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Electronic, Funk / Soul

"The Visitors"

KEBEKELEKTRIK - Kebekektrik (1977)

Mastered By - José Rodriguez Mixed By - Tom Moulton Percussion [Additional Percussion] - Moto Producer - Pat Deserio


01 Bolero (Tom Moulton Mix) (14:02) Remix - Tom Moulton
02 Magic Fly (Tom Moulton Mix) (6:25) Remix - Tom Moulton
03 Mirage (Tom Moulton Mix) (6:23) Remix - Tom Moulton
04 War Dance (Tom Moulton Mix) (9:03) Remix - Tom Moulton
05 Magic Fly (4:10) 0
6 Mirage (6:14)
07 War Dance (8:06)
08 Bolero (15:43)
09 War Dance (12" Mix) (7:22

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The group name Kebekelektrik is purported to come from "Quebec Electric." They were best known for "War Dance. Kebekelektric disco work from this spacey Canadian project -- Quebec's answer to the electronics of the German scene! The group have a great sound that mixes Kraftwerk-like keys and synth with the livelier disco grooves of the Prelude scene -- going for a mix of uptempo styles that's all instrumental, and which really lets the keyboards do some wonderful work! The set features the group's stunning classic "Magic Fly", plus "Mirage", "War Dance", and a great version of "Bolero". CD also features 4 bonus Tom Moulton mixes!
"This instrumental disco album was first released in 1978 with Bolero (Ravel) 14 minutes, Magic Fly (Ecama) 6 minutes +, Mirage (Deserio) 6 minutes + and War Dance (Soccio/Deserio) just short of 8 minutes. It was produced by Pat Deserio with inputs by Gino Soccio, at various studios in Montreal.
Added recording and mixing was done at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. With this CD release, the album has been substantially enhanced by the addition of the 12" mix of War Dance and the four Tom Moulton remixes of the original tracks.
The record did very well on the disco charts back then. The style is a form of synth-driven hypnotic trance, not unlike Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre, especially War Dance. Mirage is the most instrumentally varied track with distinctive guitar and infusions of jungle drums.
The original version of Magic Fly was a huge hit for the French band Magic Fly in 1977. Those into disco nostalgia, especially the electrodisco variety, will also remember Supernature by Cerrone and From Here to Eternity by Giorgio Moroder."

"I love this CD for it's electronic,futuristic fast tempo sound especially in "WAR DANCE"!Tom Moulton did a fantastic job mixing 9 minutes of this upbeat danceable disco track."WAR DANCE" was the only song that I knew from Kebekelektrik until I purchased the CD.I was instantly drawn to "MAGIC FLY"!The 6 min version is better than the 4 min one.It's smooth,easy listening yet a dance- able track!"BOLERO" is okay and "Mirage" is better than average. If you like computeristic songs with outstanding synthesizers you will enjoy this CD(especially WAR DANCE)!!!"

OUTLINE (1979)

Artwork By [Album Design, Illustration] - Greg Porto
Bass - Al McNeil , Busta Jones
Drums - Mark Hygden , Terry Martell
Engineer - Lindsay Kidd
Engineer [Assistant] - Jose Bunting , Pierre Groulx
Engineer [Mastering Engineer] - Robert Matichak
Flute - Carlyle Miller
Guitar - Walter Rossi Horns - Carlyle Miller , Richard Mortimer , Roger Walls , Yoram Levy
Other [Album Coordinator] - Bob Siegel , Ray Caviano
Percussion - Luc Boivin
Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By, Acoustic Guitar, Composed By, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics By, Vocals - Gino Soccio
Programmed By [Synthesizer] - Stanley Brown
Vocals - Busta Jones , Heather Gauthier , Julia Gilmore , Laurie Niedzielzki , Sharon Lee Williams


01 Dancer
02 Visitors [Remix]
03 So Lonely
04 Dance to Dance
05 Visitors [Original Version]
06 There's a Woman 07 Visiteurs [Remix]
08 Visiteurs [Original Version][Mix]
09 Visitors [Instrumental]
10 Dancer [Radio Mix][Version]

Link to download:

"Outline is one of the quintessential albums from the disco age. It coheres as a whole very well, providing both listening and dancing pleasure with its throbbing basslines, stabbing keyboards, and spare, sometimes chanted vocals. When it arrived on the scene in 1979 it created a sensation for its taut production and unique artistic point of view. "Dancer" is the standout track and one of the best of the many releases during the late 70's. "Dance to Dance" is also very good. Actually, all of the tracks are great. This disc contains several added features, remixes and radio edits of several songs. This is a mixed blessing, as it is for any remastered lp's. The bonus features are great for the interest they add, but they also interfere with the organic whole of these vinyl projects, especially in a case like this where the original tracks are out of order, interspersed with remixes from a later time. I suppose the added tracks are desirable, as I always burn a copy of the original album for nostalgia's sake. Great dance music! Along with C'est Chic, Sylvester's Stars, Ashford & Simpson's Stay Free, Inner Life's second album, First Choice's Hold Your Horses, Sister Sledge's We Are Family, Linda Clifford's I'm Yours, Don Ray's Graden of Love, Donna Summer's Four Seasons of Love and Bad Girls, Outline is a must-have lp from the disco years."

"What else can be said about this...*THE* album that introduced Gino Soccio to the world! If you're looking for classic and classy disco music (even the critics liked his stuff!), get this album. The songs DANCER and DANCE TO DANCE are worth the price alone. Excellent!"

S-BEAT (1980)

Engineer - Paul Page
Mastered By - Jack Skinner
Mixed By - Gino Soccio , Paul Page
Producer, Arranged By - Gino Soccio
Written By - Gino Soccio


01 S-Beat
02 Heartbreaker
03 Rhythm of the World
04 Steady Operator
05 Run Away
06 Running in Circles
07 Love Is
08 I Wanna Take You There (Now)

Link to download:

"I think this is one of the best albums from Gino. I can't understand someone can say this isn't a good album. For me this one of the best disco albums I have. High quality disco with very good vocals and a really nice (rock n roll-) drive.. My favourite tracks are:'S-Beat', 'the Runaway' and 'I wanna take you there (now)'.If you are into high-quality/non-cheesie Disko than this one is a must have!!"

"THE RUNAWAY is classic. Enough said. I havent heard this album in years,(have it in storage on vinyl), and the round about beat still plays in my head. RHYTHM OF THE WORLD is like a B sci-fi movie, done disco. RUNNING IN CIRCLES is disco pop, and S-BEAT is just hop-along nonsense. (But I like it). LOVE IS, is of course, the longer version mixed from previous album, which still reminds me of that little cute cartoon that appeared in newspapers some years back. I still like THE RUNAWAY best! It was M doing a freaky Pop Muzik with the La-La-la's, and then breaking into a winding down electronical beat with no vocals, and further echoing effects of electronic nature. Viola, this album or CD was not meant to gather dust on anyone's shelf. Not if you have the speakers, imagination, and ability to mix songs at home."

"It is excellent piece of musicianship - go all the way to Quincy Jones' carrier, and then come back to find Gino Soccio to be right in that quality. Great to dance and have wealth of composition at once. Can't describe how surprised I am to find undecent review here. Disco? Much more, really..."

CLOSER (1981)

Arranged By, Guitar, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Lyrics By, Music By, Producer - Gino Soccio
Artwork By [Design] - Jacques Bourassa
Backing Vocals - Carlyle Miller , Cindy Farr , Elisabeth Smith , Erma Shaw , Heather Gauthier , Laurie Niedzielski
Bass - Peter Kisilenko
Drums - Mark Higden
Engineer - Paul Pagé
Engineer [Assistant] - Clément Croteau
Engineer [Mastering] - Jack Skinner
Guitar - Bob Cohen , Howard Foreman , John Hagopian
Horns - Carlyle Miller , Gary Nagels , Roger Walls
Other [Album Concept] - Gino Soccio , Jacques Bourassa
Other [Coordination] - Gaston Gravell
Percussion - Jimmy Tanaka
Programmed By [Sequencer], Effects [Special] - Pierre Gauthier
Vocals - Elisabeth Smith (tracks: A1, B1) , Erma Shaw (tracks: A1, B1)


01 Try It Out
02 Street Talk
03 (It's Been) Too Long
04 Hold Tight
05 Love Is
06 Closer
07 Try It Out [Edited Version]
08 Try It Out [Instrumental]
09 Try It Out [Radio Mix][Version]

Link to download:



Arranged By, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Producer, Vocals, Written-By - Gino Soccio Artwork By - Michel McGurl , Sandi Young
Backing Vocals - Elisabeth Smith , Erma Shaw , Laurie Niedzielzki , Marie-Lou Gauthier
Backing Vocals, Horns - Carolyle Miller
Bass - Harold Fisher , Peter Kisilenko
Drums - Mark Higden (tracks: A1, A3 to B3)
Engineer - Paul Page Engineer [Assistant] - Diane Leboeuf , Normand Corbeil , Robert Verebely Engineer [Mastering] - Jack Skinner
Guitar - Howard Forman Horns - Lafleche Doré
Percussion - Luc Boivin
Photography - Jacques Bourassa
Programmed By [Sequencer] - Pierre Gauthier


01 It's Alright
02 Dream On
03 You Move Me
04 Who Dunnit?
05 Remember
06 Look at Yourself
07 Remember [Remix]
08 It's Alright [Radio Edit]
09 Remember [Radio Edit]

Link to download:

"This is my favourite Gino Soccio Album. Every track is hypnotic. Mr. Soccio, your talent is undeniable!"

"Although all his albums are excellent (with the exception of "S-Beat", an ill-advised attempt at rock music with truly awful results), FACE TO FACE is *THE* Gino Soccio album to own. Every song has its own unique sound; this is not a "cookie cutter" album. And even though this is disco music, it's a far cry from the mindless "ooh, ooh, boogie" tracks of the period. The excellent remix of "Remember" is worth the price of this CD alone. A must have for any serious music collection."

"After 1981's foray into funk (Closer), Soccio returned to his dance music roots a bit with this album. It contains some very good tracks, notably "Remember," "It's Alright," and two others. It also revisits the hooks from Lipps Inc's "Funkytown" and early SOS Band. As such, it is less original than Soccio's outstanding first lp. It does, however, show beginning ventures into the New Wavish electronic music that would become prominent in dance in this and the next several years with groups such as Visage."

"Gino Soccio is one highly talented man. He's innovative and adventerous with his music. I have all the cd's of his albums, but the one that gets played the most is Face To Face. Every track is fascinating and the beats are real smooth. I have to admit, I don't always get into long dance songs. More often than not, I tend to listen to the single versions if they're available. With Mr. Soccio, it's a different story. I have no problem delving into his long tracks because they sound so amazing, especially when it comes to this particular album. I'm glad Unidisc included the remix of Remember and the single version of It's Alright as bonus tracks. I always felt that Mr. Soccio's voice was too far in the background on the original mix of Remember, but on the remix, it's more up in the front. This album is one of my very favourites, whether I'm in the mood to dance or go into a trance with my headphones on. Don't miss this one!!!"



01 Out of My Life
02 Scene [Extended Version]
03 Human Nature
04 Street Talk
05 Visitors [Remix]
06 Temptation Eyes [Re-Extended Version][Mix]
07 Remember
08 Turn It Around [Extended Version]
09 Dancer
10 Try It Out
11 Love Is
12 Think Back
13 Sauve Qui Peut
14 Camouflage
15 Turn It Around [Radio Version]

Links to download:

"The majority of tracks here come from Soccio's New Wavey, electronic 80's work rather than the clean, spare, original, and well constructed 70's numbers."



01 Dancer (8:33)
02 Try It Out (6:05)
03 The Visitors (5:29)
04 Remember (6:25)
05 Turn It Around (7:13)
06 It's Alright (7:36)
07 Human Nature (6:53)
08 S Beat (4:45)
09 Hold Tight (5:17)
10 Megamix (11:52)

Link to download:

BEST OF (1995)


01 Dancer Listen Listen
02 Try It Out Listen Listen
03 The Visitors (Remix) Listen Listen
04 Turn It Around ( Extended Mix ) Listen Listen
05 It's Alright Listen Listen
06 Human Nature Listen Listen
07 S-Beat Listen Listen
08 Hold Tight Listen Listen
09 Les Visiteurs Listen Listen
10 Remember ( Remix ) Listen Listen
11 Megamix (Edited Version): S-Beat/Try It Out/Dancer/It's Alright/Remember/Turn It Around/Human Nature

Link to download:

"What else can be said about Gino Soccio? If you're a fan, you already know about the incredibly inventive disco and dance music he wrote in the late 70's/early 80's. Even the critics liked him! And we all know how terrible they were to disco overall. The only bad track, in my opinion, is the annoying "S-Beat" which we can only attest to a momentarily lapse of good taste, when he tried (in vain) to go in a more rock-oriented direction. But the rest is A+ material that will certainly bring back memories. For those unfamiliar with his work, this is a marvelous example of good, professional quality disco music. This truly is worthy of "Best Of" status."


A solo artist, session musician and producer (known as Kebekelektrik), Gino Soccio released his first album, Outline, in 1979. It featured the number one disco smash, "Dancer." He has also released S-Beat (1980), Closer (1981), Face to Face (1982) and Remember (1984). ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

1979 Outline (Celebration/Quality)
1980 S-Beat
1981 Closer
1982 Face To Face
1984 Remember

More info:

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Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Crispin Akerman, John Bennetts, Ron Francois (also with Lene Lovich) , Grace Knight, Bernie Lynch, Amanda Vincent (She was with the Thompson Twins briefly before joining Billy Bragg )

Drum Programming - Mark Moffatt (tracks: 02, 04, 09, 10, 12) /Engineer - David Nicholas , Jim Ebdon , Nigel Gray , Pete Buhlman /Producer - Nigel Gray (tracks: 01, 02, 04 to 12) /Remix - Jon Mathias (tracks: 01 to 03, 10, 12) , Mark Moffatt (tracks: 04, 09, 11) Written-By - Bernie Lynch


01 Heaven (3:42)
02 Someone (3:31)
03 No Action (3:31) Producer - Mark Opitz
04 Never Say (3:38)
05 Maybe Only I Dream (3:34)
06 Cold Comfort (3:37)
07 Keep It Quiet (2:51)
08 Nothing To Say (3:41) 0
9 Another Day In The Big World (4:31)
10 Judy's World (3:36)
11 Waiting For You (3:40)
12 It's The Way (4:10)

Link to download:

"This is pop music but it's really very, very smart, with excellent funky arty arrangements, a wide open mix with plenty of space for clean guitar sounds, plucked bass, bluesy singing from Grace Knight with lots of backing vocal refrains and catchy as fleabites choruses, wet wet wet drums and keyboards adding all sorts of interesting bits, and some cooking horn parts. "No Action" is a pop song but it really rocks, with a great bassline and searing brief electric guitar, shooting up to a really catchy poppy chorus with keyboards and melody perfectly juxtaposed. "Another Day in the Big World" same, boppy, boppy, but just listen to those rockin' dabs of rythym guitar! The last three tracks take the album to another level again, reaching a rivetting climax with "It's The Way", a truly wierd, shimmering masterpiece of strange pop. Australia really was producing some of the best albums in the world in those halcyon days! Their next album was to take the band into some sort of sophisticated, smooth adult pop, where I lost them completely, but I recommend this album. Pop/rock funk/art."


Amanda Vincent - Keyboards/Bernie Lynch - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals/Crispin Akerman - Guitar/Eurogliders - Main Performer/Grace Knight - Vocals/Ron Francois - Bass


01 Can't Wait to See You
02 City of Soul
03 What Kind of Fool
04 So Tough
05 We Will Together
06 Absolutely
07 Jesse
08 Moving Away
09 Enough Love
10 I Like to Hear It

Link to download:

"Another one of those ebay deals, where you bid the minimum and you win! The only major problem this LP has, is, unfortunately, reasonably major - i.e. Side 2. Absolutely is not too bad, but the rest veers way too much into Cher-like easy listening for me. The sort of album that you might think, hmm, can't be arsed turning this over. However, side 1 is very good, from the start. I had forgotten just how cooooolll The City Of Soul was, an excellent track. So Tough is a bit more of a rock number, and We Will Together is good pop that highlights the strength of Grace Knight's voice."



01 Without You
02 No Action
03 Another Day In The Big World
04 Heaven (Must Be There)
05 Maybe Only I Dream (US Remix)
06 Absolutely
07 We Will Togehter
08 The City Of Soul (The Absolutley Mix)
09 So Touch
10 Can't Wait To See You
11 It Must Be Love
12 Listen
13 Groove
14 Precious
15 Rescue Me
16 Dreaming

Link to download:

The Eurogliders consisted of six members: Grace Knight (vocals), Crispin Akerman (guitars), Bernie Lynch (guitars), Amanda Vincent (keyboards), Geoff Rosenberg (bass), and John Bennetts (drums). As a teenager, Knight used to perform in folk clubs. Searching for a career boost, she traveled to Australia where she met Lynch, a friend of her sister's. As Knight developed her vocal style, Lynch began assembling the pieces for a band. In 1982, the Eurogliders released their first album, Pink Suit Blue Day, and had their first hit in 1982 with "Without You". Pink Suit, Blue Day was unusual in that the Eurogliders took the step of travelling to Manila, capital city of the Philippines, to record it. The album was produced by Englishman Len Lubin.It wasn't until the release of the single "Heaven" from their second album This Island, which reached No.2 on the Australian singles charts in 1984, that the band received national and international attention. This Island was recorded in England and Australia.That then started off a domino effect of hits, with "We Will Together" (No.7, 1985), "The City of Soul" (No.19, 1985), "Can’t Wait To See You" (No.8, 1985), "Absolutely" (No. 29, 1986) and "Groove" (No. 13, 1988).The album Absolutely! spent 47 weeks in the Australian charts.Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch were married briefly in 1985 and despite their marital separation stayed together in the band. In 1986 the Eurogliders signed a sponsorship deal with the Faberge Company. The single "Absolutely" was used in a television commercial for Faberge jeans, and the band also made an appearance in the commercial.Recording of their fourth album, Groove, commenced while Grace Knight was pregnant and was completed after she gave birth. Grace brought her son into the Sony Recording studio and would sing while nursing. In 1989 unable to achieve their earlier successes the Eurogliders disbanded.In 1990, Knight appeared in the TV miniseries "Come In Spinner", where she also covered 1940s torch songs on the soundtrack. Knight recorded her first solo album, Stormy Weather, in 1991. Leaving behind the new wave synthesizers and folksy harmonies of the Eurogliders, Knight switched to jazz and soul with Stormy Weather. A year later, Stormy Weather and the Come In Spinner soundtrack both landed in the Top Ten of Australia's jazz charts. In 1993, Knight released another album Gracious.At the same time Lynch became involved in theatre, fashion and writing film music scores.Founding members Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch reformed and in October 2005 released their fifth album called Eurogliders.The Eurogliders started touring again in Australia in April of 2006Their 6th album Blue Kiss was recorded during the same sessions and will be released in 2007. (


More info:

GIANT STEPS - The Book Of Pride (1988)

Electronic ,Pop

"Another Lover"

"Into You"

Colin Campsie - vocals
George McFarlane - Keyboards, Guitars

Gardner Cole - Keyboards
Edie Lehmann - Backgrounds
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitars
David Boruff - Sax


01 Steamy
02 (The World Don't Need) Another Lover
03 Into You
04 Golden Hours (Bone)
05 Do You Still Care
06 Same Planet Different World
07 The Book of Pride
08 The End of the War
09 Dance Away
10 Dream Wonderful

Link to download:

"The Song "Another Lover" is on this which redeems the cd to a degree. IMHO, "Another Lover" is one catchy, infectious, and well crafted pop song. Definitely one of the best 80s mainstream pop tunes around. There is the more familiar radio edit of this tune floating around (and I actually prefer that most) but the album version here is decent enough. Other than that, nothing else on the album really stands apart except for the follow up single to "Another Lover", "Into You" which is also a winner. Since this cd is next to impossible to find, I would advise it on the merits of pop appeal to anyone with a penchant for 80s synth laced top 40. Again - "Another Lover" is well worth the find and "Into You" is respectable enough as far as pop goes."

If you are a fan of Go West,you will like this album

Giant Steps was a dance pop duo from England that consisted of vocalist Colin "Col" Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane. They previously recorded as The Quick (Ive posted before the albums of Quick).Giant Steps's only album, Book of Pride, was released in 1988, and the single, "Another Lover," from the album became a huge hit in America, peaking at #11 in the Billboard Hot 100. The follow-up single, "Into You" was a modest U.S. chart success, reaching the top 50 in early 1989.
Lately, Campsie has turned his talents to songwriting, including the spoof Chantelle Houghton "hit" "I Want It Right Now" (originally slated for Kylie Minogue) via the spoof group Kandy Floss. He has also written tracks for Natalie Imbruglia ("Don't You Think?" and "Wishing I Was There" on Imbruglia's debut album "Left of the Middle"), and the top-ten hit by Hepburn "I Quit" (a song which Natalie rejected for her album).
In 2006, Campsie became infamous for writing the Kandy Floss record and was mistakenly credited as being a famous member of Go West by Mr Holy Moly in Metro's 25 February edition. (Campsie was closely involved with, but was not a member of, the pop band Go West)
Debut album of the synth pop band Endgames produced by Colin Campsie and George McFarland (aka The Quick) and a song of Haywoode - Roses too

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TM NETWORK posted by Ryoga


Real Name:
Takashi Utsunomiya, Naoto Kine, Tetsuya Komuro

"Self Control"



01 Carribeana Hi
02 Crocodile lap (Get Away)
03 1-2 No Josou (Just For You And Me)
04 1974 (16 Kounen no Houmonsha)
05 Cristopher
06 Ipanema '84
07 Kinyoubi No Lion (Take it to the lucky)
08 Rainbow Rainbow (Youki na Einstein & 80 Nendai Mona Lisa no Ichiya)
09 Panoramagic (Astronaut no Higeki)

Link to download:



01 Childhood's End
02 Accident
03 Faire La Viser
04 Eien No Passport
05 Hachigatsu No Nagai
06 Time
07 Dragon The Festival
08 Sayonara No Junbi
09 Innocent Boy
10 Fnatastic Vision
11 Ai Wo Sono Mama Vi

Link to download:



01 Your Song (Twinkle Mix)
02 Kumikyoku Vampire Hunter
03 Twinkle Night -Aru Hitori no Romantist no Tanjou
04 Electric Prophet-Denki Jikake no Yogensha

Link to download:

GORILLA (1986)


01 Give You A Beat
02 Nervous
03 Passenger-A Train Named Big City
04 Confession-Kokuhaku
05 You Can Dance
06 I Want Tv
07 Come On Let's Dance
08 Girl
09 Ame ni Chikatte-Saint Rain
10 Sad Emotion

Link to download:



01 Get Wild
02 Come On Let's Dance
03 Passenger
04 Your Song ('D' Mix)
05 Dragon the Festival (zoo mix)
06 1-2 No Jyosou
07 Ai Wo Sono Mama Vi
08 Confession-Kokuhaku
09 Rainbow Rainbow
10 1974 (16 Kounen No Hakuensha)
11 Hachigatsu No Nagai Yoru
12 Nervous
13 You Can Dance
14 Self Control-Hakobune ni Hikarete

Link to download:



01 Children Of The New Century
02 Kiss You More Rock
03 Be Together
04 Human system
05 Telephone Line
06 Leprechaun Christhmas
07 Fallin' Angel
08 Resistance
09 Come Back Asia
10 Down Valley
11 This Night

Link to download:

CAROL - A Day In A Gir's Life (1988)


01 A Day In The Girl's Life
02 Carol
03 A Chase In Labyrinth
04 Gia Corm Filippo Dia
05 In The Forest
06 Carol
07 just One Victory
08 You're The Best
09 Come On Everybody
10 Winter Comes Around
11 Seven Day's war (four pieces band mix)
12 Beyond The Time (expanded version)
13 Still Love Her

Link to download:

DRESS (1989)


01 Come On Evereybody (with Neil Rodgers)
02 Be Together
03 Kiss You
04 Don't Let Me Cry
05 Come On Let's Dance
06 Spanish Blue
07 Get Wild '89
08 Rainbow Rainbow
09 Resisitance
10 Maria Club
11 Confession

Link to download:



01 Time To Count Down
02 69 99
03 Rhythm Red Beat Black
04 Good Morning Yesterday
05 Secret Rhythm
06 World's End
07 Burnun' Street
08 Reasonless
09 Tender Is The Night
10 Looking At You
11 The Point Of Lover's Night

Link to download:



01 Screen Of Life (extended mix)
02 Love Train (extended mix)
03 Presence
04 Castle In The Clouds (album mix)
05 ? (japanese title) (album mix)
06 Take It To The Lucky (album mix)
07 ? (japanese title) (album mix)
08 Time To Countdown (labo mix)
09 Nuworld
10 Come Closer

Link to download:

TM NETWORK is a Japanese Pop or J-Rock band consisting of Tetsuya Komuro (Keyboardist), Takashi Utsunomiya (Vocalist) and Naoto Kine (Guitarist).They were originally members of a band called Speedway during their school days. The three of them formed TM NETWORK. Their name is commonly thought to stand for "Time Machine Network". However, on September 6th 2006 on an episode of Trivia no Izumi claimed that TM actually stands for 'Tama', the district from Tokyo they all came from. While Trivia no Izumi claims that TM stands for 'Tama' Tetsuya Komuro himself as early as 1984 on the show LiveG, has said that the TM stands for Time Machine.On August 22, 1983 TM NETWORK took part in "the Fresh Sounds Contest" (フレッシュサウンズコンテスト) which was sponsored by Coca-Cola. The song they performed was "1974" and it was aired on TBS. This was their first step towards a record deal.They made their record debut with single "Kinyoubi no lion (Friday's Lion)" and album "Rainbow Rainbow" on April 21, 1984.They became famous first in Hokkaido. After a while they had more hits with the songs "Self Control", "Get Wild" and others. So they became one of the most popular rock bands in Japan.Several musicians have supported them at their live shows as backing bands such as Tak Matsumoto (B'z), Daisuke Asakura (access), and more.They changed their name to TMN in 1990, and broke up in 1994. They had reunited under their old name of TM NETWORK in 1999.They compiled with the overseas musicians such as Julio Iglesias Jr., Sheila E, Lee-Hom Wang for "Happiness×3 Loneliness×3".(


Major Turn Round
NETWORK TM -Easy Listening

More info: the site of Takashi Utsunomiya the site of Naoto Kine the info site of Tetsuya Komuro the site of Tetsuya Komuro

Lot of thanks for Ryoga!!

Color InYourLife(1986)
The Effects Of Stereo TV (2003)
THE DIARY - Page One (1995) solo record of Claude Strillo

SHEENA EASTON -Best kept secret (1983)
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Harald Hoffmann (voc, key)
Andreas Pasieka (git, voc)
Kurt Hein (b, voc)
Christoph Aengenheyster (dr)
Klaus Kranz (Kurt Hein was followed by Kranz only in Deo)

DEO - Deo (1982)

Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave (N.D.W), Punk, Synth-pop

Producer - Klaus Schulze

Tracklist :

01 Exakt Neutral (3:56)
02 Bequem (4:35)
03 Killerautomat (2:56)
04 Traum (2:38)
05 Deodorant (2:17)
06 Peepshow (3:46)
07 Ruhrgebiet (2:06)
08 Angesagt (2:01)
09 Let's Go West (3:15)
10 Andre Welten (3:23)
11 Vorbei (3:16)
12 Neonlicht (2:30)

Link to download:

SIGN SYSTEM - Burning Down (1985)

Style: Synth-pop, Italo Disco

Daryl Van Raalte-bass/Michael Adam Admitz-PPG programming/Wolfgang Schlitzer-keyb./Ian Wilson-rhythm guitar, backing vocal/Michael Rolke-sax on track 08/Jürgen Pluta-bass on track 03/All Songs Arranged by Sign System

Producer - Ian Wilson

Tracklist :

01 Man On The Run
02 On Fire
03 Stay With Me
04 Game Of Love
05 You'll Never Change My Mind
06 Unknown Town
07 Burning Down
08 Nobody Knows The Answer
09 Sweet Love
10 Hard Work

Bonus :

from STAY WITH ME 12" (1984)

01 Stay With Me (6:16)
02 Stay With Me (4:20)

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Deo was a new wave band from Oberhausen (Ruhr area).Their album with the same title was released in summer of '81.12 wonderful,fresh,cool and punk-like songs with monotnous vocals,keyboards and strange sound effects.The band counts as an uncommon group from the German new wave period,their music is close to Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle and Fehlfarben.It is a wonderful mixture that makes you dance and dream.This made Deo the most sophisticated punkavantgarde band.Their funny texts and usage were impressive indeed.Their producer was the famous Klaus Schulze from Tangerine Dream and from Innovative Communication ,who is is one of the pioneers of electronic music. Check his label, Innovative Communication (
They split up in 1983.One of their best song "Exakt Neutral"was remade by Stereo Total in 2001,after their woman singer found the album of Deo in a second hand shop ,Paris.All the members liked the Lp ,thus they decided to make their own pretty good version.

The members of Deo weren't profi musicians,all they had civil jobs.Harald Hoffmann was a photographer, Klaus Kranz was electrotechnician, Andreas Pasieka studied social pedagogy and Christoph Aengenheyster studied Latin and Greek.Deo has only one released album.

They reformed the band in 1984 under a new name,Sign Sytem.The member were the same,but everything else changed around them.Their new label was Bellaphon with a new producer Ian Wilson (produced also Vasco Rossi),the new musical style was Synth-pop, Disco,Italo with english texts only.Their biggest hit was the Secret Service-like "Stay with me" (1984), appeared also on "I love Italo Disco vol.33" .I think the other songs are good too.Nothing punk or new wave,but nice easy-listening songs with typical 80's sound.
They made only one album.


Harald Hoffmann has been working as a photographer for record-companies, musicians, actors, magazines and advertising agencies.

Andreas Pasieka has a firm,CREATON Musikproduktion and producing music,hearing books,light installations etc.
(CREATON Musikproduktion, Kirchweg 49, 47447 MoersTelefon: 02841/9989138, Fax: 02841/9989139, eMail:

And as far as i know, Christoph Aengenheyster has been working as attorney in Oberhausen.
I dont have info about Kurt Hein and Klaus Kranz .

If you know more about them and the other members, let me know please!!

More info: the page of Harald Hoffmann more photos from Harald

Saturday, July 07, 2007

TEARS FOR FEARS for 80s with some bonus..



Notes: 1999 remastered reissue of the 1983 release with 4 bonus cuts.


01 The Hurting
02 Mad World
03 Pale Shelter
04 Ideas As Opiates
05 Memories Fade
06 Suffer The Children
07 Watch Me Bleed
08 Change
09 The Prisoner
10 Start Of The Breakdown
11 Pale Shelter (Long Version)
12 The Way You Are (Extended)
13 Mad World (World Remix)
14 Change (Extended Version)

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Product Description
Digitally remastered reissue of the hit English new wave/ pop duo's 1983 debut album with four bonus tracks added, 'Pale Shelter' (Long Version), 'The Way You Are' (Extended), 'Mad World' (World Remix) and 'Change' (Extended Version). The album also features the original version of the top 75 hit 'Change'. 14 tracks total. 1999 release

"Tears for Fears was not the average 80's pop band, even if they looked like it on the surfice. They used synthsizers, drum machines with a meliodic and hook laden sound. But the music itself was often melancholy and they brought up serious issues like family values like few contemporary bands at the time had the guts to sing about. Tears for Fears got their name from Arthur Janov's primal scream therapy and they band consisted of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, two highschool friends from Bath, England. Roland was the writer of most songs during the career while they both were co-singing. Some of the music may sound a little dated today (this being released in 1983) but the touchy subjects they bring up are still present today. The opener and title track is a great pop song and at the same time a good introduction to what is coming, it's about children suffering without anyone noticing or caring. Tears for Fears trademark was mixing good pop with serious subjects and they really succeeded with that. "Mad World" was one of the big hits and recently covered by Gary Jules and taken back to the charts again as the sountrack for "Donnie Darko". The moody alternative song brings up the sad reality we're living in, a world without rules or morals and the people suffering from it. Excellent and haunting ballad. "Pale Shelter" was originally released in 1982 but failed to make it big on the charts, so the song was re-recorded, remixed and re-released and the result was a big hit even for "Pale Shelter". The song is slow paced and distinct with guitars, synthesizers and percussion. It brings up the lack of love some children get cause of bad parenthood. "Ideas As Opiates" is almost minimalistic, it basically only feauture percussion and slow piano sound, the lyrics are also sparse. "Memories Fade" is also a stripped and melancholy song, with it's haunting lyrics and saxophone it's one of this album's highlights. "Suffer Them Children" is a synth laden pop song about children with problems growing up cause they're ignored and not given too much love. Watch Me Bleed" got very strong lyrics "Heaven comes to he who waits/ But I know Im getting nowhere/ And all the deeds of yesterday /Have really helped to pave my way" and is overall another great pop/rock song. "Change" was one of three big hits on this album, it got a trademark marimba sound and a great hook which paved the way to the charts. The song is focusing on the destructive behavior of a loved one. "The Prisoner" is the darkest of songs with some very strong lyrics and arrangements suited for a horror film, the lyrics are sparse and they're almost whispered. The last song is called "Start of a Breakdown" feautures a catchy synthesizer sound and meliodic percussion. Why this song was not released as single is beyond me, but it's one of the best songs. This remastered version feauture remixed of Pale Shelter", "Mad World" and "Change and the non-album song "The Way You Are" is present. It's another fantastic song by the way. Uptempo with great percussion arrangements. Nice it was added. Overall, Tears for Fears magnificient debut was one of the most daring and thoughtful albums of the 80's. It's equally intellegent and beautiful full of good lyrics and great arrangements. With this remastered version you get better sound + bonus tracks and the non album song "The Way You Are". Some of the songs may sounds a little dated today, considering all the new equipment used in today's music, but the lyrics and subjects they brought up are just as present in today's society. This album may get a little too personal and the lyrics get frightening when you listen closely to them at times, however if you're a music fan that likes smart lyrics and lyrics that make sense then this is something for you. It's a concept album and it very thoughtful and sincere. One of the greatest debuts of the 80's, let alone albums. "

"I cannot improve on the other opinion's except to say - "Change." Twenty years later and I find out that it was "Tears for Fears" all along. Folks, I had forgotten about this song until I played it at my desk today. The major reason I even bought this CD was due to "your" high praise!! Excellent music! Thank you all! Five stars!! "


1999 remastered reissue with 7 bonus cuts. Track 7 is misspelled "Head Over Heals / Broken (Live)" on the rear tray artwork and again once in the booklet. Track 13 is a B-side from the single Change, which supported Tears For Fears' first LP, The Hurting, and does not appear on either the later 2xCD remaster for Songs From The Big Chair, or the 1999 remaster for The Hurting.


01 Shout
02 The Working Hour
03 Everybody Wants To Rule The World
04 Mothers Talk
05 I Believe
06 Broken
07 Head Over Heels/Broken (Live)
08 Listen
09 The Big Chair
10 Empire Building
11 The Marauders
12 Broken Revisited
13 The Conflict
14 Mothers Talk (U.S. Remix)
15 Shout (U.S. Remix)

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Product Description
Digitally remastered reissue of the hit English new wave/ pop duo's huge second album, 1985's quadruple-platinum 'Songs From The Big Chair', which topped the charts for five consecutive weeks when originally released. Features the #1 smashes 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' & 'Shout', plus the #3 'Head Over Heels' and the top 30 'Mothers Talk'. Also features seven bonus tracks, U.S. remixes of 'Mothers Talk' & 'Shout', along with the B-sides 'The Big Chair', 'Empire Building', 'The Marauders', 'Broken Revisited' and 'The Conflict'. 15 tracks total. 1999 release

""Songs from the Big Chair" was the second Tears for Fears album, released in 1985. Just like the first, it deals with serious subjects like anxiousness, anger and pain but apart from the first it concentrates more on the healing. The music itself is simular but a more mature sound with less synthesizers and more envolving artistic pop/rock. Needless to say Curt Smith ad Roland Orzabal's second album is just as good as the first but it sold much better and gave them the super status they deserved. Still today, looking back "Songs From the Big Chair" is one of the brightest moments of the 80's. "Shout" one of their most famous songs deals with primal scream therapy "Shout, Shout, Let it all out/These are the things I can do without", it's driven with an easy percussion instrument and a dreamy backround. It topped the billboard in 1985. "The Working Hour" is really beautiful with saxophone, percussion and a somewhat laidback and artistic sound. This slow paced song is very long and it capture one of Orzabal's best moments. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" another mega hit that peaked at #1 in the US, happens to be among my all time favorite songs aswell. It's well crafted with beautiful musically and with intellegent and well though lyrics and it has a memorable melody and chorus. The perfect pop song!. The lyrics deal with the impact media has on our lives and the never ending urge of integrity and control. If media was bad in the mid 80's, Tears for Fears should have seen how the media became 20 years later. "Mother's Talk" is what you think about, listen to your parents and follow their advices. A rocky midtempo that also was released on single. "I Believe" is a piano ballad with a very minimalistic sound. I believe it deals with self esteem, to be able to fulfill for your dreams no matter what. "Broken" is one of the shortest songs here, only 2:30. It's a midtempo that also deal with healing after being broken down, it segues into the next song "Head over Heels". A beautiful midtempo/ballad with wonderful piano sound, It's about being head over heels for someone and not realizing that you'll end up heartbroken before it's too late. "Listen" is also very long, clocks at 6:50. It's another stripped down piano ballad, beautiful instrumentation and very artistic with backround choirs. Listen to it all. The original album only had 8 songs but the remastered version also had a few remixes and outtatakes. (The Big Chair, Empire State, The Marauders, The Conflict). Overall, just like the debut album "Songs From the Big Chair" is a fantastic and very well thought album, like I said before, it deals more with emotional healing and broader issues like the family based debut. The sound is also a little more mature with less synthesizers and even more artistic freedom. Both of the albums are fantastic though and if you liked their debut, I see no reason to not like this one either. Also check out "The Seeds of Love" and their relativetly new "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending", both great."

"the music and seriously. this is a cd that can easily be listened to numerous times. The songs are all brought out with such flare and the vocals are done excellent, songwriting is on point as well. Just everything about each of the tracks. You feel what Tears for Fears were trying and succedded in doing making a throughly great record from start to finish. I know many folks have heard "Shout" if they havent well its really something that has to be appreciated first hand. It is long but you dont even notice that. You just find your self all into the song from beginning to end. Another one that i really enjoyed is "The Working Hour" it doesnt have to do to much, it just brings out another side of the group that you didnt know. "Everybody Wants...." another smash off of this very successful 2nd cd, it takes you from the start of the song and doesnt let go until the song is over. At that point your ready to repeat it again and even when its done. The song is still playing in your head which to me is the sign of a good song. Other favs of mine on the cd "Head over Heels", "Listen" and "I Believe". Also of note the remix for Shout is almost 2 minutes longer than the original version and makes the song that much better as well. As if that would even be possible. Also enjoyed "Mothers Talk" remix as well brings the song into a different light. I didnt however care for the other bonus tracks 9 through 13, something just felt seriously off with those songs. But that aside this cd still gets a 5 star rating from me..why? It does what most artists can't do bring you very quality music at no comprise to the artist making it in this case Tears for Fears. You guys own!!"

"Although it came out in the mid 80's this album still sounds fresh, not that music from the 80's is bad, but not all of it stands the test of time. I recently got a copy of this remastered /bonus tracks version of Big Chair. It was worth every penny, to get a few more songs from them. I have played this album sooooo much over the years and I still never tire of it. I don't hear much of a difference from the previous CD in the sound quality, but it sounds great. This is really great music from the lyrics to the production to the performance. I saw them years ago and they sounded as good as the album. Tears For Fears made some great music both before and after this album, but it was with this one that all the ideas really came together. I really don't believe it is possible for someone to NOT like something on this album. Check out the first album "The Hurting" a bit different, but really good also"



01 Memories Fade
02 The Way You Are
03 Suffer The Children
04 Pale Shelter
05 The Prisoner
06 Ideas As Opiates
07 The Hurting
08 Mad World
09 Watch Me Bleed
10 Change
11 Start Of The Breakdown
12 Mad World (Second Take)
13 Pale Shelter (Second Take)

Bonus: Selected B-Sides (The two acoustic songs are from cd single of the Johnny Walker Session on BBC Radio One 09-21-95)

14 Music For Tables (Sowing The Seeds Of Love Sessions Instrumental)
15 Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (Acoustic)
16 Break It Down Again (Acoustic)

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01 Start of The Breakdown
02 Mothers Talk
03 Pale Shelter
04 The Working Hour
05 The Prisoner
06 Ideas as Opiates
07 Mad World
08 Broken / Head Over Heels / Broken
09 uffer The Children
10 The Hurting
11 Memories Fade
12 Change

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CAPE FEAR - Live In Manchester 1985


01 Mothers Talk 3:42
02 Broken 2:58
03 Head Over Heels 4:39
04 Everybody Wants To Rule The World 4:23
05 The Hurting 3:47
06 Suffer The Children 4:23
07 Change 4:30
08 Start Of The Breakdown 5:41
09 Memories Fade 5:18
10 Mad World 3:55
11 Shout

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 Shout (Beatchuggers Remix)
02 Change (New Version)
03 Woman In Chains (Mix 42)
04 Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Wens Overnight Mix)
05 Pale Shelter (New Extended Version 12 Inch Mix QC)
06 Head Over Heels (Dave Bascombes 7 Inch N Mix)
07 I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording)
08 Tears Roll Down (US Dance Mix)
09 Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Urban Mix)
10 Mad World (World Mix)
11 Mothers Talk (Beat The Drum Mix)
12 Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams (Unstable Mix)

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Product Description
Japanese 2002 compilation featuring 12 tracks including 'Change' (new version), 'Pale Shelter' (new extended version/12 inch mix ? QC), 'Head Over Heels' (Dave Bascombe's 7 inch N. mix), 'I Believe' (A Soulful re-recording) and more.

"the album i have been waiting for the past seventeen (17) years. i have been a tff fanatic since the release of their second album, "songs from the big chair." being a teenager during those years, my life revolved around music, and collecting vinyl records. tff was my favorite british band of all time.
Having spent so much money on vinyl (i have MOST of tff's 12" singles), it was a difficult transition to compact disc. no, money is never a question - the availability of their materials is! i recently bought their three remastered albums from mercury records. much as it included the remixes i have and don't have, two of my favorite remixes (everybody wants to rule the world (urban mix) and mothers talk (beat of the drum mix)were absent. however, i must praise the digital remastering made on the three discs! the sound was superb.
For this japanese compilation, i could finally rest. they are here, although the price was quite expensive and the sound quality not that outstanding. but being a true fan before and until now, price will always be out of the question.
In order to truly appreciate this compilation, just think of the time you waited for this release, and how rare the tracks are. only for the true fans of tears for fears.
"put your head right next to my heart, the beat of the drum is the fear of the dark."
I hope many fans also share my point of view. the rarity of this product would already compensate for its high price."

"This release seems a bit of a desperate attempt at a compilation that the artist didn't have enough material for. I love TFF, but this CD, apart from a few select tracks, leaves you with tracks that are called "remixes" but are nearly indistinguishable from the album and single versions of the songs. The first track, however, is a great recent dancefloor filler reworking of the classic "Shout". This is an "OK" compilation, but buyers should beware though, this compilation isn't exactly what the title leads you to expect. If you are a TFF collector and/or completist you'll probably want this CD, otherwise, get the greatest hits compilation instead."

"I was very excited to see this remix CD available, even though a bit expensive, but Tears being my favorite group I had to have it. First off the following tracks are exactly as they are on the original album: Change, Woman in Chains, Sowing the Seeds of Love, Tears Roll Down and Johnny Panic & The Bible of Dreams, this in itself constituted the lose of 2 Stars. On the other hand here's a brief, non-musicians view of the remixed versions. Shout is a version I've never heard before...a very dance oriented mix and very different. Pale Shelter has a different intro and the chorus is repeated a little more, but is essentially the same. Head Over Heals is the Single/Video other words not surrounded by "Broken". I Believe is, yes, the very soulful rerecording also the video version of the song. Everybody Wants To Rule The World is a Jazzy version with the edition of a horns section. Mad World....with added reverb, it now has a funky echo which makes this one of my favorites here. Mother's Talk, extremely different, kind of hard to explain...same as the 12" vinyl version from the 80s. Okay, so I'm not a musician, just calling it like I hear it. I was truly hoping for a totally remixed album...but I'm glad I have the remixes provided here."

GRADUATE (pre Tears For Fears) - Acting My Age (2002)
John Baker - guitar and vocals
Steve Buck - keyboards and flutist
Andy Marsden - drums
Roland Orzabal - guitar and keyboards
Curt Smith - bass and synthesizers
Remastered version of the 1980's release with bonus tracks

01 Acting My Age
02 Sick And Tired
03 Ever Met A Day
04 Dancing Nights
05 Shut Up
06 Elvis Should Play Ska
07 Watching Your World
08 Love That Is Bad
09 Julie Julie
10 Bad Dreams
11 Ambition
12 I See Through You
13 Premature Baby
14 Christ Look Upon Us
15 Oh U Boys
16 Only The Best
17 Think Of Me
18 Happens So Fast
19 No Second Troy (Alias Sam)
Link to download:

Product Description
Graduate features Roland Orzabel and Curt Smith in their days prior to attaining international stardom with Tears For Fears. They formed in Bath on the back of the New Wave boom of the late 1970's. After a one-off indie 45, they signed to precision and enjoyed a radio hit with 'Elvis Should Play Ska' (referring to Elvis Costello's critical remarks about the 2-Tone scene), which proved popular across Europe. 19 tracks in all including the 9 bonus tracks 'Ambition', 'I See Through You', 'Premature Baby', Christ Look Upon Us', 'Oh U Boys', 'Only The Best', 'Think Of Me', 'Happens So Fast' & 'No Second Troy'.

"Were it not for the fact that Graduate included the future members of Tears For Fears, this re-release of a 1980 album might never have happened. Their former group were more concerned with new wave music rather than epic pop. 'Acting My Age' is, at its worst, teeth-grindingly embarrassing on 'Shut Up' (featuring Roland Orzabal horribly immature vocals screeching "Shut up, shut up, you naughty boy") but is largely bearable. There are tunes which XTC wouldn't have been ashamed in the hook-laden 'Watching Your World' and 'Ever Met A Day'. Better still, though, are the nine extra tracks, some of which were to feature on an aborted second album. The two non-album tracks, 'Ambition' and the white funk of 'I See Through You' reveal songwriting maturity and are a definite step forward whereas the unissued 'Christ Look Upon Us' , 'Think Of Me' and 'No Second Troy' reveal their more considered, soulful side. The move towards their emotional keyboard-driven pop success of the future was just a small step away but much of this music is surprisingly palatable. " (

"If you are a major Tears For Fears fan, the band Graduate has much meaning. This is the band that Tears For Fears fans term Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith's "Pre Tears For Fears" days. This is a very accurate statement. For many years much of the work of Graduate was not widely available. In 2002, Sanctuary Graduate's only album "Acting My Age" was re-released. Included with this album are songs that Graduate was to include on a second album. Two of these songs were actually released while 7 additional songs that never were released are included. The term "Pre Tears For Fears" is very accurate - this is a very different sound than anything you would hear with Tears For Fears. Despite being a different sound, this is one terrific album - another gem involving Curt and Roland.
Curt and Roland would leave Graduate in 1981. Much of the reason why they left Graduate was that they didn't want to be confined to a band. Graduate was a 5 piece band consisting of Curt, Roland, Andy Marsden, John Baker, and Steve Buck. When they would form Tears For Fears - they would operate in a "project" mode. This would mean that Curt and Roland would form the nucleus and bring in surrounding musicians to help them complete the picture. Graduate was a full group - and the quintet was the base for the group. When Tears For Fears was formed, they would start out as a Synth-Pop band and eventually would transform themselves into a more natural sound that many would term "Beatle-esque". The first album that Tears For Fears would do would be an album called "The Hurting". As the title suggests, this was an album that dealt with the emotions surrounding pain. Later, When Tears For Fears would make "The Hurting", they almost seemed to put a more dark and haunting spin on New Wave. This was an album that really had a heavy Synth-Pop sound - and was an excellent debut album. This is a very different sound than Graduate.
The sound of Graduate was capturing on a music style known as the Mod Revival. Graduate's sound also had New Wave influences (some might even argue that Mod Revival was really an off-shoot of New Wave). In late 1979, the Mod Revival had begun to take full stream. Graduate's sound emulated a very close match to bands such as The Jam and early Elvis Costello. Mod Revival is often denoted by a Red, White, and Blue Target. The "Acting My Age" album cover seems to have visual references to this target. The Drums have the colors of the target and the "Age" is put in a target icon that reminds you of the Mod Revival target. As much as Tears For Fears became Beatle-esque in their music and appearance with their later music, the pictures of Curt and Roland with the Graduate band members in suits and ties conjures up memories of the suit and tie days of the Beatles in their early days (The suits and ties also remind me of a more modern group - The Hives). You won't hear too much of Curt in the vocals department - on Graduate, it's clear that Roland is the lead vocalist.
As mentioned the music does not sound like the direction that Tears For Fears would take on "The Hurting". In most cases, the music is much more campy. I mentioned Elvis Costello above. With Graduate it isn't hard to draw parallels in the styles between Graduate and Costello - it's easy to see the Costello influence. One of Graduate's more popular songs "Elvis Should Play Ska" was actually a song directed at Elvis Costello. It was around this time that there was also a revival in Ska Music. Costello had made a comment about Ska artists being one-hit wonders. Roland felt Costello had sour grapes and thus wrote the song.
There are many other good tracks on this album. In fact, all of the tracks are terrific. The first four songs are outstanding - "Acting My Age", "Sick and Tired", "Ever Met a Day", and "Dancing Nights" are all very catchy songs and immediately establish the talent and potential of Graduate. If you listen to the chords and melodies of "Ever Met a Day", you may actually hear a bit of a Disco influence (despite the fact that nobody admitted it in their music, there was an influence in many songs). The best song is a very unique song that is included is "I See Through You". This was a song that was released, but not on the original "Acting My Age" album. The song starts out with an R&B groove. The best thing is how the song "pauses" in several spots - makes a great effect. It also segues into a more acoustic toward the end. In the unreleased track "Christ Look Upon Us", there isn't much of a New Wave or Mod influence (the later, unreleased tracks seem to move away from the Mod sound). Roland had always been fascinated with exploring religious themes and this song is no exception. All of the unreleased tracks are excellent.
As for the liner notes, there are no lyrics that are included. (Check this for the lyrics and more info : -saltyka) This is a bit disappointing considering these songs are not widely circulated. There isn't a lot in production and band credits either. The booklet with the liner notes opens up in panel format. There is a terrific write-up by Christopher MacAdams (who is widely respected as an authority on Graduate). This write-up is almost worth the price of the CD. Also included is a Singles and Albums Discography of Graduate. If you are a deep Tears For Fears fan, you will soon get hooked on this album. It does sound very different than anything you are used to with Tears For Fears. A new fan looking for some outstanding Mod Revival music should also be satsified. This comes highly recommended.
More info:

SENSOR (2003)
RE-FLEX (1983)
Altered Images - Think That It Might (album -,and peel version) for cletus_buckley
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RULES OF ROCK by guitarist Robert Strain 1) All sax players look the same 2) All drummers are mad, and are always late 3) All singers are vain and precious 4) All keyboard players are slightly eccentric - 'boffins' 5) All bass players are sensible (van driving, arranging gigs, doing the accounts) 6) All guitarists are handsome and brilliant - well, I would say that ;-) Actually, all guitarists just want to play guitar (we can't be bothered with all the other nonsense). Well, that and attend to all the women the singer rejects! :)