Monday, December 22, 2008

I think you will find the next post here only in february ,because i am too busy untill then. See you in next year and thanks everybody for the support wich gave me lot of power to continue!
I have received three messages few days ago with great news for fans of FASHION and WILL & BUSHMEN and EMPIRE STATE HUMAN!!:
"Hello everyone,This is Luke Sky, original singer/guitarist with Fáshiön. Just to let you know you can get Product Perfect on CD from or or CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon

I am writing a book about my time in Fáshiön and have just finished recording a new album "Stairway To Nowhere" that will be available through these sites early next year.
Thank you all for your continued support, it means a lot.

Will Kimbrough added:

"Will and the Bushmen's "Gawk" is back in print and available at mywebsite:

The SBK Records album---the red one with "Blow Me Up" on it---is longout of print and SBK's parent company, EMI Records, has no plans forits rerelease.
I have made five solo records since The Bis-Quits, and stay quite busyproducing artists like Todd Snider and others"

and something for EMPIRE STATE HUMAN Fans by Aidan Casserly!! :

Ninthwave Records offer a humble little Christmas EP of fun electronic music. Best of all it is free!A gift as a way of saying 'Thank You' this year....The EP features two Empire State Human tracks "Christmas Angel" and "You Won't Be Coming Home?" which features Wave In Head on lead vocals/additional production.If so moved (and you have any money left these days) after listening to these pleasant tunes, please consider donating to your favorite charity.Thanks to Bobby Clark for his help.
PS- Please forward this to as many people as you care to.:


"Creators Of The Best Space Boogie Ever: The Jonzun Crew"

"Jonzun Crew-- a recognized forefather of hip-hop (Source Mag.)"

"These dudes totally rocked it VICTORIAN FUTURISTIC SPACEDUDE style. What more is there to say?? Seriously, these guys were on some whole other thing. They took part of their inspiration from the whole Parliament/Funkadelic spaceship thing, but no one could even come close to the one and only Jonzun Crew."

Electronic,Hip Hop
(more on electro funk:

Michael Jonzun [aka Michael "Spaceman" Jonzun; Michael Johnson] - Vocals, Programming, Sound effects, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards
Maurice Starr [aka Larry Johnson] - ProductionSoni Jonzun [aka Soni Johnson] - Synthesizer, Sound Effects, Backing Vocals, Sax
Gordon "Gordo" Worthy
( - Synthesizer, Bass, Electronic Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve "Stevo" Thorpe ( and - Electronic Drums, Backing Vocals
Princess Loria (Gloria Jonzun/Gloria Stewart) ( - Synthesizer, Vocals

"Pack Jam"


Artwork By [Cover Art] - Geoffrey Chandler
Co-producer, Executive Producer - Thomas Silverman (
Drums [Electro Drums], Percussion [Syncussion], Backing Vocals - Steve "Stevo" Thorpe* Engineer - Frank Heller /Engineer [Pre-production Engineer] - Fred Torchio , Jimmy Mace* , Maurice Starr , Oscar Gerardo , Sidney Burton (
Lead Vocals, Programmed By, Drums [Electro Drums], Bass [Space Bass], Vocals [Space Vocals], Effects, Keyboards, Synthesizer [String And Brass Synthesizers], Backing Vocals - Michael "Spaceman" Jonzun*
Producer, Engineer - Michael Jonzun /Co-producer - Maurice Starr (tracks 02,06)
Synthesizer [Brass Synthesizers], Bass [Space-bass], Drums [Electro Drums], Backing Vocals - Gordon "Gordo" Worthy*
Synthesizer [String Synthesizers], Effects, Backing Vocals, Engineer [Pre-production Engineer] - Soni Jonzun
Percussion [Latin Percussion] - Raphael DeJesus ( (track 01,03)
Remix - Grooverider (track 08),Jose "Animal" Diaz (track 01),John "Jellybean" Benitez ( (track 02,06)
Arranged By [Additional Arrangements] - Gordon Worthy , Ken Goldbeck (track 05)
Written-By - M. Starr* (tracks: 01, 04, 06) , M. Jonzun*

Recorded at Unique Recording, N.Y. and Boston. International Recorders, Boston.


01 We Are The Jonzun Crew (6:23)
02 Space Is The Place (6:27)
03 Electro Boogie Encounter (6:49)
04 Ground Control (5:40)
05 Space Cowboy (5:36)
06 Pack Jam (5:09)
07 Pack Jam (Remix) (5:14)
08 Pack Jam (Look Out For The OVC) (6:50)
09 Space Is The Place (Instrumental) (4:49)


10 We Are The Jonzun Crew (Vocal) (5:56)
11 We Are The Jonzun Crew (Instrumental) (8:08)


12 Pac Jam (Look Out For The OVC) (6:01)
13 Space Is The Place (Vocal) (6:31)
14 Space Is The Place (Instrumental) (4:49)

Link to download:

The full title of that song was Pac Jam Look Out for The OVC. What was the OVC?

Michael Jonzun:
"The Outer space Visual Communicator, which really doesn’t mean anything. You know how on the highway you see these electronic signs that say accident in 3 miles or whatever. Well one of my partners was an innovator. He was the keyboardist in our band. He suggested that we needed our name in lights. He created this musical instrument that had the Johnson Brothers name , and every key would spell a letter of our name , and different notes would display different colors. This was very outer space and futuristic at the time. This was in ’73. That was the Outer space Visual Communicator."

How did you come up with Space Cowboy?

"I grew listening to George Jones, Willie Nelson and Jean Autry. It was called Country Western back then. I wasn’t supposed to like country music as a Black person, so I made Space Cowboy to say this is who I am. We put our space funk to it , and even added yodeling which Jean Autry would always do. This music was not just purchased by Black people. I was getting letters from Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. I have letters from Spain, Russia all over. I have pictures of our name written on the Berlin Wall before it was torn down."

"Despite including most of Jonzun Crew's best tracks, their debut album, Lost in Space, wasn't a successful LP. The Boston group with roots in funk were lousy songwriters at this point (more was to come from Maurice Starr), and what's worse, they insisted on writing songs instead of sticking with solid electro party jams like their singles classics "Pack Jam" and "Space Is the Place." Admittedly, the process did pay minor commercial dividends; "Space Cowboy" became a moderate R&B hit, though its electric interpolation of the trademark whistle from "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" was hardly the stuff of legend. They sounded appropriately cool on the opener "We Are the Jonzun Crew," but the rest of the non-singles material was stiff and formulaic. Far better to find Jonzun Crew's two landmarks on an old-school/electro compilation. A 2001 reissue on Tommy Boy enticed consumers with two bonus tracks, one of which was Grooverider's drum'n'bass update of "Pack Jam (Look out for the OVC).""

(The Arts review below came from:, click on to enlarge)

"Recently, I have bought a whole slew of electro CDs, with an electro-funk/old-school emphasis. All of them have at least a few cuts that I enjoy, but this Jonzun Crew album is definitely the cream of the crop. "Lost in Space" is very much into its space exploration/high-tech fantasy theme, but it's totally the opposite of creepy ambient techno. This is an awsome party album, and every track is very danceable -- from the funky, lighthearted "Space Cowboy," to the darker "Ground Control," which reminds me of David Bowie's song "Space Oddity." Maybe it's the picture inside the jewel box of Micheal Jonzun and his crew decked out in their rhinestone-studded, Baroque "space" outfits, but I imagine this album as the soundtrack to a futuristic space station disco, with lots of spinning lights and mylar clothing! The vocorderized(?) "robot" vocals on almost all of the tracks add to the cyber-theme. I highly recommend this album for lovers of electro, club music, and all things spacey!"

"If you are expecting the sort of floor pounding syncopation and heavy bass that an Afrika Bambaata record has, you're not going to find it here. This record treads a very interesting and original path that leads it from times to electric light orchestra sort of territory(Ground Control) and all the way through disco, house and hip hop. As such, this record presents a fantastic example of the sort of ingenuity and individuality that drove the birth of house, electro, and hiphop as we know them now. It really makes a lot of the music of the 1980s make a lot more sense to hear records like this, as its easy to hear this record's influence on decades worth of music. Needless to say, you probably hear the Johnson Brother's influence everyday- they produced everybody who was anybody for decades, from the Jonzun Crew to NSYNC."
"Man, this was back when to be a pop musician you needed to know something about music! Listen to the section of "Space is the Place" where they break it down and then start adding the different synth parts back one-by-one. Somebody in that band knew how to arrange. It's definitely 80's music, but this is the cream of the crop. Before techno, there was the Jonzun Crew..."

"Some early electro from the Tommy Boy label. There is no actual rapping in the album but it sounds very influenced by Afrika Bambaataa. I guess it's more of a funk album that hip hop but it's got the influence in there. It's an interesting album to see the development of electro music in those years, definitely worth checkin out for fans of the genre."

"I love "Space Cowboy," in which hooks from Tom Tom Club and Clint Eastwood converge on the ghost of Gary Numan. Elsewhere, however, Numan's shade has all too much space to him/itself. Sure the cross-rhythms are niftier, and I know Bambaataa has given this kind of silliness his blessing. But not everybody can be blessed--or silly. C+"

Pack Jam:
"The Jonzun Crew's breakdance classic. No singing on this one, just six minutes of electro perfection and a touch of vocoder effects."(

"The Jonzun Crew is featured here with their future Funk track "Pack Jam"(1982). This was one of the tracks that popularized the use of the vocoder in dance music. Originally the song was brought to the attention of Arthur Baker for his Streetwise label, but was released on Tommy Boy records and achieved number 13 in the R&B charts. Produced by Michael Jonzun, Maurice Starr, and Tom Silverman. Written by Michael Jonzun, and Maurice Starr. The Jonzun Crew also released other hits like "Space Is The Place", "Space Cowboy" "Electro Boogie" and "We Are The Jonzun Crew"(

More review:

DOWN TO EARTH (1985, A&M Records)

Acoustic Guitar - Alvis Lancelotti ( (tracks: 06)
Backing Vocals - Bill Sebastian (tracks:08,11,12) , Calvin Johnson (tracks:10-13) , E. Pettway (tracks: 10-13) , Eban Kelly (tracks: 06) , Grindl Reynolds (tracks: 10-13) , Katrina Reeves (tracks: 10,13) , Larry Reeves (tracks: 10,13) , Maurice Starr , Melanie Buckingham (tracks: 10,13) , Melanie Reeves (tracks: 10,13) , Michael Johnson (tracks: 10,13) , Monica Lynch (tracks: 10,13) , Natalie Smith (tracks: 10,13) , Rose Monestersky (tracks: 11,12) , Steven Reeves (tracks: 10,13)
Backing Vocals, Effects - Princess Loria
Backing Vocals - Ed Stasium (track 02,08,09),Tom Silverman ( (tracks 10,13)
Drums, Guitar [Lead] - Carlos "Rice" Pepper (tracks: 03,04,06) , Louis West (tracks: 07,08,10-13)
Effects - Rusty The Toejammer ( and (tracks: 07) , Skeeter
Electronic Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals - Stevo Thorpe
Engineer - Sidney Burton ( /Engineer [Assistent] - Tom Moore (tracks: 06, 08) , William Garrett
Executive Producer - Tom Silverman
Featuring, Producer, Arranged By, Lead Vocals, Bass [Space], Guitar [Bass], Guitar [Lead], Electronic Drums, Drums [Trap], Effects, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer [String], Synthesizer [Brass] - Michael Jonzun
Guitar - Tony "Rock" Cowan (recently plays with Infractions,see: 11,12),Guitar [Lead] - Jay Burnett (tracks 02,09) Guitar [Lead] - Scott Rouse ( (tracks: 08)
Harmonica - Dick Clark (tracks: 04) Mastered By - Herb Powers Jr.( Mixed By - Ed Stasium (

(tracks:03,04,06,08,10,13), Jay Burnett ( (tracks:02,07,09)
Photography - Larry Williams
Producer [Associate], Synthesizer [Brass], Bass [Space], Percussion - Gordon Worthy
Arranged By - Gordon Worthy (track 02,09),Gordon Worthy and Maurice Starr (tracks 02,07,09)
Synthesizer [String], Effects, Saxophone, Backing Vocals - Soni Jonzun
Viola, Violin - Paul Boothe (tracks: 07,10,13)
Mixed By - Frank Heller (track 08)

Credits for The Future-Nuclear Holocauts (12") (1984)
Producer, Written-By - Michael Johnson , Rodney Ford
Michael Jonzun also used the name of The Future in 1984 and released only this 12" by Mirage Records.

Producer,written by Maurice Starr
This was Maurice Starr's project in 1983 and released only this maxi by Survivor Records.


"The Future - Nuclear Holocaust (1984)"


01 Red Hott Mama (3:40)
02 Tonight (4:46)
03 We're Going All The Way (4:40)
04 You Got The Lovin' (4:13)
05 Skool Daze (4:14)
06 Lovin' (5:19)
07 Mechanism (4:23)
08 Ugly Thang (3:57)


some songs from DOWN TO EARTH (1984 version by Tommy Boy Records):
09 Tonight's The Night (4:04)
10 The Wizard Of Space (3:59)
11 Time Is Running Out (4:05)

some 12":
12 Time Is Running Out (Overtime Mix) (A side of Time Is Running Out 12" 1984)
13 The Wizard Of Space (B side of Redd Hott Mama 12" 1985)
14 STARR'S COMPUTER BAND - Computer Rock Control (12") (1983)

THE FUTURE - Nuclear Holocaust (12") (1984)

15 Nuclear Holocaust (Vocal) (5:48)
16 Unclear Holocaust (Remix) (6:47)

Links to download:

"Down to Earth by the Jonzun Crew was originally released on the Tommy Boy label, re-released by A&M, and is now back on Tommy Boy. All confusion aside, this funk/rock/techno album by Michael Jonzun, his former wife Princess Loria, and brothers Soni Jonzun and Maurice Starr is a highly listenable important cornerstone of Boston area music history. "Tonight's the Night" is as melodic as Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus," and as commercial, but Jonzun's work came at least two years prior to Falco. The JC cover the spectrum; "We're Going All the Way" is reshuffled Motown — the Temptations about to turn into New Kids on the Block. Just a few years after the release of this disc, Starr and Jonzun would unleash NKOTB, the production evolution of their prior discovery, New Edition, with different faces. Here is the sound that was the formula for success. Although Michael Jonzun plays it tongue-in-cheek, this is serious rhythm & blues/pop. A shame that they did not have the opportunity that a Motown or even A&M afforded other acts. Jonzun is every bit as prolific as Prince, and a phenomenal stage performer. "You Got the Lovin'" is crossover pop with jangly guitar and keyboards that crackle. But the vocal work by the Jonzun Crew is truly what set the table for New Kids on the Block, and that vocal work makes the songs come to life. Where Private Lightning on A&M a few years earlier suffered from a less-than-adequate production of a great band — and could have benefited from Michael Jonzun's skills (just look what he did for Peter Wolf), all the elements for a smash are here. Both record labels involved in Down to Earth had a real masterpiece on their hands, an album that works as a cohesive piece of art, but touches upon many genres. Three tracks, "Redd Hott Mama," "Lovin'," and "Skool Daze" were not on the original Tommy Boy release. "Lovin'" is exquisite R&B: an incessant bed of keys and percussion, with Jonzun's perfect voice gliding over it all. Catchy and smooth. "Mechanism" takes the band into the Kraftwerk world of industrial/dance/techno. For those who wondered why such talented guys would generate the bubblegum that Bobby Brown and the New Edition spawned, all one has to do is look at a record industry that failed to give this essential group the flexibility it deserved, and earned. Billy Loosigian of Atlantic's the Joneses and MCA's Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band adds guitar to "Lovin'," "You Got the Lovin'," "We're Going All the Way," and the rocking "Tonight." "Mechanism" should be blasting on classic hits radio to bring that format some much needed flavor. This record is just waiting for a new audience to discover it."


Engineer, Guitar - Phil Greene
Guitar - Barry Marshall (
Mastered By - Howie Weinberg (
Performer - Jonzun Crew, The Producer - Maurice Starr
Producer, Vocals - Michael Jonzun


01 Prologue (To Planetron) (0:31)
02 Spotlight (3:19)
03 Ordinary Man (3:52)
04 Cosmic Love (4:14)
05 Forever In Love (4:08)
06 Playhouse (3:28)
07 I Do Love You (4:21)
08 This Time (Let's Talk It Over) (3:42)
09 Write Me Off (3:02)
10 Living In This World (3:20)
11 Wall Of Fame (4:06)
12 Epilogue (0:41)

Link to download:

"I am disappointed when I expect a repeat performance of Lost in Space.It is mediocre music without a characteristic."

"The Jonzun Crew's long-awaited fourth album, Cosmic Love, was released on the BMG-distributed Critique label in 1990. Michael Jonzun had — and still has — vast archives of songs recorded during this period. Like so many, the very excellent "Baby I Surrender" is not on this collection, but that doesn't stop Cosmic Love from still being an important and highly listenable part of the Jonzun Brothers' history. A band that should have released at least a dozen discs by this point in time, Mission Control Studios owner Michael Jonzun crafted his album over many years, and the precision and care he put into Cosmic Love is obvious from start to finish. The controlled insanity of the band's earlier success is absent, replaced by smooth soul, studied R&B, and no-nonsense funk-rock. The title track shimmers with the vibrations found on the best records by the Commodores, while "Write Me Off" sounds like a direction Stevie Wonder could have chosen. Why the New Kids on the Block weren't brought in to promote this music in TV ads is perplexing — NKOTB were huge at the time and core fans of Jonzun Crew couldn't wait for their next release. There are ten songs here bookended by a prologue and epilogue, perfectly produced epics culminating in the superb "Wall of Fame." The general public had no idea that this was the co-producer of two hugely popular groups, along with hit recordings by Peter Wolf, and this album drifted into obscurity as one of the best kept secrets in Boston rock & roll. La Vern Baker producer Barry Marshall shows up on guitar, as does Phil Greene from the '70s band Swallow — there are lots of Boston "underground" names on the disc, yet the band was never embraced by the Boston "critics" and few understood the depth of Jonzun's artistry. "Living in This World" is a nice ballad, while "Playhouse" is powerful dance-funk. The telling moment on the disc, though, the potential hit that never got the attention that it deserved is, as mentioned, the final song, "Wall of Fame." This one tune contains all the finest elements of the Jonzun Crew's best work, and that it didn't take the charts by storm is a sin. "Ordinary Man," "I Do Love You," "Spotlight," "This Time (Let's Talk It Over") could all hit for artists smart enough to seek this material out, but it is at its best when performed by Michael Jonzun. Though Cosmic Love may have a few too many love songs and ballads for fans of the group's earlier hits, "Space Cowboy" and "Pac Jam," it still is an impressive artistic statement, and a beautiful work which deserves a better place in music history."


"This is a rare 1990 Critique Records release; Jonzun Crew “Cosmic Love”……..A great lesser known cd by the legendary producer Michael Jonzun who was best known for the Hip Hop/R&B classics “Pac Jam” & “Space Cowboy”…….This was made in the late 80’s and still had a lot of electro synth driven grooves with a new jack swing style mixed in……..There are also a couple of nice slow jams with that signature Jonzun Crew sound!....This is pretty hard to find so get it here while you can!"

This album released in the same year as New Kids On The Block - Step By Step with Michael Jonzun,Maurice Starr,Phil Greene as guests on it.Just a year before in 1989 Michael Jonzun,Maurice Starr,Phil Greene and Barry Marshall took part in Tommy Page's album Paintings In My Mind (
As for New Kids On The Block,if you scroll down your mouse,you will find there their first - synthpop a la New Edition,The Jacksons,The Jets - album from 1986 also with Maurice Starr,Phil Greene and even Gordon Worthy appeared on it. (salty)


MICHAEL JONZUN - Money Isn't Everything (1986)

Leon Mobley ( - Drums
Producer, Written-By, Arranged By,Keyboards, Vocals, Main Performer - Michael Jonzun
Producer [Associate] - Frank Heller


01 Burnin' Up (3:50)
02 Games People Play (3:50)
03 Love At First Sight (3:04)
04 That Girl's So Fine (3:47)
05 The World Is A Battlefield (3:42)
06 Money Isn't Everything (4:05)
07 I Wanna Get Next To You (3:41)
08 I'm Still In Love (3:53)
09 Lover's Lane (3:41)
10 You Turned My World Around (3:34)

BURNIN'UP (12") (1986)

12 Burnin' Up (Vocal) (7:46)
13 Burnin' Up (Piano Dub) (4:25)
14 Burnin' Up (Instrumental Dub) (4:41)

Link to download:

MAURICE STARR - Flaming Starr (1980)

I know that Michael Jonzun also was a guest on this LP.If you know more please help me

"You and me"


01 Moving On Up
02 I Wanna Dance With You
03 Come See Me Sometime
04 Start All Over
05 Dance To The Funky Groove
06 When I Say I Love You
07 You're The One (What's Your Name?)
08 In My Life
09 Jail Bait (1981)
10 You And Me (1982)


11 Baby Come On (1979)
12 Bout Time I Funk U (1979)

Link to download:

"I loved this album and I thought it was a masterpiece especially the song if I could start all over again. Maurice is a genius and extremely talented. I hate when people talk negative about him and I knew him and just how talented he is. I am trying to find this album to buy as I lost mine many years ago. Big Big Fan in Beantown!!! Leslie. L"

"Maurice Starr launched New Edition and the New kids on the Block in the eighties. Previously, he and his buddy, fellow Bostonian Michael Jonzun -who had soul, electro and hip-hop hits of his own in the mid '80s- borrowed a couple of elements of Instant Funk's "I got my mind made up" and delivered this gem. Very good recording, no EQ fix needed. Very hard to find, on vinyl only, not seen on compilation CDs."


??? (please help me if you know)

"Electric Funky Drummer"


01 Spacey Lady
02 My Interlude To Love(c Major)
03 Pretty Girl
04 Can It Be Love
05 My First True Love
06 Super Rock
07 City Girls
08 Be My Lady
09 Keep On Dreamin'
10 Electric Funky Drummer


11 Electric Funky Drummer (Long Version)
12 Electric Funky Drummer (Short Version)
13 Super Rock

Link to download:

"Famous for his productions, Maurice Starr delivers a striking funk album, including heavy numbers with nice 80's keyboards: "Spacey Lady", "Keep On Dreamin" and "City Girls"


TOM BROWNE - Rockin' Radio (1983)

Produced by Maurice Starr,Tom Browne tracks 09-11: (Co-producer,Written by - Michael Jonzun/Producer,Written by - Maurice Starr)
Produced by Ted Currier (,
David Spradley (member of P-Funk All Stars, Parliament) (tracks 02,03)

"Rockin' Radio"


01 Rockin' Radio (6:11)
02 Cruisin' (6:21)
03 Turn It Up (Come on Y'All) (6:31)
04 Angeline (4:35)
05 Brighter Tomorrow (6:09)
06 Never My Love (4:16)
07 Mr. Business (5:39)


ROCKIN' RADIO (12") (1983)

09 Rockin' Radio (Long Version) (6:14)
10 Rockin' Radio (Special Mix) (6:07)
11 Rockin' Radio (Single Edit) (4:09)

Link to download:

"If Tom Browne had stuck with jazz, he might have gone far as a straight-ahead trumpeter in the Clifford Brown/Freddie Hubbard/Lee Morgan tradition. Instead, he made vocal-oriented R&B/funk his main focus, and his Arista albums of the late '70s and early '80s should be judged by R&B standards instead of jazz standards. Rockin' Radio, Browne's fourth album, has nothing to do with straight-ahead jazz. Browne provides the occasional pop-jazz instrumental (including the Chuck Mangione-ish "Angeline" and an introspective version of the Roberta Flack hit "Feel Like Making Love"), but funk and urban contemporary dominate the LP. When Rockin' Radio came out in 1983, R&B was becoming increasingly high-tech -- and much of the material reflects that. Tunes like "Turn It Up (Come on Y'all)," "Crusin'," and the hit title song make it clear that Browne was well-aware of the electro-funk sounds that were big in 1983; the influence of Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" and the System's hits is hard to miss. However, Browne also covers his quiet storm bases -- not only on the occasional instrumental, but also on "Brighter Tomorrow" (which features vocalist Carol Woods). Although not quite as strong as 1980's Love Approach or 1981's Magic, Rockin' Radio is an enjoyable record that Browne's hardcore fans will appreciate. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

"Tom Browne's getting a bit more of an electro funk feel on this one -- making a move shared by some of his GRP contemporaries, and including lots of electric bass and drum work! These elements are handled by Maurice Starr -- who gives the record a nicely unified feel that's still in line with Browne's blend of funky jazz and smoother soul -- and Tom himself does a great job of keeping things interesting with the solos, augmenting the electrics with some good acoustic playing."(

TOM BROWNE - Tommy Gun (1984)

Vocals [Vocoder], Trumpet - Tom Browne
Drum Programming, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar - Maurice Starr
David Spradley (member of P-Funk All Stars, Parliament) - Producer
Felton Pilate (member of Con Funk Shun,see: / and - Trombone
Siedah Garrett ( and - Lead Vocals on Secret Fantasy
Mastered By - Howie Weinberg ( and, Producer - Maurice Starr , Tom Browne


01 Loop
02 Station Break
03 Secret Fantasy
04 Tommy Gun
05 Break Out
06 Wee Out
07 Wee Out 2.
08 Hit Man
09 Free And Easy
10 Secret Fantasy (Live In London 1985)

Link to download:

Check "Break Out" on the player!! It's the pair of Jonzun's "Pack Jam"!!

How did you hook up with Tom Browne for the Rockin’ Radio & Tommy Gunn lps?

"We were so huge. And you notice it had the vocoder. It was that new fresh innovative sound that everyone wanted. He was a great musician and he wanted it too, and we brought it home for him."

"There's a fair bit of beats on this set from Tom Browne -- no surprise, as Maurice Starr had a hand in part of the set -- and the electro touches provide a nice sense of contrast to some of Browne's earlier work! The best numbers have his trumpet blowing strongly over the top -- cutting the electronics with his warmer solo spots -- but even the more rhythmic tunes have their own sort of charm too."(

"Electro funk approach on that number by trompetist woth production by Maurice Starr. It also features the smooth groover "Secret Fantasy" with vocals by Siedah Garrett."(

More info Tom Browne:

NEW EDITION - Candy Girl (1983)

Ronnie DeVoe ( and
Bobby Brown (
Ricky Bell (
Michael Bivins (
Johnny Gill (
Ralph Tresvant (

Electro, Synth-pop, Disco

Gordon Worthy - Keyboards
Maurice Starr - Arranger Bass ,Engineer Guitar,Mixing ,Vocoder ,Synthesizer,Producer, Piano, Guitar,Bass ,Fender Rhodes,Drums
Michael Jonzun - Arranger
Frank Heller - Engineer,Tambourine,Mixing
Steven Guarnaccia ,Lisa Wilhelmi - Design/Gary Schultz - Photography
New Edition - Main Performer
Paul Mccraven - Executive Producer
James Mace, Fred Torchio - Engineer
Arthur Baker ( Drums,Sound Effects, Producer,Executive Producer ,Mixing

Tina B. ( - Vocals Background
Jimmy Johnson jr.( - Percussion
Bashiri Johnson ( - Percussion

"Candy Girl"


01 Gimme Your Love
02 She Gives Me A Bang
03 Is This The End
04 Pass The Beat
05 Popcorn Love
06 Candy Girl
07 Ooh Baby
08 Should Have Never Told Me
09 Gotta Have Your Lovin
10 Jealous Girl
11 Candy Girl (Hot Tracks Remix)
12 Candy Girl (Long Version)
13 Candy Girl (Instrumental Version)

Link to download:

New Edition's first professional debut was at the Strand Theatre's Hollywood Talent Night in Boston. They sang "The Love You Save" by the Jackson Five. They came in second place, but producer Maurice Starr liked them, so he signed them to his independent label, Streetwise Records. The first song they recorded, "Candy Girl", took two years to produce. But major record companies complained about their voices and thought it was not well made. However, it was released on Streetwise Records, and came out in March 1983. Even though the other record companies didn't like it, the fans, especially girls, sure did!! It topped the charts in the UK and Canada!! Therefore, they had to record a whole album. The album, titled Candy Girl, featured hits like "Is This The End", "Popcorn Love", "Jealous Girl", "She Gives Me A Bang", and of course, "Candy Girl."

In 1984, New Edition left Streetwise Records and signed with MCA Records. It took three months to record New Edition. NE wrote two songs called "Kinda Girls We Like" and "I'm Leaving You Again" on the album. This album had hits such as "Mr. Telephone Man", "My Secret", "Lost In Love", and the #1 hit "Cool It Now." The "My Secret" video had special sports footage with the Lakers and NBA. It was also the first video to use pro sports footage specifically for the video.
That same year, Maurice Starr sued New Edition for their name. He felt betrayed by New Edition for leaving Streetwise for MCA Records, and in a recent Jordan Knight (a former member of New Kids On The Block, who were also discovered by Maurice Starr) biography, he said that he thought he would never trust another group again after what New Edition did but that he did trust New Kids On The Block. Later in the book, he also said that he did not want revenge for New Edition. He did say, however, that he could not listen to New Edition whenever they were on the radio, especially when they were #1 on the charts and doing better than New Kids On The Block.
Edition must have made the right choice by leaving Streetwise because they lasted a lot longer than New Kids On The Block. New Edition obviously won the case and kept their name. On March 23, 1984 the magistrate, Robert Collins, rejected the argument that the "New Edition" trademark represents a type of " '80s black bubblegum music" conceived by Maurice Starr. He said, "The primary significance of the mark 'New Edition' is not the music but the group. The songs may be written and orchestrated in a unique style, and that unique style may have a name, but it is hard to envision a set of facts where the name would be a mark which belongs to the writer and cannot be used by anyone else."
After seeing New Edition's success, Maurice Starr got the idea of creating a white New Edition, which turned out to be New Kids On The Block

"Although young, they had the talent. 1983 was a very competitive year for black music and Michael Jackson, Prince, Kool & The Gang, and The Pointer Sisters were those no one can compete with. New Edition (1980s version of Jackson 5) were climbing up there and proved it with thier classic bubble gum pop/soul hits.
I love the #1 R&B title track of course as well as the #25 R&B hit, "Popcorn Love." Proper adolescent slow jams such as "Is This The End" and the album closer "Jealous Girl" were what sparked the album and I love the former's video. I dug all the other tracks from the album except for the boring, "I Gotta Have Your Lovin'" and "Ohh Baby." 8 out of 10, but you can't win them all from boys ages 14-16. Since this album/cd is still in print (unlike many other old school albums), This is a must purchase for any NE fan. I'm glad I own this cd and their self title and Heartbreak of which these three are their best!!"

"Most people don't know it, but this album was the beginning of what 'Boy Bands' are today. And although Maurice Starr was a little greddy with them, New Edition spawned what was to become a booming industry francise. Here are some little known facts:After producing N.E., Maurice went on to produce The New Kids on the Block... the private pilot for NKOTB went on to put together a group called the Backstreet Boys... and after being succesful with them, the same guy went on to create *NSYNC... Micheal Bivins of BBD, or Bell Biv Devoe of New Edition discovered Boys 2 Men, who discovered 98 Degrees after they performed for them after a concert... Do you see the connection?? Also, the R&B group, Jagged Edge, was formed because they wanted to be a group like New Edition. They even named their latest album after one of N.E. albums... J.E. Heartbreak (N.E. Heartbreak)"

"Say hello to Boston-based New Edition. I said the "Jackson 5" of Boston because many of these songs sound like they were recorded by the Jackson 5. Also,one of these guys sounds like the pre-teen Michael Jackson. I love that digital percussion. It motivated many rhythmic individuals to "get down and funky"! It's 1983 and those people are having a ball "breakdancing"! One Top 20 hit from this album is the title track. That does sound like a Jackson 5 recording despite the modern percussion. Another Boston-based quintet would later enjoy success,that being New Kids On The Block(later NKOTB). Also,before there was New Edition,there was the hard-rocking Aerosmith. But the latter group began back in 1973. Let's introduce the NE members:Robert Brown,who would leave the group in 1985 or early '86 for a solo career and later take Whitney Houston to be his lawfully wedded wife. Ralph Tresvant,who'd go solo in 1990 but not become as successful and famous as Brown. Richard Bell,Michael Bivins and Ronald Devoe would re-christen the downgraded group as Bell Biv Devoe that same year. The other songs are great! I first heard the NE back in late '83 or early '84. The group recorded four more albums between 1984 and '88 to fulfill their initial contract."

"Being the very first New Edition album ever, Candy Girl is important not only because it started off the legacy that is New Edition, but because it possesses a new sound created by the founding father of American boy bands, Maurice Starr. The album is composed of childish beats with a street sensibility, and sentimentally sweet songs, epitomized by the album's early shining moment, "Is This The End?". There are alot of pop/early hip hop influences here, with the Jackson 5 being the most obvious. However, there is a song on here (Got To Have Your Lovin) that will have you humming Prince's first hit, "I Wanna Be Your Lover"...the similarity is atsounding, but N.E. still manages to stay fresh. It is a must have for any New Edition fan and I have no other words to describe Candy Girl except to call it a happy, cute and innocent album that appeals to the child in all of us.Candy Girl is a part of hip-hop history - New Edition had a cameo in the movie "Krush Groove" by Def Jam's Russell Simmons and these guys opened for Kurtis Blow back in the day. Perhaps one day, New Edition will get the recognition they have deserved for a long time. But this album was only the beginning."

More review:

More info:

PETER WOLF - Lights Out (1984)

Michael Jonzun-bass, flute, guitar, percussion, conga, horn, keyboard, background vocals Maurice Starr - bass, guitar, vocals, background vocals

Gordon Worthy - bass, conga, keyboard, vocals, background vocals
Peter Wolf - conga, vocals, background vocals
Robin Beck ( and - vocals, background vocals
Adrian Belew ( and - guitar Peter Bliss ( - guitar, background vocals
Tony "Rocks" Cowan (also on Jonzun Cew 1984 LP,recently plays with Infractions,see: - guitar
Alan Dawson ( and - percussion
Elliot Easton (The Cars,see: - guitar
Eddie Gorodetsky ( - vocals, narrator
Yogi Horton (died in 1987)(;_ylt=A0LEVyqKbi5Jg1UB18lUvQcF) - percussion Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones fame) - vocals, background vocals

Ed Stasium ( - guitar, percussion
Will Lee ( - bass, vocals, background vocals Leon Mobley (also on Micjhael Jonzun's 1986 LP,see: - conductor, conga
P-Funk Horns (Greg Thomas, Greg Boyer & Bennie Cowan,they were Parliament fame George Clinton's horn section,see: - horn section Rick Peppers - guitar
Elliott Randall ( - guitar
Randy Ross ( - guitar
G.E. Smith ( - guitar

"Lights Out"


01 Lights Out
02 I Need You Tonight

03 Oo-ee-diddley-bop!
04 Gloomy Sunday
05 Baby Please Don't Let Me Go 06 Crazy
07 Poor Girl's Heart
08 Here Comes That Hurt

09 Pretty Lady
10 Mars Needs Women
11 Billy Bigtime

Link to download:

Peter turned the materials he had written for the J. Geils Band into his first solo effort Lights Out, which was released in 1984. Peter put together an eclectic ensemble to create the record. The album was engineered by Ed Stasium, who produced most of the Ramones' recordings. The musicians involved ranged from hiphop pioneers to marquee name rockers, including, Mick Jagger, Elliot Easton of the Cars, Adrian Belew, G.E. Smith, members of the P-Funk Horns, Yogi Horton, Maurice Starr, and Michael Jonzun, leader of the Jonzun Crew. The album received great critical acclaim. The top charting single, "Lights Out," was a product of Peter's collaboration with one of his favorite songwriters, Don Covay. In addition to recording albums of his own, Don penned hits such as Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools," "Mercy Mercy" which was recorded by the Rolling Stones, and many songs recorded by Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. (

"A nice feel-good rock and roll album and the only Wolf solo-album worth having."

"There are a few solo artists that I will occasionally check to either see if their past work is on CD or if they have any new material out of late (i.e. L. Buckingham; S. Winwood; etc) and Peter Wolf's "Light's Out" CD is one of them. I purchased the LP back when it was released but would like to pick it up in digital. It is his most pop album ever (even more pop than the last two J. Geils albums) but it was still an ear-candy, melodic record that was fun to listen to."

"I have waiting a long time for this to be re-released on CD. I thought this was Peter Wolf's best solo album. Released just after his departure from J.Geils Band. The singles were strong "I Need You Tonight", "Oo-Ee-Diddley-Bop" and of couse the title smash. If you are looking for some great Peter Wolf material, this is the material to check out."

More info:

STYLISTICS - A Special Style (1985)

Raymond Johnson (
Herbie Murrell (
Airrion Love (
Russell Thompkins, Jr. (

Funk / Soul
RnB/Swing, Downtempo

Drums,Strings,Guitar,Lead and Rhythm Guitars,Keys Synthesizers,Bass,Electric and Acoustic Piano,Bells,Oboe,Hand Claps,and Sound Effects by Maurice Starr
Synthesizers,Bass,Drums by
Gordon Worthy
Additional Music by Airrion Love
Maurice Starr - Producer
Co-Produced and Arranged by - Gordon (Mega Bucks) Worthy/Executive Producers - Adam Levy &
Maurice Starr
Mixed by - Maurice Starr , Sidney Burton ( , Gordon Worthy

Engineer - Sidney Burton , Maurice Starr , William Garret,Paul Arnold
Written by Maurice Starr / Gordon Worthy (track 01), Maurice Starr (tracks 02,04,06,07)


01 Special
02 I Believe (in You)
03 Love Is Serious
04 Hungry (for Your Love)
05 Honey
06 Let's Go Rockin' (tonight)
07 Sad Girl
08 O Sha Mea Yakine
09 Only (from The Heart)

Link to download:

The Stylistics was at Streetwise Records Label (with Maurice Starr and Arthur Baker) from 1984 to'86."A whole new sound for The Stylistics -- one that has the group working here with Maurice Starr in a sweet 80s street soul style! The approach is a surprisingly good one -- and given that Starr's backings are always on the lighter side of the spectrum, the group's trademark harmonies are never dominated too much by the beats and the basslines! In a way, hearing Starr work with The Stylistics here, we can almost hear the link he made between older group soul modes and some of the younger acts he pushed to fame in the 80s -- but that's not to say that this set is a pop record at all -- because The Stylistics keep things real throughout with a great old school approach to their vocals."(

STYLISTICS - Some Things Never Change (1985)

Members are same as on "A Special Style"

Maurice Starr - Synthesizer, Guitar, Strings, Drums, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Oboe, Sound Effects, Bells, Producer
Arthur Baker ( - Engineer
Sidney Burton ( - Engineer
Al Lancellotti ( - Piano
Bill Tracey - Engineer

"Some Things Never Change"


01 Some Things Never Change
02 Give A Little Love For Love
03 Don´t Change
04 The Girl In Yellow
05 Row Your Love
06 Love Is Not The Answer
07 Hooked On Your Lovin´
08 When Will I Learn
09 Just The Two Of Us

Link to download:

This is my favourite Stylistics album with the beautifull and romantic "Some Things Never Change".One of the best slow songs!! The album is hard to get,so dont miss! (saltyka)

"After a three year hiatus from recording, the Stylistics return with keyboardist/songwriter Raymond Johnson as a new member and a marginal effort as far as the material is concerned. The title track was the first release. While the song is privileged to have Russell Thompkins Jr and Airrion Love express its lyric, the song offers both very little in return. The same goes for the follow-up single "Give a Little Love." Respectively, both peaked at 47 and 86 on the Billboard R&B charts. It appears that the producers, brothers Maurice Starr and Michael Jonzun of New Edition fame, tried to re-kindle the sound that made the Stylistics popular during the early '70s. However, the songs lack the articulate penmanship and buoyant production."(

"A surprisingly nice album of harmony tracks -- despite any expectations we had about the fact that it was issued on Arthur Baker's Streetwise label, with production by Maurice Starr. The sound's certainly not at the Thom Bell level, but the mellow cuts are still pretty much in the classic vein -- and the group's harmonies are still in good shape, and work their old magic at a few of the best moments."

More info:

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - New Kids On The Block (1986)

Jordan Knight, Jon Knight, Joe McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood (vocals).


Arranged By, Written-By - Maurice Starr (tracks: 01, 03 to 05, 06, 08 to 10)

Bass, Drum Programming, Drums, Engineer, Guitar [Lead], Mixed By, Piano, Producer, Strings, Synthesizer - Maurice Starr
Keyboards [Additional] - Gordon Worthy (tracks 06,10)
Artwork By [Art Director] - Christopher Austopchuk
Backing Vocals - Dana Farrier
Engineer - Frank Costa , Frank Heller (also on some Jonzun Crew's releases,New Edition - Candy Girl LP and Maurice Starr 1986 album), Pat Costa , Paul Arnold , Phil Greene , Sidney Burton , Will Garrett
Executive Producer - Erik Nuri , Larkin Arnold
Human Beatbox - Chris Rich
Mixed By - Frank Heller , Phil Greene (,,438292,00.html) , Sidney Burton (
Congas - Jimmy Johnson ( (tracks 01,04 and also played on New Edition - Candy Girl LP)
Guitar [Solo] - Mark Fantini (track 01)
Vocals [Additional] - Phaedra Butler (track 09)
Photography - Caroline Greyshock

"Stop It Girl"


01 Stop It Girl (3:43)
02 Didn't I (Blow Your Mind) (4:24)
03 Popsicle (4:49)
04 Angel (3:32)
05 Be My Girl (3:55)
06 New Kids On The Block (3:22)
07 Are You Down? (5:00)
08 I Wanna Be Loved By You (4:56)
09 Don't Give Up On Me (4:45)
10 Treat Me Right (4:17)

Link to download:

The New Kids on the Block formed in 1984 after Maurice Starr, fresh off a dispute with New Edition with that found hi released as a producer, held auditions for another quintet. This time hoping to capture the mainstream market he and business partner Mary Alford saw Donnie Wahlberg during one of these audition. Instead of picking five kids independently, Starr recruited the rest of the group, originally called Nynuk, through Donnie.Wahlberg recruited friends Danny Wood and Jordan Knight. Jordan's older brother was added to the group, which at first included Mark Wahlberg. Mark left the group, unhappy with the bubble gum direction and was replaced with another one of Donnie's friends, Jaime Kelley. Kelley did not end up working out, allegedly because a lack of concentration and discipline. Starr added Joey McIntyre, who was initially resented for replacing the group's friend. With McIntyre New Kids on the Block was complete.After practicing after school and on weekends, New Kids on the Block was signed to a record deal in 1986, on the condition that they change their name from Nynuk. The group released their self-titled album that year only to fail to make a mark. Although the album would later go on to sell three times platinum, that is mostly due to the attention the group received for their second album, Hangin' Tough.(

Saltyka added:
NKOTB'S first album was a synthpop release a la New Edition,The Jacksons,or The Jets feat. Maurice Starr,Phil Greene and even Gordon Worthy. NKOTB changed soon its style for Hip Hop/Pop Rap (1988) and more later for Ballad, Vocal (since 1989).Maurice Starr and Phil Greene had been with NKOTB since the start,Michael Jonzun joined them in 1990.

Jonzuns unleashed the band after 1991.

"I agree that this album is very different from the much more well-known New Kids albums. I place this album up there with the first New Edition album. So if you want small boy voices rapping and harmonizing over minimalist early beats this is for you. If you want pop oomph, this may not be your ticket to ride."

"People keep telling me I'd love NKOTB since they "sound like the 80s version of Dream Street!" so I came here and listened to a clip... uh... well, I guess they are both groups of young boys, but DS has better, more mature sound and the boys have niceer voices. I prefer DS, but for wacked out 80s-ness... it's better than other 1980s music!!"

"What can I say? You either love pop or hate it, and I completely love it! This album may be sugary but it's sugary in all of the right ways. The hooks are catchy, the songs are fun, and there really are some geniune good songs to listen to. "Didn't I Blow Your Mind" was the track that got the most attention, but people also look over the fact that "Be My Girl" actually made the R&B charts! It's an amazing song as well their fast rap track titled "New Kids on Block" which later became their name. The New Kids did a wonderful job with it. I highly recommend it everybody!"

More info:

PERFECT GENTLEMEN - Perfect Gentlemen (1989)


Corey Blakely, Maurice Starr,Jr. (the son of Maurice Starr), Tyrone Sutton

Electronic, Hip Hop
RnB/Swing, Pop Rap, Downtempo

Maurice Starr - Programming,Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer,Mixing
Gerald Albright - Saxophone ( and
Perfect Gentlemen - Main Performer
Benny Medina, Dallas Austin - Executive Producer
Engineer - Sidney Burton,Bill Hagans,Mark Partis,Darin Prindle,Dale Ramsey,Eric Hurtig, Ron Carbo
Charles Farrar - Producer,Drum Programming
Rod Hui,Darin Prindle,Dale Ramsey,Jason DeCosta,Eric Hurtig - Mixing
Tim Kelley - Producer
Paul Rankin - Assistant Engineer
Troy Taylor ( - Synthesizer,Bass,Keyboards,Producer,Drum Programming
Howie Weinberg - Mastering


01 I Need You (Show Me Love)
02 Don't Forget to Call
03 Work It Out
04 I Don't Wanna Be In Love
05 Good, Good Feelin'
06 Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing
07 Searchin'
08 I Wantcha
09 Let Me into Your Heart
10 How Soon We Forget

Link to download:

Former New Edition and New Kids on the Block producer Maurice Starr found a fresh kiddie group to push into the urban contemporary wars in the early '90s with Perfect Gentlemen. They had the cheekiness and fresh-scrubbed qualities; they just didn't get the songs. Not even Starr could make them into commercial giants. The album did make it into the lower pop rungs, but then stalled. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

"Since he'd already struck gold twice in unearthing and/or producing teen groups, Maurice Starr tried once more in 1990 with Perfect Gentlemen, a trio of Boston youths all between 11 and 13. Corey Blakey, Tyrone Sutton, and Starr's son, Maurice Jr., went out on tour with New Kids on the Block in 1990 and also released Rated PG on Columbia. When they landed a Top Ten pop hit with "Ooh La La (I Can't Get Over You)," it seemed Starr had done it again. But they haven't been heard from since."


Arranged By - Maurice Starr

Arranged By [Strings] - Mark Doyle (also with NKOTB, The Stylistics,see:
Co-producer [Additional] - Leo Okeke (, Michael Jonzun
Engineer - Leo Okeke , Maurice Starr , Michael Jonzun , Phil Greene , Richard Mendelson (also with NKOTB,see:, Sidney Burton, Jr.* , Tony Rose ( By - Maurice Starr , Michael Jonzun , Sidney Burton, Jr.*
Producer -
Maurice Starr
Producer [Associate] - Al Lancelotti*(also with Jonzun Crew,NKOTB,The Stylistics, , Kenny Nolan ( and
Written-By - Al Lancelotti* (tracks: 10) , Kenny Nolan (tracks: 07) ,
Maurice Starr

"Oh La La"


01 The Perfect Intro (0:50)
02 One More Chance (3:44)
03 Ooh La La (I Can't Get Over You) (4:45)
04 Mama (4:01)
05 Tell Me Again (3:56)
06 Move Me Groove Me (4:05)
07 Rings Around The Moon (3:39)
08 Rated PG (4:49)
09 The Girl In My Dreams (3:23)
10 Birthday Girl (2:50)

Link to download:

Perfect Gentlemen were an American trio of teen R&B vocalists formed under the direction of Maurice Starr, who discovered New Edition and New Kids on the Block.
Starr put the group together in Boston in 1988, and had them tour the U.S opening for the New Kids.An album and a video followed, and the group scored a hit single with 1990's "Ooh La La (I Can't Get Over You)", which peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #12 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts.
After the group's debut album, there were some member changes as Tyrone Sutton left the group, while Miles Wheeler and Stephen Reeves joined the group, making it a quartet. As a quartet the group released the album The Perfect Gentlemen in 1993, which featured the singles "Don't Forget To Call" and "I Need You." They have two albums:
Rated PG (Columbia Records, 1990) U.S. Billboard Top 200 peak #72, U.S. R&B peak #39
The Perfect Gentlemen (Warner Bros. Records, 1993)

Corey Blakely-has joined the US military.Maurice starr Jr.-Still producing and making music.

"At one point in 1990, Maurice Starr produced four albums by four young groups, the already big New Kids on The Block, Finest Hour, this other Boston group and this group, Perfect Gentlemen. I liked the nice ballad Ooh La La on this album. Slow and smooth. But Perfect Gentlemen get loose on the funk on songs like One More Chance and several other songs. Too often they sound like New Edition and the lead singer has shades of Ralph Tresvant's familiar falsetto of NE's first 2 albums. It can get a little too cute or gushy on a few numbers, but this young group had some talent on their first effort. This was Maurice Starr's best album for another group outside of New Kids' already successful Step By Step in that same year of 1990."

"How can I describe The Perfect Gentlemen, aside from, well, "perfect gentlemen?" I mean, aside from helping old ladies across the street often, they had the smash hit single "Oh La La (Can't Get Over You)" on this album. That's what it is too, a COMPLETE album, no filler here. And it's an album for the family, being Rated PG and all. The worst thing said on the album is "damn," but I think one of the older kids said it, so don't worry. I highly suggest this record for listening to, especially while in an airplane."

More info:

HOMEWORK - Homework (1990)

Melvin (Finese) Sutton ( - lead vocals
Shawn Meadows ( - lead vocals & percussion
David Knight - bass guitars & vocals
Raphael Deas ( - keyboards & vocals
Evan Stent ( - drums & percussion
William Getchell - keyboards & vocals
Diomedes (Dio) Aviles ( - electric guitars

"Special Kind Of Lady"


01 Homework
02 Special Kind Of Lady
03 You Know
04 Give It What You Got (For Love)
05 All For Love
06 That Girl
07 Only You (Can Make It Better)
08 Be My Lady
09 My World
10 Living In Your World

Link to download:

"Out of the Maurice Starr stable of stars, the first group to be formed after the chart topping success of the New Kids on the Block was HOMEWORK! The band was a Pop/R&B version of influential ‘instrument playing’ bands like ‘The Time feat. Morris Day’ and ‘Ready For The World’. The vision was to capture the energetic stage shows of these 'playing' bands, capitalize on the Pop culture elements of the day, all while incorporating the classic vocal styles of late 70’s and 80’s groups like The Stylistics, The Delfonics, The Intruders, Switch and DeBarge.
"Maurice Starr has done wonders for his Boston Native..Homework could sing and this album delivers there best but the ballads are few. i personally enjoy Be My Lady..With more airplat they could've dethroned New kids On The Block..This is a collectors Item"


"Some faceless vocals, but otherwise moderately interesting state-of-the-art productions mixing dance, pop, rock, funk, hip-hop, and urban contemporary influences. It didn't amount to much, but was a good record to hear on high-tech equipment." ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

More info:

CLASSIC EXAMPLE - Classic Example (1992)

Maurice Starr - Arranger, Vocals, Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Vocal Arrangement, Executive Producer
Gordon Worthy - Arranger, Programming, Drum Programming, Keyboard Programming, Producer, Keyboards
Leo Okeke,Max Rose,Tom Soares,John Hartcorn,Eric Hurtig,Ron Carbo,Sidney Burton,Phil Greene - Engineer
Tom Soares,Eric Hurtig,Phil Greene - Mixing
Dale Ramsey - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Jami Thomson,Margo Thunder (from Lady Soul),Gerald Alston (,

Robert Rose,Marvin Harris - Vocals
Lady Soul - Vocals (Background),Darin Campbell - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Larry Woo Wedgeworth ( - Producer, String Arrangements, Vocal Arrangement
Everett Collins - Synthesizer, Synthesizer Bass, Drum Programming, Producer
Maria Villar - Design
Brian Morgan ( - Guitar
Cecil Holmes (Casablanca Record boss) - Executive Producer
Classic Example - Arranger, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Producer, Main Performer
David Conley - Flute, Producer, Drum Programming
Tony Dorsey - Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Bill Hagans ( - Producer, Engineer


01 Don't Make Me Wait
02 I Do Care
03 Never Gonna Give You Up
04 Where Do I Run To
05 Toast to Our Love
06 Stay With Me Tonight
07 Lift Every Voice and Sing
08 The Other Side of My Bed
09 Can You Find a Place in Your Heart
10 Treat Her Like a Lady
11 All Your Love
12 You Need Love
13 She Ain't Right
14 Dear Lisa

Link to download:

"Classic Example was one of those groups that was expected to be big but ended up falling through the cracks. The male vocal quintet's producer/mentor was Maurice Starr, who had been responsible for the success of New Edition and New Kids on the Block--and Classic Example was expected to be either the next New Edition or the next Boyz II Men. But this self-titled debut album wasn't the blockbuster that Starr (who produced much of the material) was hoping for. Nonetheless, Classic Example isn't bad. The Boston combo has a youthful style, but without getting into the teeny bopper stuff that New Kids were known for--the tunes are a lot meatier and grittier than that. And at the same time, Classic Example avoids the type of aggressive, in-your-face new jack swing that was huge in the early 1990s. Emphasizing romantic ballads and slow jams, this 1992 release is best described as neo-soul--it's a perfect example of what music critic Nelson George calls "retro nuevo." The production is high-tech and hip-hop-influenced, but elements of 1960s and 1970s soul still assert themselves. Think of the most soul-minded urban contemporary that Levert and Johnny Gill were providing in the early 1990s, and you will know where Classic Example is coming from on this CD. Although not perfect, this is a decent and fairly promising (if derivative) effort that should have done better." ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

""The lyrics remind me of the songs we fall in to love again and again and again. "Dear Lisa" is my favorite lyrical ballad of all-time, but every track is positively authentic. A definte "must have" for any decent R&B collection. Classic Example also had a song, (Alright) on the soundtrack of the film "South Central". I saw Classic Example live in Boston, and they rocked it! I couldn't believe it, but they sounded even better in person, especially the a'capella numbers. They had the sound, the moves,and the looks; What happened?"

"If you are into Real Good Music then this is a Must have Album ! One of the Best Cd's you won't Complian about their Lyric's are Good, Gerald Alston Jr is one of the members ! I must have Played this Album at Weddings a Million time and i find Pleople come over to the Dj sport to find of who are this Boys !"

LADY SOUL - Lady Soul (1992)

Margo Thunder ( and
Rise Engermann (more info:???)
Phaedra Butler (also guested on NKOTB 1986 LP,more:

Maurice Starr - Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangement,Mixing Gordon Worthy - Arranger,Keyboards,Producer
Classic Example - background vocals
Earl the Poet - Rap
Paul Arnold - Drums,Keyboards,Producer,Mixing
Producers - Margo Thunder,Cecil Holmes ( - Executive Producer
Eric Hurtig - Engineer,Mixing
Phil Greene - Mixing
Leo Okeke ( - Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Dale Ramsey - Producer,Engineer,Associate Producer,Mixing
Howie Weinberg - Mastering
Maria DeGrassi-Colosimo - Design
George Cooper - Organ
Rich Aronson ( - Keyboards
Bilal Bashir ( - Drums
Darin Campbell - Vocals
Freddie Fox ( - Guitar
Bill Hagans ( - Guitar,Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Khris Kellow (from Attitude, Randy & The Gypsys) - Guitar,Keyboards
David Telles ( - Guitar
Larry Woo ( - Vocal Arrangement,Producer

Recorded at House Of Hits and Chattown Studio, Roxbury, Massachussetts; Pure Platinum, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"If My Sister's In Trouble"


01 My Mind's Made Up
02 Don't Forget About Me
03 Change
04 Lady Marmalade
05 (i'm Gonna) Give U All My Love
06 Just Call My Name
07 Nobody Can Tell Me
08 Everything Changes
09 I Wanna Be Your Baby
10 You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
11 Feels Like The First Time
12 Can You Find A Place In Your Heart
13 If My Sister's In Trouble

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"This trio self-debut album was the brain trust of the incredibly talented MAURICE STARR, GORDON WORTHY and the multitalented MARGO THUNDER, who wrote and co-produced "GIVE U ALL MY LOVE" and "EVERYTHING CHANGES". "DONT FORGET ABOUT ME" which was the 1st single released on the album", was soon to be followed up with LADY SOUL'S hit song "IF MY SISTER IS IN TROUBLE", which graces the sound track of the WHOOPI GOLDBERG hit movie "SISTER ACT".

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SOME 80's SONGS FEAT. JONZUNS (most of them hard to get)

Notes for Clerence Clemons - It's Alright With Me Girl :
" it's the very hip Jonzun Crew backing up Clemons: Michael Jonzun, Gordon Worthy, guitarist Tony "Rocks" Cowan, Maurice Starr on bass, and Princess Loria on vocals, with stunning dynamic switches from Narada Michael Walden to Michael Jonzun in a flash. Clemons and Jonzun put "It's Alright With Me Girl" together, and it's a shame there aren't four or five more of these collaborations"


01 Prince Charles And The City Beat Band - In The Streets (1980) (Written-By - M. Starr* , M. Johnson*)
02 Glory - Let's Get Nice (1981) (Producer,written by - Maurice Starr , Michael Jonzun)
03 Ritz - Workin' Out (1981) (Producer,written by - Maurice Starr , Michael Jonzun)
04 Blaze - We Come To Jam (1982) (Producer, Written-By - Maurice Starr , Michael Jonzun)
05 Jeff Tyzik - feat. Maurice Starr - Sweet Surrender (1985) (released on Various - Street Sounds Edition 14)
06 Clerence Clemons - It's Alright With Me Girl (1985)
07 Jean Carne - Candy Love (1986) (Written by,Produced By Maurice Starr)
08 Aztec Camera - Somewhere In My Heart (1987) (Backing Vocals - Gloria Jonzun* , Michael Jonzun/Programmed By [Drums & Keyboards],Producer - Michael Jonzun)
09 Golden Girls - Too Cute (1988) (Co-producer - Gordon Worthy , Steve Thorpe/Producer - Soni Jonzun)
10 Apollonia - Ay Ya Yai (1988) (Backing Vocals - Loria Jonzun , Michael Jonzun/Horns - Michael Jonzun , Soni Jonzun/Producer, Keyboards - Michael Jonzun/Producer [Associate] - Loria Jonzun)
11 Golden Girls - Too Cute (Instrumental Version) (1988)

Some other albums feat. Jonzuns ,but they are still missing from my collection:

Irving And The Twins - One More Chance (1983) maxi
SUPERIORS - Perfect Timing (1990)
ANNA - Body language (1990)
SEIKO - Seiko (1990)
RICK WES - Possession (1991)
CHRIS PITTMAN - Chris Pittman (1991)
D'ANTHONY JONZUN - Show World (2000)

I've just explored that Jonzuns like to work with these guys:

Sidney Burton (Jonzun Crew,Stylistics,NKOTB,Perfect Gentlemen,Homework,Lady Soul,Classic Example)
Howie Weinberg (Jonzun Crew,Tom Browne,Perfect Gentlemen, Lady Soul)
Frank Heller (Jonzun Crew,Michael Jonzun,New Edition,NKOTB)
Phil Greene (Jonzun Crew,NKOTB,Classic Example,Lady Soul)
Al Lancellotti (Jonzun Crew,Stylistics,Perfect Gentlemen)
William Garrett (Jonzun Crew,Stylistics)

Biography of Jonzun Crew:
Jonzun Crew was a seminal electro group,led by Michael Jonzun and featuring his brothers Maurice Starr and Soni Jonzun, and also featuring Carl, aka Captain Fingers. Their most famous tracks, from the debut album, were “Pack Jam (Look out for the OVC)” and “Space Cowboy.” Other notable tracks include “We Are the Jonzun Crew” and “Ground Control.” In 1986, Michael Jonzun left the group to pursue a solo career.[citation needed]“Pack Jam (Look out for the OVC)” was often played in the background, during the early '80s, while the rundown of top hits in Germany were observed in the German-language Top Hits show "Formel Eins".(

Jonzun Crew was an electro group who carried their spin on Parliament/Funkadelic’s loopy sci-fi themes throughout the ’80s and early ’90s for a handful of albums, which included singles like “Pack Jam (Look Out for the OVC),” “Space Is the Place,” “Space Cowboy,” and “We Are the Jonzun Crew.” Florida-born brothers Michael, Soni, and Larry Johnson (better known as Maurice Starr) formed Jonzun Crew in Boston in 1981, with Gordy Worthy and Steve Thorpe filling out the lineup for different stretches of the group’s existence. Starr and Michael would gain further notoriety for helping to bring New Edition and New Kids on the Block to the world; Michael (who continued using Jonzun as his last name) also went solo for a brief period on A&M, in addition to working on several other artists’ releases. (

Boston's Jonzun Crew, led by Michael Jonzun, were literally the most wigged-out Electro act of all, basing their stage appearance on Beethoven. For mutant cyberian phunk, their Lost In Space album, particularly the menacing "Pack Jam", remains chilly the most. Regrettably, Jonzun and his brother, Maurice Starr, went on to produce lukewarm mainstream R&B

Lost in Space (1983)
Down to Earth (1984)
Cosmic Love (1990)

MICHAEL JONZUN (Michael Johnson):
The former head of the Jonzun Crew, Michael Jonzun went on his own in 1985, but didn't have much success recording for A&M. Jonzun earned more notoriety for his discovery of New Edition and his production of "Candy Girl" than for his A&M single "Burning Up." (

a key musician and producer of electro, and especially electrofunk, was born in Florida, and formed the Jonzun Crew in Boston with Steve Thorpe and Gordy Worthy. In the early 1980s, the group recorded seminal electro dance tracks including Pack Jam (Look Out for the OVC) and Space Cowboy. He made several more LPs with less commercial success through the 1980s and produced many other artists' recordings. His brother and frequent collaborator is Maurice Starr, mastermind of New Edition and New Kids on the Block; Michael Jonzun contributed to early tracks by both groups. He also worked on Peter Wolf's Lights Out and Tom Browne's Rockin' Radio. In 1986, he left the band to pursue a solo career.(

"Michael Jonzun of Legendary Electro-Boogie Hip-Hop posse Jonzun Crew (a recognized forefather of Hip-Hop; Source Mag), with 200+ Million Records sold worldwide on 13 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees and 50+ Super Star Artists- -including Mick Jaggar w/ Peter Wolf, P. Diddy, New Kids On The Block, New Edition - -, and Co-Writer of the largest selling ringtone in history (“Laffy Taffy” by D4L)

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"Starr is the hottest producer in pop music right now"

Maurice "The General" Starr (born 1953) is a Boston-based musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known for his role in the careers of New Edition and New Kids on the Block.[1] He is considered to be the creator of the boy band scene from the 80s, even though this term was not used until the 90s.Starr started to work independently with non-mainstream groups. He is currently managing Heartbeat Boys, a boy band he assembled along with producing and writing their songs.(

( in 1990,which is a highly sought after musical entertainment provider.

Recent Starr projects include a new boy group, the Heartbeat Boys and a Florida-based Internet radio station, which played nothing but Starr-related music. It's no longer broadcasting.Starr, 54, is now living comfortably in DeLand, Fla. The town where he grew up is where he returned to after making music history in Roxbury.
"Life is good," Starr said. "I'm enjoying my fried chicken, mashed potatoes and coleslaw."


More info: interview,,317626,00.html

now is a member of Richie Rich & The 24Karat Funk Production:"Born in Boston, Massachusetts (under the sign of Capricorn) "Stevo", or "the man with four hands" is the bands keyboard/bass player (hence the man with four hands). If you don't listen carefully you are liable to hear any sound coming from his side of the stage. Between 1983 and 1990 "Stevo" played with the Jonzun Crew (the songs Pac-Jam and Space Cowboy made the Billboard list) and then when he met Richie Rich there was instant musical chemistry. He has been with 24kt Funk ever since. "Stevo" has also worked with and toured along side of famous acts like New Edition, The System, Lakeside, Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five and the Blue Notes. "Stevo" says he was inspired by Prince, James Brown and Sly & The Family Stone."

More info for Jonzun Crew: a great interview with Michael Jonzun!!


TM NETWORK - Gift for Fanks

MARK MULCAHY- Pursuit Of Your Happiness

LATIN RASCALS - When She Goes (1989)


So What

Hot Day


Murdered By The Music

What We Worry

Come Inside (mixes)

Big Trash


From A To B



VITAMIN Z - Sharp Stone Rain (1989)

RED FLAG - Count To Three (mcd)

THOMPSON TWINS - Side Kicks (Bonus for 1983 CD)

BILL WYMAN - Bill Wyman (1982)

FORTIFICATION 55 albums you will find on these two websites:

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Real To Real Cacophony (1979)

Sons And Fascination /Sister Feelings Call (1981) Pass: Animal

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (1982)

RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)