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"The music of Empire State Human can be described modern synthpop ranging from deep house to ambient electronica to strong pop melodies with retro-futurist themes in the lyrics."

"synthpop with a lot of electronic influences, ranging from Pet Shop Boys, to new age electronic artists such as Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. The trademark of the ESH sound is Aidan's high-tenor vocals, which are comparable to Marc Almond from Soft Cell."(Synthpopalooza Radio)

Synth-pop,EBM, Electro

Aidan Casserly - Vocals
Lar Kiernan - keyboards
Seán Barron (2005-) - programming, keyboards, electronic percussion & backing vocals
Warren Kiernan (a.k.a. DJ Warren K)(2005-?)
Lyndy Lou (in 2008 only)

Brian O’Malley (-2004)

"Hand On The Gun"

POP ROBOT (2002)

Engineer - Brian Kelly /Mastered By - Brian Hazard
Producer - Brian Kelly (tracks: 9, 14) /Producer, Mixed By - Empire State Human
Vocals - Selina Gunnery (track 18)
Written By - Human League, The (track 22)

Track 15 to 21 is labelled as extra tracks on the sleeve, track 22 is not listed on the sleeve.


01 Hand On The Gun (3:21)
02 Paralysed (3:42)
03 Swinging Pendulums (Wave In Head Remix) (4:06)
04 I Work For The Government (3:10)
05 Film Star (3:15)
06 Pop Robot (2:37)
07 Channel Five (4:33)
08 Munich Robots (3:20)
09 Firebird Sweet (3:28)
10 Under Your Spell (3:00)
11 Eastern Lights (4:12)
12 Robot Love (3:12)
13 Into Your Life (2:24)
14 Sach's Theme (2:53)
15 Apollo (3:31)
16 Spacelab One (3:37)
17 Swinging Pendulums (Original ESH Version) (3:29)
18 Leap Of Faith (3:17)
19 Night Flight (3:38)
20 Flight From Mars (3:17)
21 Voice Of Radioland (4:00)
22 Empire State Human (3:13)

Link to download:

First of all tell us something about yourselves? What was the reason for founding Empire State Human?

"In 1999 we collectively formed, what is known as EMPIRE STATE HUMAN (or ESH if you would prefer), with the idea to create electro-pop music, containing an analogue/digital production twist, in a futuristic electronic style. We felt there was a serious lack of bands doing this in a ‘song-based’ way, at that time, as opposed to ‘semi’ song-based ‘electro’ or instrumental music, which there is quite a bit of. We wanted to utilize the Internet to help us sign a record deal, and give ESH a more outwardly ‘international’ outlook, as opposed to only seeing ourselves as just an Irish or UK orientated band. That’s why our songs are about such diverse subjects as double agents in Tokyo, escaping to Mars, pop robots, Munich robots or either time travel, being lost in space or flying down to Rio, to escape the crime underworld, or even discovering your best friend is a serial killer!! (That’s quite a diverse list of subject matters). We’re really driven and intrigued by quality pop-music, and musical pioneers such as BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Raymond Scott, Kraftwerk, science fiction, film scores, Elvis & The Beatles; which collectively help us visualise our musical goals?"

Re-flexion (Germany) :
'ESH unites melodious synthpop ... with a beautiful, sometimes fragile singing ... which is hard to take away oneself from.'
Electroage (Canada)'ESH is truly a unique collision of dreamy pop and otherworldly electronics. (USA) :
'The band's influence goes from Kraftwerk to English 80's electro pop, passing through an unique process: originality.'

Electronically Yours (UK) :
'Apollo is pure brilliance and sends shivers down my back with the finely crafted melody and haunting rifts confirming that there is real talent on this record.'

Seven (UK) :
'Superb synth leads & imposing rhythms, alternating with more spacey, FX driven parts.'

21st Century Ballroom Dancing (UK) :
'Damn near the perfect pop group these two lucky ear holes have heard all season. Suss enough to play by the rules, but brilliant enough to break them.'

Petaluma Top Ten March 2002 by John Abbott (USA) :
'Take equal measures of retro analogue & digital synthesized sound, add contemporary rhythms, and swirl in pop melodies and you've got the format of Empire State Human. ESH draws on their collective work in music, architectural and film industries, which explains their intricate yet appealing song structures.'

Side Line Magazine (Belgium) :
'On the 22 track (!!) album you get smashed around the head with future synthpop hits that go in like a warm chocolate milk on a cold winter evening.' (Germany) :
'While listening to POP ROBOT for the first time, it is the distinctive high voice of the singer that stands out. Besides the catchy melodies, the trademark of ESH, there's really catchy instrumental pieces. This is Synthpop of absolute purity and high quality. Their own style is mixed into a kind of synthpop, which has saved its place in the hall of fame.'

Dark City Zone (Russia) :
'Conceptual artists not only exist in Rock/Metal, but also in Electro-pop. Irish band Empire State Human have created this conceptual album ('Pop Robot'), combining different elements of Deep House, Ambient Electronica & Modern Synthpop.'(

"While it remains to see if Empire State Human (ESH) can aspire to Human League heights, Pop Robot is a very, very good album and rates outstanding as a debut synthpop cd. Empire State Human has picked up where The Human League left off with "Dare", and reworked other vintage 80's techniques like the steady groove of "Big In Japan" by Alphalville and the vocal gymnastics of Jimmy Somerville of the Communards on "Never Can Say Goodbye". Fans of The The, The Blue Nile, Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Erasure and Style Council will also be happy with Pop Robot and its agreeable homage these groups. However, Pop Robot is not an 80's sounding cd. ESH is a modern synthpop band more aptly compared with Iris, Covenant, The Echoing Green, Ganymede and Blue October current bands who practice with the power of crystal clear production and well crafted pop songs.What sets ESH apart from its contempories is an amazing ear and talent for production. Like The Thompson Twins did most of their career, ESH has self-crafted 21 tracks of perfect stereo and tonally balanced songs without sacrificing variety of sounds. Amazingly consistent and not an easy thing to do. There is not a bad track on Pop Robot which cannot be said for 99% of today's music and incredulous considering the 21 songs Ninthwave Records has packed on this cd. I would rate three songs: Hand On the Gun, Swinging Pendulums and Eastern Lights as "A" level songs. Overall, Empire State Human gets 4 out of 5 stars for Pop Robot from me, but what can be heard is the potential for a 5 star album (every song a classic) from this promising band. In the meantime, this cd will vastly entertain anyone who likes good pop music."

"After we repeatedly received the laurels in advance ( a German saying, meaning that they heard good rumours about ESH), we have the debut album of the (only) Irish Synthpopband ESH here. Like the name of the band and the album, the roots of this 3 musicians are situated between The Human League and Kraftwerk. Founded in 1999, ESH already delivered a self produced CD -Martial Anthems. Commendably 7 of those tracks found their way onto the new version of Pop Robot, which increases the number of tracks to 21. A first version of this album was already released in 200, without the bonustracks. While listening to it for the first time, it is the distinctive, high voice of the singer, that stands out, which is, beside the catchy melodies, the trade mark of ESH. Really catchy melodies like "Hand On The Gun", "Apollo" or "Swinging Pendulums" succeeded as well as intrumental pieces like "Robot Love", "Sach's Theme" or "Flight From Mars". Synthpop of an absolute purity with a high quality. A band with this rating is also allowed to combine an "It's A Real Good Feeling" like sounding Happy-beat with sickly triangle sounds with impunity, like done in "Into Your Life", without sounding embarrassing. A little bit of Erasure, a bit of US-Synthpop and a whole lot of an own style are mixed to a kind of synthpop, which can do without overdriven retro - quotations, which has saved its place in the hall of fame. At the very end of the album, ESH couldn't resist, to pay tribute to their big idols and interpret a version of the classic, that gave the band its name. Their version of the over 20 years old Human League banger "Empire State Human" is in no way inferior to the original. After Sweden, Germany and the USA now also Ireland has its big synthpop hope (German saying - means a talent, that is expected to be big one day) !"

More review:


Remix - DJ Durden (track 08),Nexus 8 (track 09)


01 Shoot The Breeze
02 Scalper
03 Electric Audience
04 Night Flight (Version 2)
05 Das Kapitol
06 The Plutocrats
07 Down To Rio
08 Shoot The Breeze (Contemplate The Breeze Mix)
09 Night Flight (N8 Future Light Dub)

Link to download:

"This EP was originally released in Mexico, intended introduce the band to those of finer musical taste in Mexico on the Pur Zynth label. The EP contains six all-new tracks, a new version of one of the more popular tracks from "Pop Robot" and two remixes. The new tracks include the laid-back pop of "Shoot The Breeze" and "Down To Rio", and the smoothly flowing instrumental (mostly) of "Das Kapitol". The best of the new tracks is easily "Shoot The Breeze", with it's very catchy chorus. The only one of the new songs I really didn't care for was "Scapler". I didn't care for the chorus one bit.
The new version of "Night Flight" features a few new synth textures, and a re-recorded vocal, but doesn't change the song that drastically. The remixes, however, are a different story. The remix of "Shoot The Breeze" features totally new music and a heavy club orientation with hard-hitting bass and percussion. It's a fun mix, but a bit overlong at 7 minutes. The second remix is much better, as it fleshes out the song instrumentally a lot. The only problem is it sacrifices the vocals from the track to do so, save a distorted sample or two. Otherwise, it's a really fun remix.
Overall, this EP stands as a very good sampler of ESH's sound. If you like what you hear here, you'll love "Pop Robot". If not, then maybe you should look elsewhere. But this is very representative of ESH. A well put together EP."

""Musik für Menschen" is the title of the new Empire State Human EP, which comes up with 9 wonderful melodious songs altogether. While listening, this EP continues efficiently with the impressions, that you get while listening to the "Pop Robot" album. Synthetic sounds in a pure format, qualitative completed with beautiful melodies and experimental playing are coupled here with a clear singing and the result of this mixture is "Musik für Menschen". Empire State Human understand it, how to awaken qualities of the synthetic music, which are nearly believed to be lost, like the lightness of this music, as well as the general positive feeling, which is mediated to the listeners of this EP - a very good release !"

"Ireland's finest return with a sort of mini album to follow up their well-received debut "Pop Robot". Although this is released on the Mexican Pur Zynth label future releases are planned on Ninthwave.The band have also been fortunate that their more analogue-driven brand of synthpop has suddenly become popular again & the new tracks such as the up-tempo "Scalper" the slightly more offbeat "Electric Audience" & the Kraftwerk/Human League-influenced "The Plutocrats" should help them to capitalise on this.For the established fans the new mixes of "Night Flight" provide a link to the band's earlier days with the band's own 'Version 2" benefitting from the technique that the band have aquired since it's inception.The Nexus 8 mix gives the track the electro treatment,very different to ESH's synthop style but welcome nonetheless. These newer tracks offer a glance of what the band have been up to since &, as is their wont,references to travel & spaceflight abound throughout with the up-tempo "Shoot The Breeze" & the slower melodic "Down To Rio" also has the space travel references although how these fit into the title only the band know!!The dance/trance influences of "Das Kapitol" & the 'Contemplate The Breeze' mix of "Shoot The Breeze" (mixed by DJ Durden) add a another string to the band's bow & ought to widen the band's potential audience by appealing to trance fans as well as synthpoppers, who shouldn't find them too heavy going.Hopefully this international labels that the band are involved with will bring them to the attention of many pairs of willing ears & minds & increase their standing within the synthpop rankings." (REVOLT ZINE)

ALPHA & OMEGA (2002)

Mastered By - Brian Hazard
Written By - Aidan Casserly,John Barry (track 10),John Carpenter (track 13),Lar Kiernan (track 14) /Written By - Emil Schult, Florian Schneider , Ralf Hütter (track 08)
Remix - Count To Infinity (track 02),Freezepop (track 03),Brian Kelly (track 06),Wave In Head (track 07)

Tracks 1, 3, 5 & 8 from "Martian Anthems" recording sessions.
Tracks 11, 12 & 15 from "Pop Robot" recording sessions.
Track 6 originally written for Sony Playstation 2 advert "Anything can happen".

The album is dedicated to Billy MacKenzie.


01 Adrenalin (Empire's Free Rein Mix) (4:21)
02 Little Alfie (Deep In The Dirt Mix) (3:48)
03 Paradise (Paradise Lost Mix) (3:51)
04 Strange Star (Wave In Head Remix) (4:13)
05 Leap Of Faith (Empire's Acid Mix) (3:50)
06 Chimes (One Lazy Remix) (4:00)
07 The Atom Of The Moment (Empire's Split Mix) (4:14)
08 The Hall Of Mirrors (Empire's Radio Edit) (4:22)
09 Vegas Years (3:40)
10 Theme From The Persuaders (2:51)
11 Sullen Eyes (3:39)
12 Science Of Living (Empire's Space Pop Mix) (3:19)
13 Theme From Halloween (3:18)
14 Fallout (3:03)
15 Wait Until The Night (2:41)

Link to download:

As you read on my review of your "Pop Robot" I appreciated a lot your music and your style. Since it is fresh and cured at the same time would you please tell me how you three met and if you had previously musical experiences.

"We appreciated your review of Pop Robot a lot, so we'd like to thank you for having recognised the merits of our album. Brian & Aidan grew up together, and Aidan met Lar when they both were 13 years old, we all started hanging out together in a bigger group as friends. We've always had a great love of music, comedy, Elvis & synthesizers, as well as many individual tastes and interests, which all helped to bring a unique slant to the production sound of ESH. Brian & Aidan were originally in an electro/Glam style band called President Lipstick for a few years in the early 90's, with another friend of ours. Then Aidan worked under the name Colonel Mustard, which was a more ambient or mellow-sounding form of early House/Dance, with some Classical influences thrown in too. When this all finished, all was quiet so to speak for a period of time. So fast forward a couple of years to 1999, when we really felt that contemporary music was missing a retro analogue/digital edge that is once had, and an edge that more appreciated and acknowledged the achievements of early Human League, Moroder, Kraftwerk, Sparks, Dr Who, Sci-Fi etc. So we began to toy with the idea of forming something new & different to channel this interest into. Over a period of around 4 months, ESH was formed and we began to work on what was to become our debut album called Martian Anthems, eventually to be released by, which are based in the UK.(

"Alpha & Omega" is already your third record since your foundation in 1999. Sure other bands are also that quick in releasing their records. But especially as young band your standing at the beginning and there are also other things left to do. Finding your own style, organizing concerts, label deal, besides also having full-time jobs outside of music. How would you describe that? It seems as if it’s all going its way without bumps. Are you workaholics ;-)?

"Well, we’ve been described as workaholics in the past. Not just because of our workload or CD releases being within a relatively short space of time, but also because of the amount of material on each release, which is well in excess of your average track amounts. Basically, we did set out deliberately from the start to be that sort of prolific type of band, similar to what The Smiths did in the 80’s, a band who released a new single every month. We’d love to be able to release 2 full length CD’s a year, if only the finance was there we certainly could, as the songs are."

You got your band name Empire State Human from a song title from the band Human League. You made a cover version of the Kraftwerk song “The Hall Of Mirrors” and work with the help of analogue sounds. How much do you feel familiar with the 80’s sound of the 20th century? What do they mean to you?

"We grew up admiring so many bands from the 80’s, that it’s hardly surprising that we’ve incorporated these influences into our sound today. At first, it used to really annoy us to read comments about us sounding like a band from the 80’s, as we felt we’re a contemporary sounding band, first and foremost. We make music for today and not yesterday. But realistically, we had to accept that we cannot escape our past, we grew up back then, and we are what we listen to. It would be terrific though, to have an international hit record, and make that transition. Maybe that will happen for us one day, who knows."

Are there certain things you want to transpose with your songs? What is important for you when you write a song?

"If we’re writing for say an album, we usually have a concept in mind from the start, so that gives us guidelines or musical templates to use within the actual song writing process. Basically, we want to connect with the listener, which at the beginning of the process is obviously ourselves, then Ninthwave and then hopefully with the people who part with their hard earned cash for the CD’s. We demo new songs continually, and start from there really. It’s that simple and basic."

Which bands, beside Kraftwerk, had a big influence to your music?

"We touched on a couple earlier. But here’s a few more we love listening to: Elvis, Beatles, Bowie, Sparks, Beach Boys, Raymond Scott, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Joe Meek, John Barry, Kraftwerk, Venus Hum, John Carpenter, early Giorgio Moroder, early Human League, Soft Cell, Billy Mackenzie, Ennio Morricone & Scott Walker and then obviously many of the other great electronic pioneers too."

"ESH is moving forward at fast speed, with 'Alpha & Omega' they release their 2nd album for Ninthwave Records and their 3rd (!!) full length for 2002. Containing 15 rare ESH tracks from both the 'Martian Anthems' and 'Pop Robot' sessions it holds remixes and collaborations provided by artists as Empire, Count To Infinity, Freezepop, Wave In Head, One Lazy Ear and ESH itself. Taking off strong it takes off beautifully with Empire's free rein mix of 'Adrenalin', pure dancepop. Aside from the remixes, this compilation holds new version of .... behold, John Barry's 'Persuaders Theme' and John Carpenter's 'Halloween Theme' apart from Kraftwerk's 'The Hall Of Mirrors' as well as a new version of ESH's 'Chimes' which was originally composed for a Sony Playstation 2 advert back in 2001. Pay special attention for the jazzy ballad 'Sullen Eyes' and 'Wait Until The Night' which provoke a very deep emotional atmosphere. An album that will draw you by both ears through the ESH landscapes. Pure electronic pleasure especially targeted at those that love hybrid voices a la Antony and The Johnson's and for Erasure fans. Recommended "

"The Irish Synthpop combo Empire State Human commendably sweetens us the wainting time until the next album with this supercomplete compilation. On"Alpha & Omega" the three musicians have collected all, what was lying around in their studio, and it is not meant, that this are low - quality tracks. The whole opposite: rare and unpublished tracks from the recording sessions of their formerly released albums "Martian Anthems" and "Pop Robot" are there as well as remixes of the album tracks, collaborations with bands like Wave In Head & Count To Infinity (just to name the two most popular ones) and two real highlights for film- and TV - freaks: masterly played versions of the title melodies from John Carpenter's "Halloween" and of John Barry's TV cult series "The Persuaders", known over here as "Die Zwei". Also Empire State Human leave their mark on the Kraftwerk-classic "Hall Of Mirrors" ("Spiegelsaal"), they turn the stressed icy original into a sherical -ambient synthipop-piece. But also the remixes are (especially with an eye on many a failed remix actions of several other bands) are not to despise. Especially the forward driving remix of "Adrenalin" and the bubbling dance version of "Leap Of Faith" pass without problems on the dancefloor. The 15 tracks long album is closed with the beautiful ballad "Wait Until The Night", facing the unbelievably moodful singing an absolute highlight of the disc (sob!). "Alpha & Omega" shows no real weaknesses at any time. So who needs a completely new ESH-album? Perhaps the guys have even more of this lying around in their studio? My tip: search around yet another time ! "Alpha & Omega 2" is welcome at any time! (AW)"

"This is a remixes/rarities disc for Empire State Human, encompassing the recording sessions for the Pop Robot album, and all their other previous releases. It includes remixes by such well known names as Wave In Head, Freezepop and Brian Kelly. Also included here is ESH's take on the classic Kraftwerk track "The Hall Of Mirrors".
While the vocal issues I have with ESH are still there, the band is obviously maturing rapidly. The newer tracks here are pretty impressive, and the remixes are quite enjoyable. Overall, while I still can't call myself a fan of the band, they are getting better and better with every release. Even a disc of remixes and unreleased material such as this shows the improvement. ESH have a lot of potential.. It should be interesting to see where they go from here."



Remix - Brian Kelly (track 06)


01 Liquid Blue (4:19)
02 Time/Travel (3:32)
03 Film Star (ESH Idiot Grin Mix) (3:30)
04 We Are Industry (Tycho Brahe Remix) (3:41)
05 Dollar In Blue Collar (SynthetiK FM Remix) (4:26)
06 Chimes (Extended Mix - One Lazy Ear) (4:31)
07 Little Alfie (Alfie Go Lightly - Count To Infinity Remix) (3:20)
08 High (Classic Slow Mix - No Comment) (3:43)

Link to download:

"I going to declare it now. I've been a rather outspoken non-fan of ESH for quite some time. That has all changed. This is the release I will point to when people ask me, "what made you change your mind?". Simply put, this is the best release ESH has ever put together. Even the issues I've had with the vocals are gone (for the most part, but this stuff is just so good I can overlook the remaining niggling issues). Count To Infinity's John Giacobello aided in production duties for the title track, as well as contributing a remix to the EP. I must say, I may not have cared for his previous work, but his contributions here are extremely impressive. Both his remix and the title track are outstanding, and alone would make this release worth the purchase. And considering that "Little Alfie" has previously been my least favorite of all the ESH tracks, that's saying a lot.
The Synthetik FM and No Comment mixes just serve to underscore what I've already said: this is the best ESH release ever. Synthetik FM turns in what is easily the best remix yet from that project, and No Comment's slow mix is beautiful. This is easily the best MCD I've heard this year. I can't recommend highly enough."


More review:



01 We are industry
02 Dollar in blue collar
03 Liquid blue
04 Dreams in the mirror
05 Digital city
06 High
07 Post Madonna
08 Slaves
09 Spinster's kiss
10 Reprise

Link to download:

Empire State Human - ‘Urbanism’ (Unreleased ESH’s third studio album for Ninthwave Records) Includes the tracks 'We Are Industry', 'Dollar In Blue Collar', 'Liquid Blue' (released as a single, and it WON 2003 SINGLE OF THE YEAR @ Electro Culture Magazine), 'Digital City' (would have been our 2nd single, if we had a choice!), new version of 'Post Madonna' (original version featured on Cohaagen Music’s 'Evolution' compilation). 'Urbanism' is a 'mega hits like' sounding album. Full of electro-pop gems. Song writing has always been ESH's strongest points, helping them rise out of the underground scene, like a bright star!!! (

Chain D.L.K.:
From what I can hear "Urbanism" was really Heaven 17 sounding, then you decided to leave most of your '80s references to focus on something different. Can you tell me how the different phases of this grew?

Empire State Human:
"I think the only H17 sounding song was the opening 6-minute + track ‘We Are Industry’ … in that we used the ‘work’ idea theme. Really, we admire bands like H17, and I guess that comes through in some of our tracks. As does our Kraftwerk interest, or Moroder too."

More review:

CYCLES (2005)


01 Easy Colour
02 Stars Shine Bright
03 The Witch
04 Hi-Fi
05 Devil In The Detail
06 Chase The Ace
07 This Is How You Disappear
08 Sonic Prophet
09 Young Lions
10 Signals And Noise
11 Sigh Of The City
12 They Live By Night

Link to download:

"This is an Album of the finest crafted pop around, coated in a soundscape of the 80's and early 90"s Brit-Dance scene. Would be the simplest way of describing the album.. Re-definition of the genre of synthpop would a closer one, by a group that has given IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) / Intelligent Pop a Re-definition in song-craft and production from day one. Or go to Synthpop Net and read their reveiw, then come back and buy the album!"

"Cycles' is the brand new studio album from the Irish electro-pop band Empire State Human. Recorded at Electric Eye Studio & Maxtrax in Dublin, Ireland, 'Cycles' showcases a more mature song-writing style, whilst highlighting their Electro/Glam Rock & Pop influences. Included is ESH's version of The Cult's 'The witch', first featured on Kiss My Asterix Records 'Elektrokuted' compilation album in 2004.The track 'This is how you disappear', which is about depression, is dedicated both to the legendary lead singer of The Associates Billy Mackenzie and the lead singer of Red Flag Mark Reynolds. 'Young lions' is heavily inspired by the life of the cult actor James Dean. 'Signals and noise' is based on a short story by Jill Ziegler, and was featured on A Different Drum's compilation/book 'Listen to the future' in 2004.'Easy colour', 'Chase the ace' & 'Sonic prophet' all featured in ESH's part on multi-band 4x4 CD series release (Kiss My Asterix/Section 44 labels).'Cycles' is very much a welcome addition to the ever-growing ESH catalogue."

"Its actually a superb album from start to finish. I just think people can't handle progression. Theres a nice use of differt musical styles right through. Stars Shiine Bright is more catchy than any single track some of the so called synthpop club anthem bands have pumped out. It has perfect structure and simplicity to work in a club and as a single track. There are some very intresting and very well written songs and variety on this album which cant be said for most Synthpop Albums these days.
Reptetition...hmmm lets think of the legendry synthpop songs they're all repetitive. Ill leave you to listen to endless relententless strema of crap pop modern synt[singles, with songs with no hooks or decent sound..sure that will please you more..."

Chain D.L.K.:
"Cycles" is your new album and it sounds different from everything you did in the past. It sounds more modern, more lush and relaxed. What brought you to such a radical change?

Empire State Human:
"Seán and Warren’s songwriting/production input, and also we always try to develop our sound from album to album. This keeps it fresh, for us to record and also gives us all a common goal, in that it’s necessary for us as musicians to improve something, within our music every time we start a new album. We’re very happy with ‘Cycles’, as it shows that we’ve reached that goal and we continue to improve as a band."

Chain D.L.K.:
How reacted your fans to your new sound as far as you know?

Empire State Human:
"Everyone that’s heard ‘Cycles’ has said it’s a brilliant album, and our very best so far. Only a few reviews/comments have come in, and they back up what others have been saying. It’s of course nice, to hear positive comments, and in the past, we’ve maybe not believed in some of the comments made about our early releases, but this time we do believe them."

Chain D.L.K.:
The main thing that I noticed on "Cycles" is that you reduced the BPM and that you used different sounds respect the old releases and there are also 6 minutes length tracks. Is your way of working changed and how?

Empire State Human:
"It’s got more of a groove, and also some songs written with a rock format in mind (‘Devil In The Detail’, ‘This Is How You Disappear’ and ‘They Live By Night’). Some tracks are longer arrangements, such as ‘Easy Colour’ which is 6-minutes +. Really our new sound is evident on a tracks like ‘Stars Shine Bright’ (an ESH hit single to be, if there ever was to be one). Again, Seán and Warren’s input, sound manipulation is really the difference. Song-writing, is more of a joy, as we can spend a lot more time on the production style, as we keep it all in-house now at our Electric Eye Studio or Maxtrax Studio, here in Dublin."

Chain D.L.K.:
On "Urbanism" it's reminiscent of Heaven 17's ‘Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry’ on "Cycles" The Cult with "The Witch", is that a sign that you expect to widen your audience with people that aren't only synthpop hardcore fans?

Empire State Human:
"There ESH sound is more specific now, Aidan voice and the type of songs/production seem to gel better than ever. Of course, recording a song like ‘The Witch’ did get a few eye brows raised, but it worked really, really well, and it showed that a band like ESH can meet a challenge of covering a song by The Cult head-on and win. We would love to appeal to a wider audience, with this album. If we don’t, it will not be because we didn’t deliver the goods, but more to do with how we sold the CD and the band to the public."

More review:

Empire State Human formed in 1999. Band members are Aidan Casserly, Seán Barron and Lar Kiernan. ESH create contemporary song and instrumental based electronic music, with a retro-electro edge. Their music is a combination of analogue and digital synthesized sound, mixed with powerful rhythms and overlaid with strong pop vocal melodies. Since signing with Ninthwave Records in 2002, ESH have released a number of CDs and Digital albums with various labels including ‘Pop Robot’, ‘Music For Humans’, ‘Alpha & Omega’, ‘Liquid Blue’, ‘Urbanism’, ‘Live On Mars’, ‘Digital City’, ‘Terra Incognito: parts 1>5’, ‘Cycles’ and now ‘Popularity-The Best of ESH’. They have also composed a film soundtrack ‘Screwback’ as well as music for a Sony PlayStation advert ‘Anything Can Happen’. They are currently recording a brand new studio album ‘Audio Gothic’.(

What do you do besides Empire State Human? What else, other than music, do you spend your time with?

"We all have full time careers outside of Empire State Human, so we have to juggle our work and music, with having a life outside of both, so as we don’t get either burned out or loose touch with our families and partners. It’s sometimes really tough and draining though, as you wouldn’t believe the amount of energy, time and finance that’s used up on just the music alone. But we’re lucky to be able to release music, as there’s many great bands out there still unsigned, who’d jump at the opportunities we’ve been given by Ninthwave Records."

Pop Robot (2002)
Music For Humans EP (2002)
Alpha & Omega (2002)
Liquid Blue EP (2003)
Live on Mars (2003)
Screwback (Soundtrack) (2004)
Urbanism (2004)
Cycles (2005)
Popularity? Best Of (2007)
Terra Incognito EP (2007)
Rarity? - collection of rarities (2008)
Audio Gothic (2009)
from Aidan (24.12.2008):
"10 years together in 2009 .. we're already back in the studio recording a special album called "Mirrors" of covers that influenced us to start ESH .. this album will follow "Audio Gothic" ..."

Aidan Casserly
(ex-President Lipstick and Colonel Mustard)
has two ongoing musical projects besides Empire State Human: The Garland Cult (that's Aidan + Lar Kiernan,see: and Figaro (that's Aidan going solo,see: and

Aidan is one of the scene's great singers. It seems that the ability to hear great singers in the scene is reduced. How do you feel about this?

"Thank you for the kind comments on my singing. I do try to make every effort when recording, and singing in a studio particularly, as it's one of my favourite things to do. There are many great singers out there, once you're willing to look for them. The scene though seems to favour singers that sound like Dave Gahan but I tend to listen to singers such as Scott Walker, Johnnie Ray, Billy Mackenzie, Elvis, Dusty Springfield, Timi Yuro, Tony Bennett as examples of how to sing. I myself get inspired by singers of that quality."

More info:

Lyndy Lou

Brian O’Malley (ex-President Lipstick)
went to concentrate on a now very successful directing career.He is the writer and director of "Screwback" (2004) Brian O'Malley won scriptwriting prizes in Ireland and at Cannes for their screenplay Sisk.

More info:

Warren Kiernan
started Dj'ing in clubs & parties all over Ireland in the late 80's,from the Ormond Multimedia Centre,Sides,Temple of Sound,Pod to Henry's in Cork to name but a few. One club in particular,the notorious Asylum was the launch pad for Warren K's high,energy techno sets.In the late 90's Warren got his first resident night in the Kitchen called Trash,then later resident at the legendary Genius & Eyecue clubs.

Music Production is the main focus for Warren at the moment, with an album released late 2005 with fellow members Empire State Human called Cycles on Kiss My Asterix records.( working and remixing with variousdifferent bands and artist's.

More info:

Seán Barron new interview

Wednesday, November 12, 2008




Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Indie Rock, Prog Rock, Ambient

Ingo Ito
Susa Lie
Gabriel Le Mar
Hans Schumann
Lorenz Allacher and
George Din (only Bamboo Industry)


BAMBOO INDUSTRY - Tortured By Pleasure (1989)

Ingo Ito - Guitars (tracks01-06,08-13);China Loop (track 02,07); Vocal(tracks 02-06,08-14);Keyboards (tracks 04-05,07,09-11);Mirage (tracks 06,08,12);Drum Programming (track 07,12)
Susa Lie - Bass (tracks 01-06,09-12);Vocals (tracks 03-04,06,09-13);Solo Piano (track 04);Keyboards,Drum Programming (track 08);El.Solo Guitar,Oboe Solo (track 09);Oboe Solo (track 12);Keyboards (track 13)
Robin Loxley - Keyboards(tracks 01-03,05,07 ); Drum Programming (tracks 01,02,07,09,10,13),Vocals (track 05,13);Organ (track 06,08);Piano (track 13)
Sax - Eberhard Schmid (tracks 01),Oliver Hafke (tracks 11-13)
Heiko Maile (Camouflage) - Keyboards (tracks 01,02,04,11-13);Drum Programming,Percussion (track 04,06,11,12);System 1000 Sequence and solo (track 05);Cello Section (track 08);Kurzweil String Arrangement (track 10);Trumpet Section (track 11)
George Din - Drum Programming,Vocal (track 05);Basic Drum Loop (track 11)
Hans Behrendt (ex-Ideal) - HiHat (tracks 01,02,05,06,08);Snare,Crashes (track 03,05,06,08);Tambourine (track 06);Shaker (track 09)
Ernest Gabriel - Bass (tracks 08,13)
Steffi "Zaza" Land - Back. Vocals (track 02)
Noel O'Callahan - Back.Vocals (track 05)
Roy Batty - Voice (track 07)
Kim Kübler - Soul Choir,Voice (track 12)
Producer - Heiko Maile (Camouflage,see:
Written-By - Ingo Ito , Susa Lie

the album is dedicated to Mr.Peter Ustinov


01 The Rusty Colours Of Sundown (1:22)
02 Catherine Wheel (3:39)
03 These Two Hands (4:34)
04 The Game (3:52)
05 Welcome To Rome (3:54)
06 When I Was Alive (4:15)
07 New Territories With China Motor Ways (4:33)
08 Riding The Nighttrain (4:16)
09 Shake Hands With The Devil (4:47)
10 Time To Die (4:34)
11 Wheels Are Turning (4:29)
12 Empty Churches (4:55)
13 F.F.A.R.M. (5:31)
14 On The River (4:20)

Link to download:

Berlin in 1983: Bamboo Industry was founded by Ingo Ito and George Din - originally conceived as a pop-duo project, mixing industrial sounds with influences of traditional asian music.After their first demo-tapes they were joined by additional musicians and the musical concept shifted to an alternative pop band of the eighties with a touch of Bamboo.

The first band line-up was:
Ingo Ito - Guitars,Lead VocalsGeorge Din - Acoustic Guitar,Lead Vocals
Susa Lie ( - Bass
Robin Loxley - Keyboards.(Lovepump/Pipettes)

After many years of live concerts and some records, a new line-up was formed in 1991 for recording and playing live:
Ingo Ito - Lead Vocals,Guitar
Susa Lie - Bass,Vocals
Gabriel Le Mar - Bass,Guitar
Lorenz Allacher (Rosenstolz,see: - Saxophone,Keyboards
Hans Schumann ( - Drums.

Unfortunately their major record company wasn´t interested in continuing the project, despite to Bamboo Industry´s successful life concerts and finally, after a few more appearances on German television, the chapter Bamboo Industry was closed.
But in the vaults there still are many tapes with unreleased material by Bamboo Industry and in the upcoming time you´ll find information about new releases on the News page at Itofarm.
The first of this releases is a live album, which was recorded on two occasions at the famous "Quasimodo" Club in the heart of Berlin, Germany, in January/February 1991."Bamboo Industry - Versus The Sham Man - Live" shows the band in a play- and powerful mood and the outstanding performances will surely enthuse listeners today all the same as the audience 16 years ago."(

"A German production from Berlin. Bamboo Industry were Susa Lie and Ingo Ito; ten other musicians helped in the studio, for example Heiko Meile (Camouflage) and Hans Behrendt (ex- Ideal).
The music was intelligent keyboard pop, influenced by Japan, Roxy Music, Depeche Mode, maybe by Johnny Warman, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. If they had had more catchy tunes, they could have been more successful than they were."

RAIN ON BAMBOO - Sleep & Poetry (1994)

Artwork By - Susa Lie
Drums - Hans Schumann (ex-Scala 3 ,also in Die Geschwister Pfister,FLUCHT NACH VORN)
Ambient Guitar, Bass - Gabriel Le Mar
Producer, Mixed By, Recorded By, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Electronics - Ingo Ito
Producer, Recorded By - Susa Lie
Producer, Recorded By, Bass, Vocals - Susa Lie
Saxophone, Flute - Lorenz Allacher
Lisa Wicklund ( - Vocals

Recorded at Riet and Itofarm Studios, mixed at Riet Studio, Berlin (thanks to Johannes Schmölling).


01 Preface (0:24)
02 The Man Who Would Be King (4:33)
03 Breathless On The Run (6:40)
04 No Burning Soul (6:40)
05 Viking (9:01)
06 Boat On The Backwater (5:21)
07 Reading, Writing And Tying Poem-Slips To Bamboo (6:12)
08 Painted By Eisen (7:33)
09 Drifting Monsters (7:27)
10 Red Sails Into Dusk (3:07)

Link to download:

"Rain On Bamboo was founded in 1992 by Ingo Ito as an open band project with varying musicians. After the basically pop-orientated music of Bamboo Industry, Rain On Bamboo shifted to a different, rather "avantgardish" style of music influenced by artists like Brian Eno, King Crimson, David Sylvian (especially track 07) or Ryuichi Sakamoto. There was much space for improvisational performances within the loose framework of the songs of their first album "Sleep & Poetry" and the recording approach was regarded as a piece of art in itself with the music painting a colourful picture for the listener´s own imagination. "

RAIN ON BAMBOO - Suburban Skirmish (1996)

produced by Ingo Ito, additional engineering by Heiko Maile (Camouflage)
Ingo Ito
Heiko Maile (assorted synthesizers and cars)
Lisa Wicklund - Bass,Vocals
Sven Küster - Drums


01 Backyard Blues # 1 - a Happy Son
02 Sweetest Hell
03 Point - Blank
04 Evil
05 Backyard Blues # 9 - Ghosts at Noon
06 Ju - Ju Man Song
07 Pride (Only Hurts)
08 The Wild Wind
09 Lugosi
10 Backyard Blues # 7 - Call Me Winston

Link to download:

"Rain On Bamboo´s 2nd album "Suburban Skirmish" was nearly completely recorded by Ingo Ito on his own as a multitrack studio album, due to the lack of time of the originally wanted fellow musicians.Only the basic recordings for two songs were recorded as a three-piece band with Ito on guitar, drummer Sven Küster (Legendary Golden Vampires, Space Kelly) and bass player Lisa Wicklund (7th Heaven, Kuusimäki).
The album was completed in Hamburg at the Camouflage studio and Heiko Maile added some sounds from his famous old-fashioned synthesizer collection."


"Very good work from Ingo Ito from Camouflage. But this album not for Eelectro-pop fans. If you know who is David Sylvian - thia album for you!"

More review:


"Ingo Ito started his musical career as a sound engineer at the famous Hansa by the Wall studios in Berlin.During the 80s he worked as a session guitarist for, among others, Inga & Anete Humpe (Ideal), Thomas Fehlmann (Ready Made, The Orb) and as a sound engineer/producer for local Berlin bands.In 1984, he and George Din founded the band Bamboo Industry and a few years later he started the dance-project "The B.h.h."In 1989, his interest in mixing electronics with modified guitar sounds brought him together with Heiko Maile of the german synth-band Camouflage and soon afterwards he joined them for their second album "Methods Of Silence" and the succeeding tour. For the next 6 years he worked with Camouflage on all of their albums, singles and concerts and also wrote some music and lyrics for them. Parallel to Camouflage he continued working with Bamboo Industry and the follow-up band Rain On Bamboo.In 1998 and 2002 Ito worked on ambient music installation for exhibitions of the german painter Karmers in London and Hamburg and in 2004 he wrote the music to the much noticed audio book "Kokain", a double CD about the life and death of the german poet Walter Rheiner (1895-1925).For some time past, Ingo Ito has been living in Spain and has recently started to work on new projects. In Zen Hanami he summarizes his many years of experience in the field of ambient music."

More info:

Gabriel Le Mar
was born in Germany in 1966, the son of Greek parents, and grew up in Berlin, Germany. Around 1984, he gets his first stage experience as a professional club dj and bassman of a band experimenting with electronic sounds. In 1987, Gabriel studied at the HdK, Berlin (University of Fine Arts) and got a diploma in Society and Economy Communication. Shortly after, he started to work as an art director for various agencies. Through his co-student, George DIN, he gets in contact with the art pop project Bamboo Industry, in which he gets involved as guest musician and later as an official band member. 1991 sees the release of a 12 inch and a longplayer on a major label plus an extensive German tour with appearances at big festivals. Besides Bamboo Industry, Gabriel is also part of the Berlin based experimental electronic project, Cosmic Trigger, which includes George DIN and Mike V.A.M.P. from the Märtini Brös.
The following Banned_X debut album, "Songs An´ Trax“, featured Gabriel´s production alongside guest MC`s like Jah Meek, Markie J. and George DIN and finally appeared in 2000 on the Frankfurt-based label multiColor, delivering a combination of electronics with dub/reggae sounds and song structures
By the end of the year, Gabriel entered the studio alongside Alex Azary and Pascal F. E.O.S. to record tracks for the long awaited second Aural Float album, which was released on Elektrolux in spring 2001. It featured guests like Anthony Rother, George DIN, and Patricia Onyewenjo, showing a musical spectrum including ambient, downbeat, and electronic sounds.
In 2003, Gabriel Le Mar and George Din released “Studio India“, a sample CD (on, and also produced “Short Stories“ – his 4th album on SpiritZone Records, which became album of the month in Raveline magazine.

Gabriel Le Mar and George Din still work together:
they are the members of Cosmic Trigger,Banned-X and Aural Float:

More info:
I've got a message from Bob Edwards:
"I have just added a new page to my live80 site, 8 unreleased studio tracks from the perfect zebras recorded in 1984 for a 3rd album which never got released. if your interested you can check them out"
RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)