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Thompson Twins articles in BRAVO from 1984

I've found my collection of Bravo from 1984,here are some pictures for you.:)

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Dub, Downtempo, Synth-pop

THE STONE (1994)


01 The Downward Pull Of Heaven's Force (1:38)
02 Tribe (5:49)
Vocals - Amey St. Cyr
03 You Kill Me (6:13)
04 Spirit (6:51)
05 Take Me Away (6:42)
Vocals - Amey St. Cyr
06 The Stone (3:31)
07 Beautiful (6:22)
Vocals - Q. Tee
08 Space (5:50)
09 Sunray Dub (2:23)
10 Drive (6:03)

Link to download:

"I still love this album. A friend of mine had me hear it and I was just blown away by the dramatic landscapes of the songs! Hard to believe that two former members of Thompson Twins made this album. It is funky in most places, spiritual and emotional in some others. The music is just phenomenal here, loads of rhythms, funk beds and bridges all throughout. I am very surprised that this album was overlooked in 1994, because it was just out of left field that year. "
"If you liked Ether, you should really try to snag a copy of The Stone. I love most of the tracks, but especially Tribe, Spirit and Beautiful."

STONE PLUS (compilation from 12" releases)


01 Beautiful (rollit mix)
02 Chale Jao (from CONEHEADS OST)
03 Dark Raven (In February 1998 Babble had this track included with a British magazine The Passion)
04 Take Me Away (bel mix)
05 Take Me Away (flying high mix)
06 Take Me Away (lounge lizard mix)
07 Take Me Away (toga dub)
08 Tribe (lotus mix)
09 Tribe (tibetian mix)
10 Beautiful (blue mix)
11 Beautiful (re-birth mix)

Link to download:

ETHER (1996)


01 The Circle (5:43)
02 Just Like You (5:38)
03 Sun (6:38)
04 Love Has No Name (5:40)
05 Dark (0:56)
06 Tower (6:15)
07 Come Down (5:33)
08 Hold The Sky (4:57)
09 Into Ether (6:45)
10 Dreamfield (2:00)
11 Love Has No Name (jasminder mix)
12 Love Has No Name (ars longa mix)

Link to download:

"Babble will probably have to live with the fact that every mention of their name is followed by parentheses - as in, (former members of the Thompson Twins). That's what you get for being in one of the most successful pop bands of the 80s. But Allannah Currie and Tom Bailey have gone through more than just a name change; they moved to New Zealand, and the new material is a long way from simple pop songs like "Hold Me Now".
In fact Ether is a perfectly chosen album title as there is something very ethereal about these songs. They still work with keyboards and vocals, but Babble work up influences from many directions. The music is based on ambient grounds, and features oriental sounds. Some songs also have this nice low-fi trip-hop feel that Portishead made so popular. And of course Allannah and Tom haven't completely forgotten about writing catchy pop tunes; the vocals, where both of them take turns, have some very distinct hooks. Despite this style mix, the sound is very integral and perfectly balanced.
Babble will most likely never have the commercial success of the Thompson Twins, but trying to repeat what they did 10 years ago would be doomed to failure anyhow. Instead Babble are firmly rooted in the 90s, and Ether is a very atmospheric album, light and deep at the same time, which can have nearly hypnotic effects. "

"An incredible experience of sounds perfectly blended together to provide the perfect chill out album.
This CD is played at every post club chill out I have and now most of my friends have bought their own copies.
Why oh why was this never recognised for the amazing piece of music it is!
Trust me it's worth every penny!"

"One of life's little mysteries is why this and Babble's first release 'The Stone' did not recieve the acclaim and public domination they should have. Tom and Allanah, the founding members of 80's pop/new wave act the Thompson Twins relocated to New Zealand and produced this deep, sometimes moody, sometimes uplifing album. An adventure into electronic ambient sounds, mysticism, and dubby dance beats laced with Tom's and Allanah's spaced out vocals should have made this an instant and lasting hit with the chemical generation that was spawned in the early 90's. Seek out and trip out! A beautiful recording. P.S. Tom/Allanah if you are reading this MAKE SOME MORE MUSIC!"


GROOVE ON (1991)

01 Groove On (rev.t's single mix)
02 Groove On (club edit)
03 Groove On (rev t's clib groove)
04 Groove On (techno groove mix)
05 Queer
06 Groove On (classic groove mix)
07 Groove On (ext.groove mix)
08 GRoove On (rev t's church dub groove)
09 Groove On (headbanger dub)

Link to download:


01 Come Inside (c&c club mix edit)
02 Come Inside (turn the knob mix)
03 Come Inside (feedback max chill out mix)
04 The Saint (def sonic 12 mix)
05 The Saint (red zone dub)
06 Come Inside (feedback max house mix)
07 Come Inside (turn the knob edit)
08 Come Inside (altern. 12 mix)
09 Come Inside (single edit)
10 Come Inside (feedback max dub)
11 Come Inside (rock a dub)
12 Come Inside (dub inside)

Linki to download:


01 Play With Me (dub wash mix)
02 Play With Me (single edit)
03 Play With Me (african ncp mix)
04 Play With Me (full on mix)
05 The Saint (feedback max remix edit)
06 Play With Me (sweet garage mix)
07 The Saint (feedback max remix)
08 The Saint (feedback max hard groove mix)
09 Play With Me (full on piano edit)
10 Play With Me (album version)
11 Play With Me (cool world version)

Link to download:

More info:

REPOSTED for Ryoga

Thompson Twins -Live 1983

Many thanks for my friend who sent me Stone Plus and the remixes !


Real Name:
Peter Dachert

Experimental, Ambient



01 The Anvil Chorus
02 Pandemonium - Spring
03 Friends Of The Extinction
04 Tippi Rider
05 The Eleventh Race
06 Werewolves At The Gate
07 Dawn
08 Noon - Ain't Superstitious
09 Dnieper
10 Before The Wind

Link to download:

"The first solo project by Tuxedomoon 's bass & guitar player. Peter Principle uses weird guitar noises and stacked layers of sounds to create a psychedelic soundtrack described as "made against measure"... the revolt of drum machines against metronomic tempos... Peter Principle discovered the magic of noise by listening to the sound of lawn-mowers in his native New-York suburb, and consequently reinvented musique concrète (which he didn't know already existed). This album is often cited by ambient DJs in their list of favourite MTM records."

"Peter Principle - Sedimental Journey and Tone Poems: I've been so impressed with this guy, the guitarist and bassist for Tuxedomoon, who I discovered on my quest to hear everything from Crammed's Made to Measure series (I have not been disappointed yet). The thing about these albums is, it's exactly the kind of music I want to make. It has samples, drum machines beating out weird time signatures, early Philip Glass-style minimalism, song changes that make no sense at first, but start to make perfect sense once you become acquainted the albums' idiosyncracies. Sedimental Journey is almost impossible to find on CD unless you order directly from the site, but, I've found Tone Poems for relatively cheap on CD."


Artwork By - Saskia Lupini /Engineer - Frankie Lievaart /Flugelhorn, Trumpet - Luc Van Lieshout/ Guitar [Pedal Steel] - Vincent Kenis/ Tape, Guitar [Acoustic, Electric], Synthesizer [Short Wave, Micro Moog], Clavinet, Organ, Percussion [Found Object], Xylophone, Zither, Composed By - Peter Principle

Adapted from the scores of "Parelmoer", a stage production, and "Innocence", a videotape, both by Saskia Lupini.Recorded in a tent between The Lion & The Eagle, summer 1987, and in The Ivory Tower Brocceliande. Completed at Daylight, July 1988.


01 Le Maka (9:05)
01-1 Le Maka Part 1. 28 Day Snake
01-2 Le Maka Part 2. Theme
01-3 Le Maka Part 3. Sgt Rock In The Ardennes
02 Sphinx (6:12)
03 Sub-Lunar Folly (0:54)
04 The Observatory (4:36)
05 Independance Day (4:36)
06 Pillar Of Salt (2:09)
07 Orval (2:10)
08 Orion's Shadow (4:43)
09 Dolphins (1:28)
10 Riding The Silver Chord (2:48)

Link to download:

"Tuxedomoon's bass player on his second solo-venture: 10 mysterious observations, recorded in the studio, at home, and in the dark forests of the Ardennes by Peter Principle, who is once again inspired by his affection for psychedelic sounds, sound processing techniques derived from musique concrete, and surreal atmospheres."(



01 Choc Mol 1746 (2:34)
02 Day One (5:05)
03 Day Two (2:00)
Bass - Joan Miro
04 Sphinx Variations (6:55)
05 The Evening Country (2:15)
06 Realm Of Shades (12:10)
07 The Pavillion (4:17)
08 Maya (4:33)
09 Ceremonial Polka (7:30)
10 Le Feu Vert (5:20)
11 Jean-Louis And The Prodzj Gang (1:26)
12 A Walk On Dinosaur Hill (7:36)
13 Choc Mol Rotterdämmerung (5:37

Link to download:

"Conjunction combines psychedelic soundscapes and symbolist harmonics to deliver 13 scenic sonic sculptures. In addition to improv-based material, Peter further refined the compositional techniques developed with the aim of "describing tonic forms observed in some of my better dreams." Ranging from ambient to atonal, Conjunction marks a bold instrumental exploration of "the alchemy of environmental and temporal musical glyphs as well as musique concrete."

"An ambitious aural dervish of moods and images" (Alternative Press, USA); "Might best be compared with Holgar Czukay's Movies or John Cage's HPSCHD. Clearly branching off from Tuxedomoon, this is bristling with references: Clair de Lune, movie dialogue snippets, ambient electronics, percussive marches, mechanical repetitions, Durutti-like drifts, sly allusions to 20th Century atonalism, even mutant disco" (The Wire, 7/05); "Several layers deep - invites careful listening" (Option, USA); "Fluent and wide-ranging, his tastes run to psychedelia, ambient sound, improv, musique concrete and New Wave electronica with a confident indifference to niche creation" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 12/05)

Peter Principle (born :1954) is guitarist and bass wizard in the group Tuxedomoon. His first two solo albums appeared on Crammed Discs' acclaimed Made to Measure imprint, being Sedimental Journey (1986) and Tone Poems (1988). Conjunction followed on LTM in 1990, and Idyllatry in 2005.
Aged 11, Peter Principle spent an entire summer in his native Queens (NYC) mowing an old woman's lawn, the agreed reward being an ancient reel-to-reel tape recorder. Peter then secreted himself away with his new toy and quickly discovered just how many wonderful things he could achieve with it, such as creating feedback with speakers, or inserting a plectrum and erase-head to create primitive sound-on-sound recording.Before long Peter was playing in a rock band, and realised that there were countless seruious composers (with impressive academic credentials) making music by employing the same techniques. Thus Peter had re-invented musique concrete without even knowing that it existed.In San Francisco in 1977 Peter joined forces with Steven Brown and Blaine L. Reininger in the cult band Tuxedomoon. The group relocated to Europe in 1981 and remained there for the next decade, releasing some ten albums as well as a slew of singles, collaborations and solo projects. The most recent Tuxedomoon album, Cabin in the Sky, was released in 2004.
Peter's first solo album, Sedimental Journey, appeared in 1985, and represents a reaction against mathematical rhythms in music. here the beats are purposefully set at different distances from the rhythms, so corrupting the listener's expectations.Tone Poems followed in 1988, the soundtrack to several audio-visual performances with Saskia Lupini, supplying an undercurrent of surreal impressionism beneath the hynotic images.On Conjunction (1990) Peter combined psychedelic music and symbolist harmonics to create 13 sonic sculptures, ranging from environmental to his trademark concrete

Peter has one more released album from 2005 "Idyllatry" still doesen't have, if you can help me out with this ,thanks in advance!

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Real Name:
Peter Cox and Richard Drummie

Electronic, Rock
Pop Rock, Synth-pop

GO WEST (1985)

Backing Vocals - Katie Humble/ Bass [Fretless] - Pino Palladino/ Drums - Graham Broad , Timmy Goldsmith/ Guitar - Alan Murphy/ Keyboards - Dave West/ Piano [Solo] - Neil Drake/ Producer - Gary Stevenson/ Saxophone - Mel Collins


01 We Close Our Eyes (3:48)
02 Don't Look Down (3:52)
03 Call Me (4:13)
04 Eye To Eye (3:32)
05 Haunted (3:14)
06 S.O.S. (4:00)
07 Goodbye Girl (5:06)
08 Innocence (4:10)
09 Missing Persons (6:26)

Link to download:

"Go West's self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim in 1985 and gave birth to four UK hit singles We Close Our Eyes, Call Me, Goodbye Girl and Don't Look Down (The Sequel). Eye To Eye was also lifted from the album, remixed and released as a single in the US.
This debut effort remains Go West's biggest selling album to date having sold around 1.5 million copies worldwide and, almost twenty years on, still sounds surprisingly fresh thanks to some great song writing and musical performances from all concerned, not to mention Gary Stevenson's superb work behind the mixing desk. "

"I remember the British duo Go West from their videos on MTV in the mid-80's. I remember watching the clip for "We Close Our Eyes," which featured lead singer Peter Cox swinging a sledgehammer as he sang (at least, I think it was a sledgehammer), with these weird animated figures dancing behind him, while Cox's partner Richard Drummie popped in every so often with a guitar. Although they only made three albums, and seemed to have disbanded for good after 1992, Go West definitely had some catchy tunes. Their self-titled debut from 1985 is a great album of first-rate 80's pop. Great finger-snapping numbers throughout, including such Go West classics as "We Close Our Eyes," "Don't Look Down" and "Call Me," and other uptempo winners like "S.O.S." and "Goodbye Girl." Peter Cox's voice is excellent, and the album's production is energetic (love those keyboards, too!). If you love 80's pop, then Go West is definitely a group for you to check out. Go, Go West!"

"If you liked the 80s basic pop/rock sound (Wham, Duran Duran, Genesis, etc.), you'll love this cd. The lyrics and song topics aren't exactly profound but there are enough over the top horn, drum and keyboard riffs to keep you amused!"

BANGS & CRASHES (remix album) (1986)

Tracks 6 and 9: Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon on BBC Mobile 1985.


01 We Close Our Eyes (The Total Overhang Club Mix) (6:00) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
02 Man In My Mirror (4:35)
03 Goodbye Girl (4:32) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
04 S.O.S. (The Perpendicular Mix) (5:09) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
05 Eye To Eye (The Horizontal Mix) (5:14) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
06 Ball Of Confusion (Live) (6:44) Mixed By - Gary Stevenson
07 Call Me (The Indiscriminate Mix) (6:39) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
08 Haunted (3:18) Mixed By - Keith Finney
09 Missing Persons (Live) (6:43) Mixed By - Gary Stevenson
10 Don't Look Down (The Stratospheric Mix) (6:07) Remix - Steve Churchyard
11 One Way Street (4:39)
12 Innocence (The Desperation Mix) (5:54) Remix - Steve Churchyard

Link to download:

"Released as a double album, Bangs and Crashes was a mixed bag of delights. Not so much a second album, Bangs And Crashes was more an extended version of their 1985 debut with a couple of extra tracks thrown in for good measure. Essentially what you have here is a collection of extended remixes of songs from their debut album plus two live tracks, Missing Persons and a cover of The Temptations' Ball Of Confusion, both recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on their first tour.
Throw in a b-side (Man In My Mirror) that certainly warranted a place on the first album and one further song that was originally featured on the soundtrack to Rocky IV (One Way Street) and you get an album that is an exercise in quantity over quality and not much more that a marketing ploy by record company execs desperately waiting on the second album proper. Does what it says on the tin."


Bass - Chris Childs , Graham Edwards , Pino Palladino/ Drums - Tony Beard/ Engineer [Mixing] - Julian Mendelsohn/ Guitar - Alan Murphy/ Keyboards - Dave West/ Percussion - Graham Broad/ Piano - Peter John Vettese/ Producer - Gary Stevenson/ Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Randy Brecker


01 I Want To Hear It From You (3:42)
Backing Vocals - Mo Birch
02 Little Ceasar (4:28)
03 Masque Of Love (4:06)
04 From Baltimore To Paris (5:46)
05 True Colours (3:53)
06 The King Is Dead (4:26)
Backing Vocals - Kate Bush
07 Chinese Whispers (4:14)
08 Don't Look Down (The Sequel) (4:20)
09 Crossfire (4:31)
10 Dangerous (3:55)

Link to download:

"Go Wests' second album proper was a far different beast to their all-singing, all-dancing debut. Gone were the poppy, hook-laden choruses replaced by a more mature and introspective tone. This was Go West for grown ups. The album was received indifferently by the record buying public following the relative failure of the singles True Colours and I Want To Hear It From You to make the same impact on the charts as those taken from the first album. A third single, The King Is Dead, also struggled to gain airplay and a proposed fourth release from the album, From Baltimore To Paris, was shelved just days before it was due in the shops.
If that sounds bad, then let me assure it is not all doom and gloom. This album effectively allowed Go West to reinvent themselves, moving them away from being seen as merely pop pin-ups with some catchy tunes to respected musicians and songwriters. Their growing maturity in the latter is evident right the way through this album, and the standards set in the production and musical departments would see Go West go on to be regarded as one of the most highly regarded musical outfits of their generation."

"So after the first Go West cd and the incredible success that went with it,then came the next instalment "Dancing on the couch" Major budget pumped into this project but without the comercial success that they thought!But wow!! This is there finest album without any doubt!Cox sounding as smooth as ever,more sophisticated than the first cd,delivering gems such as the brilliant "Masque of love" "From Baltimore to paris" and the moody "King is Dead" every track faltless.This cd has just been re-released by demand.So lock the door,take the phone off the hook and for the next 42 minutes just listen to this absolute masterpiece................"

THE BEST OF (2001)


01 We Close Our Eyes
02 Call Me
03 Goodbye Girl
04 I Want To Hear It From You
05 Chinese Whispers
06 Don't Look Down
07 Eye To Eye
08 The King Of Wishful Thinking
09 I Want You Back
10 Never Let Them See You Sweat
11 Faithful
12 What You Don't Do For Love
13 Tracks Of My Tears
14 One Way Street
15 True Colours
16 The King Is Dead

Link to download:

by Scott Bultman
Guitarist Richard Drummie and vocalist Peter Cox formed the duo Go West. Backed by the likes of Austrian keyboardist/producer Peter Wolf and a cast of West Coast studio musicians, they've produced several albums of high energy dance pop. Although their 1985 debut was a polished set that produced two Top 40 singles ("We Close Our Eyes" and "Don't Look Down"), their biggest hit was "King of Wishful Thinking" from the Pretty Woman soundtrack.

More info: Peter Cox's page

I have one more album "Indian Summers" (1992) but i wasnt able to find so far,(there's a big disorder connecting with my flat renovation) as soon as possible i'll post

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Technopolis PV

This is my favourite song from Y.M.O :)

MIGRAINES - Migraines (1997)

Alternative Pop,Rock,Punk

Released as "Shut Up" in 1999


01 I'm A Wuss
02 Bikini Spider
03 Mall Hair
04 I'll Be Glad When You're Gone
05 Pha-Q!
06 I Don't Wanna Grow Up
07 She's A Beast
08 I Wanna Kill Elvis
09 Lorena
10 Daddy Wears Mommy's Things
11 Venus Sex Fiend
12 Shut Up

Link to download: (WMA 160 kbs)
or: (MP3 128 kbs)

"The Migraines are a pop-punk band with clean vocals that are easy to understand, but can be rough when they want to, and catchy beats that will find your feet and make them tap along with the melody.
The CD starts off with "I'm A Wuss." As the leader shouts out, "I try to be cool, but no matter what I do/The ending of sad movies makes me cry/I try so hard, but I'll never be a part/of the tough guys and I realize...I'm a wuss," you'll be jumping around to the fast guitars, hard hitting percussion, and thumping bass that keeps everything together. When the chorus hits you'll be thrown back in amazement. The chorus makes the song that much more infectious, and you'll be eaten alive. "Mall Hair" brings some bright comedy your way. A song about all the girls at the mall still styling their hair like it's 1983. It starts out with a nice bass intro, while the vocals tell the tale of how "Mall Hair" brings back memories. Now I'm a sucker for music when it's just back and vocals, whether it be in the chorus, or the beginning. I love it! Then the rest of the band jumps into the mix, and then the fire is turned up a 100 degrees. The guitars add the hooks, while the bass adds depth. The drums add intensity, and everything is thrown at you with so much feeling. You can tell these guys do what they do because they love it, not because they want to make a quick buck. "Pha-Q" brings back another bass intro which drives chills up my spine. The song itself is a serious song, that takes a humorous approach to get it's message across. With lyrics like "I don't wanna die from gang warfare/I don't wanna die wearing dirty bikini underwear/I don't wanna die mugged for cab fare/I don't wanna die sitting in some squeaky chair." Armed with a powerful guitar, fierce bass lines, and of course the necessary hurt the drummer puts on the skins this band drives through all the shit and throws anger in your face a way that everyone can understand, humor. A very nice song, that keeps to their rule of throwing in thick hooks and bright melodies to grab a hold of the listener and take him for a ride. Seeing how the media has been covering Elvis on his anniversary, here's a track for everyone: "I Wanna Kill Elvis." Now, assuming Elvis is dead this is impossible. But these guys are pretty angry at him for taking the "King of Rock" crown away from their idol, Buddy Holly. Calm down guys, it's all history under the bridge. Does violence solve anything? No, but this song is pretty funny to listen to and will get you singing along in no time with it's infectious beats and strong vocals. "Daddy Wears Mommy's Things" is a fast, cut right to the good stuff, kind of song. It's intense, powerful, fast, and very humorous. For the record, it's the funniest track on the CD. Some bands throw humor at you, but have no substance, but these guys do it both! The CD ends with the title track.
Twelve tracks, a little over thirty minutes of music, and a great time are what you can expect from this CD. It's got enough hooks to reel in the big one, enough humor to make you crack up hysterically, and enough raw intensity to make you want to jump around and just have a great time. How can you go wrong with something like this? I'll give the CD an A-.(Alex Steininger)

"Catchy pop rock and roll at its finest. Why this group was never popular,leaves me at wonder. Vocals set the tone for this catchy class of its'own right. Think Screeching Weasel but only better with more catch. The band has a very humorous side and these songs show it. Favorite songs are"Daddy wears mommys things,Im a wuss,Mall hair,Dont wanna grow up,Glad to see you go". This is a good release."

The first punk album on my blog! :)

Many thanks for the original uploader!!


Real Name:
Gianni Corraini




01 Tonight (Remix) (6:50)
02 Let Me Try (4:23)
03 Black Pearl (4:05)
04 Glasses Man (4:07)
05 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (4:30)
06 Talking (4:20)
07 Don't Cry Tonight (4:09)
08 Hey Hey Guy (USA Remix) (5:42)

Link to download:


"This CD is a must for those who want to remember where Dance Music started...Ken Laszlo was a huge hit in Europe and South America in the late 80's and was the one of the first true dance artists. This CD compilation is a snap shot of what EuroDance was all about and was the catalyst for North American artists...If a blast from the 80's past is what you are looking for and you remember the EuroDance invasion, Ken Laszlo is a great addition to your Euro Collection



01 Hey Hey Guy/Tonight (remix) 5:42
02 Hey Hey Guy (dub version) 7:13

03 Tonight (factory team remix) 5:00
04 Without You 3:45
05 Everytime (flaute mix) 5:27
06 Hey Hey Guy/Tonight (remix) 3:52
07 Sha La La (boys&girls mix) 6:00
08 Mary ann (dance long mix) 5:40
09 Tonight (orig. version '94) 3:25
10 Me And You 4:04
11 Baby Call Me (Ken Hitmix) 7:21
12 Madame 6:34
13 Tonight (orig. edit) 3:50
14 Without You (ext. remix) 5:00
15 Happy Song (happy mix) 6:04

Link to download:

some bio:
Ken Laszlo, born as Gianni Coraini, is an Italodisco singer who commenced his music career in the 1980s.
Ken started his musical interests early in the '80s by playing and singing in discos and clubs. He was interested in music at a young age, but had his first big hit in Europe in 1984 with the single Hey Hey Guy.
Other songs he is well known for are Tonight and Don't Cry.
Ken has quite a number of other Eurobeat songs that have been produced under his name and under many pseudonyms, some being Ric Fellini, Mike Freeman, Maltese, Danny Keith, Jean Corraine and Ken Hunter

More info: discography lyrics

next time i will post more from Ken!


for RICK:

Shannon :

go for the deatils:

Level 42: CD 1.-2 CD 3.

go for the deatils:

OMD next time!



go for the details:


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Country :

Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi


Notes :
this was the Japanese release of their first album (1978).

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Keyboards, Electronics, Percussion, & Orchestration
Yukihiro Takahashi: Drums, Percussion, Electronics, & Vocals
Haruomi Hosono: Bass, Electronics, Keyboards, & Arrangements
Hidrki Matsutake: Micro Composer Programming
Shunichi Hashimoto: Vocal on Somoon
Masayoshi Takanaka: Electronic Guitar on La Femme Chinoise & Cosmic' Surfin'
Tomoko Nunoi: Sexy Voice on La Femme Chinoise


01 Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) – 1:48
02 Firecracker – 4:50
03 Simoon – 6:27
04 Cosmic' Surfin – 4:51
05 Computer Game (Theme From The Invader) – 0:43
06 Tong Poo – 6:15
07 La Femme Chinoise – 5:52
08 Bridge Over Troubled Music – 1:17
09 Mad Pierrot – 4:20
10 Acrobat – 1:12

Link to download:


Other version of covers:
together with the covers of TECHNODELIC 1981 (see below) !


Remixed version and USA released of their first album with new cover art.


01 Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) – 1:46
02 Firecracker – 4:50
03 Simoon – 6:27
04 Cosmic Surfin – 4:26
05 Computer Game (Theme From The Invader) – 1:01
06 Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) – 6:17
07 La Femme Chinoise – 5:55
08 Bridge Over Troubled Music – 1:18
09 Mad Pierrot – 4:04

Link to download:

"What can I say? This album is simply pure joy. I remember first seeing YMO on the Old Grey Whistle Test more years ago than I wish to remember playing Cosmic Surfin' live and on the strength of that one performance I brought the whole album/cassette and it did not dissapoint at all. For anyone not familar with YMO's music just think of Jean Michel Jarre/Vangelis/Kraftwerk all rolled in together and you get some sort of idea what to expect. I love this album and was delighted to see it on CD with the tracks for the USA market just about different enough to make it interesting. Buy if you want the very best in synthesier music, believe you me you won't be dissapointed !"


Ryuichi Sakamoto: keyboards, voices
Yukihiro Takahashi: Drums, vocals
Haruomi Hosono: bass, kayboards, voices
Computer Programming by: Heideki Matsutake
Makoto Ayukawa: electronig guitar on "Day Tripper", "Solid State Survivor"
Sandii: voices on "Absolute Ego Dance"


01 Technopolis - 4:14
02 Absolute Ego Dance - 4:37
03 Rydeen - 4:26
04 Castalia - 3:31
05 Behind The Mask - 3:36
06 Day Tripper - 2:40
07 Insomnia - 4:57
08 Solid State Survivor - 3:58

Link to download:


"This, in my humble opinion, is the best YMO album of them all. The record is loaded with glorious tunes which most other bands would give their back teeth for. 'Technopolis' has a melodic refrain which has had me humming it since release in 1979! The crystal clear pure momentum of 'Rydeen' is just gorgeous and is so fresh in comparison to some of the unfocused techno of the last few years.
Eric Clapton covered 'Behind the Mask' such is the strength of the songwriting. YMO also experiment with darker material on tracks such as 'Castalia' and 'Insomnia'. Overall the album still sounds excellent. There are moments which sound dated or a bit glib but overall this is a well worth hearing."

"This is Yellow Magic Orchestra's 2nd and probably most famous album. The first vinyl version came out in 1979, and YMO was awarded the annual grand prize for the best album of the year in Japan (1979) when the rest of the world didn't know much about computer electric pop music, something YMO called 'Techno Pop'. Germany's Kraft Werk was one of only a few other groups of this kind.
This album contains famous pieces, including 'Technopolis', which starts with a computerised voice saying 'TOKIO', written by Ryuichi SAKAMOTO ('The Last Emperor', 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'); 'Absolute Ego Dance' (by Harry HOSONO); and probably the most famous YMO number 'Rydeen' (by Yukihiro TAKAHASHI). I personally love the YMO version of the Beatles 'Day Tripper' and the main theme 'Solid State Survivor (SSS)', in which the guitarist of Sheena & the Rokkets, Makoto AYUKAWA, takes part. By the way, SSS contains some strange electric 'coughs' and 'laughter', and a Japanese expression 'Moshi Moshi? (Hello Hello?)' can also be heard a few times. 'Rydeen' contains some 'horse running' noises too. The sound of synthesizers (especially 'Prophet 5'), synthe-drums and the futuristic melody are all amazing! But the most amazing thing is that this album was released in 1979! YMO came to London in 1979, even before they became famous in their home country of Japan."


Tracks 1-4 Live at The Venue, London Track 5 Live at The Greek Theatre, L.A.
Tracks 6-8 Live at The Bottom Line, New York


01 Rydeen – 5:08
02 Solid State Survivor – 4:01
03 Tong Poo – 6:01
04 The End Of Asia – 6:51
05 Cosmic Surfin – 4:35
06 Day Tripper– 2:42
07 Radio Junk – 4:19
08 La Femme Chinoise – 6:15
09 Back In Tokio – 1:52

Link to download:


also together with the covers of SOLID STATE SURVIVOR 1979 (see above) !


("times infinity multiplies", although this phrase does not appear to make sense; it is sometimes mistyped as "Xoo Multiplies") was a mini-album.
It contains a mixture of songs and instrumentals by YMO (including humorous reworking of Archie Bell & the Drells' "Tighten Up"), interspersed with comedy sketches. These sketches are performed by the 'Snakeman Show' in Japanese and English, with YMO participating in some of them.
Confusingly, a compilation album of the same title but with completely different tracks was also released in the USA (and Australia) and a subsequent single.


01 Jingle: YMO
02 Nice Age
03 Snakeman Show
04 Tighten Up (Japanese Gentlemen Stand Up Please)
05 Snakeman Show
06 Here We Go Again - Tighten Up
07 Snakeman Show
08 Citizens Of Science
09 Snakeman Show
10 Multiplies
11 The End of Asia

Link to download:


the covers also run with BGM 1981 (see below) !

"This one is showcase of the diversity of japanese music.Popular music, this band has been seen as an milestone for electricmusic.Good humor is allso a way 2 descripe this album."

"One of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO)'s earliest records which contain some funny dialogues and jokes between their excellent pieces of, what they call, Techno-Pop music such as 'Nice Age'. The dialogus, played by a separate group called 'Snakeman Show', I don't quite understand what exactly is going on, but it's definitely funny Ha-Ha. I'm enjoying this comical and relaxed nature of YMO. In this sense this album is slightly different from some earlier records like 'Solid State Survivor', but I recommend this for all YMO fams and late '70s & early '80s techno & electic music fans."

BGM (1981)


01 Ballet
02 Music Plans
03 Rap Phenomena
04 Happy End
05 1000 Knives
06 Cue
07 U.T
08 Camouflage
09 Mass
10 Loom

Link to download:


together with the covers of XOO MULTIPLIES 1980 (see above) !

"What can you say about YMO that hasn't already been said? The little group that started out as a self-professed Japanese rip-off of Kraftwerk quickly took on a life and fandom of their own that is literally unparalelled in the history of international pop music. BGM is one of their most groundbreaking efforts, a mixed bag of ultra-high technology (for the early 1980's), atmospheric ambient noodling, and unselfconsciously overblown corniness. YMO was always more diverse and much more imaginative than their German inspiration, and BGM is a case in point. Kraftwerk built a legacy of bland, yet mindnumbingly catchy similitude, every song essentially a variation, both stylistically and musically, of 'Autobahn' and 'Trans-Europe Express'. The Japanese trio, however, were never afraid to shake loose from the self-imposed, neo-gothic duldrums of European electronic music. It is no wonder that YMO was, and still is, cited by the more creative forces in 90's techno and and ambient trance, like Orb and 808 State, as a stronger influence than the mighty Kraftwerk. Ironically enough, this album, along with its 1981 co-release 'Technodelic', is their most Teutonic sounding effort. Execept for the despicably kitschy 'Rap Phenomena', which from its very intro makes me nauseous with nostalgia, this is a rather dark little collection of "songs", rising from the depths of some electronic unconscious like a sonic, cybernetic raven. The back of the album displays the list of electronic wizardry (and gimmickry) that Harry, Ryuichi, and Yukihiro used to create this modern classic, complete with then state-of-the-art PC's, sequencers, and of course YMO's trademark arsenal of digital samplers. The most impressive array of electronic instrumentation I have ever seen or heard yet, on either side of the 21st century. The "music", for lack of a better description, produced by all these gizmos is magnificent. Everywhere there are the digitally sampled and regurgitated echoes of helicopters, machine guns, drills, chainsaws, and disembodied human voices. Yukihiro Takahashi's loping percussion holds it all together, more efficiently and precisely than any pre-programmed drum machine (although a couple of those are employed as well, apparently for good technological measure).
BGM is a classic of early electronic pop music. It is daring, unique, at times light years ahead of their European competition, with its mix of excess and success. In that sense it is the consummate YMO album, a musical resume of their all too short time together as a cohesive unit. "



01 Pure Jam – 4:30
02 Neue Tanz – 4:58
03 Stairs – 4:14
04 Seoul Music – 4:46
05 Light In Darkness – 3:40
06 Taiso – 4:21
07 Gradated Grey – 5:33
08 Key – 4:32
09 Prologue – 2:31
10 Epilogue – 4:21

Link to download:

"Now this is something. YMO remain a personal favourite even though they have released some stuff of really varying quality I must say. However this is their best disc in my opinion and ranks up there along with early Kraftwerk as a pioneering work of modern electronic music. It is also the least eastern (even if in some instances mabe thier most!) of their records and therefore the most understandable. YMO were apparently huge in Japan which one can understand. All their records have something that you can recommend them by. The only problem is that these japanese imports used to be hyper-expensive at the time. But they were definitely worth it."

"I'm a huge fan of YMO I first heard of them back in 1983 and was lucky enough to get a hold of 1981 BGM one of my favorires next to "Technodelic" There sound was different then a lot of Electronic bands at the time but was just as good if not better than other well known releases like Depeche Mode-"Speak&Spell"Human Leagues-"Dare" and Kraftwerks-"ComputerWorld"."

"I can't believe this was released in 1981. It is a technopop masterpiece. 99% of the synth junk from that time sounds *hopelessly* dated today. That's right, even J.M.JARRE! Not this gem. Very unique, even cinematic."



01 Kimi Ni Munekyun (Uwaki Na Vacances) - 4:07
02 Expected Way - 4:34
03 Focus - 3:41
04 Ongaku - 3:25
05 Opened my Eyes - 3:40
06 You've Got To Help Yourself - 0:30
07 Lotus Love - 4:05
08 Kai-Koh - 4:27
09 Expecting Rivers - 4:37
10 Wild Ambitions - 5:10

Link to download:


"This is one of the greatest synthpop albums I've ever heard, and I've heard quite a few. Every song is great...there are no duds here. Naughty Boys has stood the test of time as well...a dj could play this and Ladytron back to back and I doubt many would realize that Naughty Boys is over 20 years old. Most of the songs on Naughty Boys are poppy and irresistably dancey. Yukihiro Takahashi's drumming is top notch. There are darker moodier (though still dancable) moments with the brilliant 'Lotus Love'. Some songs feature the dreamy e-bow guitar by Bill Nelson, which just adds to its brilliance. Some exceptional songs are Lotus Love, Kimi Ni Mune Kune, Ongaku, Wild Ambitions. But make no mistake, there are NO bad songs on the cd. Most of the lyrics are in Japanese. There is also an interview with all the members in the cd booklet but it too is in Japanese. The 2nd cd (see below!) features all the songs instrumental versions, except for Kimi Ni Mune Kune which is replaced by Chaos Panic. I myself prefer the cd with lyrics. Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Ultravox and The Human League have gotten a lot of recognition for their music over the years, but YMO deserve just as much. "

"The first thing you notice about this album on first listen is how dissimilar it is to most mid-80s synth pop; it sounds rich and complex, with beautiful, glassy multi-layers of harmony that contain an almost acoustic fullness. Drawing on an unmistakeably Japanese sense of melody, Naughty Boys also possesses an intricate tunefulness that is light years ahead of the tinny arpeggiated bleeps that characterized too many electronic acts of the decade. It's clearly the work of serious musicians with a knowledge of forms beyond their immediate pop environment.
The songs themselves are, it must be said, fairly weak and the combination of the thin oriental vocal style and pidgin English that appears on a few tracks don't really help. You may prefer the instrumental CD, as I initially did. But lately I've listened more and more to the original album, for the simple reason that it sounds so much more atmospheric: the mix is cool, translucent and misty, like a Kyoto dawn (I don't care how much a twerp that makes me sound, it really is that gorgeous to behold).
The instrumental remixes are, in comparison, somewhat less subtle, primary colours to the original's eggshell blue tones. But who cares? Two CDs of quality material at this price is hard to argue with. If, like me, you were intrigued by comparisons of YMO to a 'Japanese Kraftwerk' there's no better place to start than this. Futuristic, pastoral and impenetrably exotic, either CD will entrance you."



01 Chaos Panic - 4:12
02 Expected Way - 4:34
03 Focus - 3:43
04 Kai-Koh - 4:26
05 Expecting Rivers - 4:37
06 You've Got To Help Yourself - 4:19
07 Lotus Love - 4:05
08 Ongaku - 3:25
09 Opened My Eyes - 3:43
10 Wild Ambitions - 5:11

Link to download:

together with the covers of Y.M.O USA 1979 (see above) !



01 Limbo
02 The Madmen
03 S.E.T
04 Chinese Whispers
05 You've Got To Help Yourself
06 Shadows On The Ground
07 See-Through
08 Perspective
09 S.E.T

Link to download:

SERVICE (1984)


01 Limbo (3:32)
02 S.E.T. (4:23)
03 The Madmen (4:41)
04 S.E.T. (1:24)
05 Chinese Whispers (4:29)
06 S.E.T. (4:17)
07 You've Got To Help Yourself (4:45)
08 S.E.T.+YMO (5:55)
09 Shadows On The Ground (4:21)
10 S.E.T. (3:26)
11 See-Through (3:39)
12 S.E.T. (4:10)
13 Perspective (5:14)
14 S.E.T. (:50)

Link to download:

"In this era of YMO, they tried to be pop and more entertained. The title of this album "Service" means that this album is for the general audience, so they made it easy to understand, that's what I'm guessing. You can notice that there are short comedies which are like interlude thing between song and song. That is quite funny, if you understand Japanese. The music is very popish and catchy, especially Ryuichi's "Perspective". That has very catchy piano riff that makes his song shine. Also their Drum work is fantastic. There is one more thing that is quite good is Hosono's Bass. That has very rhythmic and hopping line. You'll like it."

AFTER SERVICE vol 1.-2 (1984)

was the fifth live album by Yellow Magic Orchestra (1984). The album was entitled After Service because it directly followed their album Service.

CD 1.

01 Propaganda
02 Tong Poo
03 Behind The Mask
04 Solid State Survivor
05 La Femme Chinoise
06 Ongaku
07 Focus
08 Ballet
09 Wild Ambitions
10 Kai-Koh

Link to download:

together with extract from service covers

CD 2.

01 Expecting Rivers
02 See-Through
03 Key
04 Technopolis
05 Rydeen
06 You've Got To Help Yourself
07 Kageki Na Syukujo
08 Kimi Ni Munekyun-Uwaki Na Vacances
09 Firecracker

Link to download:

together with the covers of NAUGHTY BOYS 1983 (see above) !

KYORETSU NA RHYTHM - Best of (1992)


01 Lotus Love
02 Chaos Panic
03 Key
04 Cue
05 Computer Games
06 Pure Jam
07 Nice Age
08 Tighten Up
09 Rydeen
10 Megamix - Ymo In The 90's
DJ Mix - Peter Lorimer

Link to download:

"If you are a die hard ymo fan this is a useless compilation of your faves...albeit CD quality and all in one place. If you are curious about ymo, this is a pretty good starting point. I usually loan out this copy to people who are curious. Ymo is YUMMY-o"



01 Camouflage (Mark Gamble Micro-mix)
02 Light In Darkness (The 808 State Remix)
03 Behind The Mask (The Orbital Remix)
04 Multiplies (The Altern 8 Syncopated Mix)
05 Loom (Mark Gamble Micro Mix Ii)
06 La Femme Chinoise (The Lfo Remix)
07 Tighten Up (The Robert Gordon Remix)
08 Firecracker (Zero B Mix)
09 Castalia (Mark Gamble Micro Mix Iii)
10 Shadows On The Ground (The Sweet Exorcist Remix)
11 Rydeen (The Graham Massey Remix)
12 Firecracker (Additional Production, Reconstruction And Mix By The Shamen)
13 Tong Poo (The Orb Remix I)
14 Tong Poo (The Other Orb Remix Ii)
15 Light In Darkness (...spark) (The 808 State Ambient Reprise)

Link to download:

"These remixes add not only a 90's feel to many YMO favorites, but add the flair and style of the many contributors. Especially enjoyable are the remixes by 808 state, which keep an overall chord structure from "Light in the Darkness" but embellish the song to a point where it is barely recognizable. YMO helped pioneer the Techno music revolution, along with Kraftwerk. The artists on this remix album are the children, brothers, and sisters of the movement. Thoroughly enjoyable, and hard to get tired of."



01 Be A Superman
02 Banga Def?
03 Floating Away
04 Dolphinicity
05 Hi-Tech Hippies
06 Tre Merli
07 Nostalgia
08 Silence Of Time
09 Waterford
10 O.K.
11 Chance
12 Pocketful Of Rainbows

Link to download:

Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra) are probably the most influential and commercially successful group in Japanese rock history. The group's main style is electronic/techno but you can't pin them down exactly. They are often referred to as the Japanese Kraftwerk but that is unfair - Y.M.O. have a much wider musical vocabulary. They are also known for their involvement in the comedy scene and this is reflected in the content of the videos here, which should not be taken seriously. The full story of the group is too long to go into here (the three members have all been active in the music scene since the early 70's), but rest assured they have as high a profile in Japan now as The Beatles do in the UK and US. The group were popular with the press in the UK and USA, and sold a million copies of "Solid State Survivor" in Europe, but never became that famous. The best known member in the West is Ryuichi Sakamoto, who has recorded many film soundtracks and had several hit albums. Y.M.O. never really split, but stopped working together on group projects in 1984, before recording again in 1992, following that up with some lucrative stadium gigs and then disappearing again. In the last year there has been increased activity from Toshiba EMI on the Y.M.O. re-issue front as the group plan to reform again in 2001. (Paul Rymer)

More info: The official site Yellow Magic Orchestra Un-Official Web Site video clips

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