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ADRIANA CALCANHOTO - Perfil -greatest hits (2003) / Partimpim (2004)

" sometimes ironic , melancolic , deep emotions higly refinated Writer , performer , singer ,a seer of new futures , a painter with sounds and words "

2003 /2004
World, Electronic, Latin
Latin Pop, MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira), Brazilian Pop, Samba, Downtempo

Perfil (2003)


01 Devolva-Me
02 Mais Feliz
03 Inverno
04 Mentiras
05 Esquadros
06 Cariocas
07 Vambora
08 Por Isso Eu Corro Demais
09 Maresia
10 Metade
11 Senhas
12 Marina
13 Naquela Estac

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Partimpim (2004)


01 Lição de baião
02 Oito anos
03 Lig-Lig-Lig-Lé
04 Fico assim sem você
05 Canção da falsa tartaruga
06 Formiga Bossa Nova
07 Ciranda da bailarina
08 Ser de sagitário
09 Borboleta
10 Saiba

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by Alvaro Neder
Adriana Calcanhotto (formerly Calcanhoto) is a MPB/pop singer/composer revealed in 1990 who had great success in Brazil, and helped bring Brazilian music again to the hit parade after the 1980s were characterized as the Brazilian rock period. Her father, a jazz drummer, accompanied Elis Regina in her early career, and influenced Calcanhotto's taste for music. She started out in Porto Alegre playing and singing at small bars then moved to Rio, where she was invited to sing at bars of the same style. Her novice repertory of only ten songs wasn't enough for a gig, but she insisted anyway. The widespread notion that she began her career as a barbecue restaurant singer is not true; she sang only one night there and never returned, due to her small repertory. In 1990, she recorded her first album, Enguiço. There she revealed a young singer with unusual taste for MPB as the album had "Nunca" (Lupicínio Rodrigues, also a gaúcho). Those were still Brazilian rock times and other musics didn't have a chance. Fortunately to her, other singers like Marisa Monte were making the same choice, which dislocated the popular taste during the 1990s to a re-approximation with Brazilian music.

National exposure came with the second album, "Senhas". The title track was included on the soap opera soundtrack for Renascer, reaching dozens of millions in Brazil. The third album," A Fábrica do Poema", brought her compositions and partnerships along with renditions of songs by established composers such as Chico Buarque. The interpretation of profound songs like Buarque's "Morro Dois Irmãos" revealed a true MPB artist, not a performer restricted to the pop idiom.
1996 marked the beginning of national tours and also performances in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Calcanhotto recorded the song "Tema de Alice" (Péricles Cavalcânti), which was included on the soundtrack to the film Mil e Uma (Suzana Morais), and "Dona de Castelo," a nostalgic canção by Jards Macalé/Waly Salomão and the theme song of the 1996 film Doces Poderes (Lúcia Murat).
"Maritmo" (1999) was an experimentation where she mixed drum machines, ska, funk, incidental electronic noise.Her fifth album, the live recorded "Público" (2000), is strongly MPB-based, where she accompanied herself at the violão.2002 : a new album "Cantada","If you need to feel melancholic this is the right one !".
In 2004 cames her seventh album "Partimpin", as my friend told me: "believe you or not, its for children! Yes, she really wanted to do something different, so, Adriana recorded this under the title of "Adriana Partimpin" .So successful her album was that she even won a prize from one of the most important Brazilian newspaper and was in first position in Portugal that year..

"Her lyrics are extremely poetic and her voice carries you to a higher place. Take a chance on this CD, it will brighten-up your day regardless of your mood! "

"Adriana Calcanhoto combines music and words in the most pure sense of poetry. As the name reveals itself it can only be made in Adriana's voice as well in her soul. My words are too modest when giving such review because it hard to define her dinamic into such short words."

"Adriana Calcanhotto is very talented. He music is for everyone. I bought her CD for my wife recommended by my brother and it has been in our player for 10 months now. We rotate all the other CDs but hers stays."

H.I.M - Many In High Places Are Not Well (2003)

"dub. electronics, afrobeat and jazz sensibility merge with HiM"

Dub-influenced post-rock outfit led by multi-instrumentalist Doug Scharin.


Electronic, Jazz, Rock
Jazz-Rock, Experimental


01 Elementals (9:21)
02 Many In High Places (5:48)
03 Slow Slow Slow (6:04)
04 The Way The Trees Are (8:16)
05 Perspective From A Slow Spin (4:53)
06 Elope And Secede (5:13)
07 Coming Of Age (8:27)

Link to download:

some bio:
HiM started as a home-recorded solo project of drummer Doug Scharin. Since the first records in the mid 90s, the evolution of the band has been extraordinary.
For Peoples, the latest and seventh HiM album, Antibalas founder Martin Pera and trumpet player Jordan Mclean joined in the fun, as well as Need New Body bass player Griffin Rodriguez, singer Christian Dautresme, Doug Scharin, Adam Pierce, and Josh Larue.

"Since 1995, Doug Scharin (the brainchild of HIM) has attempted to bring elements of jazz, dub and afro-beat into the realm of post-rock. And you've got to hand it to him, Many In High Places Are Not Well develops this sound into more than just the sum of its parts. This is HIM's most complete and accomplished work to date. While the dub elements are still present, the reliance on studio trickery and sample manipulation gives way to more structured melodies and some killer grooves. The horns are still there, but the lines are more thoughtful and emotional than the burning solos heard on the last HiM album. And of course the dub influence can still be felt, seen? But perhaps the most notable change for the new band is the addition of vocals - gorgeous work-song harmonies provided by Christian Daustreme (The Letter E, The Screw), in English and French.
Fourth album from dub and jazz-influenced polyrhythmic post-rock nontet led by ex-Codeine drummer Doug Scharin. Features the same lineup as the group's last album, 2001's 'New Features', with the addition of Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground Duo, Isotope 217), Abdou M'boup (Senegalese kora player for Randy Weston, Tom Tom Club), Joe Goldring (Swans, Out in Worship) and Adam Pierce (Mice Parade). Joyous, playful music unfettered by generic boundaries, this is a logical progression for HIM and includes vocals for the first time, in English and French from guitarist Christian Dautresme. "

"This CD has such a wide appeal - melodic jazz beat interspersed with a world music tangible feel. Loved especially the vocals and lyrics both in English and French, such a wide appeal to those of us who don't keep our feet (or our souls) in one small place on the planet. Let's hear some serious airplay for this CD."

more info:
http://users.pandora.be/fugazi/him.htm fan page

more review:

NORKEN - Soul Static Bureau (1999)

"Soul Static Bureau is a sumptuuous collection of dreamy Detroit techno tracks and ambient house"

Real Name:
Lee Norris
(also : Man-Q-Neon, Metamatics, Nacht Plank)

Deep House, Minimal, Tech House


01 Gone (6:30)
02 Painting (7:34)
03 Fragile (6:45)
04 Eve (7:20)
05 Echo Ecru (6:31)
06 More Frequencies (7:08)
07 Southern Soul (7:44)
08 Shifting Towards (6:59)
09 The Visit (6:59)
10 Motor Breeze (5:38)
11 Melissa Blend (8:00)

Link to download:

some bio:
Norris (was born Le Nonriz in Strasbourg on the French-German border in 1963) - a 32-year-old, amiable Mancunian - has been making music since 1996. He records and releases under three different guises. There's the Detroit techno of Norken, the ambient chillout of Naacht Plank and the Aphex Twin-esque electronica of Metamatics. All three are a "logical progression" of his influences: Depeche Mode, John Foxx, Brian Eno and Gary Numan. "They were all ahead of their time with the music they made," Norris says, "although they spoilt it a bit by singing over the top." Norris's projects are instrumental.
Norris also has his own label, Neo Ouija. He runs the company from home in a tiny hamlet on Dartmoor, where he also has his studio. "I set the label up for all these people making fantastic music on their laptops, but who couldn't get a record deal because it's so bloody hard," Norris explains.

"Norken, aka Lee Noris, has produced a beautiful little gem here. First off, I should state that generally I'm not a big fan of techno, as I find the palette of sounds most artists use too limiting. Perhaps I just don't get it. Anyway, this has had such good reviews in the press that I gave it a try, and am glad I did. It may well be the best techno CD I own."

"Bright, crisp, smooth listening CD...I play is constantly"

"Soul Static Bureau is a solid album and the track"Southern Soul" is one of the best minimal technotracks I've ever heard."

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GARY'S GANG - Dance party (1993)


Gary's Gang was comprised of members: Jay Leon-trombone, Bob Forman-sax/flute, Rino Minetti-keyboards/vocals, Al Lauricella-keyboards, Bill Catalano-percussion/vocals, Eric Matthew (Joe Tucci)-guitar/lead vocals and Gary Turnier-drums/vocals.

Disc 1

1. Keep on Dancin'
2. Let's Lovedance Tonight
3. Hot Hot Hot
4. Everybody Salsa
5. Mandolay
6. Colegiala
7. Hustle
8. Knock Me Out
9. Makin' Music
10. Sunshine
11. Runaway
12. You're My Everything

Disc 2

1. Round & Round & Round
2. Breakout
3. Free Ride
4. Into You
5. Hold On
6. Sunshine
7. Moody
8. Power of Love
9. Makin' Music
10. I Still Love You
11. People of the World
12. Knock Me Out
13. Keep on Dancin'

Links to download:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/4vbdq9 part 1.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/chh24j part 2.


While the group was named after Turnier there is no doubt that the force behind it was Matthews (Tucci).
Matthews (Tucci), along with Turnier, turned in all the writing, arranging and production duties. And it was Eric's (Joe's) nasally vocals that made the group stand out.
Gary's Gang was a garage band in the truest sense of the word. Formed in Queens, New York in the garage of Joe Tucci (Eric), the group recorded their first 12" single to test a new studio that Matthews had built on Long Island. The year was 1978 and disco music was at a fevered pitch when Matthews (Tucci) and Turnier conceived the idea for what would become "Keep On Dancin'."
After the song shot to #-1 on Billboard's club charts the demand for an entire album caught the group off guard. "Keep On Dancin' " (the album) debuted in the spring of 1979 and rose to #-42 on the Hot 100 album charts and did even better on the Black charts (peaking at #-27). A second 12" single was released to eager audiences that summer. "Let's Lovedance Tonight" wasn't as quirky as their previous hit but it's essence was equally as powerful. The song had a respectable showing on the club charts and helped cement the groups status as a premier disco outfit. Not wishing to lose the momentum that had been established the group hastily assembled eight new tracks for a second album. Sal DiDonato was brought in for vocals on this venture. Released in late 1979 "Gangbusters" was not as the title suggested. Besides the mediocre 12" single, "Do Ya Wanna Go Dancin' " (the only one released from the album), the album bombed.
With the 1980 collapse of disco the group seemed destined to be regarded as a one-hit wonder. The members continued to perform and milk their "15 minutes of fame" from "Keep On Dancin' " by performing in bars and clubs. Eric (Joe) had the studio to also keep him occupied and he quickly branched out into producing. In the early 1980's he would produce hits for Sharon Redd, Secret Weapon, Passion and France Joli among others. By 1982 disco music had morphed into dance music and was on the rise again. Matthews (Tucci) seized the opportunity to form his own label. As he had done earlier when he created "Keep On Dancin' " to test the studio, he created "Knock Me Out" to test the label.
At this point Matthews (Tucci), who is very busy, utilizes Gary's Gang as his creative outlet for his performance side.
"Makin' Music" was released in the fall of 1983 and once again scored chart success. By now clubgoers could easily recognize his voice and he had formulated his sound to maximize profitability. In the spring of 1984 he released "Runaway" to similar results.

As Eric's (Joe's) other interests escalated, writing and producing for others, his Gary's Gang went dormant once again. But like the Phoenix the name Gary's Gang would rise again. In 1994 Matthews (Tucci) released "Gary's Gang-Dance Party." The compact disc was a combination greatest hits and new album combined. The 25 track disc contained: "Keep On Dancin'" (long & short), "Let's Lovedance Tonight," "Round & Round & Round," "Knock Me Out," "Runaway," and "Makin' Music" (long & short) on the greatest hits side. The new material, which was mainly cover versions, included Gary's Gang takes on: "Hot-Hot-Hot," "Mandolay," "Everybody Salsa," "The Hustle" and "You're My Everything." The disc, well worth owning, is still in print from Unidisc Records in Canada. Most of the original members of the Gang have gone onto other things, Bob Forman founded Faze 4 Orchestras in 1982, Gary Turnier is now a school principle on Long Island and no longer performs, Rino Minetti is a band leader in Jersey, Jay Leon is a Vice President of King World Productions, Al Lauricella is in construction, Bill Catalano is a garbage man, Sal Didonato was a partner in Faze 4 but stepped down due to health problems dating back to the 1980's and Matthews (Tucci) who has remained very active in the industry. In the new millenium he has produced albums for Kenny Dope and Boule Noir as well as a host of compilations. Our hats off to an often overlooked genius and disco inovator, and for giving us the enduring classic......so "Keep Ond ancing."
(from discomuseum.com)

"This CD compilation gets you on your socks and hopping. I didn't grow up in the 70's but am a huge disco fan. The song "Runaway" is perfect to listen to and it gets your spirits up in just about any mood. The songs in here are timeless for any disco lover like me like "Keep on Dancing" and "Knock Me Out". The addition of "The Hustle" is good for anyone who likes the classic song. If you remember the disco era and enjoy songs with a fun beat this this is a definite recommendation!!"

some, who knows the original Lp told: its a bad stuff "messed and mixed to sound like psudo-house versions ". I dont know...i like it in some way or other ,and like to dance for it...and you?
maybe it's time to make a poll about it ...

BELLE EPOQUE - Miss broadway (1977) / Bamalama (1978)

Real Name:
Evelyn Verrecchia, Giusy Fortes, Marzia Thear and behind them Albert Weyman (all songs arranged and conducted)


Produced: Prima Linea
most of the songs written by E.Lenton & A.Weyman

Miss Broadway (1977)


01 Miss Broadway (7:25)
02 Me And You (5:30)
03 Losing You (4:15)
04 Disco Sound :
/a Black Is Black
/b Why Don't You Lay Down
/c Black Is Black (reprise)

Bamalama (1978)


01 Bamalama (11:39)
/a Bamalama
/b Taste of Destruction
/c Bamalama
/d Medley: Good Golly Miss Moly/Lucille/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Jenny Jenny/Bamalama
/e Live Concert Medley: Summertime Blues/Let Men Be/Drink Me/Memphis Tenessee
02 Mister-Do-Right (4:04)
03 Drink Me (4:59)
04 Sorry (6:11)
05 Let Men Be (4:41)

Link to download:

A Paris-based female disco trio ( EVELYNE LENTON - with 2 couloured backing vocalists, JUSY FORTES (Portuguese from Capo Verde) and MARCIA BRISCOE (American, from Atlanta, Giorgia) ). Started in 1976 when -as Evelyn remembres - "my brother Albert Weyman phoned me up in London, and suggested to become indipendent producers, he wanted to record a dance version of BLACK IS BLACK, I got a real kick out of his idea, and I said “ yeeaaah! Great!
I went back to Rome. Albert spent 2 months writing the arrangements, and the scores for the Orchestra. 2 days before we started the recordings, Albert, who was at the piano, called me to listen to a song he just wrote… I was knocked out ! He wrote the arrangements in 2 days, and me, the lyrics. This song was MISS BROADWAY!!!!!!!! OUR MAJOR HIT! Funny how things happen. "

First continental group to hit N°1 in the UK with BLACK IS BLACK, MISS BROADWAY N°15 in the USA. Other hits followed : BAMALAMA , LET MEN BE , NOW , JUMP DOWN , COM’ON TONIGHT…etc...
The true singerin of Belle Epoque is Evelyn Lenton, who has very characteristic and "cool" voice,
and : "I am a song writer, I write lyrics in 4 languages, english, french, italien and spanish. I WROTE THE LYRICS of all my recordings,apart Black is Black, and many musics, I also write for other people, I translated into french Eddy Cochran's "Summertime Blues" and also other songs of his. Plus I wrote all the lyrics for the artists of the Weyman Productions."
She started in the french rock band Evy (1963 - 1976) -"my career as a rocker was launched! "
"The 2 singers who really influenced me are Ray Charles and Tina Turner. I have always been compared to Janis Joplin, I liked her very much, BUT she started after me !"
In 1982 she went back solo and "From Disco music to hard rock."
"In fact I keep recording under the 2 names, Belle Epoque or Evelyne Lenton."
1983 ALBUM "OPERATOR" and "TU M'FAIS DE LA PEINE" (Evelyne Lenton)

From 1987 untill 1992, she slowed down with music productions and opened the Belle Epoque Club, a wine bar with gastronomy and music.
In 1992 a new record: “SUNSHINE E.”. (Belle Epoque) ,later remixes of Black is Black and Miss Broadway (Belle Epoque) .
"I finally bought a PC, and started giving my own sounds to my songs.
2002 My first production «RISING SUN BLUES», (The House of the Rising Sun), a song I always wanted to sing. Now I am working at many new songs, so Keep Rockin’on with me! "

If you want a typical disco stuff with some number one songs ,this iy your music!!

"As a singer, I've always being a rocker"

photo of Evelyn " a perfect Sagittarius"

more info:
http://www.evelynebelleepoque.com/ official page of Evelyn lenton

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SYLVESTER - Call me (1983)

"He didn't learn how to sing like that. His talent was a gift." -Gladys Knight


Megatone Records (Patrick Cowley)

Keyboards and Producer - James 'Tip' Wirrick

Tracklist :

01 Trouble In Paradise
02 Call Me
03 Good Feeling
04 He'll Understand
05 One Night Only
06 Too Late
07 Power Of Love
08 Band Of Gold

bonus tracks:
09 Trouble In Paradise (remix)
10 Call Me (remix)
11 Good Feelin' (remix)
12 Too Late (remix)
13 Band Of Gold (remix)

Links to download:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/xw3qht Part 1.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21428252/call_me_b.rar.html Part 2.

Biography ( part 1)
Sylvester James was born on September 6, 1947 into what he called "an upper middle class, black, bourgeois family in LA."
He was most influenced by his grandmother, Julia Morgan.With her encouragement he learned to sing at (Pentecostal) Palm Lane Church of God and Christ in South Los Angeles. Even at the age of eight his dynamic style and voice were already evident, and he became a pint sized local Gospel star."He would tear up the church." his mother explained.
As he got older and fell out of the spotlight the difficulties increased, and had serious problems with his father, who didn't like him, and his mother, with whom he constantly fought. He ended up moving in with his beloved grandmother, but troubles continued. Stifled by conventions, he began to skip school and stay out for days, hanging out at movie theaters and junk stores. When he was 16 he ran away. He lived on the Sunset Strip, "always on drugs...going out and having fun." He eventually finished high school and two years at Lamert Beauty College in LA where he studied interior decorating.
Sylvester was "suffocating in Los Angeles," and needed to go someplace where he could be free . . . where he could reinvent himself. He moved to San Francisco,took psychedelic drugs, and worked as a hairdresser and window dresser. He also began singing. At the Rickshaw Lounge in Chinatown he began performing drag under the name Ruby Blue.
"My life started when I moved to San Francisco.""Here I felt free," he would tell Rolling Stone several years later, "I could do anything I wanted to 'cause I had no past."
Sylvester was also performing sacred music at the time, and kept up his Gospel chops by performing in a church choir in Oakland. Musically he owed a great debt to the church,and he explicitly thanks God in almost every album's liner notes. Even at the peak of his Disco career he would always have a Gospel portion of his live show. Though he never explained it, clearly Sylvester was an artist who had a more comfortable relationship between Christianity and sexuality than Prince, Al Green and other artists who have struggled with the contradictions of those influences.
His reputation as a singer traveled and he was soon approached by one of the most notorious theater troupes in San Francisco. Sylvester was about to become a Cockette.

photo of Sylvester from The Cockettes era

"transvestite-glitter-fairy satiric masques." Alan Ginsberg

The Cockettes were hippies in drag with appreciations of amusement, acid, astrology and the absurd.Their fans included John Lennon, Truman Capote and Allan Ginsberg, who described their shows as, "transvestite-glitter-fairy satiric masques."In 1970 the Cockettes asked Sylvester to teach them to sing. He decided to show them, and added some color to the group. After his debut in the revue he soon found himself one of the Cockettes' star attractions.
Syl utilized his statuesque, youthful beauty and emotive falsetto to channel Black Jazz and Blues divas of the twenties and thirties, bringing to life his romanticized, fantasy interpretations of Billie Holiday and his grandmother.
He told Rolling Stone, "I want to do as near as possible a re-creation of what Black audiences saw in Harlem or on the South Side...I don't want to change anything. I do it in the original way." He dreamed of having an orchestra - a dream he would realize in less than decade - and he bathed in rose petals and champagne, visualizing himself on a far different plane than the rest of the pseudo-glamorous, yet grungy, troupe.
In November of 1971 The Cockettes made their New York debut at the Anderson Theater in the East Village in what was one of the biggest off-Broadway openings ever. However it was also the biggest disappointment the group would experience. Though they were the bomb in SF, they were a dud in NY, and they were sent home packing with their sequin covered penises tucked between their legs. They were still popular at home, but their spirit was broken.
Soon Sylvester found him in a new band called Sylvester & The Hot Band.
People didn't know exactly what to make of Sylvester & The Hot Band. It almost made sense, a band of competent rockers fronted by a glamorous diva, and it was probably this element of normalcy, as much as the gimmick that the diva was a big Black dude, that made Blue Thumb think this group could be successful when they signed them.In 1972 the label featured two Sylvester and the Hot Band songs on the compilation Lights Out, including the powerful Sylvester original, "Why Was I Born?" In 1973 they followed with two full length releases, a self titled LP and Bazaar,which received good reviews at the time.Though it didn't bring the fame that was expected, the Hot Band did get to tour nationally. His return to New York, at Max's Kansas City, was a far greater success than The Cockettes trip two short years earlier had been, but clearly he was the not the star he envisioned himself being. In '74 and '75 he spent time in London and Amsterdam, hanging with Bowie and Elton, and getting ready for his return to his city. The next time out he was going to get it right. . .

"Having been a Sylvester fan since the early days..."Dance Disco Heat" all I can say is this is a fantastic CD. I bought it when it was still on vinyl. The dance songs pump. The ballads are pure gospel at it's best. Dance music lost a great performer when this artist passed. If you love Sylvester's music there is a greatest hits CD import from Canada that is 2 discs full of the 12" hits, no fillers. Enjoy."

more info :
http://www.cockettes.com/ the website of The Cockettes

SYLVESTER - Rock the box (1984)

"They don't need me. They have Sylvester." -David Bowie after his San Francisco debut failed to sell out

Disco, Electro

Megatone records (Patrick Cowley)
The Cd "Rock The Box" contains the Lp "M-1015" (1984)

Keyboards and Producer - James 'Tip' Wirrick,and (also :Modern Rocketry,Cowley) Morey Goldstein,Ken Kessie
Backing Vocals - Lynette Hawkins Stephens (tracks: 02 to 04, 08) , Martha Wash (also appears on:Black Box, C + C Music Factory, Two Tons Of Fun, The Weather Girls)(tracks: 02 to 04, 06, 08) , Nathaniel Best (tracks: 02 to 04, 08)


01 Rock The Box
02 Lovin Is Really My Game
03 Sex
04 Shadow Of A Heart
05 Taking Love Into My Own Hands
06 Take Me To Heaven
07 How Do You Like Your Love
08 I Don't Wanna Think About It
09 Rock The Box (Purple Haze Acid House Mix)
10 Sex (An Ian Levine Remix)
11 Taking Love Into My Own Hands (Remix)
12 Take Me To Heaven (Remix)

Links to download:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/18ih8k Part 1.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21423255/rock_the_box_b.rar.html Part 2.

Biography (part 2.)
In 1975 Sylvester returned to San Francisco and started his singing career over from scratch. In February of 1976 he made a business decision that would put him on the path to gold.
Martha Wash and Izora Armstead-Rhodes were a pair of XXL divas with pipes that filled in the gaps Sylvester's striking, yet sometimes thin, falsetto left, and with senses of comedic timing suitable for the stage show Sylvester envisioned. They had been in a Gospel group News Of The World, but soon became known as Two Tons of Fun, or simply Two Tons. They would successfully back Sylvester for years, then would go on to have their own recording career. (After changing their name to the Weather Girls they had the hit "It's Raining Men," and Wash would later have million sellers with the group C+C Music Factory.)
In 1977 Sylvester's self-titled debut came out on Fantasy. "Came out," unfortunately, would not be the right term, as the problem with this album is evident from the front cover. On it Sylvester is wearing a fairly conservative black shirt, black slacks and is wearing his hair short, neat and manly. There is a trace of lipstick and blush, but that too is fairly conservative. He is dressed as a sexy female genie, or something, on the back cover, but the damage had already been done. Mainstreaming Sylvester was not going to make him a big success, better to put the cards on the table from the get go.The album is pretty decent, overall. Most significant for Sylvester was that on this project he began working with Tip Wirrick, and their collaborations would prove fruitful in the near future.
The lead track, Ashford and Simpson's "Over and Over," became a big hit in England, and Sylvester's personality, what Rolling Stone called "pervasive gentleness," comes through throughout the album.The record is disco-esque at times, but it didn't have what it would take to really tear up any dance floor.

And comes Patrick Cowley. . .
Sylvester began work on the second album. He had written a ballad called "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" with Wirrick and recorded the demo. He knew that something was missing, and, after closely studying Disco music at the Billboard Dance Forum in 1978, he had some ideas. Soon after that, the group was performing at City Disco, The Bay Area's largest and most important Gay venue, and they played the demo for the lighting technician, Patrick Cowley. Cowley had been recording and performing in the Bay Area since '71, when he came from Rochester to study synthesizer at San Francisco College. Recently, he had done an experimental synth disco remix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" that was a local hit and soon became an international cult record. Cowley added synth overlays to "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)", and to a song called "Dance (Disco Heat)," and created the classic disco cuts that would anchor the next LP. Soon Cowley joined the troupe, and the group was soon to swelter in a hotter Disco heat of success than any of them could have dreamed of.
Both songs went gold in dramatic fashion. They were number one dance hits and brought Sylvester an armful of Billboard Disco Forum awards, the Dance music equivalent of Grammys. Soon Sylvester was undeniable, he was everywhere.
The success was well warranted. "Mighty Real" and "Dance" are two of the greatest disco songs ever released.Sylvester's voice describes the ecstasy of the disco, the love, passion and lust he feels for his partner on the dance floor, and the orgasmic intensity of the experience as a whole. His specific falsetto is never more powerful than it is here.
Fantasy would prepare two more releases in 1979, The Year Of Sylvester. Stars was a four song LP length release that was Sylvester's love letter to Disco.
The final recording project of the year was the live album, Living Proof, a recording of The Opera House concert. This was what he was most anxious for his fans to hear. He loved Disco, obviously, or at the very least, had a great understanding of it. Now that the world was aware of his talent as a singer, though, he longed to get closer to what he really wanted to do musically.
the album was not a huge seller and Sylvester didn't make the transition he wanted. Why did the album fail? Perhaps because of poor marketing, and certainly the incredibly weak and ugly cover art didn't help. But in all probability, the Black radio audience that embraced Patti and Aretha weren't ready to hear a man singing to another man and failed to see the universality of his passion. The album didn't make the top 100, but the phenomenal success of the live concerts and previous records kept him coasting. Still, there was some rough water on the horizon. . .

"This album of is full brilliant material with a mix a very interesting dance songs and a beautiful gospel ballad, "Shadow of a heart". The remixes are great as well. A must have for true Sylvester fans"

Sylvester - The collection (1994)

Barry Walters described Sylvester's falsetto as "convey(ing) the final moments of sex - the ecstasy, the release, the explosion...the instance when the soul jumps out of its skin."



01 Do You Wanna Funk (Edit)
02 Band Of Gold (Edit)
03 Don't Stop
04 I Need You
05 Lovin' Is Really My Game
06 Menergy
07 Sex
08 Sex
09 You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
10 Dance (Disco Heat)
11 Stars (Everybody Is One)
12 Take Me To Heaven

Links to download:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/zhofpm part 1.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/9sv8ow part 2.

Biography (part 3.)

False arrest and Aids . . .
Though the fame and glory of 1979 certainly was sweet, two problems were about to bring sobering doses of reality into Sylvester's fantasy world. The first would be a nuisance, but the second would plague him for the rest of his life.
In October of 1979 Sylvester was informed that a coin dealer was using his name at the Watergate hotel in Washington, DC. The frightened singer was put in a cell.
After completing lie-detector tests, handwriting tests and giving leads to real culprits, Syl was officially cleared.
"Being arrested has done irreparable damage to my career," they reported Sylvester emoting.
The other problem that would surface during this time was far more serious. On a tour South America with the band, Patrick Cowley started to get sick. At first it was dismissed as bad reaction to the local food or psychosomatic illness, but unfortunately it was far more serious. Cowley was showing the first signs of AIDS, a disease that would soon begin to tear apart Sylvester's world.
And soon more problem: the bad strategy of his producer who had the plan to get Sylvester over the bridge from Discoland to post-Discoland. . .ban Patrick Cowley from the studio!
The resulting record, the appropriately titled Sell My Soul, is merely a decent dance record. At this point Fuqua had Two Tons of Fun recording their own LPs and they had been replaced on Syl's records with the competent, but not comparable Jeannie Tracy. Tracy's voice actually blends with Sylvester's very well, but the loss of Cowley and Two Tons is too much, and this record is a pretty average eighties soul record. The songwriting isn't up to par, the falsetto is used as an effect rather than a tool and, on the weird cover of "Cry Me A River," he may actually get too over the top, if that's possible.
Fuqua's (the producer) next move was either desperate, stupid or brilliant in a way beyond my recognition. 1981's "Too Hot To Sleep" features no Disco, no Cowley, no photo of Sylvester on the cover...and almost no falsetto. This attempt to un-gay Sylvester fails in almost every way.

and Cowley helps again . . .and some brilliant Lps !!
While banned from the Fantasy studio, Patrick Cowley had started his own label, and Sylvester was about to join him.
In 1981 Patrick Cowley and hustling underground DJ Marty Blecman pooled their resources and started Megatone Records. The first releases, Cowley's "Menergy" (#1 Disco) and "Megatron Man" were both instant classics.
The new sound became known as hi-NRG and was the standard of Gay Dance music for years to come.
Soon they recorded one of the all time dance classics, "Do You Wanna Funk," and his second Megatone album "call me" with the famous "band of gold".The music on these records, if you like the sometimes harsh sound of the early 80s SF Dance music that Megatone defined, is pretty solid. The passion in Syl's singing is there, and "Hard Up," and "Don't Stop" from the debut are solid, exciting numbers. On Call Me, his cover of "One Night Only," from "Dreamgirls" is much more passionate than the song merits, and "Band of Gold" is a strong dance number.
His third LP for Megatone "M-1015" is a favorite amongst gay fans for the deep, several-years-late Arthur Baker-esque dance grooves of "Rock The Box," the explicitness of "Sex" ("I'll give you my hand/You'll show me what to do/You make it hard...") and his fantastic take on "Lovin' Is Really My Game." It was produced by Megatone's ultra-gay act Modern Rocketry.

1986 : new Lp called "mutual attraction".While recording the vocals for his follow-up album Sylvester started coughing and couldn't stop.Sylvester was treated for pneumonia and was diagnosed with AIDS.His activity over the next few months was limited to sitting at home and watching TV as his body degenerated. A minor stroke left him with some loss of speech. His weight dropped from 200 to 140 pounds. He had some difficulties paying his hospital bills, but sadly Sylvester didn't live long enough for that to become a real problem.
On December 16, 1988, Sylvester James died at age 41.
The best Sylvester work is as vital today as it ever was. He is one of the lucky artists who has some of his/her greatest work documented in a way that future generations can treasure. There were many Disco stars who had a handful of hits, but few of them seemed as interesting, as three dimensional, as emotionally naked, as complex and as unique as Sylvester. None of them seemed as real. (http://www.roctober.com/roctober/greatness/sylvester.html - you can find here the full biography written by Jake Austen )

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Siouxsie a celluloid surf punk?

SIOUXSIE describes herself so: "Erratic in moods-- either really stupid, really good or a real bitch."

"Siouxsie Sioux has always been depicted as cool and aloof. But is this really true? Does a punk goddess shop at Tesco's?"

Siouxsie a corpse slitter?


"Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence won't you come out and play

Dear Prudence open up your eyes
Dear Prudence see the sunny skies
The wind is low the birds will sing
That you are part of everything
Dear Prudence won't you open up your eyes?

Look around round
Look around round round
Look around

Dear Prudence let me see you smile
Dear Prudence like a little child"

New Wave

Siouxsie Sioux: All Voices; Steven Severin: Electric Bass & Keyboards; Budgie: Drums, Percussion & Marimba; Robert Smith: Guitars & Keyboards; Robin Canter: Woodwind; The Chandos Players: Strings


01 Dazzle (5:31)
02 We Hunger (3:30)
03 Take Me Back (3:05)
04 Belladonna (4:30)
05 Swimming Horses (4:05)
06 Bring Me The Head Of The Preacher Man (4:37)
07 Running Town (4:02)
08 Pointing Bone (3:49)
09 Blow The House Down (7:03)

bonus track:
10 Dear Prudence

Links to download:
http://rapidshare.de/files/21259484/hyena.rar.html album

http://www.mytempdir.com/690668 bonus track( dear prudence)

"In the opinion of this writer, Siouxsie Sioux has never been given her due as a visionary artist and punk rebel. For more than twenty years, she and the Banshees released unique albums with songs ranging from raw punk aggression to psychedelic drug-rock to tribal-flavored pop, never compromising their musical vision for album sales. Her stunning voice has graced 12 albums, numerous singles, and even the Cure's first B-side. Before she became a rock goddess, Siouxsie was a punk hanger-on, befriending Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols and appearing at punk shows around London in 1976. Two years later, The Banshees released The Scream, their first album of short, spiky punk songs that nevertheless contained a few pop elements and Siouxsie's distinctively strong and commanding voice. The press loved them. Their second LP, Join Hands, was more experimental and less focused than the first, though certain tracks did stand out. For Join Hands, Siouxsie and longtime bassist Steve Severin were first joined by Budgie, who played drums in the Slits - forming the core trio of the Banshees. The following albums Kaleidoscope and Juju solidified their influential sounds - Kaleidoscope was the more atmospheric and new-wavey; while Juju contained the timeless goth-pop tracks "Arabian Nights," "Spellbound," and "Night Shift." After Juju, considered a pinnacle of the early 80s alternative sound, the Banshees began exploring poppier psychedelia and different melodic textures. A Kiss in the Dreamhouse and Hyaena, the latter with Robert Smith of the Cure on guitar, contained brilliant, synth-driven pop songs and swirly, soaring singles-classics like "Cascade" and "Melt" from Kiss, and "Dazzle" from Hyaena. They also added the acid-soaked "Dear Prudence" to their list of Beatles covers. Their finest hour on the pop charts turned out to be their single "Peek-a-boo," from their 1988 album Peepshow. Covering sadomasochistic subject matter and accompanied by a fantastically creepy video, the songs recast the Banshees as a very capable pop band as well as every other genre. In typically unpredictable fashion the Banshees joined the first Lollapalooza tour (Siouxsie was the only woman on tour!), and went out in a blaze of glory."

"Ah, what a fantastic album. The most melodic of Siouxsie and the Banshees' releases. To me, it was like seeing an old friend after years and seeing the changes they've made. If you enjoyed Kaleidoscope, Nocturne, The Scream, and the rest of the earlier albums, you'll most certainly adore Hyaena."

"Here is where Siouxsie and the Banshees go brilliantly over the top. Although they verge on self parody, they do it spectacularly so. Beautiful yet scary, symphonic violins, mad piano refrains and dazzling woodwind instraments dominate backed by a sometimes tribal rythmic section. Robert Smith from the Cure plays guitar for the album, and interestingly enough, Hayena seems to be more than just a small influence for later Cure albums, in particular Disintegration."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Tinderbox (1986)

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Goth Rock, Synth-pop

Siouxsie Sioux: All Voices; Steven Severin: Electric Bass & Keyboards; Budgie: Drums & Percussion; John Valentine Carruthers: Guitars & Keyboards
All Songs Written and Arranged by Siouxsie & the Banshees


01 Candyman (3:43)
02 The Sweetest Chill (4:07)
03 This Unrest (6:21)
04 Cities In Dust (3:52)
05 Cannons (3:15)
06 Party's Fall (4:57)
07 92° (6:03)
08 Lands End (6:07)
09 The Quarterdrawing Of The Dog (4:58)
10 An Execution (3:50)
11 Lullaby (3:34)
12 Umbrella (4:11)
13 Cities In Dust (Extended Version) (6:49)

Links to download:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/pl8jrg part 1.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21265374/tinderbox_b.rar.html part 2.

Sioux married Budgie in 1991. The following year, ostensibly "fed up with fans staring through the windows of their basement flat" in west London, she and Budgie moved to France. They now live in a converted farmhouse in a small village in south west France, where they have "a garden, cats and mountains of books." A few years ago, they set up their own label, Sioux Records, and they have recently finished building a studio in their house.

a fresh interview with Siouxsie made by Emily the "strange"

Emily: Where do you live?
Siouxsie: I live in an 18th century stone house in a cathedral town in south west France near Toulouse.
Any where you hope to live later?
Since living here in France, I've also fallen in love with the north east coast of Spain. Girona's' 'Dali Land' and Barcelona's 'Gaudi Land'. The call of the ocean is very strong. Either way, I know I haven't settled down yet and wonder when or if I ever will, but I want to try living in many more places.
Do you have any cats?
Do I have any cats? I should say so. I have three 12 year old orphans:Spooky - she's orange in colour and waspish by nature. Spider - a transformed sleek black prince of Siam. & Dandy - the white and tabby murderer come cutie pie. Cats rule O.K.
Do you like the ocean or the forest better?I love both, but unimpeded views of horizon with the sense of freedom and nature's power does it for me at this moment in time.
What are some of your favourite songs of all time?
Some being the operative word, these are just the tip of the iceberg: Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton, Riders on the Storm - The Doors, Wild Thing - The Troggs, Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones, Manic Depression - Jimmy Hendrix, Walking on Thin Ice - Yoko Ono,
Is that all there is? - Christina, Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin, School's Out - Alice Cooper, Hey Ya! - Outkast.
What are some of your favourite albums of all time?
Castles in Spain - Miles Davis, The Idiot - Iggy Pop, Low - David Bowie, Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus - Charles Mingus, Requiem - Gorecki, Koyaanisqatsi - Philip Glass, Berlin - Lou Reed, Electric Warrior - T.Rex, Can Opener - Can.
What album of your own are you most impressed by?
I'm proud of all our albums but I'm most impressed with the Creature's last album 'Hái!', mainly because it was so unexpected and quick. Even though it was only for a day, finally working with ex-Kodo drummer Leonard Eto in Tokyo was a dream come true, planning couldn't have made it more magical or perfect. It also marks the first album to be entirely finished and mixed by ourselves here in France. I'm still surprised it happened at all, but both our confidence levels have been boosted by the experience.
Who is behind all of the art on your album covers?
Over the years many different artists have been used for our record covers but it's nearly always in conjunction with an idea for the feel of an album I have, whether found or instigated. The idea of handing it over to someone without any input is very alien to me.What drives you to be prolific and creative?What drives me on is to always do better. Plus the thrill and excitement you feel when working on a new project is very addictive. I'm well and truly hooked.
Would you rather have a pad of paper and a pen or a radio if you were stuckon an island for a year?
If it's only for a year then I'd opt for a pen and pad and treat it as an experiment. Although a bit scary to most people, I think it could be good for anyone to try to live without external distractions for a while and see if they discover something about themselves and/or life in general. Of course it could be a recipe for abject misery and insanity, like we know modern life can be, but at least you could end up with some entertaining reading, or just put it all down to experience.
Do you have any reoccurring nightmares/dreams?
I haven't had recurring nightmares since I was about 16. One was about being pulled out to sea by a huge wave and finding myself disorientated in the middle of an ocean with no visible landmarks. Feeling my panic rise I start swimming in circles trying to decide which direction would bring me back to the shore, whilst my arms and legs feel more tired by the second. My most common recurring dreams are of various forms of flight; one of which includes self levitation with balloons tied to my ankles.
What outstanding goals do you still have? if any!
I've got tons of outstanding goals. Fasten your seat belts 'cos here's another tip of an iceberg: Work on a film soundtrack. Make that elusive perfect album. Visit and play in Russia, India and Africa. Go on Safari. Learn to scuba dive on an unspoilt reef. Learn to ski and water ski. See the ring tail lemurs in Madagascar. See the Northern lights from a Husky drawn sleigh. Shoot the rapids in a kayak. Lay alongside a sleeping tiger and feel its breath on my face and hold its paw. Sit and socialize with some gorillas for an afternoon. I could go on......
What inspires you to continue...?
Apart from the things in my answer to your 9th question. Seeing other people's achievements against all odds is always inspiring.
Do ants make you happy or sad?
Depending on my mood, probably both. Size is relative and when I look at ants they make me wonder who's looking at us in the same way and so on, like an infinity mirror that just gets bigger and bigger, or is that smaller and smaller?
What is the strangest thing you've done lately?
Eight months ago I gave up smoking and became very ill as a result. It must have been a massive shock to the system which I've only recently started to recover from. I was exasperated and furious, but strangely for me, I continued to torture myself and not give in. Life still feels strange sometimes without my Mr Nicotine, but I'm looking forward to being completely free of him. (www.emilystrange.com)

"This really is the Banshees at their enigmatic best. Though the bonus tracks are 'interesting' for my mind this superb album is best remembered as 8 songs long, ending as it was intended to with the remarkable 'Lands End.' Tinderbox gives a hard sound that competes well with Siouxsie's unmistakable, punishing vocal delivery. If not already a fan, hear this and you'll really see what puts this band well ahead of their so called contemporaries."

" spent so many hours listening to this wonderful multi textured album when it was first released I never thought I would have the chance to share my thoughts with the world at large. Parties Fall has such heartfelt and shockingly open sentiments, Lands End makes you think of mist, dark, some sort of decaying castle, whatever for me evocotive, beautiful, dignfied.Candyman's oppressive, threatening, relentless.Well, you should listen for yourself, really you should."

more infos:

http://www.vamp.org/Siouxsie/ the official home page

http://www.untiedundone.com/ a very nice page with million pictures etc.

http://www.thebansheesandothercreatures.co.uk/ everything !!

RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)