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Josef K - Two Albums

Josef K
Members: Paul Haig - guitar, vocals, songwriting, Malcolm Ross - guitar, violin, David Weddell - bass, Ronnie Torrance - drums.

Genre: Rock
Style: Post-punk

The Only Fun In Town/ Sorry for Laughing

Josef K emerged from the Scotland post-punk scene as one of the leading lights but yet sunk almost without trace only a couple of years later. This collection comprises their initial attempt at releasing an album which was subsequently scrapped by the band themselves and the reworking of it which was eventually re-released. As you can imagine then, there is a certain amount of overlap on this 25-track compilation. In truth it's difficult to say which version of the album is better; the first attempt contained what is probably their best song, the atypically slower 'It's Kinda Funny' (which demonstrates that though Josek K could play their guitars unspeakably fast whilst retaining melody they could make languid songs of aching beauty) plus gems such as 'Forever Drone' and 'Heart Of Song' whilst the second contains classics like 'Endless Soul' and 'Variation Of Scene'. Another point worth making is that the Josef K compilation from 1998, 'Endless Soul' contains most of the best songs on offer here and with considerably clearer production which these version seem to suffer from in comparison. However, despite this, it is a credit to Josef K's unique style that even though some chord changes are submerged in the mix the signs of intricate inventiveness still shine through.


1. Fun N' Frenzy
2. Revelation
3. Crazy To Exist
4. It's Kinda Funny
5. The Angle
6. Forever Drone
7. Heart Of Song
8. 16 Years
9. Citizens
10. Sorry For Laughing
11. Fun N' Frenzy
12. Heads Watch
13. Drone
14. Sense Of Guilt
15. Art Of Things
16. Crazy To Exist
17. Citizens
18. Variation Of Scene
19. Terry's Snow Lies
20. No Glory
21. Endless Soul
22. Sorry For Laughing

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Young & Stupid

Despite only ever releasing one album it's a testament to Josef K's importance that they have had four CDs compiled of their work in the same number of years. 'Young And Stupid' collects together their singles plus B-sides as well as live recordings, demos and Peel Sessions. Admittedly nearly all of these tracks have appeared on previous recordings but the singles in particular overshadow the inferior production on the original album sounding much more crisp and precise. At their best, as on 'Radio Drill Time', 'Sorry For Laughing', 'Endless Soul' and 'Chance Meeting' it's hard to imagine how the guitar duo of Paul Haig and Malcolm Ross managed to play quite so accurately and frenetically without ruining their fingers permanently. More than just a one-card trick Josef K were equally adept at slower, moving records as the ever-enduring 'It's Kinda Funny' shows. Of the lesser-known work 'Torn Mentor' is the nearest the group get to aping Joy Division's 'Closer' album but 'Applebush', sung by Malcolm Ross's wife, is an extra which most can do without; it's more Dislocation Dance than the angular funk-inspired work which were their forte. Of the collections so far this perhaps edges it for containing superior single versions and very decent B-sides.


1. Romance
2. Chance Meeting
3. Radio Drill Time
4. Crazy To Exist (Live)
5. It's Kinda Funny
6. Final Request
7. Sorry For Laughing
8. Revelation
9. Chance Meeting
10. Pictures (Of Cindy)
11. The Angle (One Angle)
12. The Angle (Second Angle)
13. The Missionary
14. Heart Of Song
15. Applebush
16. Heaven Sent
17. Endless Soul
18. Radio Drill Time (Demo)
19. Torn Mentor
20. Night Ritual
21. Adoration (Live 16.8.81)

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If you wan't to know more about Josef K, see this article in Wikipedia.

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01 Thrill Me
02 Radio Heart (Radio Mix)
03 Radio Heart (Extended Mix)
04 Hearts And Minds
05 London Times (Radio Mix)
06 London Times (Extended Mix)
07 Nuits Francaise
08 All Across The Nation (Radio Mix)
09 All Across The Nation (Extended Mix)
10 Over On The Other Side
11 Like A Refugee (I Wont Cry) (Accoustic Mix)
12 Like A Refugee (I Wont Cry) (Radio Mix)
13 Like A Refugee (I Wont Cry) (Pandemonium Mix)
14 Tragedy In Blue

Link to download: 192 kbs

"GARY NUMAN worked with Blue's Hugh Nicholson between 1987 and 1994 on the Radio Heart, Dadadang & Numan projects. Now you can own a unique piece of GARY NUMAN's recording history!! THE NICHOLSON & NUMAN SESSIONS (1987 -1994) CD is an archieve of these collaborations featuring all rough mixes, demo mixes and guide vocals by Hugh Nicholson leading up to the Master stage where Gary records his incredible lead vocals. Also included are all the mixes, remixes and extended mixes. A must for all Gary Numan fans!!"

REPOSTED ALBUMS from Thompson Twins (

out of the gap 1984

plus 1984

1985 - (bonus disc)

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MI - SEX -Computer Games / Space Race

New Zealand/Australia

Steve Gilpin (vocals) Murray Burns (keyboards) Kevin Stanton (guitar) Richard Hodgkinson (drums) Don Martin (bass) Paul Dunningham (drums) Ted 'The Head' Yanni (guitar) Colin Bailey (guitar)



01 Computer Games
02 Graffiti Crimes
03 Wot Do You Want
04 Not Such A Bad Boy
05 Stills
06 But You Don't Care
07 Loser
08 21-20
09 Camera Kazi
10 Inside You

Link to download: 192 kbs



01 Space Race (3:44)
02 Pages And Matches (2:30)
03 Living In September (2:41)
04 I Don't Know (2:27)
05 Slippin' Out (3:08)
06 It Only Hurts When I'm Laughing (4:14)
07 People (3:49)
08 Good Guys Always Win (Satire) (3:17)
09 Ghosts (3:42)
10 Burning Up (3:35)
11 Ice Cold Dead (4:16)

Link to download: 224 kbs

"With roots in the punk & art-rock movements New Zealand group Mi-Sex created their own brand of new wave. In 1979 the single 'Computer Games' topped the Australian charts & went on to become an international club hit. Two of the Mi-Sex's original Epic Records albums, both originally issued in 1980, are now available on one compact disc. Features 21 tracks including 'Graffiti Crimes,' 'Burning Up' & the hypnotic 'Computer Games', to name just a few of the featured new wave dance tunes. "

"Flash Back, 1979, Festival Hall, Melbourne, Mi-sex opened for Cheap Trick. Mi-sex outperformed Cheap Trick to the point of it being openly embarrassing for Zander to take the stage.
It is about time some Mi-sex cuts were gathered together and made available on CD. These are tasty cuts, too. The best the band had on offer. They were putting out music just as the whole, sick New Wave thing was starting to unfold and somehow managed to chart a course free of the glitter and mascara, and more towards the safe harbor of rock and roll. A great collection of tunes, well worth the asking price."

Mi-Sex were formed in New Zealand as a long-haired hippie pub band known as The Fragments Of Time. They moved to Australia in 1978 to try out the fledgling Sydney punk circuit, had their hair cut and played a mixture of keyboard-based originals and covers of material by artists like Bowie and Ultravox (from whence they took their name).
In April 1979, Mi-Sex signed a recording contract with CBS Records and one month later they recorded their debut album Graffiti Crimes at EMI's 301 Studios in Sydney. A first single, But You Don't Care, was released from the album to coincide with a national tour as support for Talking Heads. It reached the Australian Top 20.(Problem: the earlier material that fills the album sounds nothing like "Computer Games" and lacks both electronic catchiness and overall punch, making it a misleading disappointment for those hooked by the single.)
In October 1979, the band's second single, Computer Games, was released and after only seven weeks it was a national number one hit.
In January 1980, Mi-Sex re-entered the studio to record tracks for their second album, Space Race. The first single from the album, People, went Top 10 within six weeks of release. Shortly after, the (by now) hugely popular band embarked on a five week tour of America. While they were away they received TV Week/Countdown Rock Awards for Best New Talent, Best Australian Single (for Computer Games) and Most Popular Record, album or single (also for Computer Games).
In America they toured the west coast with Iggy Pop and The Ramones before headlining two shows at the Whiskey Club. On the east coast they played five shows in New York, then embarked on a 16 day headlining tour through Canada.
Returning to Australia they launched Space Race to mixed reaction.Mi-Sex disbanded at the end of 1984.

More info : The official site Site of Steve Gilpin



call me (

rock the box (

and from
zero zero - herzklopfen


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ZERO ZERO - Herzklopfen (1982)

Jenz Poeniz - Vocal, Bass, Synths
Gerald Klepka - Vocal, Guitar
Heinz Stieglitz - Drums

New Wave ,Synth-pop, Experimental


01 Irrenanstalt (3:26)
02 Ich Versteh' Gar Nichts Mehr (2:43)
03 Böser Junge (3:02)
04 Peepshow (1:37)
05 Horoskop (3:45)
06 Lass Mich Träumen (2:32)
07 Harlekin (3:13)
08 Alptraum (2:12)
09 Freizeitsuniform (3:23)
10 Glasherz (3:56)

Link to download:

Formed in 1980 in München (Germany) by Gerald Klepka.He had to choose between Zero Zero and playing chamber music with the Munich Orchestra.He chose the band.
Their first hit was "Irrenanstalt" (mad-house). Tv shows (München in Rock) and live performances made the band more popular.Their first -and only- Lp released in 1982 with mainly uptempo wave-synth sound. More Gerald Klepka



all roads lead to you (mcd1989)

bitter end


neonbabies 1981


neonbabies-harmlos 1982


Times Like These

maxi cds

RE -FLEX : (

the B -sides and extended mixes

re-flex -humanication

TUXEDOMOON part 2. : (


ten years in one night (live)

bardo hotel soundtrack

Cabin In The Sky


urban leisure

live in st petersburg

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RED FLAG - MegaBlack Box Set


Prelude To A Disc (Prelude Mixes)

01 Disarray
02 The Game
03 In My Arms Again
04 Goodbye
05 Curtains
06 I See You
07 Heaven - In Medias Res
08 Tortured Daisy
09 Flight of the Wounded Bee
10 TikTok

Link to dwonload: 192 kbs


01 Disarray
02 The Eagle And Child
03 Disarray - Reminiscent mix
04 Disarray Remix Beta
05 The Eagle And Child (LP14 mix)
06 Disarray - Scribe Machine Remix
07 Disarray Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 256 kbs

or: 256 kbs

Machines (Limited Edition)

01 Machines (LP Edit)
02 Machines (Metal Shop Edit)
03 Machines (Tony's Edit)
04 Machines (Metal Shop Extended)
05 Machines (House Of Sprockets Mix)
06 Machines (Hammer & Saw Mix)
07 Rhythmik Vibrations
08 Tekno Vibrations
09 Rescue (Razormaid)

link to download: 192 kbs

The Game

01 The Game
02 Take Care Love
03 The Game - Knight Mix
04 The Game - Remix Gamma
05 Take Care Love - Blind Mix
06 The Game - Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 192 kbs

In My Arms Again

01 In My Arms Again
02 She's My Girl
03 In My Arms Again - Martyr Mix
04 She's My Girl - Rollergirl Mix
05 In My Arms Again - Bitstream Dream Mix
06 In My Arms Again - Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 192 kbs


01 Goodbye
02 The Thought Of You
03 Dance Of The Wounded Bee
04 The Thought Of You (Sabbat Mix)
05 Goodbye (Armand's Theme)
06 The Thought Of You (3D Vengeful Mix)
07 The Thought Of You (Habitual Clone 4 Mix)
08 Goodbye (Prelude To A Mix)

Link to download: 192 kbs


01 Curtains
02 L.O.V.E.
03 King Of Everything
04 Curtians (Ovation Mix)
05 L.O.V.E. (Dislexic Mix)
06 King Of Everything (JK Mix)
07 Curtians (Prelude To A Mix)

Link to download: 192 kbs

I See You

01 I See You
02 Rejection
03 Twenty Five Hours A day
04 I See you - Invisible Mix
05 Rejection - Sarcastic Mix
06 I See You - Prelude To A Mix

Link to download: 192 kbs

The Eagle And Child

01 The Eagle And Child
02 Disarray
03 Take Care Love
04 She's My Girl
05 Time
06 In My Arms Again
07 The Game
08 Synthpopalooza
09 Illumination
10 Deeper Shade Of Blue
11 Disarray (Remix Alpha)
12 The Thought Of You (Voytech J.Martin Remix)

Link to download: 192 kbs

The Crypt

01 Curtains
02 I See You
03 King Of Everything
04 The Thought Of You
05 Rejection
06 Heaven in Medias Res
07 For The Dark
08 L.O.V.E.
09 Tortured Daisy
10 Goodbye
11 Sanctum Sanctorium

Link to download: 192 kbs

"I love Red Flag! Terrific display of songs and remixes! I just can't get enough of 'em!!

"I was not a great Red Flag fan, but after hearing this box set, I have to say that This is really something, you have to find a way to listen to this."

More covers:

VIRGIN DANCE - Against The Tide (1984)

Synth Pop, New Wave

Kenny Dougan -Rhythm guitar
Graham Mcmaster -Bass
Cliff Hewitt -Drums (member of Modern Eon; Picnic At The Whitehouse; Apollo 440; Schiller etc.)
Lorraine Gardner -Keyboards
E. Hind -Guitar, Vocals


01 Are You Ready (For That Feeling)
02 Rainy Days
03 Make Love
04 The Dream Is Over (We Can Make It) (Megamix)
05 Against The Tide
06 Desire
07 Night Call
08 No Disguise
09 Farewell Claire
10 The Dream Is Over (We Can Make It)

Link to download: 192 kbs

Heres a not easy to find album for you!They have one more album : "peel session" from 1983 with 4 tracks that i dont have.Its a very - very melodious new wave Lp .Its similar (just a bit) to the Go Betweens,The Chameleons,Comsat Angels,Simple Minds etc.
I love their music,try it!

Next time: The Expression

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Leftfield ,New Wave



01 The Conquerer
02 Down The Final Flight
03 The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes
04 Information
05 Wall Of Fir
06 World Of Difference
07 Message From Disney Time
08 Shearing Machine
09 Phillips World Service
10 Message From Disney Time (Live)
11 Down The Final Flight (Live)
12 Wall Of Fir (Live)
13 World Of Difference (Live)
14 Information (Live)

Link to download:

"Their 1984 debut album, The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes, is hard-to-find, but truly awesome. Deranged English post-punk mayhem. With jittery voice."

"It's a real oddball piece of work, with chiming guitar, chugging bass, B-movie samples worthy of Man Or Astroman, and sonorous, horror film vocals from a man called The Shend. The title track is a blinder. The rest of album is less memorable, but still very distinctive. It fits with a lot of the funk-ish, post-punk indie music from early 1980s England, but it's quite unique nonetheless. "



01 AG1
02 Mummy You're A Wreck
03 When Father Papered The Parlour
04 The Gong Man
05 AG2
06 Where's The Rest Of Me?
07 Transfusion
08 The Hole
09 The Colours Are Speaking To Me
10 Motorlogue
11 AG3
12 The Gong Man (Live)
13 When Mummy Papered The Wreck
14 AG4

Link to download:



01 Down The Final Flight
02 The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes
03 Wall Of Fur
04 A World Of Difference
05 A Message From Disney Time
06 Sharing A Machine

Link to download:

1982 saw the implosion of the brilliant but unstable dwarf star, jazz/punk fusionThe Cravats’. Staggering away from the debris, the two founding fathers Robin Raymond Dallaway and The Shend took refuge and fed themselves on a late night diet of episodes of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Outer Limits’, Tamia Motown singles, hyper bad 50’s sci-fi films and psychedelic grooves from the 60’s. They went back into the studio in 1983 and built The Very Things. They were a band loved by many people, including John Peel, who soon gave them their first of five sessions. Their critical and record buying popular acclaim led to a film made for and in conjunction with The Tube, a black and white pastiche of low budget B films based around two of their tracks. Ken Russell declared the piece “wonderfully gothic”, adding that it made him “want to destroy my greatest work.” During their five year life-span. The Very Things showed an almost complete disregard for career structures, which meant that they did not get around to releasing their ‘missing’ second album – until Fire got their hands on it almost 10 years later, and put it out along with reissues of the other two albums. The full title of the ‘missing’ album is, no less… ‘It’s A Drug, It’s A Drug, It’s A Ha Ha Ha, It’s A Trojan Horse Coming Out Of The Wall.’

The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes (1984)
Live At The Zap Club, Brighton (MC-live Acid Rain, 1987)
Let's Get Out (12"EP Reflex 1985)
Motortown (12" mini LP, ?)
The Peel Session 17. 12. 1983 (12"EP Strange Fruit, 1985)
It’s A Drug, It’s A Drug (1993)
Motortown (1993)



east-rések a falon

east-radio babel

I've replaced the download links for the "Bushes Scream.." and "It's A Drug.." !

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ABC - Skycraping (1997) for Joaorion / LATI RASCALS - mixes


Backing Vocals - Carol Kenyon (tracks: 2, 5, 10) , Glenn Gregory (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 6, 9, 10) , Juliet Roberts (tracks: 3, 4, 11) , Paul "Tubbs" Williams (tracks: 3, 4, 11) /Cello - Dinah Beamish (tracks: 1, 3, 4) / Composed By, Lyrics By - John Uriel (tracks: 9) , Keith Lowndes (tracks: 1 to 8, 10, 11) / Keyboards [Additional] - Glenn Gregory (tracks: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10) /Lyrics By, Composed By, Producer - Glenn Gregory /Lyrics By, Composed By, Producer, Vocals - Martin Fry/ Mixed By - Danton Supple (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 7, 10, 11) , Paul Rabiger (tracks: 5, 8, 9)/ Piano [Additional] - Paul Rabiger (tracks: 2) /Producer, Guitars, Keyboard, Drum Programming - Keith Lowndes / Recorded By - Danton Supple (tracks: 1, 3, 7, 11) , Paul Rabiger (tracks: 2, 4 to 6, 8 to 10) / Saxophone - Paul Rabiger (tracks: 2, 4, 8) , Phil "Snake" Davies (tracks: 7) / Viola - Jocelyn Pook (tracks: 1, 3, 4) / Violin - Jules Singleton (tracks: 3, 4) , Sally Herbert (tracks: 1, 3, 4) , Sonia Slany (tracks: 1)


01 Stranger Things
02 Ask A Thousand Times
03 Skyscraping
04 Who Can I Turn To
05 Rolling Sevens
06 Only The Best Will Do
07 Love Is Its Own Reward
08 Light Years
09 Seven Day Weekend
10 Heaven Knows
11 Faraway

Link to download:

"For those of us who always loved ABC's second album "Beauty Stab" just (or almost) as much as its perfect predecessor "The Lexicon Of Love", this 1997 album is a return to old strength - sort of. Virtually a Martin Fry solo album, the singer is assisted by multi-instrumentalist Keith Lowndes - and Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory on backing vocals, all three of them sharing writing and production credits. Good songwriting is back in again, a relief after the mostly feeble efforts ever since "Beauty Stab": I mean, honestly, "Night You Murdered Love" or "When Smokey Sings" were just so sloppy and dull compared to anything on their first albums, not to speak of all the other forgettable songs. So with lots of good songs for this album here, what could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot of the song material goes heavily in the "Glam" direction, e.g. Roxy Music circa 1975/1979, not a million miles from "Beauty Stab" indeed, but "Scyscraping" suffers from the abscence of a live rhythm section. The programmed drums and bass lines have no power at all (remember: Beauty Stab actually featured the rhythm section that played on Roxy's "Avalon") and the rhythmic saxophone samples are poor ersatz for Stephen Singleton. So while all this is a bit of a let-down, "Skyscraping" is still worth listening to. Stand-out tracks are "Only The Best Will Do", "Seven Day Weekend and the epic "Light Years", also the single "Stranger Things"."

next time : more from ABC


A :
kiss fm 85 a,b / paco supermix 2

B :
wktu mixes a,b,c,d

C :
wktu best of 1984 megamix /wktu best of 1985 megamix / wktu megamix b (03-16-1985)/wktu electric kingdom megamix 1984

D :
kiss fm dec.1985


Real Name:
Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher (passed away:August 25th, 1999)

Synth-pop, New Wave


The debut LP, Burning Bridges was released in the US and Canada as Naked Eyes

Bass, Drum Programming [Simmons], Drum Programming [Linn] - Tony Mansfield /Drums - Phil Towner /Engineer - Haydn Bendall, Jules Bowen /Horns - C.C. Smith / Keyboards - Rob Fisher / Producer - Tony Mansfield / Saxophone, Flute - Martin Dobson / Vocals - Pete Byrne


01 Always Something There To Remind Me (3:40)
02 Fortune And Fame (3:18)
03 When The Lights Go Out (3:00)
04 Voices In My Head (3:47)
05 Low Life (3:57)
06 Promises, Promises (4:36)
07 I Could Show You How (3:28)
08 Emotion In Motion (4:42)
09 Burning Bridges (3:30)
10 Could Be (2:47)
11 Pit Stop
12 Sweet Poison
13 A very Hard Act To Follow
14 In The Name Of Love (1982 version)
15 The Time Is Now
16 Always Something There To Remind Me (mansfield 1983 remix)
17 Promises Promises (extended dance mix)
18 Promises Promises (jellybean mix)

Link to download (!!!!new link 03.2009!!!):

Ive posted the Burning Bridges before that cames from vinyl,this new post contains more songs! check it:


Composed By, Written By - Pete Byrne , Rob Fisher
Backing Vocals - Audrey Wheeler , Cindy Mizelle , Tina B , Wendell Morrison/ Bass - John Read/ Drums - Frank Valardi (tracks: 01, 03) , Graham Broad (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 10)/ Engineer - Haydn Bendall (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 10) , Jay Burnett (tracks: 01, 03)/ Guitar - Ira Siegel (tracks: 01, 03) , Tony Mansfield (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 10) /Keyboards, Programmed By [Fairlight], Drum Programming [Linn] - Rob Fisher/Producer - Arthur Baker (tracks: 01, 03) , Tony Mansfield (tracks: 02, 04, 05, 06 to 07) /Vocals - Pete Byrne


01 (What) In The Name Of Love (4:25)
02 New Hearts (3:37)
03 Sacrifice (4:07)
04 Eyes Of A Child (3:35)
05 Once Is Enough (4:08)
06 No Flowers Please (4:00)
07 Answering Service (3:42)
08 Me I See In You (3:34)
09 Flying Solo (4:31)
10 Flag Of Convenience (4:13)

Link to download (!!!new link (03.2009)!!!:



01 Promises, Promises (Jellybean 7'' Mix) (3:41)
Featuring - Madonna
02 Always Something There To Remind Me (Tony Mansfield 12'' Mix) (5:45)
03 Promises, Promises (Tony Mansfield 12'' Mix) (6:21)
04 (What) In The Name Of Love (Arthur Baker 12'' Mix) (6:04)
05 Sacrifice (Arthur Baker 12'' Mix) (6:06)
06 Promises, Promises (Jellybean 12'' Mix) (6:56)
Featuring - Madonna
07 Pit Stop (3:33)
08 Sweet Poison (3:53)
09 Once Is Enough (4:11)
10 Answering Service (3:45)
11 (What) In The Name Of Love (Byrne / Fisher Mix) (3:29)
12 Making Waves (3:00)
13 Communication Without Sound (3:17)
14 Me I See In You (3:25)
15 Remote Control (2:24)

Link to download (!!!new link (03.2009)!!!:

"Everything and more is exactly what Naked Eyes fans have been screaming for! None of these tracks have ever been on CD before! Some of them have never been released (the Jellybean mixes from 1983 which have a sexy version of 'Promises, Promises' performed by his girlfriend at the time). Also included are 2 unreleased 12'' mixes by Arthur Baker, all 12'' dance mixes, the early UK B-sides, the early singles when they were known as Neon and lost album tracks! One Way. 2002. "

"Remixes and rare tracks make up this set. As a long time Naked Eyes fan it was great to hear some of these remixes, Arthur Baker really had a knack back then. The Jellybean stuff is less memorable, I can see why they got shelved. And Madonna's contribution is fleeting.The tracks from the pre-Naked Eyes days, Neon, are really great. they have that classic 81 sound."

"A pleasant surprise, since Naked Eyes only released two (fantastic) albums in the early 80's. I first heard One Way Records (part of EMI) were planning this release over a year ago from the official Naked Eyes site - it was a long wait, but WOW was it worth it. I've collected tons of 80's 12-inch singles, and of course had to recollect most of them when CD's came into town, so to have ALL of Naked Eyes' 12-inch remixes released on one CD was most certainly the work of God himself! The stunning reworkings of "Always Something There To Remind Me", "Promises, Promises" and "(What) In the Name Of Love" have never sounded better. The mastering of the entire disc in fact is top notch. I love the unreleased mixes as well! What a treat to hear a budding Madonna contribute spoken lines in 2 never-released versions of "Promises Promises". Those 2 mixes are surprisingly quite different from the released Tony Mansfield mixes, but very good nonetheless. "Sacrifice", I assume, was to be a single from "Fuel For The Fire" as it was remixed for 12-inch but never released. The remix is fantastic! Naked Eyes always had really cool B-Sides ("The Time Is Now" is absolutely essential - and EMI was smart to include it on the 1993 Best Of release) and "Pit Stop", "Sweet Poison" and the early demo-like version of "(What) In The Name Of Love" certainly exceeded my expectations. It's also nice to finally have the last 2 songs from "Fuel For The Fire" put to CD. So now BOTH COMPLETE Naked Eyes albums are available on CD - just scattered around on 3 different releases! The final 4 tracks are from two 7-inch singles that were relased as "Neon" - BEFORE they became Naked Eyes! Although a bit edgier, the melodies are still very much Naked Eyes! These 4 tracks are from the vinyl singles themselves, but care was obviously taken in getting the best possible transfer. The packaging is nice, with photos from a Naked Eyes video and entertaining bits about each track by Pete Byrne himself. Rob Climie (the keyboard player) sadly passed away not long ago. I think he'd be proud to know Pete took part in creating a First Class rarity collection like "Everything And More". Pete Byrne is also still very much active, having recently released a solo album - I loved his single "The World In Which We Love" - like Naked Eyes never went away! I am in absolute bliss - thank you to One Way, EMI, Pete and anyone else who took part in bringing this collection to fruition!!!"

The group consisted of childhood friends from Bath, England, Pete Byrne on vocals and Rob Fisher on keyboards. The two had formerly played in a band called Neon with future members of Tears for Fears and stayed together as a duo after the group broke up.
Their second and third singles, "Promises, Promises" and "When the Lights Go Out", were also hit singles. However, their second album, Fuel for the Fire and the single "(What) In the Name of Love", were not as well-received and the group broke up soon after its release. Byrne ended up doing session work (he is heard on Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover" and wrote and produced "I Am the Cute One" for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in 1992) while Fisher joined the group Climie Fisher.
Fisher died August 25, 1999 from complications following stomach surgery.
Byrne recently revived the group name and will soon be releasing Fumbling With The Covers, which consists of covers of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, along with the Naked Eyes hits; all of them acoustic. It will be released on the Oglio label. Byrne released a solo album, The Real Illusion in 2001, which featured some of the last tracks he wrote with Fisher for a proposed third Naked Eyes album.

photo of Tony Mansfield

some about Tony Mansfield the head of New Musik:
Mansfield then (after New Musik disbanded) turned exclusively to production, producing a number of successful albums and singles for various popular artists in the 1980s, most notably Naked Eyes, Captain Sensible, a-ha, Mari Wilson, The B-52s and After The Fire. In the 1990s he produced the album Puntos Cardinales for Spanish female artist Ana Torroja, amongst other production works.
His productions are distinctive and characteristically impart a rich and atmospheric sound to the artist's songs. He is known for his inventiveness in the studio. His "sound" is full yet spacious, with elements of electronics which are not overly crude or trendy, providing an often moody and pleasing sound which is carried over from his New Musik days. Notably, he usually plays keyboards and acoustic guitars on his productions, which, along with one or two other favourite studio "trademarks", are unmistakable to fans of his sound.

More info: for more info and pictures, covers the official site with detailed discography,lyrics etc.

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DAVID AND HIS SPACE KEYBOARD - 20 Greatest Hits / David Y Su Teclado Espacial

Real name:
David Villagrán Ruz


Electro, Synth-pop, Experimental


01 The Space Ghost Dead
02 Tropotelus Biacum
03 Noise Song For All The People In Tunez
04 Never Let Down Of The Moon
05 Pompi Travel By The Stars
06 Space Old Jeans Falling From Sky
07 The Multihexiconclatrimetro
08 Hologram
09 The Schizophrenic Student
10 The Good Pop
11 Frankenstain Body Return To Live
12 Valzzo dil Piannollo qui Falle tu Lascalla
13 The Strage Of Arbotants
14 Om-Om 2
15 Far Away
16 David and His Space Keyboard National Anthem
17 17 - Espacialcachofa 2004
18 Vili Mongüi
19 Matrix Whirls
20 The Inminence Esferic

Link to download:


Genre: Electronic
Experimental, Ambient ,Minimal


01 Alhelí
02 Dante
03 Popsefone
04 Popsefone Reversion 1.
05 Variaciones sobre el tema de los marcianitos

Link to download:


Run, Oh, My song, now I send you to Love
you'll go alone to find her, in courteus way you will know to watch who
is the owner of my
Moor Love in eyes of my beautiful lady, low the face and the
whole are nothing,and finally if love gives her vision to met
hat she grants the greeting to me
that she indicates the route to me to follow
from heart
Tell, Oh, My song
dies there with you
and still the affection is not the one that speaks by me
but Love that dictates to me,
the lady I belong
Gentile and constant song
the breeze will know to take to you
and will return secretly
to this servant the favor
like aurora to the dark
that the star
will crown

The firs album of David remind me some great artists from the 70s as Peter Bauman and Klaus Schulze from Tangerine Dream,Synergy,Einzelganger album from Moroder,Y.M.O,you will like this.David told :" when i record first things i was very krautrocked, listen neu! too much, begining to know electronic in 70's, i really wanted to make a 'hallo gallo', also listen noise especially my bloody valentine, but the idea was try to make space songs, in whatever style with synth sounds (all that a casio could give you like a sinth), then for second group of songs the idea not change to much, i put not only space sounds, i tryed to make a bit different things, not really knowing what, 'the schizophrenic student' is like that things, with a cassette of english lessons for school that give me a friend from university." So its an instrumental -experimental "chilly" space album that very variable and contains not only experimental works,but some songs with different style : a synth-blues song (Space Old Jeans Falling From Sky) ,the baroque like (Valzzo dil Piannollo qui Falle tu Lascalla)My favourite song is the melodious "the good pop" .Its really very catchy! The songs in the second album are much more romantics ,loaded with beautiful nostalgic musical elements in the background and wrapped your sad ,deep emotional voice .I really like it, i felt the same when ive listened at first in my life Galaxy 500 ,The Chills or maybe the best example :Durutti Column-tomorrow.As David added : "I love Durutti Column, they were a great influence to the idea for last songs, also David Sylvian.His record 'secrets of the beehive' is surely one of my most avourite records in all time ".Popsefone reversion is a very resourceful tricky synthpop (new wave?) song with good artful changing rhythms give the different noise-voices-synths appearing in unexpected places or time .I really love it! -You should record some songs with Fortunato and Lila as they barking! :) im going to try it with my cats that will be funny :) The charming last song (Variaciones sobre el tema de los marcianitos) contains some jazz elements too ,a high emotional song and floating as the sun goes down above a campfire or a beautiful landscape.
Enjoy the fantastic music of my friend!

'Alhelí' (Wallflower)

so much, I laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
so much, laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
laugh so much, Holly God
I had to cry

that laughter to be without you
that laughs to be without you

so much, laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
so much, laugh so much,
that I cannot breathe
laugh so much,
had to cry

it would want to be
wallflower,that it laughs could be in you, happy

here an eye
and there an eye
neither voice has there what to say it is not necessary to hope, nor to act nor to
I know

today I failed to sing
the thorn of the day in flower
and it deceives to me
if I could see laughing the sun

RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)