 Someone (3:40)
02 Life In A Day (4:00)
03 Sad Affair (2:45)
04 All For You (2:50)
05 Pleasantly Disturbed (8:00)
06 No Cure (3:38)
07 Chelsea Girl (4:33)
08 Wasteland (3:44)
09 Destiny (3:36)
10 Murder Story (6:18)

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Credits :
Jim Kerr: voices
Brian McGee: drums & percussion
Derek Forbes: bass
Charles Burchill: guitars, violin & sax
Michael McNeil: keyboards

Tracklist :

01 Real To Real (2.47)
02 Naked Eye (2.21)
03 Citizen (Dance Of Youth) (2.53)
04 Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase) (2.49)
05 Factory (4.13)
06 Cacophony (1.40)
07 Veldt (3.20)
08 Premonition (5.29)
09 Changeling (4.11)
10 Film Theme (2.27)
11 Calling Your Name (5.05)
12 Scar (3.31)

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"Simple Minds' work from 1979 to 1982 can not be over-rated in a review of post-punk UK music. By far the most creative band of this era they launched their golden period with Real to Reel Cacophony. I first heard this before I was into Simple Minds about 15 years ago and couldn't make head nor tail of it. However, on revisiting it as a bona-fide fan it's obvious that it is a work of huge depth and originality. More than this, though, is how listenable it is for such an experimental record.
It is hardly surpising that most of it was written in the studio - it is hard to imagine such a work coming out of anything other than experiment. The sound is the best elements of post-punk, with Joy Division / Low drum beats, cutting guitar a la early Gang of Four and liberally sprinkled with keyboards. The record ranks with Black and White and The Raven for examples of a band having the confidence to create edgy and powerful music - it is small yet big (a style they would truly exploit on their masterpiece New Gold Dream).
Charlie's guitars are developing the style that would remain until the debacle of Sparkle in the Rain - at first it's hard to hear anything happening then with more listens you pick up more and more subtleties. Truly remarkable work for someone so inexperienced in the recording process.
If you want singles and tunes look elsewhere but if you are willing to invest the time then this is a piece of art that rewards.
And the repetitive message about Changeling being the weakest song on the set is nonsense. It's a cracker.
Only four stars when compared to their later work. Would otherwise be five - it's a norm-referenced kinda review!"


Artwork By - Artifex Studio, The Bass [Fret] - Derek Forbes/ Drums, Percussion - Brian McGee/ Engineer - Hugh Jones/ Guitar, Saxophone - Charles Burchill/ Keyboards - Michael MacNeil

Tracklist :

01 I Travel (3:56)
02 Today I Died Again (4:39)
03 Celebrate (5:03)
04 This Fear Of Gods (7:00)
05 Captal City (6:14)
06 Constantinople Line (4:14)
07 Twist/Run/Repulsion (4:38)
08 Thirty Frames A Second (5:14)
09 Kant-Kino (1:50)
10 Room (2:30)

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"This is the album responsible for getting me into dance music. Damn Jim Kerr and his posse! Tracks like Today I Died Again, Celebrate and the mesmeric This Fear of Gods are just as relevant today as they were revolutionary back in 1980. Questions have to be asked as to how Simple Minds got from this to 'Once Upon A Time' within the space of 5 short years...but if you want variety, look no further than this band.
The photo on the sleeve is meant to depict the fall of European civilisation, power, corruption (and lies?). Listen to the lyrics and Kerr has an unhealthy obsession with decay, death, European travel (strange combination, admittedly). It's a masterful album, well ahead of it's time. Not an easy listen in places, give it time - it's one of those 'growers'. It's very claustrophobic, a very dense, menacing sound. Not as lush as their Sons and Fascination double album just around the corner. Nevertheless, a healthy addition to any collection.
And as if to prove the point, The Manic Street Preachers, those urbanite revolutionaries, even cite this album as a key influence (check out the type face lettering on their Holy Bible album) - which is about as cool as it gets.
Buy it!"

"Having originally bought this great album when it was released back in 1980 on the Arista label, hearing it now, it hasn't dated at all. This is perhaps because it was never mainstream in the first place. To me this is one of Simple Minds most inventive records in terms of experimenting with new sounds and dance rhythms. The most accessible tracks are the euro-disco 'I Travel' and almost military dance beat'Celebrate' both of which were singles. The epic sweep of 'Capital City' conjures up visions of daily human life rhythmically existing in global coastal cities, while the haunting bassline matched with drum beat on the excellent 'This Fear of Gods' highlights the darker side of humanity. This record is one that grows upon you - it make take a while but once it does it'll be one of those that you may want to list in your top ten of albums to keep with you if stranded on a desert island."


Credits :
Bass - Derek Forbes/ Drums - Brian McGee/ Engineer - Alan Jakoby , Hugh Jones/ Guitar - Charlie Burchill/ Keyboards - Michael MacNeil/ Producer - Steve Hillage/ Vocals - Jim Kerr

Tracklist :

01 In Trance As Mission (6:53)
02 Sweat In Bullet (4:30)
03 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall (4:49)
04 Boys From Brazil (5:30)
05 Love Song (5:03)
06 This Earth That You Walk Upon (5:27)
07 Sons And Fascination (5:22)
08 Seeing Out The Angel (6:11)
09 Theme For Great Cities (5:51)
10 The American (3:51)
11 20th Century Promised Land (4:55)
12 Wonderful In Young Life (5:20)
13 League Of Nations (4:56)
14 Careful In Career (5:08)
15 Sound In 70 Cities (5:04)

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" Simple Minds were surprisingly vital for a few years at the start of the1980s, after releasing their Kid-A, 1979's Real to Real Cacophony theoriginal line-up made the classic Empires & Dance (1980) with producerJohn Leckie. Sons and Fascination and Sister Feelings Call were bothreleased on the same day in 1981 and would be the final release from theoriginal Minds line-up (Brian McGee would leave prior to 1982's climax NewGold Dream). This reissue collects both releases- as did the prior cdversion from 1985- though this one comes with two-b-sides (League ofNations, Sound of 70 Cities- the only bonus tracks on the Minds reissues!)& a remastered sound that I'm probably too deaf to appreciate...The band had been embracing electronics with songs like Changeling and ITravel, their influences including touchstones like Kraftwerk &Moroder/Summer and peers such as Japan, Magazine, & Ultravox! (theFoxx-version). Steve Hillage (Gong, The Orb, System 7, The Charlatans'Upto Our Hips) is in many ways the ideal producer- going for a spacier feelthan either Leckie or Peter Walsh did on the Minds LPs before or after.These albums qualify as proto-electronica- Theme for Great Cities like NewGold Dream has been sampled for forgettable dance-hits, & as I've notedseveral times before, Theme...predicts Radiohead's Where I End & You Beginfrom 2003. The eight-track Sons & Fascination is wonderful stuff, building to a hugesound from a groove that is In Trance as Mission & reaching pop-meltdownwith Sweat in Bullet, one of Kerr's more oblique lyrics and kraut-funk atits best. 70 Cities (both here) has an insane chainsaw-sounding guitarthat crunches over an alien-chant and lays the ground for thetrance-overloads that are Boys from Brazil and Love Song. The finalthree-tracks from Sons...are more electronic- This Earth that You WalkUpon and Sons and Fascination (whose lyrics would turn up in Book ofBrilliant Things on City of Light)are synthetic with the odd addition ofBurchill's guitar-playing. The closing track is the palatial Seeing Outthe Angel, which seems to be leading towards songs like New Gold Dream andKing is White and In the Crowd...Sister Feelings Call is a briefer set, opening with Theme for Great Cities(one of the great instrumentals of the era, one Charlatans fans shouldadore & a track that warranted its place on the Death Disco-compilation),& then into single The American- which is a great pop-song and has curiouslyrics considering the band's eventual shift towards America. Burchill'sguitar is great here & as great as the late John McGeoch's on Magazine's ASong from Under the Floorboards. The other tracks are more-grooveorientated than perfectly-crafted pop songs and the addition of League ofNations extends this quality. New Gold Dream gets all the acclaim, but Sons & Fascination/SisterFeelings Call deserves as much- anyone into krautrock/electronic-headmusic ought to check this LP out, even if they hold reasonable grudgesagainst the band that would churn out stadium fodder like Belfast Child &Sanctify Yourself. Like Roxy Music, Simple Minds' earlier material wasgroundbreaking & seems overlooked as a result of their shift towards themainstream. I'd rank this alongside such joys as 4th Drawer Down(Associates), Technodelic (Yellow Magic Orchestra), Systems of Romance(Ultravox!), Tin Drum (Japan) & Remain in Light (Talking Heads). Greatvalue and some albums that more than deserve reappraisal..."

"This album, together with the previous "Empires and Dance" and the subsequent "New Gold Dream" see Simple Minds at their creative peak. Originally, "Sons and Fascination" was released with "Sister Feelings Call" as a double record package. That there is no padding of material on either record is testament to how much of a roll that the band were on. Thematically, the album is exploring images of America, but musically it is locked in a very European setting. Elements of Can, Neu, DAF and Brian Eno can be heard, but the band are treading their own distinctive path now. There is so much going on here. The opening "In Trance as Mission" sets the scene for the album. Derek Forbes bass straight away setting the rhythm over which Mick McNeils synths weave in and out. "Sweat in Bullet" is all rubbery bass. The beautifully haunting "This Earth that You Walk Upon" has some excellent atmospheric guitar by Charlie Burchill. He, together with the late John McGeoch from Magazine, were surely the most original guitarists to have come out of that time and both have never been given the credit they deserve. Just listen to the wah-wah guitar solo on "The American" for instance.
This album is all widescreen vistas, energetic, bold and of it's time. Credit must be given to producer Steve Hillage. Though known at the time for his work with Gong and his own prog based solo albums, here he is pointing to his future techno work as System 7. The album didn't reach the critical or commercial height's which the following, "New Gold Dream" achieved, but at the time Simple Minds were seen as torch bearers for bold, new techno based rock. Today, the couplet of "Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call" still impresses and can be rightfully placed along with "New Gold Dream" in the canon of the great early 80's albums such as "The Correct Use of Soap", "Sulk", "Tin Drum" and "Penthouse and Pavement"."

NEW GOLD DREAM (81-82-83-84) (1982)

Artwork By [Sleeve] - Assorted iMaGes , Malcolm Garrett /Bass - Derek Forbes/ Drums - Mel Gaynor (tracks: 01, 04, 06 to 09) , Mike Ogletree (tracks:02, 05, 06)/ Effects - Charles Burchill , Michael MacNeil/ Guitar - Charles Burchill/ Keyboards - Michael MacNeil/ Percussion - Mike Ogletree/ Photography - Jamie Morgan /Producer, Engineer, Arranged By - Peter Walsh/Voice - Jim Kerr/ Written By [Words, Music] - Simple Minds

Tracklist :

01 Someone Somewhere In Summertime (4:35)
02 Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel (3:49)
Voice [Girl's] - Sharon Campbell
03 Promised You A Miracle (4:26)
Drums - Kenny Hyslop
04 Big Sleep (4:59)
05 Somebody Up There Likes You (4:58)
06 New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (5:40)
07 Glittering Prize (4:33)
08 Hunter And The Hunted (5:54)
Keyboards [Solo] - Herbie Hancock
09 King Is White And In The Crowd (6:57)

Link to download : 192 kbs

"Like many from my generation the first any American teenager had heard from this band was from a now classic 80s movie known as "The Breakfast Club." The song was, of course, "Don't you(forget about me)." Those seeking more from Simple Minds were subsequently enthralled with their huge hit album "Once Upon a Time." But for many fans that was the beginning of the end. Then, one sparkling day, a fit of nostalgia overwhelmed me and I decided to look further into this band's past catalog. I owned "Once Upon a Time" on cassette only(don't laugh, it was the dawn of the compast disc) and I thought, "This is a very good album. I wonder if any of their other albums are any good?" I decided to check out a competing site that has critical reviews, as well as ratings. "New Gold Dream" was given a stellar review and a matching rating of 4.5 stars. Well, the rating is altogether incorrect. It should be higher! This is a fantastic example of all that was good about early 80s New Wave. I have listened to this album repeatedly since I got it in the mail, and seriously can find no flaws. The songs are intricate and well-arranged with pristine production value. No single instrument overwhelms any other, each seeking absolute harmony within the structure of every song. There is another plus that I love here, which is a matter of taste, to be sure. It is that Jim Kerr's vocals on this album are not nearly as bombastic and Bono-like(U2) on this album as on "Once Upon a Time." Instead, he sings with a more intimate tone directly into the listener's ear rather than his occassional catering to the stadium crowd. I obviously prefer his vocalizations here. All in all, this album is a magnificent transition from "Once Upon a Time" and into a whole new and inviting realm of superb songcraft and memorable musicianship. Take a chance and purchase this excellent CD. If you love early 80s New Wave then this CD must be in your collection. The replay value is very high, with many moments you will want to revisit time and again."

"This is one of my "desert island discs." I love every song on it, and it still sounds as fresh today as the first time I heard it in the early 80s while working in Yosemite. I can't describe the joy I feel when I listen to this music - it is always one of my tests when listening to new speakers, and it is one of the ways I can mellow myself out when I need to get some downtime. Some of my favorites include "Somebody Up There Likes You" and the title track. Not a bad song in the bunch."

"When I first heard Simple Minds back in the early 80s I was underwhelmed. But gradually they grew on me and I got quite sucked into "Sons and Fascination," which remains a great record even today. Then in 1982 New Gold Dream came out and I was blown away. I listened to it constantly. When the band subsequently went large-scale, they lost much of their lustre, even though their sound on NGD was already big and expansive. One reviewer hit the nail on the head: in the albums up to and including NGD, Kerr's vocals are part of the song, integrated among the other instruments. Afterwards they became the focal point. NGD is a masterpiece, the mangum opus of Simplicities. You simply must have this record. Now."

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RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)